Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Chain Mails

"I don't want to scare you, but I personally know of dozens of people who did NOT forward a message very similar to this one, who later DIED. Granted, they ignored the letter anywhere from five to twenty years ago, but some of them died under mysterious circumstances such as car accidents, cancer, gunshots, etc. In 1986 a man in Muskegon forwarded this letter to ten people, including his brother Wally, and soon won $20,000. Wally, however, broke the chain and his wife left him for his brother in Muskegon. They are now happily married, while Wally is smelly, impotent and spends his days on the street, washing car windows for spare change."

WTF? If you forward the mail you'll get yourself a pretty wife and live happily ever after, else you'll be stinky and rot in hell. Sot-Sot-Dei one.. who invent one? Damn lame and jobless.

Tell me, how does forwarding a stupid chain mail effect your life?

Sometimes when I received this kinda stupid chain mails, I'll kinda think that my that friend must be hating me a lot to curse me like that, or maybe he/she thinks I have nothing better to do but waste my time and money forwarding this to other victims and threatened them.

I remembered last Mother's Day, I received a chain sms saying how great is our mothersand bla bla bla, I was enjoying reading it till it says...

"If you ignore this sms, your mother will ...
Forward it to 0 - 5 person, your mother will ....

Forward it to 6 -10 person, your mother will ....
Forward it to 11 or more, your mother will ..."

I swear so much after I read this part... Cilaka.. curse my mum hia?

and.. for a second thought

Huh? DST or B-Mobile staffs come up with this idea to tipu us wasting credit kah?

N O T E...

My dear friends, I don't mind if you guys like to flood my mailbox by forwarding what you think is nice. But tolong don't forward those curse mails ya. Else I'll think you hated me a lot.

Sekian Terima Kasih~

Monday, May 29, 2006

Lovely weekend - 27.05.2006

My cousin, whom I always fight with when I was young, had his graduation in Miri and my workaholic uncle and his siblings came all the way to attend his graduation too. And thus me, being a very sweet and filial daughter of my mother, bring my mother to Miri to meet them up Note: The day before, I was working in my office till 4am! Not knowing the way to the hotel, I picked Bobby up from his place and asked him to drive..(I hate driving in Miri anyway..) My beach boy cousin suggested to go to the beach, and so.. the beach we go~

From left to right: Mum, Ah-Tie, SiawChin, Ah Mek, Ah Nong (all baby names) enjoying "pangang jagung"

See the lovely couple wearing green baju? So sweet hor. Jealous eh~
... ok.. not funny, that's my mum and cousin la..coincidently wearing the same odd colour out of the blue. Weird~

It's funny when I wanna intro Ah-Mek to Bobby, cos he's malu with his baby name. (Ah-Mek is supposed to be a girl's name). Heard my mum says, when my auntie is carrying Ah-Mek, Ah-Nong is so looking forward to it and she hopes that she can have a baby sister (I guess Ah-Tie was really naughty back then, just kidding), thus she always call "Ah Mek, Ah Mek, Ah Mek". Sadly, the baby that her mum gave birth to was not a sister, but a brother..

But..the name remains.

We're in the same age group and we only see each other once a year. Thus sometimes I feel close but yet far.. cos I can't speak my own dialect well. And Foochow is their mother tongue. I remembered that my cousins/aunties/uncles alway "force" themselves speaking Mandarin with me,but their Mandarin sounds so funny that I actually prefer them just speak in their most comfy language. Eventhough I can't speak Foochow well, doesn't mean I don't understand ma. It's funny when I blurp out some Foochow, they will all look at me as if they saw an elephant flying, shocking!

Bobby and I like orang gila syok sendiri taking pictures of ourselves

Hie Ching (whom I always called her Ah-Nong) is the eldest among the 3 of them. I dunno why, I've noticed that the eldest is always the smallest among the siblings.. The younger one always tend to be taller. According to Ah-Nong, "Aiyah... I'm the guinea pig ma. After my parents give birth to me, they know what they can eat, and what they cannot eat in order to have a white-white-fat-fat baby liao lu"

My beloved mummy who give me her 101% to me

And ..my fav pic of all..

Me: Ma ah, can you take a pic of Bobby and I with the sunset as the background? We won't look into the camera ah.
Mum: .... (puzzled)
Me: Nah, when I say 123, you take the picture ah..
Mum: But cannot see your face la.. you sure you want the picture taken this way? Black Black cannot see anything, nice meh?
Me: Nice, artistic ma. Hehe.
Mum: .... (More confused) Ok la.. whatever you say la..

Thursday, May 25, 2006

If I'm dead..

This trailer makes me wanna cry la...

I wonder if Bobby will do the same before he die, writing a " IU"note ..
But make sure it's for me and not some other girls la. Hahaha.

Makes me wonder, what will I write if I know I'm dying?

"Ma, I Love You. I'm sorry if I ever make you mad, sad or did not give you enough money to spend. And Ma, I wanna donate my organs out ah, make sure I still look pretty k."

"Bobby, I'm pregnant... with someone else's child..

I'm just kidding. I love you. I'm dead doesn't mean you can forget all about me. If you wish to find yourself a new girlfriend or wife, you should ask for my approval by "Pua-Puee". If not, i'll haunt your girlfriend every night till she beh-tahan and leave you. And also, make sure your new girlfriend is not the type I hate one ah. The most important, you must keep a space in your heart for me, every year must visit me and tell me all the gossips. If you fail to do so, at least burn me some magazines la."

"Dear Friends, I'm dying liao.. Please kindly contribute more "Bai-Jing" (White-Gold) so I can have a nice and comfy coffin and a fabulous funeral. And also, I wanna be buried with designer clothes and also bags. Can ka? Think of this, you don't have to buy me birthday gifts, xmas gifts for the rest of your life liao, you got untung you know?

If not.. get me this ."
Daniel Wu, Takeshi, Gary Cao Ge, the last one for the moment I can't think of any..

p/s: I'm just joking. The above statement is all crapz.. But feel free if you do wanna do so when I'm dead

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Feelin Disturbed.. and down

Can anyone tell me?

Why does a 70yrs old man wanna hide away from his family and choose to commit suicide?

Just hope the autopsy report will reveal the truth soon..

Anyone read the news in the papers regarding these?


This is Manggis Hua Ho having their promo on OSIM products

This is Feli and I trying out the massage chairs.
(Wait a minute.. Why is the salesman posing to the camera? Isn't he suppose to talk and talk and talk and talk till we beh-tahan and surrender and end up buying that piece of chair?)

This is SukChin loving the chair. See her "I see Heaven" look!
Oi OSIM, want my friend to be your embassador or not? =p

We sort of tried out most of the products there, but one. the iGallop.. Erm.. Feli's really tempted to try but she malu. True also la.. who wanna look like this in public?

And one more thing, while browsing through OSIM's official WorldWide Store, I come across this. Err... iPoke?

Ooo-Kay~ So... I guess... the people in OSIM's R&D department... are all so horny!
(I wonder who named those thing? iPoke? iSqueeze?)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


: Hey, u remember who is xxx ?

Me: Er.. Dunno wor
Keith: Neh, the one who ever worked in xxx bank with you one leh..
Me: Eh.. I think I know kua.. Is it the guy look gong-lan gong-lan one ah?
Keith: The gong-lan guy that you're talking about is sitting beside me and asking me what is "Gong-Lan". And he says "hi" to you.


Lesson 1: Never talk something bad about someone in MSN! (where you're not sure if the someone who you're talking ill of will ever see it)

Die Die Die Die. Ci..la..ka... feel like killing myself now! How am I going to face him if I saw him walking on the street, with him remembering that I actually called him a "Gong-Lan" ?

Just..Just shoot me! Let me die..

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Platelets Donation

Yesterday was the second time in my life that I went for a platelets donation. Well, the first time was during January 2005, at about.. 2am? And so, this time, I bring along my camera take pictures and asked a lot of question..

The "blood-sucking" machine. Neh.. The nurse also dunno what is it called, so.. yea... blood-sucking machine la. Anyway.. this thing here cost B$ 150,000.00! See.. Blood-sucking isn't it? Can buy a bungalow liao la..
The whole set of "Blood-sucking" tubes and packets and bla bla bla that cost B$ 500.00.

How my right hand looks like after 5 mins..

That is NOT urine! The packet on the left is my Plasma diffuse out from my blood.. and on the right hand side, that's the Platelets extract out from my Plasma.

Great.. When the machine tries to circulate my blood back into my body... my veins "bangkat" (swollen).. so the nurse poke another hole in my left hand to "cycle" back my blood in.

Here, my sizzling HOT platelets ready for the rescue!

I'm suppose to go for 4 cycles, but sadly.. I think my body had a protest. After circulating the blood back into my body, and start the second cycle.. my stuborn blood just don't wanna come out?! The nurse tried so many different methods. There's no clotting in the tube, she injected "seline" (I dunno wat is it so I dunno how to spell it) into my veins, it's ok. But the bloody blood just won't come out... So.. I pathetically donated 72ml of my platelets only... Sheesshh.. So Lauyah and malu.

And so.. *ta da*

And this is what I get

Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Name is…

On 05th November, 1983, my mum brought me to this world. And being born in the the “King” family, we all followed “Zhu Pu” 谱" in naming descendants. In my generation, males are given “Seh”, and females as “Xiao”. My first uncle chose the name “Qin” for me. So, *ta-da*, my name is King Siaw Chin龚小钦。

Chau and Ping think that I looked like "Chucky" , and my mum... looked like Bruce Lee in this pic.

Both my parents are Foochow, and.. I guess all Foochows know, it’s common to give their child the baby name “Ah-Nong”... There, my mum called me “Ah-Nong”. Honestly speaking, I had never fancied that name before..till one of my mum’s friend called me “Nong-Nong”, then I baru find it ok la, a bit cute la. Try you go to Sibu and shout “Ah-Nong” on the street, I bet, 9 out of 10 turn his/her head around, age ranges from 2 to 80 years old, and the one remaining sure is “Ah-Thee-Eh” if he’s a guy. Everyone is either “Ah-Nong” or “Ah-Thee-Eh”, or “Ah-Teh” one. *Sien* Some of my closer friends like to kacau me by calling me “Ah-Nong” sometimes, and I’ll go like, “Hey, only my mum’s allow to call me that la. You my mother meh?”. When I was 3, my uncle got a FIlipino maid for my granny, she sayang me quite a lot, but she was not quite happy about what my mum called me, and so… she gave me the name Nonnie and gradually all my uncles, aunties and cousins called me that.

Going to kindergarten was not easy for me, for I had to memorize how to write my Chinese name. At that time, Brunei used Traditional Chinese and not Simplified Chinese, and this is how my Chinese name look likes.

Bet most of you can only read the middle. Hah!

All my primary classmates happily called me “Xiao Qin” and also, enjoy giving me nicknames like King Kong (the most common of all, even till I went to my high school I still get that quite often), Qin-Chai (Vegetables) and Qin-Wa (Frog). So “sweet” of them huh? Ya right… But dunno what happened, when I’m in my secondary, all my friends and classmates called me “King”. They find it easier to remember and say. And I like it too. So when I get to meet new friends, I’ll intro myself as “King”, and usually people find it amusing and asked more, or, go show-off their not-so-funny sense of humor by saying, “You King ah? Me Queen leh. We King and Queen ya”. So lame.

But when I started to work in CFK, I cant call myself “King” anymore, because people will get confused. There’s my uncle there, and 3 of my cousins working there too, and we’re all “King”. So, I start introduce myself as “Nonnie”, to be different from the rest of Kings, anyway, my father side relatives called me “Nonnie” ma. I figured it’s easier like that. But still, there remain some who called me "Xiao Qin", and I remembered C2 liked to call me "Xiao King"or "Xiao-King-King" , and that's so cute. Recently.. my moronic colleague likes to call me "Kong-Jiao-King", sounds like Banana-King la.. SAI!

. + . + . + . + . + . +. + . + . +. + . + . + .

And of course, like all couples, I’m given pet names by my love one. But I’ll prefer to keep it to myself, unless you guys heard it when Bobby calls me. J

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So Sien...

So sien la.. there's plenty on my mind but i just dunno where to start. I'm kinda addicted to reading Kenny Sia's blog recently la. Weird tho.. it's like you get to know things that happen to this someone and get entertained a lot just by reading their blog. But they don't even know who the heck are you. What if I really get to bump into him one day..wonder what will I say leh..
"Hey?! You Kenny Sia ah? You si-beh funny la. I read your blog one". Or maybe just am-chio (curi ketawa) there thinking.. "Aiyer... I saw the real Kenny err.. Wah lao.. Why is he digging his nose there? Wah! Stick it on to the tiang lagi...Eeeeeee yerr.. si-beh gali this fellow" Ok.. I'm just kidding la. Nothing to do baa..

My weekend is kinda fun. Spending almost 2 hours in kopitiam, waiting for the football match to end cos the guys just wont leave without knowing the result.. Sigh.. i think most guys are addicted to footballs just like girls loving their idols over the tv.. "Ou-Xiang" (the person that make you puke? Hehe). Speaking of it.. The Astro Talent bla bla bla 2006 is really really bad.. I randomly switch to that channel.. seeing those people singing and dancing.. really make me sweat! Wah lao.. are those judges deaf? How can they pass through those auditions? My goodness.. Definitely will not waste anymore time watching this kinda stupid shows.. All Crapz.

Sigh.. so many things to do..If only I can get into government and just goyang kaki everyday. Bruneians are sure lucky.. But..sadly...me stateless... Thew... Chi eh.. Yellow IC get paid every month by just being present in the class.. me leh, I pay for them to go to school. Even go KL also need Visa.. #$@$#!*&%^%^

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Golf Siao

Heh. It's Saturday today but I just can't work up any enthusiam.

Me: *surfing and reading funny blogs*
Boss: *walk pass me and talk bout golf (He siao golf lately)*
Me: Boss, see this. Funny leh. *Show him an entry of someone's blog talking bout golf*
Boss: Why this fellow dont go and ask someone to coach him?
Me: You got find someone teach yourself meh? (Give him the "Cheh.. u so karit, u think u will meh?")
Boss: Don't you know you can get lessons and tips from the Internet. But the problem with those stupid lesson is.. First, they ask you position. Then focus and ah... swing you hand to n degrees and "cock your wrist". WHat the hell is "Cock your wrists"?
Badli: Aiya.. Boss, ask you to grip your club firmly la. *Showing him in actions*
Me: Eh? How you know one?
Boss: Ah lor, how you know one leh?
Badli: I think so. I guess so?
Me: Aiya.. go and hire a tutor or coach la.. But.. gali also.. imagine a hand behind your back and holding both your arms...
Badli: That's why he don wana get a coach la..
Boss: Wah..yesterday I hit 200 balls. My hand so tired now. Cannot do anything liao.
Badli: *Evil ham-sap grin* Is it? Hoohohohoohooo. So you're suffering what the professional hookers are feeling then (hand jobs).
Me: Ahhhhhh...Badd ah... how you know ah?
Badli: Aiyah.. can see from Internet one ma.. That's why they call it "Cock Your Wrist"!


Friday, May 12, 2006


Got a sms yesterday saying that there's a young adult in need of B+ Blood platelets. Since my blood type is B+, I feel there's no excuse for not going to the hospital. Honestly, I do have a second thought of not going.. giving myself excuses like.. maybe.. maybe it's just a prank sms (Well..maybe got people no life till go send ojipala message like tat to kacau?), maybe they got enough already..? I scared go there "Holland" ba.. But.. i know if i don't go without trying.. i can't sleep at night feeling the guilt whole night lo..

This is not the first time i donate my platelets.. Last year I did the same for YongKang. SInce I'm already in the hospital, I think I should pay a visit sending regards to him. Sadly.. YongKang cannot walk now.. because of the therapy.. But he does look better tho.. I mean not pale pale sick sick sick, talk soft soft like that la. When I walked in, he happily said Hi to me and asked me "Eh? you dont work meh?". I just stuck my tongue out and say i "curi-ular". His mother had stayed in the hospital since last November.. never been home for almost half a year already. Mother's Love, what can I say.. Only mothers can sacrifice all for their children. YongKang has a TV and DVD player in his room, and what he does the whole day is just watch tv....

Any teens at his age are happily attending classes in their school, playing basketball, go play online games, or even have their young girlfriends spending their parents money to buy cute Hello-Kitty or whatever. I dunno if I was him, will I be strong enough to put a smile on my face when I see people.. He's a really brave kid and I really adore him. I told him that I will ask others "jie-jie" to visit him bringing him something to get rid of is boredom. And...i'm think what should I buy for him.

You kids out there, if you're complaining because ur mom dont wanna give you money to buy the latest mobile phone or game console, you should think of those who don't even have the chance to ride a bicycle out there, with no pain and worries.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

having kids..

Recently.. I have friends who's either pregnant or baru give birth to a baby.. Let me count..
Norainn, Kim, Orange, Sim (i mean his wife) and ... They're so young.. and yet a funny, cute and sexy mummy. I tell myself that I'm not getting married till 28, but seeing my frens who are happily married with babies to play with..kinda make me feel envious la. Imagine that, by the age of 40, their kids are getting ready for Uni, maybe for me.. I'm still struggling to teach them write ABC, force them to memories their multiplication (1 x 1 = 1, 1 x 2 = 2 ...), chase them around the house asking them to eat their food, or clean up their bed sheets cos they have nightmares and pee on it? Lesson from Spiderman, "With great power comes great responsibility", Sim added "and great expenses". Raising up a kid is surely costly.. the school fees itself ah.. can buy a bungalow liao lo.. And you never know whether when he/she grow up, are they going to take care of you lagi? My fren's mum says "Aiyooo... I'm lucky enough if my kids don ask money from me ah.. What more to ask him/her give me money to spend". Sad but true..

But if you ask me whether I wanna have a baby or not.. definitely a YES ! I feel that it kinda "complete" a woman's life. Men are not given a chance to have babies but women yes. Is that some kind of "natural duty" given by God? And everymonth we'll be having a few days feeling bad, having pimples popping out, maybe some cramps, and all pantang rules like cannot drink cold drinks and cannot wash hair, and also maybe embarrasement cos we're having "heavy flow" and thus leak. Why women? WHY ???

See ah... how come only got "Shi shang zhi you mama hao?" (Direct stupid translate by me: In this world only mother good :p), and how come there's no song saying the father very "wei-ta" (nobel) leh? Is father not good enough compare to mother? In my case.. yes la.. but i know there are other really good dads around also ma. On mother's day, we give carnations.. on father's day... nada pun?

I have no idea what my conclusion is pulang.. haha.. But.. If i happen to be pregnant "accidentally", i will definitely keep it and bring the child to this world. I feel like.. my baby has a life, has a choice, who am I to decide whether he/she is coming to this world or not? Isn't it cruel killing your own baby. And Chinese believe that it's a really bad karma. And this unwanted little lives normally become "guai-chai" haunting around in the end being used by really bad bomohs. Shit.. what am i talking about? See too much movies liao..

I believe children are gifts from God, and I wanna be a mother! (not in the near future la.. I'm still very poor and I don't think Bobby is rich enough to feed 2 person now. I will prepare a list of presents you guys can buy for me for my baby's full month dinner, so I wont useless things that i don want. don't worry. Hehe. I wish i can do it for my wedding also. Maybe i just give my list to HuaHo.. like...Plasma TV, 2 door fridge, Home Theatre system, Muahahaaa... My dear friends.. u can start saving now. Or maybe find more frens to share. Muahaha.. I dont mind angpao also la.. )

Monday, May 8, 2006

My Lovely weekend~

Woooooo hooooooo. A bit sot-sot-dei now. Maybe not enough sleep kua? Drive all the way from Seria up to BSB. Lucky the traffic's quit good, no big lorries or any car accident (Touchwood). K.. let's talk about my last weekend. Swee Leong's (going to be refer as SL from now on) back from Adelaide, he's been out there working for almost 3 months and quess what, I'm so so disappointed that he didn't gain any weight. Damn! I just love seeing my frens gaining weight! Haha! I know.. i'm so evil. Hehe. At least I admit i'm fat ma.. ok.. maybe "fat" is too heavy, I just have a voluptuous body. Now.. that sounds better isn't it? (Kasian this siao-chabo for being lack of confidence ba). SL drove to BSB last Saturday just to get a letter from the immigration. I think that's his first time driving so far. But, he's not alone..so i can't say that he's brave. Haha. I bet my car's milleague (only 2mth old) is more comparing with his car (i think 2 years old) liao.

Then at night, SukChin (maybe she prefer to be called Nicole.. Ah..Whatever lah) asked me company her see a friendly match between HSBC and Soi-Heng. (Just in case you dunno.. Soi-heng is a kopitiam in Seria famous for Kolomee? Pau? Laksa? I dunno?) I went there.. i got asked.. "Which team u support ha?". Me:"Eh....Eh.... i think i support HSBC kua? Cos they contribute to my paycheck wor. And then.. so kasian.. so little people support them here also" (p/s: the match was held in Kg.Baru.. Seria..So.. Everyone cheers for kaki-lang lah of course, not some bank who pay so little interest every year kan..heh..maybe I'm not suppose to say that) uk Well... HSBC kalah la in the end, only by 10 points I heard. And kanasai Lausu-Pingko was late for the match and.. she was just in time to see them.. lose?

After the match, went to pick up SL and Chrisopher (I dunno why.. i still prefer to call him "Cyber"). Went to KB Mein Tang to makan. Sukchin came up with a funny mind-test question. The question went like this..

You were walking alone in the desert, and u saw a box. How far is the box away from you? And what is it made of? Then you saw a staircase, where is the staircase and what is it made of? There was a horse, where is the horse? (I know.. stupid and weird question kan?).

Box = ego
Staircase = friend
Horse = bf/gf/husband/wife

The funniest is Cyber's answer.. The box is around 1km away, made up from cardboard. Staircase near to him and made from steel. Horse is running up and down the staircase?!

I was saying.. Siao one meh? in a desert.. if the staircase is made out of steel, it's gonna be so hot that people can't even walk on it la? Must be the staircase too hot so the horse was jumping up and down the staircase.

Bobby's answer lagi funny... he say the horse is inside a pot and he's cooking it!
(Cilaka one.. cook me?)

After makan, we went to Sukchin's place. Plan to talk bout our Thailand trip.. but end up...playing Poker. Our dear Mr. SL played too much of it back in his days in Adelaide I think, so he forced us to learn and play. He's the dealer. Funny man.. Of cos.. we're not gambling with money, and because we cant find any chips.. we end up using lami tiles! 1 lami-tiles = $5.00! Haha.. I was losing and pinjam "lami" from Sukchin, but yet still kalah all in the end. So after a few rounds.. i dont play liao. Cyber was winning.. and talk and act very kanasai. (Maybe he's wearing red underwear kua?) It's kinda funny that SukChin actually "Sai-lang" for a few rounds. FUnny man.. pushing all the lami-tiles and yelled "Wo Pa Ni ah! Sai Lang! HMPH!" . (Sai-lang = show hand). But.. the winner is still Cyber... Must be SL dont wash hand one..

On Sunday, Bobby came to Seria and spend the day with me. As usual, went to yumcha with my mum, then my mum say she wanna dye her hair cos her grey hairs are too visible and she wana hide it. So i also go trim my hair and fringe. Ah.. hair always look nice after potong, but the next day.. super ugly liao. Went shopping but end up not buying anything.. After that, balik kampong and watch tv. Then feel hungry go out tea tea again in Universal, the famous kopitiam in Seria. And..saw a lot of frens there.. Not very close frens.. jus ok ok hi-&-bye fren, whom make me fee; reli uncomfortable and jalan after makan. Bobby says I'm just being paranoid thinking too much.. Or maybe I'm just anti-social nowadays? Think so..? I kinda malas layan people lately.. and feel very "fan" if ppl keep on tegur me.. It was like "Aiyoooo.... Cant u feel i malas layan you? Go away la.. I got a lot of things to do la.. Mai-fan me ok.. I dont have time for your complains and gossips la". But being polite..of cos i won't say it la... normally I'll just ignore it and hope someone get the hint.

Had been really really busy lately.. Deadlines, appointments, this and that... So sien. Kaiwen's not here. No one to talk with, no one to help me out the stupid paper works.. Tat soi-poh must be having fun now paktoh in KL. So jealous la.. Cant wait till July, when its my turn to go makan angin! Muahhahahaaa!

A lot in my mind.. but i cant seem to organise them la. Its like a big puzzle.. Sai one..

Saturday, May 6, 2006

End of Fair

Phew.. finally.. the stupid fair ended yesterday. After work, I went home shower and ate my dinner. Then by the time of 8.00pm like that, need to go to the fair and help them pack up the things. It's kinda funny tho.. I never see vendors who take part in a fair "sau-tong" (tutup gerai) so early. When I reached there... some already upload their stuff into their van liao. Haha. Bet the boss make quite a big lost since they're taking more booth than us and business really sucks over there. Derrick hadn't arrived so we're out of boxes and trolley, so I pulled Jackie to shop around the place see whether got any last offer. Bought a nice cheap and cute bracelet for $4.

After a lot of kuli-kang, packing and moving of notebooks, memory cards, ink cartridges, and bla bla bla... finally got home and rest. Jeffrey was there.. and showing off his new golf clubs set. Sigh... and he told me his new schedule is going to be ,

Monday, Wednesday - Badminton
Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Golf

Great... less time in the office again. Kanasai. Somemore tell me sooner or later I have to play it too.. Siao..

Friday, May 5, 2006

Funny.. Pup got stucked

Our bitch at home, Mata-Mata home .. (i mean real bitch...as in female dog ah) named Chii-Chii (Just in case you wonder why "Chii-Chii", eh... Bobby named it after "Chipet". Yea.. very kanasai, but funny. Haha) had give birth to several "batches" of puppies. Gawd.. once in Xmas 05, once in CNY, and now this "batch" in last April (according to Yani). Steady leh.. Ok.. this blog is not bout how productive the bitch, but about the pup.

K.. yesterday when Connie got back, she left a note on Brian's and Derrick's room asking them to rescue the pup. The pup is stucked! Stucked where?.. ok.. now this is the hard part.. it's stucked.. ermm.. i did took a picture.. maybe i'll just upload it tomorrow. But for now.. this is the ugly pic I've drawn using Paint... It's head's stucked between the wooden plank below the glass cabinets and the ground and right between those wooden blocks too. (Wonder.. how come it can get inside there.. and suddenly grows bigger therefore stuck inside? So kick?)

Brian tried to get it out but the container is too heavy and the stuff on top of the glass cabinets are impossible to be lifted up.. So... Brian just went back shower and keluar minum.. And waited till Derrick's back then move together. And as for me, i feed the sorry pup some dog biskuits and water.. keeping it's life, and kana the pup bite..Sigh... And super Derrick.. very steady, rescued the pup single-handed. Haha. I didn't see the whole process of the rescueing. But sure he did a great job.. And i hope he didn't break anything there.. Haha.. Later kana marah again..

Thursday, May 4, 2006


k... today its 4th of May, which..reminds me that it's one of my exs bday. I remembered.. but i don think i wana waste my credit sending him a text and greet him, remembering the words he ever said to me. Stupid bugger..! Haha.

Yesterday I had been out almost for the whole day, being my dear Mr.Badli's driver. Yeah.. driving the Kuda again. Went out at around 12.30pm and got back at... 4.30pm i tink? It's really tiring tho. I waited in the car for him for almost an hour when he told me just give him 15mins, he should be able to "kau-tim" (kau-tim = settle in Canto) the CSD machine. Sekali... i even fall asleep in the car while waiting.. I seen people out for lunch and back to their office. He apologized once he get in the car and told me that a screw, screwed him up. Haha. The usual job that took him 15mins went longer because he can't find that fucking screw. Imagine that, 45mins just to find a tiny-mini screw.

After that we went for our lunch.. late lunch as usual. He says he treats me lunch and bring me go eat some traditional Malay food and I had no objections. Sat down the restaurant and order a set lunch for 2, cost B$16.00. And... Badli went to gorek his wallet, pull out some small notes, mostly $1 and tell me that he only had $10.00, i have to pay for the balance $6.00. I took out my wallet and search for extra.. sekali.. i only got $1 ! Haha! imagine that! So.... I called up Jackie, and wan her to lend us $10. Lucky that the restaurant is just 2 blocks away from our office.. so i just walked back and get the cash. Hehe. Kinda embarrasing.. but.. funny. Well.. Badli says he don think the restaurant accept cards, so.. my credit card is not so useful there. Damn..
We're suppose to go ATM and 'tut-tut' some money out .. but i guess we totally forget about it when we're hungry.

Swee leong will be back soon and i'm seeing him real soon complaining and gossiping with him. *Happy smile*

Here... pic from Khim's bday. And... I only know 4 people inside.. Jane, Cheng, bday girl Khim and Heng. The rest... eh..sorry ah.. i forgot their names liao also. Wasn't in a very social mood that night. But they're kinda funny la, coming up with some cracked-up jokes and make us all laugh.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006


Rush to Gadong to meet up Cheng cos we have get any wrappings for Khim's Birthday gift. And I need to get some cash out the ATM. After doing that, then we rush to Excapade to meet up with others.. Sadly, there was only 2 person there I know, Cheng and Jane. The rest mostly is khim's colleague. Surprisingly, saw Bobby's mum, aunt, and sis over there too. If i bring enough, I will belanja them..too bad.. i'm just a young lady who always tend to overspend a little. Haha.

The dinner was kinda boring for me. Mainly cos I dunno most of them and thus no conversation. Sigh.. at least if Bobby and Kuiren is there, it will definitely feels better. She unwrap her bday gifts and I'm surprise.. How can people still give plushies to a 22yr old working lady? Does girls "always" like cute dollies? I dunno what are you suppose to do with them... Shout "Awwww... Sooooo cute..." and leave it on your bed, or wardrobe, or give it to your little cousin/niece? Well. Of cos unless it's a really expensive, super-ultra-cute one, and given by someone who means to you a lot, sure you will hug more and appreciate.. Maybe it's just me? So..please don't ever give me a plushie/soft toy/doll. Save the money and buy me an Easi Card better. HuaHo also sell cash voucher ma.. Now.. this is what I call Practical. I remember last year Kelly bought me real good gifts, Easi recharge card + Whitenning Mask. See, this is what i call frens who know what you need. Haha

Tuesday, May 2, 2006


28.04.2006 (Friday)
The first day of the stupid fair.
Stupid location, no air-con, smell stinky
Probably the worst fair I've been to.
Throw up after eating the tapau food
(Maybe it's just too stuffy over there)
A very very very bad day...

But what's good is...
-Get to play games
-Get to watch movies on a 32" LCD TV
Because we actually launched the DMC system over there.
So we moved the sofa in, with a coffee table and 32" LCD TV
and a stupid vase with some weird fake flowers (Yanie-maid says it's from $1.80 corner)

Bobby's back~
That's what makes me happiest

29.04.2006 (Saturday)
Second day of the fair..
As usual.. not much of a crowd
Play the usual games, watch movies...
And I cabut at 6.00pm~
Going to see the concert of Pin Guan

Waited for almost half an hour for the opening..
Waste another 15-20mins hearing some ladies singing songs that I'd never heard of
And finally.. We get to enjoy the show.
It was really good and worth it cos I was sitting at the 3rd row
(Thanks to Jenny, for letting me the front seat)
He sang 20 songs I think..
Mostly unplugged... Really really good..
He played guitar and sing
one song after another.. no break in between
just some casual talking and that's in..
He look really cute and his skin is so good man..
I really had an urge rubbing his tummy when he's close to me
Haha.. Pien tai?
He got a lil tummy i think.. ?

30.04.2006 (Sunday)
My dear Bobby back to Miri :(
It's Ye's big day... and she is now..
officially 39yrs old ...
And my God.. next year she'll turn 40..
Damn.. How come she dont look any older?
(I said that to thank her for giving me free lunch everyday. Haha. "Polish-shoe")

We had lunch in Pizza Hut Gadong
Was suppose to had an hour lunch break
but end up going out for 2hrs..
My bad.. but..i sure enjoy it.
There was 14 of us..
Ah Heng Uncle, Eileen Yeye, Ah Hui, Zhi Zai, Ru Ru, Huan Chiu Ah Vai, Eng Eng, Chau, Lee Ping, Mei Yuen, Mei Fang, Mei Yu, and me..
I'm sure I don't want another piece of pizza or breadstick this week
We order... 3 large Vegetarian Pizza, 5 or 6 Sauteed Mushroom, 1 plate of pasta, 5 french fries, 4 bread stick, a few mushroom soup.. and I think that is not it
Well.. just incase you did notice what we ordered..
Most of them are vegetarian. Who says vegetarian had limited choice of food?

(Chau was taking this picture, and I wanted everyone in it. So.. I photoshop and added Chau in. Hehe. Well..with my amatuer skill, sure can notice that the light is not balanced. But..at least i tried)

A day with nothing special.
Went home after work, took a nap, and went to the fair to help out a bit.
Very Sien...

Gonna have a nice dinner tonight throwing a surprise bday party for someone..
To be continue..