Friday, May 30, 2008

Hurdle in a steeplechase



Yesterday we had a welfare visit organized for all the staffs and the kids visiting Pusat Bahagia (Handicapped Center) Eric Goh. I'll just let the pictures do the talking and add in captions or comments.

fei4 shi4 xiao-ren you4 na wo de blog lai2 gong ji wo.
Jiu4 shi4 you ren tian sheng ming2 gan3 xi huan gao3 ta-bian!

What you will be seeing later are all made by their special students.
Trust me, you'll be amazed.


All so pretty and sold with a really "friendly" price.

Neither me or you will have that kind of patience doing all those beadings I guess. Also the color combination, I tell you, they're all natural-born artists.


I was surprised to see Nana (her baby name) there and we all had so much fun talking to her. So cute! I asked her where is her cheh-cheh and mei-mei and she answered at home. Then when I asked her why mommy only brought her and not the siblings she just kept quiet and smiled at me. Rupanya she was crying so hard that my colleague had no choice but brought her along.

Manjaness win!

By the way, she sucks her thumb a lot. And my other colleagues tried to scare her by telling her if she keeps sucking then her thumb will be gone and set a few example for her to see what happen to people with no thumb.

"See, you cannot say very good or very bad without your thumb one. Cannot hold your thumbs up or down liao.."

Guess what she did.

She used both of her forefingers and pointed up and down, showing us that even without thumbs, she still can do that.


Is it the milk powder they drink or too much information from tv? Why are kids so smart nowadays? My dear friend Orange mummy already complained to me that her 2 years old Eshyn has a sharp tongue now talks back a lot. The sad thing was, she can't even answered back to her daughter and felt really defeated.

How ah next time?

I thought the baby doll dress looks really cute!
Looks like some kind of school uniform though.

selling at a really cheap price

Now these,
are what I really can't do!

I have no patience in doing things that will take me more than a day. Yes I like crafting, but I only want to do it when I can see the results immediately. If I can't finish it in a day, trust me.. it will never be completed.

Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. *Buzzer*
Wrong! No wood involved.

Its made up of recycle cardboard and ...

What about those small little sticks you saw?

Are you sure they're satay sticks?

Come and get a closer look..

Hmmm.... why got yellow patches and lines on those sticks har?

Come, I zoom in for you again.

*Dang Dang Dang Dang*

There are wordings on the sticks!

Can you tell me what is it now?

Its paper!
Recycled from old telephone directories!!!

Very cool huh? I had never thought that we can make used of papers like that.

Had to roll it till its become very very very thin.

that most of us had problem doing it...
Need some time to master.

Later stick one by one on to the cardboard and paint it.
Follow by decorations.

How about this flower?

Can you guess what it is made of?

Shells from Pistachio nuts!

Who would have thought of it?
I was so impressed lah.

They can recycle any waste products that seems useless and worthless in our eyes.

like rice bags...

and coconut husks!

They can even make beautiful painting out of it.

key chains and wall decors

Even glass bottles from tomato or chili sauce

Even ordinary person like us can't make anything like that and I'm truly impressed. And if you're interested, you can buy all of these with a really low price to motivate them.

I'm really happy to live in Brunei, a country with so much love and care.

Do you know that they are given allowances based on their grades?

Do you know that they prefer people to donate raw materials for them to make something out of it and sell them instead of donating money? That is what the lady in charged of the center told me. Of course, every contribution given to them is precious, be it money, materials or your time to volunteer.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wedding Budget

Short Note:
I came back home from work and was surprised by the colour of my house. It was White when I left this morning and now it's blue... Combination of cornflower blue and cobalt blue.

. . . . . It's just plain weird.
Give me few more days and I'll tell you whether mosquitoes are attracted to blue colour or its keeping them away.


I had lost count the number of times being asked for my (non-existence) wedding date, and those who asked are all my friends who married young happily bringing their cute kids to nursery now. My typical answer would be,

"No money how to kahwin har?"

But that answer is not working well lately, as they started to change their question to, "Bah, now Bobby works already, so bila kahwin?". If I countered back with my question (as above), they would answered, "Haiyooo... Can always have a simpler wedding what. No need make it very grand mah".

Hard lah.

When I was still a student people asked about my academic results, major in what module and where to study.

When I graduated, people asked about my job and pay.

When I got a better job offer, people then questioned whether I have a boyfriend and if I don't, either I was being picky or I'm homo.

Then when I finally show up with a boyfriend, then people started to ask about his details and family background. Never underestimate the radars of uncles and aunties.

After showing up a few times with the boyfriend to functions, then they asked when am I going to get married. And if I suddenly announce that I'm getting married in a month's time, then surely people will go assume I'm pregnant.

So what else after getting married?

Banyak lagi yooooo!

When to have your first baby? Why married so many years "one egg also haven't hatch out"? Who got problem har? The husband or wife? Wah! Finally pregnant and give birth liao ah, bah.. when to have the second baby? What? One enough already? Cannot lah, why you youngsters like that one... yadda yadda yadda yadda.

Then the cycle comes back in.
My child's academic result, where he/she studies, got girlfriend or boyfriend or not.. when kahwin...

See! Endless cycle bah.

Anyway, that's not my point for this post. This post is intended to scare Bobby off. HAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!

Now, let me sum up the amount that we need to save for a typical Chinese wedding.
(Yes I know Max, your beach wedding idea was fabulous but you know how hard to go against parents' will lah)

Wedding Reception -
Approximately $500 per table, shark fin soup is a must! Else kana ucap later. Friend and families from both families may sum up to maybe 500 to 800 people so I'm guessing 60tables. (30% of guests may not turn up, where as some guests may bring their whole family even if the invitation card clearly stated "Mr & Mrs")

$500 x 60 tables = $30,000!

$30k gone just like that inviting our friends, families, relatives and the rest will be people who we don't even know... meaning our parents' friends. A friend once told me that her father even had to invite some uncle who he always bumped into while having breakfast at the gerai!

Of course, if we're lucky the money can be recovered from the angpao.
But what are the chances?


Engagement portraits, bridal portraits, photo albums... All these "memories" need money. You have no idea how capable is those salesperson sweet talking you in topping up your package by flashing those words, "Once in your life time".

I have friends who initially only sign up a basic package that costs maybe only RM 3~5k but slowly and unintentionally added some extra features, package or costumes and total it up to RM8k.

When asked where is their "Once in a life time" wedding album now, I'm pretty sure most of our married friends will tell you its now lying safe and sound under their beds, or coffee tables sealed with dust.

So Photography, giving it a budget of RM8k, that is around B$3,600.00. Better include the fees for wedding day shoots. Else getting another photographer is going to cost another B$1,500~ 1,800.00.


Wedding bands, engagement rings and engravings....
Can someone enlighten me how much does 1 carat diamond ring cost?

Wedding bands maybe cost $2k for a pair.
Engagement rings with "every girl's sparkling bestfriend", Tiffany, Cartier or Bvlgari... is going to cost an arm or a leg. Maybe $5 ~ 8k?

Guys, its okay if the stone is small. Just make sure you can upgrade it later for your anniversary! (1 carat a year.. wah seh! My finger cannot tahan after 20 years lor?!)

So what have I not covered ah? Oh ya, Apparel!


I think those gowns and suits can be rented from studios. But what you can't escape is those bridal shoes, lingerie, hair pieces, and your bridesmaid dresses.

My darling friend just made two Cheongsams for her wedding and that cost her RM600.

Oh ya, sliming package and facial treatment lagi leh? Make up artist for wedding day may cost another $250, pedicures and manicures lagi leh.

So there you goes, another few k thrown in.

Make it.. urm... $3k perhaps?

Flowers and Door gifts

I think the flowers for the reception is usually included from the restaurants. Correct me if I'm wrong. How about corsages?

And attendant gifts, chocolates or mugs maybe cost another $1 for each guest. So make it $600.

Invitation Cards

Unless you are going to use those perfumed maroon cards from the restaurant, then its free. Else you have to fork out another budget for printing cards.

My friend went to Indonesia and had it done. It was absolutely stunning and cheap. I think it was only $0.80. So there, $0.80 x 600 = $480.00

Renovation and Furnitures

New room, new bed, new wardrobe, wallpaper and maybe plasma in the room?


Hotel for guests if they come from oversea, registration, angpaos for brothers and sisters, flower boys and girls and so on, entertainment for the reception, transportation, wedding cake (maybe included also from the restaurant) and *cough* liquors *cough*.... Got to allocate another thousand there I guess?

I think that's almost it. Total up now.

Reception - $ 30,000.00
Photography - $ 5,000.00
Rings - $ 8,000.00
Apparel - $ 3,000.00
Flowers an Door gifts - $ 600.00
Invitation Card - $ 480.00
Renovation & Furniture - $ 5,000.00
Miscellaneous - $ 1,500.00

Ceng Ceng Ceng Ceng!


Okay, maybe can cover back from angpaos.... $25,000?
Still need $28,580.00...


Guys and girls, please give us some time (few more years!) to save up this amount. Don't tell me just get a simpler wedding because being the only child in my family and him being the only son, its definitely not an option for the both of us.

Those who's married already, how much did you spent for your wedding? Share share lah. I'm curious!

p/s: Happy Birthday to my dearest best friend, 48... that sa-po asked me why didn't I greet her happy birthday this morning saying that its her lunar birthday. *doink*

p/p/s: My dearest tai-lou, Brian got married last Sunday too. He asked me to guess what song he choose for his wedding DVD photo slides...

I guessed a few romantic mushy love songs... Sekali, he answered me "Beauty and the Beast"!!! And he's not kidding. True lah, with such a pretty wife and him looking like a bandit... that song suits them. :p

Monday, May 26, 2008

Desperate, or Gay

Had a random chat with a guy friend justnow and he was complaining to me that someone has been backstabbing him saying that he loves to stick around with girls, accusing him of being desperate and lewd.

LOL! I thought only girls do that. Calling each other names behind and yet acted so friendly and sweet in front of others. Rupanya guys also do that. =D

Okay, let me do a little bit of introduction to this particular guy friend of mine. He's in his late 20s, has a decent job and he himself is quite a nice guy. Charismatic, tall, well-built *quote- not fat*, nice skin and some more knows how to cook lagi.

Sigh.. why ah?
Good men are less "laku" than bad boys, somemore end up being a loner (for the time being lah)... Same goes to women I guess.

And because of being single at the his age, some people even question if he hides his sexuality "in the closet".


When he's seen with ladies, he'll be labeled as a womanizer or desperate.
And when he's not seeing anyone, people thinks that he's gay.


Difficult isn't it?
Don't tell me just ask him simply hantam find a girl and date her just to save him troubles.


I have another question suddenly.

If you know something bad about your best friend's girlfriend/ boyfriend, will you bring it up and tell him/her? Or you rather keep it to yourself because of some other reasons?

Life is all about decisions I guess.

Aiyooo.. why I sound so emo again?

p/s: I'm into making fruit juice lately! Bye bye constipation.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wedding Dinner

Was suppose to go for the Climbathon event this morning but woke up with fever. Wanted to go to the DST Roadshow but is it too late now?

Anyway, photos for you guys to see.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wasted Friday

Short Note:
Lookie! New poll.
Made specially for my dear friend who complains a lot for not having *cough*.


Had a crazy night on last Thursday with friends. Went down to Miri at 5pm just for Michael's Steamboat and BBQ and drove back to Brunei again. Felt like a mini getaway for all of us. Talked, ranted and laughed a lot.

So.. you can imagine how tired I was when I hit the sack.

Yet, I woke up at 6.30am the next morning because of some minor renovation work for my house, changing all the window panels. If I may add, it's free. (For those who knows where I stay will know why its free)

Sounds good to you? But none of us (my neighbors and my family) like it.

Nevermind all the work for pushing the furnitures away, getting all dusty and dirty, wood planks and glasses shattered everywhere... it is the new sliding windows that we don't like.


Sigh... Okay, for my house, there's a no-aircon policy before 8pm because that's the least I can do for our dearest Earth. I always try to spend the minimal amount of resources and it has been months since I left my PC on for overnight downloads. Thus a lot of my friends know how hot and stuffy my house is, which of course if it's not too early, I'll switch on the air-conditioner just for them.

And you thought with the new sliding windows I'll be happier... NOT!

The advantage of my old Jalousie windows is that they allows ventilation, with iron rod in between so no way burglars can climb in from there. Oh-oh, also with nettings to prevent mosquitoes and bugs.

*sobs* I love my old-fashioned windows... *sobs*

Now with the sliding windows, I feel that my room now has no privacy because those from the opposite can clearly see what's inside if I leave the windows open, not to mention the insects will be sleeping with me. And if it's close... I'll be suffocated!


And now we have to spend extras to buy a split unit for the living room which now feels like an oven and my dad is very uncomfortable with the big opening space when the windows are open. He keeps feeling that burglars may break in anytime since the houses in our area are so accessible now.

And ventilator for the kitchen... and my mum was thinking to have a ventilator in my room too. How hideous will that be?

If that's not the worst, here... another piece of news.

Our block will be painted with bluish gray. My mum asked me not to whine about it because there are other blocks which are now orange and brown colour. And my area is going to look like a big nursery.

... Why can't they stick it to white?
Whoever suggested such odd colours must have hated people in our area a lot.

Okay okay.
Shaddap Nonnie. Its free, so stop complaining!
Go save your money and buy your own house and you can even paint rainbow colours and have as many whatsoever windows you want!

So yeah. That was how I spent my Friday yesterday. No internet as they have to plug out the cables and no proper place for me to pee even. Had to go to my neighbor's house when nature calls. Couldn't even take a nap because the house was so dirty that we had to clean up until almost 8pm! And had Penang Har-Mee (instant noodles) for dinner.

I might post up the photos later.

Oh, I went for my dress fitting yesterday. Ya, tailor-made a cocktail dress for Theen's wedding and there's still a lot of alteration to be made.

"Shallow" down the deep V because it exposed too much of my cleavage. *Hush now!* Thiner strapes because the thicker one made me looked plump. Shorten the dress to knee length and snips the extra away to fit well.

Can't wait for the second fitting. Yeah.

Theen, lucky you didn't follow us because our friend took a long time in deciding what she want worrying about the size of her cawan.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reuse stickers and DIY Post-it Notes

I think a lot of mummies (as in mother not the bandage monster) and teachers are going to love this post.


In this post, I'm going to share with you the tips for reusing stickers and make post-it notes yourself!

Yes! Feeling excited already?
Here goes.

This is Piglet..

I mean sticker with piglet's face on.

Stick it on any paper, try to scrap it off...
Then this is what you get.

Ugly sticker + Ugly paper

So what you can do is...

Take any of your cream or lubricant
(oil-based please *cough*)

Example Vaseline, Nivea or Dove?

Scrap a little (teardrop size)
and spread it evenly at the back of the sticker.

Stick them on any paper and try to remove it.


* Ta da *

Just like magic!
I tell you, no trace left behind!

With this method, you can keep reusing your stickers!

I think all mothers are damn happy now knowing they don't have to worry about the hideous "left-over" stickers on the book, cupboard and shelves.

Just that... now they have to stock up the creams.

If you think after applying the cream the sticker is not as "sticky" as before, see this.

I assure you, it still sticks like before and its not going to fall off easily.

p/s: Stickers are teachers' best friends. Do not underestimate the power of a sticker. It can keep the naughtiest and loudest kid quiet and finish off their work just for a sticker!


How to make your very own post-it notes?

Just take out any of your

Get the double-tape

Stick 'em at the back of the paper

Remove the paper

Again, apply cream or lubricant on it

There, your very own post-it note!

No more cellotape on paper notes leaving ugly traces behind.

Note: It wasn't me who "invented" this. I got the tip from "Good Idea" and decided to share it with you all

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cash, Card or Loan

Are you a cash, card or loan person?

I'm not talking about nasi katok or teh tarik that's worth few dollars, nor Toyota, Honda or BMW and even a house that will cost you an arm or a leg.

I'm talking about.... erm... few hundreds to few thousands items such as... maybe mobile phone, computers, laptops or even a sliming package.

I'm more of a cash person, or sometimes card.
I feel super insecure when it comes to money and spending money from the "future" is never my kinda thang.

If I want something, I will save ... and save... and save... until I have enough (sometimes even extra) or, I gave up the thought of owning it. I put in a lot of considerations the items cost more than what I classified it as "Expensive", be it a bag, a watch or perfume...

(Wait a minute... all my watches cost less than $20 and my only so-call "branded" one is a gift from the fat guy. And as for perfumes, I really do think I stink that's why all my perfumes were gifts given too. Not proud of it but yeah...)

But once a friend shared me this "theory" that had never once hit my brain.

I was asking him why do people prefer loaning stuffs. Mobile phone they loan for 3 years, laptop loan for another 2 years, furniture, car parts, all those ki-li-ka-lak.... Why not save enough and buy it? I mean, I do think its better that way because there won't be any worries if overspend or something happen and the money allocated for paying loans need to be use. Loan money to pay for loan again?

And he told me this.

"With the same amount of money plus a little bit of interest, the person can enjoy all those things he wants simultaneously.

How long do you need to save if you want a home theater system, laptop, then a new mobile phone? Let's say a year for both of them, you have to wait one year in order to get them. But for those people who loans, they can happily enjoy their gadgets while paying for it. So why wait?

Different people has different perspective."

Well.. True that.

While I have to kasian-kasian save money from not eating what I feel like eating, tahan myself from not buying cloths and shoes, others are living lives like tycoons!

I'm just too sensitive when it comes to Vitamin M.

I remember that time when I was about to buy my car, I even made an Excel sheet having formulas calculating "If I pay this much for down payment, then loan the rest for n year, then the interest I am paying is _______".

Kiasu, but effective.

Some people thought of what they can afford in a month but care less for the extra money they paying, and these are the people I don't understand. They think "$300 a month. Hmm... Ok, I can deal with it", and not... "OMG! I'm paying extra $3k just for the interest a year!".

o_O ?

Sometimes I really wonder how can these people afford all those things that seems so far away from me when we're earning almost the same wages, some even less than me! I often look at them enviously. Why they can go makan-angin just like that and I susah-susah go KK also feel payah?

Is it their method of financing?
Or is it just me being too uptight with money?

I don't know. But one thing I know is that I will not change my spending habits, even if I can only touch and feel other's punya Gucci bag or Burberry wallet and keep bugging them telling me stories about their exotic trip. I feel proud of being a scrooge because mama taught me


I'd heard scary stories from friends about people who borrowed money just to buy branded stuffs to feel good about themselves, but couldn't even come up with the money when their parent was sick. How pathetic can that be? This is what I call "extreme cases".

There are families who manage to survive with few hundred dollars of income and also people who earn thousands yet had their cars towed to the car yard.

Come on lah, money is never enough for all of us.
It is just how we plan ahead and finance our money that keeps us safe and moving on.

Of course, how you want to spend your money is none of my business. So don't go spamming my comment box or tagboard telling me off just because you "ter-rasa".

Monday, May 19, 2008

Get well soon Isk

I bet most of you are aware of the news of Iskandar hospitalized for lungs infection.
News spread fast, like airborne disease!

I received the news yesterday morning from Qamaruz and immediately text Liza for confirmation. And she called up Isk and asked him and turned out positive, that man really was "tahan" in ICU for lungs infection.

The keyword that got both Liz and me worried was "I.C.U", abbreviation for Intensive Care Unit, meaning it was quite serious.

(By the way, it was Iskandar himself who picked up the call, in ICU!!! Can you believe that?)

The news was too sudden. Just a week ago we're dining happily at his CASA laughing at the size of his bed pillars. And few days later he's hospitalized. I know it sounds cliche but, it kinds of remind me of the quotes like "Live your life to the fullest" and "Treasure every moment".

Beauties and the beast patient
Him shying away from the camera claiming that he wasn't in a good condition. Hai yooo.. so sick still got the mood to care how he looks.

Grinch told us that he was sick for few days already and got hospitalized last Thursday or Friday I can't remember. No one knows about it except for his families. I'm surprise how Qamaruz's daddy could get such first hand news.

Of course, we asked how did it happened so sudden and he said he was feeling exhausted, then feverish for few days, vomited and had cases of diarrhea. The doctor who treated him just gave him some Panadols... and added some sarcastic remarks. Apparently those pills were of no use thus he went to the government hospital instead and immediately got tahan.

I'm very impressed by our very own KB hospital for doing such a great job, taking good care of patients and treated patients carefully. Whoever says government hospitals sucks, obviously... you have not been to BRUNEI!

His meal, untouched.

That weirdo told us that he used to like hospital food a lot but this time he has totally lost his appetite. He has not taken any solid food for few days and thus the obvious weight loss.

(sigh.... I have no idea why can't I lose weight from getting sick. I still eat like a cow. I know, a lot of you out there is going to scold me and ask me to touchwood liao)

No pulse, no waves, no sign of life...

And we joked that we're talking to a walking zombie. Hahahahahaa. No lah, the machine wasn't attach to Iskandar at that time lah. Don't get over sensitive and start throwing hate comments at me okay?

I guess he overworked himself and his body is sending him signals to get some rest. Told you that you should have taken a vacation instead, and now you're just resting on the bed having no companions but the nurses. Else you could have enjoy coconut juice under a big coconut tree checking out bikini girls with your big eyes behind the shade.

Take care Grinch.
Like Affy said, we need those cookies coming in!

(Don't worry guys. He's recovering and still able to talk nonsense with us yesterday)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

4 years and 4 days

Last Thursday Bobby and I finally get to have the chance to celebrate our 4th anniversary together. Couldn't celebrate on the actual day due to his graduation and also Mother's Day celebration.

Every moment spent with him must be cherished as I only get to see him once a week, almost twice. Thus even if I was in a complete bad mood or he did something and made me angry, I had to swallow the anger down and not waste time. Kasian....

It was really funny last Sunday, our actual day of 4th anni.
He text-ed me "Happy Anniversary, *bla bla bla bla bla bla* (mushy words you don't want to know), where's my greeting from you?". And when I hit the reply button, I actually typed "Happy Birthday" !!!

What? I was busy talking with Theen and SL while enjoying my half-boiled egg in Universal bah.
Phewwwwwww... Lucky I noticed before sending it.

Okie, enough of unrelated blah-ness.

So yeah, Bobby decided to give Vintage Rose a try instead of Charcoal because of the good reviews given by his friends, and also.. we're lazy to travel far since most of our activity planned was in Kiulap area.

Vintage Rose feels very different from most restaurant you can get in Brunei. Make it simple, it feels very orang-putih-ish, if you get what I mean. Classic and elegant, perfect place to get a cup of coffee on rainy days.... even though I don't drink coffee but that doesn't matter, I can always opt for hot chocolate with marshmellows. *teehee*

Fat guy wore black that day because he complained he gained weight, again. You won't be able to notice because his face still looks sharp and thin, it is his belly that's carrying the weight. Lucky guy unlike me, if I gain weight terus visible on my pancake face.

The Menu

Their menu is pretty cool, printed on few pieces of papers and later inserted to a hard cover book. And the interior designs....

I want to go there again!
And this time imma order some hardcore fattening desserts!

Yes you guess right, we didn't get to order any desserts because we're already too full after eating the main courses. We're getting better and better in ordering these days, as in we order the portion we can finish and not what we feel like eating.

We used to flip the menus and went like "I want to have this, this, this, this and THIS!" ,over-estimated our tummy and in the end, a table full of unfinished food. Hence now we tend to order with our brains, and not our tummy. We order whatever we feel like eating and if there's still some spare room, we'll order again.

.. which is good because I feel less guilty.

Can you see his tummy?

Complimentary hot buns with butter

It was really hot, the buns I mean. When I cut open the bun and wanted to spread some butter on it, the steam gushed out! Melted butter on a steamy hot bun... I like.

(I don't usually eat buns especially those from fastfood restaurants which comes with the meals... However I was quite impressed with this. Love the size and the crunchiness.)

My drink
Strawberry + Orange + Lime + Mint + I forgot what else

Yeeee-aah, I was the one having the lamb rack and he's only eating the roast lamb with rice. While ordering I told him I wanted something with a big portion but got worried whether I could finished it or not, and of course.. my boyfriend automatically degraded and become my "waste basket" .

Was looking outside,
saw my car and thought how many more years to finish the loan...
You see any improvements in his photography skill?

* Card Trading Time! *

For him
Yes I know I know, I have really small handwritings and have not changed it ever since secondary. I'd lost count the number of times people complained about it especially from my mum. Claimed that I'm writing for the ants to see...

This time, I got my card idea from summons. LOL.

Types of Contravention
  • Loving at an excessive speed
  • Contravening no-entry sign
  • Overloading of love
  • Illegal possession of heart

And, drew him as a love thief
I hate coloring...

The following page

Love thief caught and serves life sentences lock up with Nonnie. Hahhahaa.
Lame or not?

The last page of the card is not shown here because its some lovey-dovey mushy words again...

For Me!

Fat guy got the idea from a wedding invitation card.

What you saw above was the envelope of my card, this is the content..

He drew me comic stripes...

,just to nark me.
How, sweet.

(Note: What you're going to read is over-exaggerated and totally not true!
Okay... maybe some are.)

I asked, "Eh, why you don't wear pants one har?", referring to the comic stripes.

Now you know who's the big bully in our relationship! Where got people like that one? Drawing comics mocking at his own girlfriend. Anniversary card leh, isn't it suppose to be sweet and romantic?

Stupid boyfriend
Can I refund?

Anyway, this silly and annoying boyfriend of mine did plan a cheesy surprise for me. He secretly bought a gift and wrapped it up with his smelly rotten sleeping tee and asked me to get it for him because he's too lazy to get up.

Of course, when I saw the paper bag with the printed letters I went like, "Is that for me? Really ah? You got me something? How? I didn't get you anything leh.....".

The pretty box

He bought me earrings.

I was shocked, turned my head and asked him...
"When was the last time you saw me wearing earrings? Somemore a pair of dangling earrings".

The only accessories I wear is my watch. Anything else, I find them heavy and kacau. I could wear them for a while lah, only for special occasions that need to doll-up. But on any normal days, I just couldn't be bother with accessories.

Anyway, I call them the Twinkies and I love them.
Because its a gift from the fat guy.
Must motivate him to get me more pressies mah.

* * * * *

And guess where we went for lunch the next day?

Muahahahhhaaha! Excapade Sushi!

Hey! I have a reason to get over-exicted okay. Let me check my notebook and see when was the last day I dined in.. March 13! Two months! TWO FREAKING MONTHS OF NO EXCAPADE!!! Now can I be excuse for making a big fuss out of it?


When I took my first bite and slowly crunched the sushi, having to taste the crispiness of the rice, the avocado that melts like butter and the taste of unagi slowly wriggle around in my mouth. Aaaaaaaahhhhh... I wasn't far from heaven.

I was closing my eyes while eating it and Bobby stared at me and complained...

"You didn't even give me that kind of "wow" factor when you see the earrings!
My earrings, my effort, can't even compete with a sushi?"

Food is a need.
Earrings are wants.
So food is more important isn't it?

My other favorite,
Spider Roll

As always, Excapade never fails to make me happy and leave the door without any complains.
*big grin on my face*

Oh oh! I met the ladyboss of Excapade and she told me that she's been looking forward to meet me in person. She reads my blog! =D

And when I told RedFaceKelly that she asked Bobby about me when he went there last Sunday, she asked, "Har? You sure ah? Even an adult like her reads kid's blog?"... Great, just the thing I wanted to hear.

Told you I have stupid friend, didn't I?

Nah see, now I got proof lagi!

She gave me a box of Mochi (Green Tea and Sesame flavor) to try it out before I left. Hehehehe. Seriously, I was flattered by her words and actions. That box of mochis made my day.

Again, we never know who is reading our blogs.
So be responsible to what we say.

I love 15th of May 2008, even though that silly guy who sucks in navigation got lost and made me wait alone in the car park of Giant, even though I didn't get to drink the hot and spicy soup that I'd been craving, even though I need to drive back to Seria alone with the sun setting in front of me..

I still have my Twinkies and the box of mochis to cheer me up.

*la la la la la*
Happy Nonnie signing off.