Friday, February 29, 2008

Please, leave our families alone

I received a not-so-friendly comment from an anonymous chicken yesterday.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kaizen Sushi (Seria)":

i fuckin' disagree ,the foods taste way much better and the looks and designs of it is better too , than other sushi restaurants in Brunei !! try it out before saying a no no from some retarded post . excapade good ? they blows and sucks cock . most foods aren't fresh and healthy , the reason why kaizen took a long time to cook some meal is because they are newly cooked , excapade just simply recook it in my opinion.

to all the No no cockshiners , suck ur grandmom's saggy boobs

It was such an eye sore, having comment from someone who is foul-mouthed.

It's fine with me if you think Kaizen is better than Excapade and defended them by saying they took long time to serve their food because its all freshly cooked.

But, do you have any evidence to support your words?
"excapade just simply recook it in my opinion."

That's not an opinion, that's an ASSUMPTION.

Everything I blogged wasn't based on assumption, it was what I experienced and came across that night. Their service was bad, their serving was slow and the food was cold, I was there and those were what happened.

I understand that it's unfair because it was their opening day and I shouldn't judge so quickly. But I did said that I will go there again after maybe 3 months time giving them another chance to prove me wrong.

And not everyone was "disturbed" by my post. I had friends and blogmates who read that entry but still went there and gave it a try. I didn't stop them and in fact, I asked them how was their dining experience so that it can give me some clue when shall I visit them again.

Just because we have our own preferences then we shall all "suck our grandmom's saggy boobs"? Please, finish your kindy level before commenting. Can you be more childish than this?

No one insulted your family just because you like Kaizen so leave ours alone.

p/s: You have one day left to vote for your favorite restaurant.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mission King-Possible

Remember this sad post?

This entry is sort of like a... sequel of it. I guess?

Note to all friends and.. friends? From today onwards, your Chalieness is on a strict mission, i.e. saving $1k a month. Save for the freaking "ONE YEAR OF RAINY DAYS"!

(Don't make me go ranting again... I think all my friends had enough of it and some even gave some really absurd "suggestions" or "alternatives". Silly goose.)

Maybe it seems nothing to you out there who's earning $3k and above, living in your parent's big bungalow, driving the latest Merz and still have extra to spend on luxurious dinners and outings.

But not for me who has to pay the monthly installment for the car, insurance premium, give mother some "allowance" ,pay for utilities such as E-Speed (which is so bloody expensive compare to most countries) and still have a big dream of buying a house with my own money in 10 - 15 years time.

It's not easy.

(I personally think that its still a rip-off, the new E-speed Time. Seriously, $29.90 monthly and only free 100 minutes, and $0.05 / minute after free traffic exhausted??? Its like, paying $0.299 per minute where as cybercafe only charged average $1 an hour, which is $0.0166666 per minute! And I do know some cybercafe even charged as low as $0.50 to $0.80 per hour. "Wan-Ban" meh)

After countless attempts of calculating, it's confirmed... I'm only left with a measly amount of $150 ~ $180, to spend!

And this money excludes the fuel for traveling to and fro work, easi recharge cards and normal socializing makan-makan + gossip-gossip tea time with the kanasaiers.

$150 seems a lot to those age under 15. No need to worry about school fees, no need to worry about food and living. All they need to do is study and pass their exams (not by cheating) and think what new mobile phone to buy and bring to school show off to friends. Bug parents to buy recharge cards so they can download the latest ring tone and also MMS/ SMS silly things. And also buy the latest Lollipop or Avril Lavigne CD or any other ojipala merchandised products.

*puufffffff* ihatespoilbrats!

So there, it's official now.

Your Chalieness will be banned from Excapade, boutiques, shoe shops, bag shops, and gelato stalls and not even pasar malam tongkeng stalls, for 2 years! Imagine that!

(Unless any kind souls out there are charitable enough to buy me Salmon don or double-chocolate gelato. *flash puppy eyes* If only I can charge $0.10 per page view from my blog. )

Every single penny is important to me now.

Last time I see $0.10 big like bicycle tyre.
Now, I have learn to see $0.01 big like LORRY TYRE!

Don't mess with a crazy poor woman on a shopping-diet I tell you!

But, so far so good lah. I had only spent $8.30 for the past 2 weeks. On food.
Sigh. I'm so kasian can die now!

If only I stay in BSB, I'll go to the Donut place and work as a professional QUEUER!
Queuing up for people who wants to buy "now-the-in-thing" donuts.

Hmm.. how much should I charge ah for an hour queue har?

(Really so nice kah? I have not been there nor I think I have the chance now. Parking fee is not cheap and I cannot sabar waiting so long for DONUTS! Anyone tapao some for me perhaps?)

Okay lah. I admit lah. I'm less kasian compare to those who doesn't have proper shelter, clean clothes and decent meals.

I'm still eating healthily (Mum's food, what else. No KFC, no DQ, no Cadbury, no Lays.. of course healthy lah!), channel surfing with my Astro controller and blogging in my air-con room. I'm luckier comparing to 46810354 people out there. (Numbers simply hamtam-ed. I have no idea what is the total population of the third world countries)

Still, for those who itemize out a bloody "WISH LIST"...

OI! I'm not interested lah! You don't have to put there and tell everyone what LV bag, Nike shoe or MAC eye shadow you want okay. Why do you have to constantly "remind" everyone what you want kan? Somemore have to keh-si keh-si show off and strike it off telling everyone "I have that liao luuuuuuu~".

(If it's for your birthday or Xmas I faham lah. Make it easier for your friends mah. Else.. you bloody show-off-ers, sod off!)

What? Hint hint your non-existence secret admirer to buy for you hia? Wait till langsat ripe and fall down liao, the item you listed become outdated liao also don't have ah. Chewwwwww.

*Pfffttt* Sour-grape power rules!

Warning: You're reading a Shopping+Excapade-dieter's blog.

All content posted in this entry varies from what blogger is in real life. Am still very nice and sweet for the moment okay.

And.. I just spent B$8.00 for my car's fuel (Phew~ Lucky I live in a peaceful country which exports Oil and Gas), leaving me a grand total of B$172.00 to survive until the next pay day.

Wish me luck!

I need plenty of motivation and encouragement now.

Introduce you to my good friends,

Miss No-money-inside cheapVincci Wallet and Mr. One-Eighty-Calculator

Don't leave me alone please you two. You're very very very important to me now, both controlling my shopping-urge and remind me of my


Stay away from me you evil CREDIT CARD! You're useless from now on!

p/s: Before you peeps out there go guessing wildly that the money might be for my non-existence wedding, NO! WE'RE POOR AND HAVE NO MONEY TO KAHWIN! Happy now? How many times do I have to repeat that har?

(And don't you dare go curse me to give the buy-1-get-1-free package ah! Don't understand? Aiyooo.. Pregnant before kahwin lah!)

p/p/s: Any helpful tips on saving money or earning money, share share lah~ Can? Pwease~?

p/p/p/s: I'm not asking for your sympathy. I'm not broke, I'm just saving money.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Setting up the bird trap...

(Post edited with comments replied)

.. I mean nest, really.

There's an interesting article posted up in BB last weekend that really caught my attention.

This one. (CLICK IT LAH!)

(Okay.. three links already. You better go read it ya)

Finish reading?

And now I can start setting up my bird trap nest.

* * * * *

Because I have a good buddy who's not bitter when seeing us all in pairs and doesn't mind to be our rubber-tube (substitute) when we have no one to go out with.

Because he can cooks, does laundry and irons, bake cookies and cake and most importantly, he doesn't use a guyliner nor wear lip gloss.

Because he can be a good partner for movies and soapy dramas telling and recommending ou-xiang-ju that you don't even feel like watching just by hearing the name...

Because he's good in ranting and can make funny comments when you feel down or bad about something or someone.

Because he's a good boy who helps out his mother doing 80% of the house chores and bring his aunties out shopping. He can also tell you where to find cheaper detergent or toothpaste.

Because he's a good brother who irons for his younger brother and paid his uni fees and bought him a new phone when his phone costs only less than $300.

Because he's coming 26 and have never fall in love...

(Kasian right......?)

Regardless of you being a male or female, heterosexual or homosexual, married/ single / divorced/ widowed, tell me... based on the above facts, how many of you are interested in knowing such guy?

Or at least, thinks that he deserved to end his singlehood and shut mouths of "caring aunties" questioning him the pedas question, "Why still single har? What's wrong oh? Want auntie help you or not har?".

If you know how to play lami (rummy tiles) and doesn't mind your boyfriend constantly going out with 3 girls (who have long-term boyfriends, and some more one is getting married soon) and don't get jealous easily, feel free to drop a comment.

You can use anonymous identity lah. I just need to know if a guy like him is still considered a good catch for the 21st century ladies.

Sigh people... please prove the theory "男人不坏女人不爱" wrong.
Good man also deserves to be love~


anonymous #1 said:

you better hide him ... FAST ... A MAN who can cooks, clean house, good to his mother and family ... AND willing to go out with you without complaints ... HE'S A GEM! ... this is my personal view BUT ... he's precious, trap/nest whatever ... can he fix minor car engine trouble?, change tyre? fix home fixtures / plumbing ... I WANT HIM .... wrap him up and fedex to me pronto!


Car engine trouble I don't think so. But... he studied E&E engineering back in his uni days though. Change tyre should be can la.. Even I can do that. As for plumbing.... I think he can pay the wages for a plumber.

You WANT him? Let me ask him first yeah.

Gabby said...

LAWL...didn't know such a guy even existed in belait district. i'm guessin he's from belait since u stay there =)..very good catch..unless of cos he doesn't how to catch a lady's heart or even flirt..or maybe he's just too nice..some girls prefer guys who r more challengin..'play hard to get'..etc etc..
My reply:

Yeap. He's from Belait and true, I think he doesn't know how to flirt and let us bully all the time. But I think "play hard to get" kind of men are not husband-material. More like a ONS or short-term romantic lover.

Vote for Good men!

BaBy JeE said...

NonnieEE, I want leh!! can he eat well??? ehehheh...Post up a pic of him!!!! => hehehehe

My Reply:

You'll see the headline, "Blogger murdered after posting friend's photo" if I do that.

And YES. He can eat well. He's our "Rubbish Bin" when our boyfriends are not around. Not only that, he's quite adventurous too in trying new drinks and food.

JaMiLLa said...

(JaMiLLa is raising up her hand on spot)

Yes, I am interested too!!!

Because the reasons are....

1) I am not the type of staying up at home doing the chords all the time. I dont know how to cook and bake all these stuffs. Cook maggi mee also not sure when I shd take it out. By watching at "HIM" doing that, it makes me feel like joining him but not always. At least I learn something from him.

2) I love the couples who can be enjoying the movies and tv drama together, of course chit-chat which one is nice and lauyah.

3) I enjoy listening people's funny comments. This is what girls need when they are in a bad mood!!!

4) I like guy who is good and loyal to the parents and has a close relationship with the family. I dunno where to find cheaper product so he can help me this!! Hehe! *Lazy Me*

5) For sure he is a loving and caring person who can put people "his brother" in the first place other than himself. *Thumbs Up*

6) It's ok if my bf go out with his BEST GIRL BUDDY long as I know who they are. I have learnt to trust in the relationship.

7) I come to prove that the theory of 男人不坏女人不爱 is WRONG!!!! Good man deserves more love than bad guy, definitely!!!

My Reply:

Wah! So long your comment.

But..... I think.... You're taller than him wor. You would have met him during my birthday dinner if he's not away for his family trip.

Bobby said... (Note: Totally irrelevant from the blog post)

*Ahem...I can fry egg on toast and *cough cough...don't forget the black-peppered sauce chicken that I made for you and not to mentioned chicken porridge and salted vegetable soup.

*Pat pat Nonnie on the head. "It's ok, sometimes people are forgetful but I understand." says Bobby with a weak smile.
My reply:

Egg on toast I never eat. Black peppered sauce chicken the flavor from the bottle one. Chicken porridge and salted vegetable soup your auntie help one wor.

Make me something your auntie don't know how to cook lah~

Anonymous said...

eh wen here that's a reli good write up.. i agree he is a reli good catch too.. will recommend to all singles or anyone who thinks their bf is crap.. this one is better, somemore non-smoker non drnker too??

My reply:

Eh darling ah... He bought a limited edition Vodka that cost 99 pounds for his last trip to UK wor. But, the vodka he "pai-mei" only. Don't drink one.

Anonymous said...

Nonnie King - matchmaker extraodinaire
My reply:

That's what friends are for ;)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Seven-Storey Pagoda, Sibu

Happy 24th National Day Tanah Air Ku, Negara Brunei Darussalam

I was digging some old pictures from my semi-ruined photo albums and look what I found.

(Photo taken 20 years ago... I think?)

Apparently I was too young when I got the chance to visit the Churchill Memorial. And when I was slightly older and asked my mum about it, it was already taken down, in 1991.

(Resources from here)

And that's me doing hide-and-seek with the pole.
Too much Bollywood movies, too little Tom and Jerry back in those days I guess.

I do feel like visiting Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque again. You know, with the Kampung Ayer boat rides but none of my friends wanted to do it. Like I said, I need new adventurous friends who won't pour me cold water whenever I voice out my thoughts.

Brunei, you still look pretty as ever.

* * * * *

I had lost count the number of times that I'd visited this magnificient Buddhist temple. And to be honest, I never get sick of it.

I wouldn't skip any chance of visiting it and I still find it fascinating.

Each year I'll get disappointed by the tear-downs of features or landscape, or get excited by the newly built constructions.

Like this Kuan-Yin statue, was already gone years ago and replaced by parking area, then now some sort of a garden.

(Sorry for the blurry picture, what do you expect from a 15 years old picture? I'm too lazy to scan so I just snap it with my FX8)

Even after so many years, this temple still looks as beautiful as ever. I bet there's a lot of maintenance work unnoticed behind the scenes and also the generous sponsors supporting all the projects.

And these,

are the infamous bamboo sticks that has number written on each of them. People would grab hold of the Cim-Tong (Bamboo Tube/ Cup) with their palms, asked a question in their heart and started shaking them.

In Mandarin, its "Qiu-Qian".
Cantonese, "Kau-Cim".

(Bet most of you had seen it countless times from the TV)

Mum asking about her "liu-nian"

*cough* Liu-Nian (流年 - Luck for the entire year) .. Not Liu-Lian (Durian) okay

So after several shakes, one of the sticks would fell out from the bamboo can and the next procedure will be "asking for confirmation".

Ask again if that is the correct "Qian" by throwing the wooden thingie.

I have no idea what do you call it. Not even the Chinese name to be honest. I know the Hokkians called it "Pua-Poi" lah and how it works.

(I used to think that it is made of Mango seed, and later painted. What? Looks like it what~)

Again, you hold it between your palms. Asked and throw them and see what the "answer" is.

If one is facing up and the other down, that means "OK".

Else, its a "NO".

... or something like that.
(I tried Googling and Wiki it but not much of a result)

After it's a confirmed "Yes", next is taking your "Qian" from the cabinet according to your number.

And the qians have grades themselves. 上签, 中签 ,下签

My mum's

If you don't understand the poem, nevermind... Get some help form the temple priest or usually, it's the "Miu-Juk" we look for.

The uncle who take cares of the temple. Yes, the one who ring the big bell every time someone donated.

And this uncle asked us to help ourselves by passing us the explanation book. Oh well, save our angpao... My mum was planning to give him a small angpao as a token for helping us explaining but since we read and agak-agak solve it on our own.. I guess I deserve the angpao more.

I was teasing my mum with the last sentence.

It says, "Withered tree will blossom once again".

*cough* So.. Is that a hint of me getting a baby sis or bro? *cough*

Just kidding lah. I know it's impossible already. Mum had her "fertilization factory" removed years ago.

This Na-Tuk-Kong lives on a tree house.
So cool right?

Vendors selling beads and bracelets

My mum pointed me sign board of a shop and asked me to have a look.


Saw the first Chinese letter from the left. That's my surname fyi.
And now you know how much I suffered back in my kindy years writing my Chinese names.

My surname has 22 strokes, and my name 3 and 15 strokes.
Making a spanking total of 40 strokes!

Don't play play.

The Infamous Teh-C-Ping Rejang River
Wanted to have boat trips but they're not operating..
It was the second day of CNY that's why.

Last but not least, whenever I show my friend this (last) picture.. everyone just laughed and find it difficult to answer my question...

What is ASTRO doing in a BUDDHIST TEMPLE?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

(Long overdue) CNY post

Tomorrow will be the last day of CNY and I have to wait for another year for munching goodies at the buddies place, long lami session with only 10c bet and angpao collecting (which is depressing because people tend to ask, "When are you getting married oh?". Aiyaaaa.. save your $2 lah my fellow aunties if you so kan-bu-kai. If forcing me to give you an actual date or making my life difficult by admitting we're poor couple who can only afford handmade cards for important dates berbaloi for that $2, you can keep it la my dear. I belanja you tea).

I'm not quite over my depressed mode yet to be honest. If you happened to see me lately and I'm not smiling, please do not have the thought that I'm kambang or mean or anything like that.

So far the only person who managed to make me really laugh out is none other than the boyfriend, with his silly jokes and his creative but illogical theories.

And to you darlings whom I'm meeting up this Friday, get some cotton buds ready. I'm going to have a loooooooooooooooooong rant. Uncle Shim, I'm counting on you for the sambal kueh tiaw. Thank you. Lois or Mama Jewelle, lemon ping for me can?

So here, I'd posted up photos taken during my last trip to Sibu.



A bunch of irrelevant people to have CNY eve dinner with.

I was pretty pissed at them because they're mocking at my mum for being a vegetarian.

"So stupid one be a vegetarian. This cannot eat that cannot eat. So silly can die."

Yes, that is what they freaking said about my mum when seeing her pathetic plate. Excuse me you frogs under the well, no money to study and get knowledge also spend some money buy newspaper or television to gain some knowledge!

I don't know narrow minded people like them still exist in this world. Why do people tend to think that Vegetarian = unhealthy = skinny monkey = STUPID?

I personally know a dozen of vegetarians who's healthy like a bull and buff like kingkong.

Yes, that was all what my mum ate. Fruits and cakes. And right after the stupid dinner, we went to my auntie place and finally get to eat some decent meal. Still, its just rice + eggs + vegetables.

As long as she's happy and full, I couldn't care less.

The buruk car

Saw this car parking at my uncle's place. I have no idea how this car managed to get its roadtax though. Don't they check the conditions of the car? Don't the traffic police stop it on the road and inspect the car?

The car is imbalance for God's sake!

Mum feeding my grandma

It's really sad to see my grandma in this state.

She can't really see and is too weak to walk. I'm really happy that I managed to spend CNY with her this year.

That's me helping out with the last minute decoration

Oh, we're staying in the kampong. Have to cross the teh-c-ping Rejang river to get to the city, or town I'm not sure. Typical wooden house with chickens and ducks quacking at the back yard. Air con just pasang-ed few years back. Only TV1,2,3 with the help on antenna and of course, no internet.

My uncle doing his stunts...

Dangerous kan? We all asked him to get down but he insisted on hanging the fake singing fire cracker there. Oh well, his house.

My first meal for CNY
Real Foochows eat and love that

Yeap, no meat. Only egg and vegetarian wheat meat. But still very delicious. Oh ya, I don't add rice wine into it too.

My new shoes

My one and only CNY outfit

My mum and I
Don't tell me that we look more like "sisters". Not funny.

My auntie (mum's eldest sister) and her classic kampong type kitchen

I don't know why but I got really fascinated by the kitchen, old but very tahan. It's all wooden and self made. A wave of nostalgic.

The classic wooden cupboard

That's me blogging in my cousin's room, with on-screen keyboard.

The beautiful but not over the top chandelier


My younger cousin and I

Apparently, some blind people thought that I was his girlfriend when I was helping at my auntie place serving the guests.

I'm 5 years older than him okay!

The only explanation to this absurd comment was, I look 17. Hehhehehheee.
(Don't you dare puking in front of the monitor I warn you.)


The kiddy fire crackers that I dare to play
(because my younger cousins were too timid to light it..)

Table cloth burned after eating...

Don't ask me how did it happen. I as not sitting at that table and my uncles who was sitting there had no idea the cloth caught fire until we showed him this.

Ridiculous I know.

Eat till burn a hole... Steady leh?


Before its too late,

Happy Birthday Xiang!
(Better known as Jamilla)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My dream of graduating for the second time with my fellow CIS18 shattered into broken pieces yesterday.

I understand the famous quote "Life is unfair" and I'm not going to whine anything about it. Instead, I'll gladly take the challenge and strive my best to save as much as I can for the "rainy days".

I need some time to readjust my feelings now.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I-Heart-You Day

Warning: Lotsa self-taken lovey-dovey photos ahead. Risk of suffering from sickness such red-eyes, nausea, dizzy and self-destruct. Just kidding lah. Nothing 18SX like Chen and his angels.


After hours and days of brain-storming of how to top, I mean surprise Bobby with my card and gift, finally the long waited day was here.

It was not just for Valentine's day. It was for his belated birthday celebration as well.

Unfortunately his birthday fell on Monday this year and I got no time to prepare and also the energy driving up to BSB just to have a dinner with him then rush back. That's why we had it postponed.

Checked in the hotel at almost six.
Coincidentally, it was again the same room that we had checked in last year!

(The same thing happened for our anniversary celebration last year too. Same room again for Eastwood Valley)

Love the mirrors

You know, the whole dolling and dressing up just to make the night perfect. We rarely have the chance to do that because:

1. We're lazy and it's time wasting
2. Unpowdered face is more kissable
3. We only get to see each other maybe once every 2 weeks or less.

Just the night before Valentine's, we were still thinking where to eat.
Somewhere not over-commercialized and thus blood-sucking.

I asked Uncle Jan about Vintage Rose but the last table was taken just 5 minutes ago before he text the boss. Sam told me about Twelv but we went there for V-day two years ago (2006) and the service was really slow.

Instead of looking into each other's eyes and saying all those mushy-mushy stuffs, we ended up cranky and kept complaining to each other when is the food coming. Very hungry lah. Some more, we didn't get the "Special Gift" as promised because it's out of stock. There, my unromantic valentine's experience with Twelv.

Last last, we picked Manjaro.
The place we went for our very first Valentine's day.

They had both buffet and set dinners. Bobby thought that the buffet menu looks more attractive but I was concerned about Cheesie's post, What not to order on first date.

"Oi, if eat buffet later you just keep on eating and ignore me how? Like talk half way, "Wah... got lamb. I go take ah.", then off you go. Very sien one wor..."

But he reassured that that won't happen.
Because I look more delicious than lamb legs and roast chicken. Hahahaha!

Candle light, beverage menu and a stalk of carnation..

Yes, he didn't get me any flowers and it is totally fine with me. After several attempts of surprising me with roses wrapped in that tacky transparent wrapping which is very much diss by me, he had not get me any of those ever since.

He told me that he did wanted to get my 99 roses but his bank book said no. I told him I would prefer the bouquet that Nicole got for her mum, which is made out of $10 and $5 cash notes.
Never wilt and keeps me happy all year round.

What you saw in the above picture were all that I ate for the night. May looks pretty little to you but its already the best I can do.

I don't know why some people becomes super kiasu (takut kalah) when it comes to buffet. They must eat their heart out until they get so bloated and can't move at all baru they consider its "worth it".

"All you can eat" buffet means eat all you can, and not eat till you vomit and die.
I enjoyed the variations of food to be indulged rather than keeping record of the quantity.

Seriously, the food... THUMBS UP!!! Love the Shepherd's Pie to bits!

Way better than the gold-gold-big-big-sea-side hotel's buffet and of course, cheaper too.

With mere B$27.80, we had:

- Seafood Chowder with dinner rolls
- Chicken Liver Parfait
- Soft Shell Crab
- Assorted Mini Quiche
- Cold Pasta
- Mixed Salad
- Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls
- Shepherd's Pie
- Roasted Chicken with Herbs
- Pan Fried Salmon with buttered lemon sauce
- Gnocchi with Pumpkin and Mushroom Cream Sauce
- Almond Butter Rice
- Lemon Tart, and lastly
- Chocolate Mousse!

The place was well-decorated with a lot of red hearts and all ladies were given a stalk of carnation. I don't know why carnation instead of the old school rose. Maybe it means, "I love you so much that I want to celebrate Mother's Day for you with out children"?

Everything was perfect except for having an odd couple sitting next to us on the left with no communication at all but just eat, eat and eat. Told Bobby that I hope we won't end up like that few years later because I think having endless things to talk to your partner is like the ultimate enjoyment. From weather to current news to politics, voicing out our point of view and exchange ideas, isn't that like the best de-stress tool?

And our right, there was a big family celebrating an elder's birthday if I'm not wrong. It was all cheery and warm. Erm... a little noisy actually. Quite a bit of "mood-killer" because we picked the wrong table and Bobby basically need to shift his chair all the time for people to get passed.

Back to Gadong

Weekend night in Gadong basically means one thing,
"Find Parking till you want to bang head against steering wheel".

We went to The Mall Cineplex first to get the tickets for CJ7 for the next day because we didn't want to rush the night and squeeze with 100+ couples in the same place watching how they rubbed against each other.


Man, its like the whole population of BSB age 15 - 35 cramped in the third floor and making it so difficult to walk.

I thought I was in Harajuku or Taipei. Everyone was well-dressed either looking like Avril Lavigne (for age 17 and below), Ayumi Hamasai or Rainie Yang (age 18 to 22) and JolinTsai (age 23 and above).

It was so damn extreme!
I only managed to spot less than 10 girls/ ladies wearing "normal looking" attire with just simple shirt and jeans/ skirts and tidy hair.

Bumped to a couple of friends and one of them was Mr. CookieMonster. Not only the poor fellow was dateless, also he got ditched by his brother and ended up wandering alone in the jam-packed Mall looking couples lovey-dovey passing by.

Friend, got win ah?

* * *

There was this very young couple, I think maybe at around age 14 (secondary 2) wearing all couple-ish with the theme "PINK" holding hands and stood in front of me while going down the escalator.

Once stepped off the escalator, the girl shouted really loud.

Hahahhahaa! It was so cute and funny!
But I didn't manage to take their photo in time lah. Sayang.

And also, there were some people holding a basket of Ferrero Rocher flowers asking guys to buy a stalk of candy for their partners.

Bobby and I tried to "escape" from them because both of us are quite soft-hearted and easily convinced when it comes to this thing. Don't know how to reject that is.

But this time both of us improved!

Sweet looking girl : Hi mister. Buy a flower for your partner?

Bobby: *look at me*

I looked back at him hoping that he received the hint of "I don't want. Don't buy."

Bobby: *in very broken Mandarin and pointed at me* Er, she had it already.

Sweet looking girl: Not very expensive one. Buy lar.

Nonnie: Hehe. We don't want. Thank you ah. Bye bye.

(Walk away quick quick)

Phew~ That was close.

I know if we continue to layan her sure the soft-hearted boyfriend will fork out whatever the amount it is and bought it.

Those who bought it, care to tell me how much is it?

It's not about the money really. But, no point bah you get what I mean?
If Bobby gave it to me and I ate it, the stalk will be flowerless and left nothing but the plastic wrappings.

If I keep it, then it will grow dust and attracts ants to invade my room. And I still have to dump it having my mum looking angrily at me.

Lose-lose situation.

Remember dear, cash money bouquet.

Back to king size bed with plasma
He's gaining the weight back! Can you see?

Camwhore a little before we proceed with our cards exchanging


A year ago, 2007.

Same room, same couch, same boyfriend.

See how "big bone" he was just a year ago?

The perfect neck rest, his arm

Force to layan me

Silly faces

10 minutes later... his attention went to the TV

Curse you ESPN!

Out of boredom while waiting for the match to finish...

Finally, minutes later when I was about to knock out...

Card exchange time!

For Me.

For Him

Instead of hearing "Wow!" and "Wah!" from him, he pulled down his face and said, "Eee... why so nice one? You make my one look so bad lar."


Since when it became a competition har?

He disallowed me to spend any money for his birthday and Valentine's. And so I make lor. Not bad right? It's a "Candle Snow Globe".

Got water and glitters inside one really.
Tell me if you all want to know how I made it and I'll post up the DIY lesson up.

As for the card, it looks really ugly lah.

But the photos are "drag-able" one
Also the hearts.
100% my own original idea okay~

Next morning, on the way down to makan breakfast

Damn bagus!
Plus Nasi Lemak, fish porridge, roti canai, breads and cereals.

Eat full full go back see TV again

After checking out, we went to Jollibee for lunch (still very full after the breakfast) and bumped in to Max. Introduced Bobby to her and she claimed that there's no such need because "everyone knows Bobby from your blog lah".


Can someone tell me, why do my friends get more attention and recognition than me?

Just like SL. He went out lunch with his colleagues and someone saw him and said, "I know that guy. He's some blogger's friend." Told me that he can't do bad things anymore because its dangerous for him already.

But never once someone talk to me and say, "I know you Nonnie! I read your blog!".

Is it because I look different from my pictures and real life?

Anyway, Max was asking us the million dollar question, "When you guys going to get hitched ah? You guys dated so long already, can liao laaa."

"No money how to kahwin?"

"No money got no money punya methods mah. You can have dinner at the beach. So romantic kan?"

"Ya, bring chicken wings and ask my guests to help themselves BBQ-ing right?"

"And give them fishing rod ask them fish themselves. ", added Bobby.

I wish I can do it girl. But being the only child doesn't allow me to do so.

And somemore she asked Bobby to straight away "reserved" me by registering scare later taken by someone else. Said it till like I banyak market a lot of suitors like that.

"Register liao so mafan. What if we break up later leh? Have to pay for divorce again."

"You got think want to break up one meh? You don't want to be with him forever one meh?"


You can never predict the future right? Even though I look all cheerful and optimistic, I'll always remind myself to do the reality check from time to time. Too many sad divorces or scandals nowadays and too little happily-ever-after fairytale nowadays.

Of course, I will work hard for my relationship no worries.

One last thing, please do not magnify all the actions and words only on Valentine's Day. Why does it matters most just because it's V-day? For me, any moment spent with him is memory earned and bonus.

I know it sounds really naive.
But I thought I'll feel happier that way.
(Well, some of you married men/ women might be laughing at me now. But I don't really care)

No, its not belated.
Its just 364 days earlier.

Remember, you don't have to wait till your birthday, anniversary or Valentine's day to have excuse to celebrate.

Everyday or any day can be a special one as long as you have the heart.