Monday, December 17, 2007

BJ Archery Sport Centre

Just a thought.
Are you guys really curious how Bobby lose those weight? Shall I get him to guest blog to share his "secrets"?

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Sunday is more like a friendship day than family day for me. For Sunday is the only day when everyone's not working, relaxing in the corny kopitiam and sharing gossips.

I love Sunday.
Wait.. I love Saturday more actually. Friday too. Thursday not bad also. Gah.. I love every single days in my life. Happy now?

So last Sunday, which is yesterday, I had dinner with the two besties at Excapade and bugged them to go check out the newly opened archery with me. (Thanks to Stels for sharing me that piece of information. )

That guy (referring to S.L, the guy below) so ganas. He just landed Brunei at 1pm after a 18 hour flight from UK (without any entertainment because the electronics in the aircraft rosak) and had a tea session with us at 5pm, then dinner again again at 9pm. Ganas or not? No jet lag man.

The usual threesome

From now on, we're officially known as "The Noseys"! We're kaypo and live up to our name. Check out the size of our noses. Don't play play I tell you. According to fengshui ah, big nose = big fortune leh. *doink*

We're the last batch of customers to leave and we saw the staffs there cleaning up the place. I didn't know they actually piled up the "tudung" of those yellow/green/blue/red plates in to a pyramid. Really made me feel like poking them with my finger and yell, "TIMBERRRRRRR"!

But fear no more KB-ians. The BJ. Archery Sport Centre to the rescue!

Yes! Finally! After 3 years of long waited days, it's finally opened!
Brunei first and only indoor archery!

I used to work out at the gym nearby and passed by this place quite often. Witnessed the whole process from zero to something, and wondered myself when is it going to open. It's just a soft opening for the moment but still, its a cool place to check out to kill times with friends.

We went there like, 10pm and thought it was closing. But the boss and other staffs were very kind and patient. They told us the promotions they're having now and explained all the steps precisely so we won't injured ourselves.

We got the B$6.50 package.

$2 for the bow
$4.50 for 10 arrows, and free another 10 arrows!

So yeah, $6.50 for a bow and 20 arrows. Not bad huh?

And while paying, I saw this fine lady who is so tiny having fun and laughing with her friends. Took a second look, OMG! It's Stels!

She's so small! I wish I have her "S" size and a waistline that will not exceed 30cm. It's not hard to recognize her since I'd seen her pictures posted in her blog and friendster, especially when she put up her signature smile. I guess its vice versa for her. It's never hard to recognize me neither.

Felt like a giant standing beside her lah. I want to be short! At least people wouldn't go question me when I told them I was only 17 when they idiotically guessed 23!!! Stupid. Chau McDotty is 25 and her classmates thought she was 18! Thanks to her 149cm. (Note: Height assumed)

And yeah, Stels and her friends saw how funny my self-made tube top looks in real life.

(overweight) Elves

Gimli Legolas and Arwen wannabes
. . . HAHAHHAHHAHH!!!!!! What a Joke

There's something like a "traffic light" there. A red light and the other is green. When the red light is up, that means we got to stop shooting as the staffs need to pull out the arrows from the target board. Green means ready to shoot some bird down!

SL's result

Mine was taken down before I could take picture. Anyway, it was just okay. No bullseye but at least is was within the pink box.

. . . unlike Theen.

I asked SL to take a picture of me pointing to the arrows Theen shoot and that kanasai girl cropped it out! Buggar. Cheh... you think that's gonna stop me from telling the whole wide world how lauyah are you? Humpphhhh! Try harder lady.

The stupid cropped out picture
Her first arrow was like.. 50cm away from the target board. And the second one, slight improvement, 30cm.

I told them give her another 5 arrows and she'll gradually reach the bullseye.

Only after 4 arrows, she complained tired already. That girl so funny. We're suppose to release the arrow like after 3 secs of aiming.. It took her forever to do that! She pulled the bow for about more than 10 seconds every time while everyone of us was waiting eagerly beside. Then the next thing she did was putting the bow down with the arrow still attached and massaged her arms.


Pancake and Mr. BJ

Mr. BJ told me archery is a very simple sport.
Three steps.

- Pull
- Aim
- Release

Easy as it may sounds, but you got to try it yourself. The price is quite reasonable and I guess the feeling will be priceless if you get the hit the bullseye.

For you guys out there who's interested, here's the details.

Don't complain about the map. That's already the best I can draw out of Paint. And you Miri-ians out there, that's the map of Excapade (KB) for you. Don't holland again.

(Translate: Holland - Chinese slang meaning sesak or getting lost)

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On an extra note.

I was taking pictures inside the archery and they asked if I have my own website. I just smiled and said I do have a blog and I'll be putting up these pictures I took. Then a guy asked for my blog's url and I spelled them out. In my heart I was actually yelling, "YES! I own a blog and as a matter of fact, my blog won the Brunei Best Personal Blog. Now, can give me discount or F.O.C?"

But sadly, my blog never brings me any special deals or invitations.
Kasian hor?

Drove to the land rig where James worked to send over his Chicken Teriyaki Don sweetly tapao-ed by Theen.

Me: What is this place?
SL: Rig lor.
Me: Then what is the tall tall thing har?
SL: Rig structure lor.

What? Did I just ask a very stupid question?
I was actually expecting some high tech answer with scientific terms that I don't even understand and not just a word "derrick"!!


Effy said...

open already ah.. mebe i will check it out when i get back. keke.. you went to the gym beside the archery? how's the place like? i din managed to check it out the last time i was in kb but i join the dance studio though.. really kick ass hilarious la the trainer.

affy said...

I will never show my face at the archery ever again. JK HAAHAH

Unless, they count as 'almost hitting the ceiling' a v.good shot.

Jewelle said...

How can they dunno your blog ha?! This looks like an interesting place.

lunaticgal said...

OH ur wearing the top!

Stels said...

Affy Not so cool after that :) HAHAHAA lols

And yes you're welcome Nonnie. Nice meeting you.

Drifting Cloud said...

Didn't know we got that in KB. And so near to my cousin's place jua. May be should go there one of these day, hehehe, but quite malas to drive out whenever am back in Lumut. kekekee

Sha said...

Archery eh? I can never do that. hahaha. Might cause some big accident.

Your previous post: boyfrens are annoying that way. always think we're smelly lol.

Kelly said...

Damn! the archery looks fun! i must gooo~~~!!!

Oh my~ i cant believe your already using that tube...hahahaha

I wonder if your dad ever told you that's a "sky top" instead of (rig structure) when you were still a kid???? That's what my dad did............

anakbrunei said...

Cheh! Shok shok reading then at the end said its in KAYBEE!!!

De Pianist said...

wahwahwah!!!i also wanna play archery!!i've been longing to do this leh...but then...there's no such thing in kedah..=___=..

your friend really jet lag at all..mine only 7 hours but i was so worn out when i step down from the

Thanis said...

aduh so far ... malas drive all the way down just for archery ... ;)

Nonnie King said...

Effy : I used to go there but I stop because the place is getting more and more people.

Joined those aero dance class twice and yes, the trainer super ganas. I was so slow and left out.

So yeah, then I got lazier and lazier and malas to drive all the way from Seria to KB just to work out and now I'm still very overweight!

Affy : Not like I'm going to be there everyday la. Anyway, I know how you look like already. Nyek Nyek Nyek!

HHAHAHAHHHAHAHA! There's a big target on the floor with a humongous bullseye. I think you can try hitting there!

Jewelle : Sadly, they really don't know lor. I'm not categorized as "Brunei Famous Blogger" like Rano and Maurina yet I guess.

Nonnie King said...

Lu Nee : Yeap. Do I look okay in it?

Stels : Hhahahaha! See you again this Saturday!

Drifting Cloud : Weekend lor. You're not so far away mah compare to BSB or Temburong.

Then soon-pien go Excapade eat. =p

Sha : Why not? Just make sure everyone is wearing amour while you're shooting. Hahahhaa

I know! They're the one who's smelly yet put the blame on us. Blah.

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : No wor, no one told me what is it till I read it from the Geography textbook.

Bah, one day we go there again and ask ah Theen to show off her skills to you! Hahhahahaa

Reeda : Come to Kaybee lah. You must not forget your roots my fellow Seria-ppl. Hahahha!

Pau Lene : Maybe because he totally has no entertainment in the flight apart from looking at people. That's why he couldn't wait to have some fun upon landing.

Thanis : Weird eh, KB people won't complain traveling up to BSB.

But BSB people just think its very far and malas to drive down.

Princess Nashwa said...

Wow Nonnie, I am suppose to do news coverage about the archery place. You beat me to that.. haha Good on you. Hope to bump into you sometime at the archery place..

affy said...

That is the most unflattering, embarrassing, weirdo photo of me on Stella's blog.

I wasn't even looking at the camera, so that doesn't count as a decent photo of me.

There's this trend going around of posting weird photos of me on the net. I don't think I'll be surprised if someone post a photo of me picking my nose. HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

War186 said...

Wow an archery place. That's so cool! And you're wearing your tube top. Looks ok from here hehe. ;P

Stels said...

*looks at affy*

WAHAHAHA! next time practise posing! :) cheeseeee!

Iwan Sanchez said...

well... i have never tried archery before and i must say it looks pretty fun!

and cheap wor!!


and the top looks nice! :P :P


maybe one day they will give some privilleges since now they know u sunconsciously promote that place.. hehhee!

Lady28 said...

nonnie!! how come no ramai people when u go there?? i have to queue everytime to go there~~ n this everytime is 3times! so addictive oredi *winkwink*

Nonnie King said...

Princess Nashwa : I did asked the boss about getting the press to cover the news, he said he want to wait till the grand opening.

You don't have to worry la, somemore you'll get to play it for free after flashing your business card!

Affy : I'd seen another picture other than the one being posted by Stels.

You don't look that bad lah, somemore better than what I'd imagined. Hahahhahah!!

p/s: Pick nose when not in public.

Wardah : Looks ok in picture only.=p

Nonnie King said...

Stels : You're gonna teach Affy to camwhore?

Iwan : Singapore don't have meh? Yeah, I thought the price was okay and as for the top, thanks.

A lor, they should! I bet more people know more about them now after me blogging. *proud*

Lady28 : Because that time when I went there it was only the second day of opening and it was already 10.00pm. We're actually the last batch of customers. *hehehee*

Addictive ah? That means you're good at it already lo?

Lady28 said...

hehehe. im the 'handalest' person should the award goes to the person who paling 'terrer'aim the black wall instead of the bull's eye. LOL.

youngbruneian* said...

wah $6.50 and one in a thousand chance of shooting someone in the ass. Will check it out this weekend. Effy when you balik? we go together lah huhuhuhu

Dena said...

nonnie, u meant 'the rig' instead of 'derrick' right? Snd my love to James. eheh!

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