Friday, March 16, 2007

School Field Trip - RBAF

Do you remember when is the last time you had a fun trip with a bunch of classmates visiting some interesting place?

My last school trip was at 1999, when I was in secondary 5!
8 years ago! (God.. I feel old again, as usual.)

And having this job, I have opportunity to go on a school trip again, just that my identity has changed from 'student' - having all those restrictions not to do this and that and keep quiet, to "Teacher" who constantly remind them to behave and not to wander around.

We rented two bus, a big one and a mini one. I'm being assigned to be in the mini one, having less students to jaga with another colleague.

After an hour plus, we arrived our first stop -

RBAF (Royal Brunei Air Force)

I'm not sure if that's the name.. I remember it was something something Tentera Udara, that's it.

We went into this building to hear a brief introduction first.

Cikgu Nonnie on duty

Inside the room

I guess this is the closest I ever get to our beloved and respected Sultan.

And next, refreshment.

Don't ask me to name those kuihs, I only know..panggang, popia and curry puff. That's it. The rest, I don't know.

Oh, by the way.. saw helicopters taking off on the way to the canteen. That place is so big that walking around is nearly impossible.

After makan, we went to Hanger B, the place where we can sit on helicopters with the nice armies explaining.

I want this...

and this!

How to remember all of them???

I asked the guy, I mean the army how the hell they remember all these switches and buttons, he told me, "Easy..we have this."

He then took the manual, or instruction booklet out from the pocket in his coverall.
Cool huh! I mean the pocket size.

The friendly soldier

Inside the Black Hawk

Any idea how they start the engine of an helicopter?

Hehehe. Turn the ignition on with a key!!!

That's something I never expect actually. I had always thought that there will be a big "On-Off" button to ignite a helicopter, or even a biometric device like thumb recognition senor or eyeball scanner...

Yeah, think too much liao.
* * *

Okay, maybe I couldn't drive, I mean fly a helicopter... But I definitely can handle this!

So cute like Guido right?

It's auto-transmission, with brake and accelerator pedal only. I can surely drive this without any problems.

The thing is... I can't speed with it. The maximum speed is only 50, I scare I sleep half way driving ah, then got motorbike pass by and laughing at me.

It's only when we're about to leave that place then I saw this notice on the entrance...

Erm... I think the only rules I didn't offend is "A". =p

* * *
Next -

The speaker, I mean the officer explaining on the different kind of bouncers.. sorry...Rafts.

Inside the survival pack

One of the students trying out the life jacket and helmet

I think the life jacket looks like two extra large Gall Badder.

The girls in the 12 men raft

The raft does looks like bouncer isn't it? I was thinking that if we fill water in, it can transform into those mini pools to splash with.

Introducing you...

My new boyfriend is tall, fit and sexy. Army somemore. Just that... he can't breathe and has no blood and flesh. He's made of plastic... He wouldn't love me back. Nevermind, he's handsome and that's all I care.

Just kidding lar.. Don't be so serious can?

Next again -

The army telling us about parachuting.

Really, they're so handal in folding the parachute. Just awhile, the manage to fold the big big big big parachute nice and tidy, and fit them nicely into the bag.

I bet they can do better for clothes. Or maybe they developed a habit of ensuring all the clothes are nicely folded with no wrinkle.

The qualifications to be a parachuter

Group photo
(excluding the other group)

... to be continue

[Edit later for the rest of the activities]

Please do come back for more.. For now, I need to get my beauty sleep.

Comments reply later~


Bobby said...

I never get to go on a school trip to RBAF. Mostly school trips is to museum, hotel, forestry industry and GHK car manufacturing plant. The refreshment does look delicious but on my trip to GHK plant, after eating the refreshment there, half the class got daeria the next day.

But school trip is very important as it gives the student what they feel like they want to be. But sadly not all student see it that way. I see you didn't follow the rules on the signboard. You are suppose to be a good role model for the kids, which i think you are as being a fellow blogger. Imagine after all this trip, all they way to be is a fellow blogger like Cikgu Nonnie.

I want a raft like that. So easy to be a house and keep us dry. Can i have it for my birthday? (Sorry to the readers who want to be the first to comment in nonnie's blog, but i was here ;p)

Kenny Ng said...

What a nice school trip. I did join this kind of trip back in 13 years ago... 13 years already??!!! WAH...

The black hawk... is it same as the Black Hawk Down the movie one?

Anonymous said...

Why can you tahan working as a teacher? I heard that the malaizi students are so mischievous!

IngSiang said...

At first, i thought you were wearing some sort of army-like baju kurung, lol.. I mean, the camouflauge type? "Mi chai". xD

Anonymous said...

to be continued?!?! haha..

i never knew helicopters pakai key..

Serial Blog Commenter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Serial Blog Commenter said...

Did you use any of your feminine charms to lure those Army guys over? Maybe they had their number written down for you or something?

War186 said...

Wah there's more? Great pictures btw. The trip looks fun and informative. And your baju kurung looks like camouflage-like made for the occasion. Hehe. ;)

teddY said...

Woah Nonnie you can get into a military base or something... which is so cool =) Anyway like what others have commented I initially thought you're wearing some sort of military outfit since your baju kurung looks so much like those the soldiers are wearing! Call it camouflage XD

Aiyo and you accidentally revealed some military "secrets" such as the ignition of the helicopter is using a key and not some other very technology-savyy devices :D

Have a great weekend! Nice photos and this is a very interesting post!

lizzie said...

man in uniform... hmmm... nice :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah nonnie..
its been a while since i went for a schol trip.. hahahhaa!!

I remember how anxious i am while in the bus.. during my time, we will bring tidbits such as kerpok and stuffs.. do u also do that?

hmmm.. this helicopter trip is kinda educational hor.. i have never even being inside a hangar!!!

hmmm.. but they allowed u all to take pics and bring cameras ar?? in singapore al resricted places are prohibited bringing in camera or handphone wtih camera functions..


Iwan Sanchez said...

oh ya the life jacket looks like breast lah.. muahahahhaa!!!

opppps! sorry!!

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : 13 years ah. Wah... A lot longer than mine leh. At least I got chance to join again now.

I think the black hawk is like the one in the movie, just different colour nya.

* * *

Anonymous : Malay or Chinese or Iban, mischevious or naughty or well-behaved, they all have the right to learn.
So I shouldn't discriminate too.

Actually I do enjoy teaching, at least everyday is a new day.. Not routine work and students always give me different kind of feedbacks. I think those are the satisfaction I get from my job but no one will understand.

Nonnie King said...

IngSiang : So ngam nya lah. But a "mi-chai" baju kurung/ kebaya will be really cool though.

Hmm..wait till I find that kain.

* * *

Rebbe : Me too! So disappointing right?

* * *

SBC : Hhahaaaa. No need use my feminine charm one, just by a glance can already.

I'm on a higher level~ Muahahhahahah!!!

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : How come Ingsiang and you said the same?

My baju is just an ordinary floral print pattern bor.

The trip is sure fun, but exhausting!

* * *

Teddy : Is that really a secret? It's more like a trivia I think? I mean, who will expect helicopter pakai key one?

* * *

Lizzie : But, can't compare them with those orang putih from the military. So big eh the difference.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Old liao bah us. Where got chance to go on a school trip?

Don't mention about those snacks and drinks, make me high-blood pressure only forcing the kids to clean up their mess in the bus.

The officers were there but they didn't stop us or warn us bor. Some of them even help me to take picture voluntarily!

-___-" See, hamsap people think of breast, elegant people think of gall bladder. Hhahhaaa. Just kidding.

nureen said...

nonnie... can i name the green kuih for u?? i think it's 'KUIH LINGGANG'...correct me if i'm wrong dear readers..

and sure the heli's buttons will make me dizzy just by looking at them..hahaha...

De Pianist said...

school previous school never have such trips strict d..=="!

yerr..i wanna try using wait..i have phobia for heights d..nononono...

tu car 50 speed nia ar..adoi..i practice driving pun tak boleh tahan lah..haha..

lunaticgal said...

i got think of the size or the life jacket is kinda weird also..

gay can fix under baju and pump pump air in from time to time..

ops,,, iwan is hamsup, im not -.-
im juz giving ideas, wakkakakaka

the car speed 50km/hr, i wonder can drive till 50? my house got a laobeh car maximum 80 but can drive til 50 nia :P
(but kena saman before of running the car at 110km/hr! malaysia rocks!)

Nonnie King said...

Nureen : The green long one or the green round one with coconut shreds?

When I saw the buttons, I felt like a mischevious monkey wanting to try pushing and switching all of them and see if there'll be any reaction you know.

* * *

Pauline : You have phobia for heights? Same like Bobby lah, don't even dare to take any exciting ride with me.

It's maximum 50 somemore, I bet it can only go 40 max.

Nonnie King said...

Lu Nee : Not the size, but the "shape" kan?

No lah, gay don't do that, transexual do. I'm trying not to use the word "pxxdan" and "ah-kxx" here, scare later got people offended again.
Wah lao eh, You can push a car limit from 50 to 110km/hr, kana saman somemore? Pei-Fu, Pei-Fu.

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