Thursday, January 11, 2007

(Maybe not so) Happy Chinese New Year 2007

* Qi Ke Long Tong Chiang Tong Chiang *
(The annoying Chinese New Year song playing)

I don't know for you but, I seriously find Chinese New Year songs bloody irritating! Not the old classic one from the 50s and 60s (albeit they sounds like female ghost sometimes), but the new remix version or those 龍飄飄 (Long Piau Piao) with fire crackers pi-li-pa-lang there and those high pitch teenage girls saying "恭喜你﹐發大財﹐好運跟著來” (Gong Xi Ni, Fa Da Chai, Hao Yun Gen Zhe Lai)

*Ka Pui*

Okay, this is not a post about those songs, but regarding my upcoming Chinese New Year celebration (that's non-existence).

I upgraded my rant from my previous entry to this post.

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Every (Chinese New) year, I complained to my mum how much I disliked the idea of going back to (her) kampung, Sibu, Sarawak, because:

- I'll missed out a lot of house-visiting with my friends. And when I finally got back from Sibu, everyone's off to work or study.

- No matter how nice my dress is, no one is there to see and compliment because I have zero friends there.

- I feel handicap without (my own) transportation there.

But for the past 23 years, it had been like a tradition for my family to balik kampong during Chinese New Year whether I like it or not.

I should feel happy this year as my 'wish' had finally come true because the chances of my leave getting approved is super low. See, I got a perfect excuse this time!

why am I feeling uneasy and depressed
after hearing that news?

The days that I'm not looking forward to

I was so bloody sad that I don't even give a damn when Kelly told me about AirAsia free tickets.

"I guess this is what we called Bad Karma since I complained too much every year ....", I text Bobby.


I felt really depressed knowing that I won't be seeing my old grandma, hoping that she still remembers me and wondering how will she feels knowing that I'm going to be absence from the big round table eating dinner with her this year.

I felt sad knowing that I won't be able to meet up with my cousins and play lami/ mahjong with them this year and probably not for the whole year too.

I felt sad that I might end up watching Astro Wah Lai Toi, AEC or TVBS showing everyone happy happy in the TV while me eating "Mee Maggie" or "Indomee" on new year eve alone in my room.

And the house will be so quiet without the noise coming out from the TV in the living room which my father loves to abuse.

No hot and delicious 麵 線 (pronounce as "mien-sien", the traditional noodles Foochow eats at every occasion) with a hard boiled egg that my mum used to cook every 年 初 一 (first day of CNY).

No squeezing in the car with my cousins, uncle and aunties to go temple 拜拜 (pray pray)

No more possibility of wearing pajamas for the whole day (if grandma refuse to go out) on Chinese New Year.

No last minute midnight spring clean and filling up the food containers (and end up eating half of it).

No fighting for food with cousins.

No 12am free show of fireworks from the corridor. (It's really crazy! National Day and Sultan's Birthday also kalah. Those Sibu-ians are damn kiasu you know.)

No minta 沖天炮 (a type of fire crackers) from my cousins and secretly make a wish while lighting it.

I bet those of you who ever studied abroad and missed out the chance celebrating important festival with your family would understand how I feel.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I suddenly become very "laku" after telling my friends regarding this. I guess it's unbearable for them to see me being alone for such important day.

Half dozen of friends cursed and swear their lungs out (feeling unfair) for me.

Theen told me to go to her place to have dinner with her (and her family) which I think it's a bad idea because I'll feel uneasy as I'm just an outsider after all.

Nisah text me that she'll make herself free and available for me if I needed a companion.

But, I've made up my mind how I'm going to celebrate my new years eve.

I'm going to fotang and countdown with my crazy vegetarian friends, Eileen yeye, Ah Heng uncle, etc etc and.... my dear Buddhas.

I like the idea. At least I know I'll feel calm and peaceful there.

And.... Chu-2, it's going to be Mahjong/ Lami/ and any other poker cards gambling marathon at the Pang's house.

Muahhahaaa... Sai, Chu-3 have to work liao. Sure no mood one. But, I'm professional, I can't let my new year mood bring me down!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's all fine now. I figured out the second best solution, that is bring my mum to Sibu this coming March school holidays. Everyone's happy.

Mum get to visit her mum twice this year and I still get to show my face to my relatives and most important of all, visit my grandma.

Better late than never, kan?

It' surely going to be new to me being apart from my family.

Just not sure if it's going to be a "Happy" Chinese New Year or not lah.

(I know lah, I where got so thin & pretty)

anyone want to date me this CNY?

(Online also can, MSN dating lah~)

Give ang pao (to comfort me) also can!


nureen said... kasian u nonnie..*sob sob* i tumpang sad too..:( ..::SPEECHLESS MODE::..

IngSiang said...


I mean, second time to get the 'sofa'! (first commenter) =D

Well, it's quite a sad thing. =( I'll try to give you a Happy CNY email in time, =D

Well, yea, it's REALLY lonely if there's less than 20 ppl in one room during CNY! Haha.

No more chance for your leave to be approve kan?


IngSiang said...

what? someone grabbed my sofa! urgh, I got 'ban den'(means stood) insetad then, so sad.. =S Just 1 min.. -.-"

Who's nureen ah.. *holding knife*

War186 said...

Aww Nonnie. That's bad news, being apart from your family and all. But good that you've thought of alternatives for your CNY. Hopefully you do enjoy it somehow. *hugs*

Btw, CNY starts on the 18th kah? Oh no, that means Boon won't be available for me then lah. :S

rebelandaliberator said...

will bobby spending new years in miri? awww kesian ah you.. well at least you'll be able to go beraya to your friends' house this time.. :)

nureen said...

ahahahaha...ingsiang...ur late 1 minute..:P *cute pose*

uglyfatchick said...

lols. your readers are fun people lah. see how they "fight". ^^^


I love-hate CNY. Makes me feel depress everytime. never had a real HAPPY Chinese New Year.

At least you have plans. In SG, CNY most of the shops not open one.. No food, no entertainment so sian nor..

Kenny Ng said...

CNY is nothing to me... I hate CNY coz very crowded but I love it coz got holiday. Ang Pow ah? soli la... I not yet kahwin, cannot give :P

bleufire said...


Nonnie King said...

Nureen : Hahhaa. Obviously Ing Siang is pissed about being 1 min late to post comment.

I was really sad for the first 2 days.. now, I think I've accepted the "fact" already.

* * *

Ing Siang : Being "Ban Den" better than nothing mah. Don't kill Nureen, later the whole Brunei know then you sibeh malu.

It is sad, but.. I know my friends will be there to cheer me up. 20 people baru won't feel lonely ah, I'm fine with 3 best friends.

Mmm.. The chance is so low that I don't even feel like trying and 為難 my GB.

* * *

Wardah : Ya, CNY starts on 18th, 19th is also a holiday. 20th kerja & sekolah already.

At least you can go to Boon's house and enjoy the festive atmosphere mah~

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : Nope, Bobby will be in BSB with his family. I'm not a "family" yet so, paiseh lah if I ikut.

True, this year I must raya berabis!

* * *

Christina : Hahhaaa. You all (my friends, prefer to call you all friends than readers) all got sense of humour mah.

I bet it's because of your family matters that make your CNY not a pleasant one, but.. you have your hubby kan?

Brunei also lah, very boring. The only entertainment is watch Astro and gambling nya.

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : CNY is suppose to be with family mah. But I hate the traffic and so hard to find parking when a lot of people go to the same house lah.

Want me to introduce girls to you so you can give me ang pao next year?

* * *

Bluefire : 超贊成的﹗ 簡直是在撈錢嘛。 聽了心裡感覺越來越煩﹗

Horny Ang Moh said...


IngSiang said...

" Hehehahahaha! " (holding a knife like chucky, and planning to stalk Nureen)...

Iwan Sanchez said...

Ya lah....

Kesian nya...

I hope you get ur leave approve..

Alah, come to singapore lah..


War186 said...

I ask Boon when's CNY he said he doesn't know. Useless ah? He was like, I don't think it's this month. And I told him my chinese blog friend (that would be you) says it's the 18th lah.

Eh, Nonnie I've never been to his place. So scared lah. You accompany me lah. But don't sampai the parents think you're the gf ok lah. Hehehe.

Nonnie King said...




* * *

Ing Siang : *No Eye See*

* * *

Iwan : If I can get my leave approved of course I go Sibu lah. As for Singapore, non of my friends want to go there.

But I want to go so badly la...

* * *

Wardah : Hahhah! Wasted to be Chinese eh your Boon.

You never been to his place? That's odd since he'd met everyone in your family. Can, since I have no dates I can go with you, you wear cheongsam yah. Hahhaa. JK

De Pianist said...

i won't be that happy too le..cuz i'm leaving m'sia around 'chu 7' like like,happy the first few days,then suddenly i'm crying non stop for leaving my loved ones..haiz..btw,the extreme hot weather in my place is also destroying the CNY mood..==

Sha said...


I'm sure everything will be fine :)

I'm sure even if your leave won't be approved (though I'm hoping it would be), you would find a way to bond with the family.

Cheer up hun!

war186 said...

Hahaha you so hilarious lah Nonnie. :D

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : You going abroad for studies?

* * *

Sha : With internet and telephone, I think I can at least hear their voices.

Oh well, I kinda "accept" the fact already.

* * *

Wardah : And I wonder if you still think that I'm funny when you see me in person.