Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tee makeover

*sobs* Dang left Brunei yesterday for UK.. 2 months wei... Sien, GBNO will not feels the same without her. Why can't I have an aunt who's rich enough and willing to sponsor me go UK?

Bangkok also can... KL also can... Kuching also can.... Bah, KK lah. That's the cheapest liao.
Can can?

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I do have something that I wish to rant but I'm afraid that some idiot will use it against me during whatsoever discussions again. Sigh.... There, freedom of speech gone. Leaving the poor girl who always need to find something to blog about which doesn't affect anyone.

(But I think I'll blog about it one day, when I have nothing to blog or the very same pek-cek feeling comes back again. =p)

I do want to share stories which happened during the youth camp but I wonder how many of you are willing to read without thinking its boring...

Yeah yeah.. I (always) think too much. I know.

So, out of boredom and the feeling of "MUST-BLOG-TODAY", I DIY-ed again.

* * * * *

This (points below) is a baby tee which I'd bought.... don't know how many months ago during a sale. You know lar, girls are suckers when seeing that five letters i.e. S-A-L-E-S... thinking it'll be very very RUGI if don't buy anything there.

So out of the blue I chose a pink tee. So not me right? Somemore its a size S one! I think I only wear that shirt a couple of times because it looks seriously unflattering on me. Greedy lah, serve me right.

FYI, "ngeh-ngeh" is a don't know which dialect punya Chinese slang meaning "forcefully".

And that shorts, yeah.. you can read from the bubbles what happened to the color. It was originally brown color and now it looks cacat camouflage. Kid you not that my mother is "Goddess of Bleaching" and Chlorox is her favorite weapon. =p

So yeah, I took the tee out of my wardrobe and decided to give it makeover. To something that I will wear out and look great, or more presentable than looking like a stuffed rice-dumpling.

* * * * *

First step, cut off the unwanted parts.

I guess it's plain to see that I'm making it into a tube top since I'd snipped off the parts like that. Do not start snipping off from the armpit area because that will be way too low. If it's too high, you can always fold it down and stitch it to your desire length.

I know I cut it unevenly but fear no more, it'll be okay later after sewing it up.

So you fold down the chest part and use pins or needles to fix it so that it'll be easier to sew later. And if you're worried that it might be too loose, just get some elastic rubber. If you don't know how, check the pants of your PJs.

2.5 hours later....
(It could be finished earlier if I was busy watching the re-run of One Million Stars on AEC.)

p/s: Face censored to avoid nauseating.

So, how does it look? Okay ah?
I'm talking about the tube top and not my body lar!!!

I'm not sure if I'll wear it out because the stitches look quite fragile and stupid friends are going to laugh at it, saying "Why your things always look good in pictures only har? It's a whole different story when see it from near."And it's a little too sexy for me at the moment, especially when I'm having 5kg of extra fats now.

Oh, who cares.

*Lay on bed and munching Lays happily*



I'm Choonie. said...

You are really creative. I will never dare to cut my new t-shirt and turn it into something else.

Jewelle said...

Nonnie, where do you live?! I send you my boxes of stuffs I bought because cannot "rugi" and yet cannot wear also :-) You are certainly very creative! Love the tube top

Ness said...



i wanna go GBNO! :(

(but i wanna wait for snow first, then i go. lol)

Bobby said...

So that is how it looks. Very nice and it LOOKS SEXY.Of course that tube too ;p. Pink somemore hehe. It looks very appropriate for clubbing and better.

Nonnie King said...

Choonie : Aiyah... since I don't wear then I dare to ching-chai do whatever I want to it lor. =p

Mother won't scold one since she's also capable of turning unwanted clothes into something. She'll come to the rescue if I mess it up.

Jewelle : Boxes? Then you better send it over to charity and not me. Hhahahhahaaa!!!

And I bet your collections will add up since you got two lovely daugthers who's gonna contribute later.

Nonnie King said...

Ness : Aww.. you're going to spin yourself in the middle of the park dancing with the snows and make snow angles.... I want!!!

Take picture ah chabor. Not your face lah, I want to see the hunkie guy behind you. Hahhahahaa. JK lah.

Bobby : You don't think its very not "king" meh? Even me myself also think I won't wear out wor..

And..Wipe that saliva off your face. My monitor is dripping now.

Iwan Sanchez said...



i realized ur body looks so nice that i tot!!

oops!! do i sound pevert here..


i mean the tube looks nice with ur figure!!

Sha said...

Nice one.. :) I like the design at the bottom of the top too :)

I've never been able to work a thread and needle all that well at all lol.

Kelly said...

ok, then next time i no need to buy tube anymore, will just ask you to make instead! hahaha

And who ask u to wear just the tube only if u thinks it's too sexy? Cant you insert it as a inner piece of a wearing?

I cant stand laughing the "insert your choice of hot face"!!!!!! lolzzzz *thumbs up* - that's y i love you..........r blog" i mean....kekkeke

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : My body looked nice in the picture because I was holding my breathe to have my tummy suck in. Talk about pervert, you still kalah Bobby lah. Hahhahaa

Sha : Me neither. The stitches are super cacat actually. I need a sewing machine!

Kelly : Admit it, you love me too. HAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

Don't want to do for you later you hiam not nice. Very big pressure to make something for fussy person leh.

mommy scraps said...

definitely a wonderful creative transformation! you should be like dkny. *hehe*