Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Good Idea

Maybe I watch too much of "Good Idea" liao.

Maybe I'm just too free and got nothing to do.

Maybe I'm sicked of trying to squeeze my shirt in my almost explode wardrobe.
(Doh.... I tidy up, fold my cloths nicely and 2 days later.. it looks like someone just rob it anyway)

Maybe spring cleaning means to be a little different.

Hehhee. Don't know what am I talking about leh?

Come people, I show you my newly tidy up wardrobe!
(Just part of it)

Organize leh?
See... I'm still keeping the new year resolutions I made for 2007.

I don't know why am I organizing them according to their colors for my tees. Maybe I just want to know how many white tees I have kua?

As you can see, I have A LOT! I think the reason behind it is because I have to wear them if I'm going to the temple.

Don't take it wrong. I have other colors of bajus, they're in the other closet.

For the second row, one side is all the (semi-rotten) loose tees, and on the right, I rolled my pants, stuff them in so I can save more space.

* * *

Okay, all the above is not important at all.

What I want you all to see is.. *Ceng Ceng Ceng*, the 3rd row. My under garments, socks and other miscellaneous stuffs like sarongs, towels and hankies.

Sorry, I really think I need to pixelate my bras.. I feel a bit malu about that, although I have zero lacy, leopard prints and those wild wild sexy sexy one.

Ya ya ya, I'm so dull. So?
Comfort is more important than appearance to me.

With the use of paper cups taped into the shoe box lids, I made myself a unique and special tray of undies!

One cup one panty!

I did it this way because:
1. No need to fold nicely and later mess it up again while searching for it.
2. Easy and convenient to find the one you want.
3. Looks less messy and very tidy. When I open my wardrobe, no need to worry if any of my panties fell off. *Super embarrassing can!*

And the bras, I just slot them nicely into the shoe box. By using this way,
1. The bras won't be compressed and damaged.
2. Easy and convenient to get the one you want to wear.
3. Zero mess.

Err.. One more thing, you saw the box of swimsuits and panty hose, errr... They don't belong to me! My mum just bought for me thinking that I will wear them... And now they're only for display...or just in case.

* * *

And my earrings....

The white foam is those you can simply get from supermarket when you buy those half dozen of apples, oranges or pears. Just pin them up and *wa la*, all your earring nicely susun (arranged).

Maybe you'll think, the above methods work for earrings with hooks only, how bout studs?

Here, method no.2

I tied a ribbon at the rack near my mirror and pin them there. Easy to find and nicely arranged.

No need to waste money buy those jewelries or earring holders and so on lah.

Can just D.I.Y. mah. Save money and save our Earth by recycling unwanted stuffs.

* * * * *

I think I get my "creative" genes from my mum, she loves to D.I.Y. too. She sew me a very cute and beautiful pencil case when I was in Primary 2.

She even custom made my blanket, because I always complain it is not thick enough.

Sweet leh?


<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

i always try to clean up my room every few months. i always end up doing it the whole day and leaving a little bit undone. A few days later, it's like nothing had happened, nothing was organized no more.

I guess it's like that. But it never stops me from cleaning it all up again.

Books were my greatest problem. But after graduation. Bye bye books! Great relief.

And, my old blankets were handmade by my mum too!!

Nonnie King said...

Jason : I wonder is it only us or it happens to everyone.

Argh.. You just mentioned my another problem too.. BOOKS! My book shelf full already too and I have books lying every here and there.

If only I got a bigger room with extra money to spend on furnitures.

Hand made blanket ROCKS!!!

Horny Ang Moh said...


rosie said...

wahhhhh veryy creative lahh youu.. i think im gonnna follow ur method for the panties n earrings!!

thanks for sharing babe...

Nonnie King said...



* * *

Rosie : Hehehe. Good things must share share with good friends kan?

De Pianist said...

same same with me le..arrange everything nicely then few days later poof!it's all messed up.that's why i hate finding clothes,have to mess everything..

you certainly gives me so good ideas.lol..i'm gonna try that when i'm in aussie.but i'm sure the immigration officers there sure got many question marks on their heads when they see plastic box,cups stuffed inside my luggage..lol..

War186 said...

Wah very creative and very organized. I'll try do it myself when I don't feel so lazy lah. Usually my mom arranges my stuff in the closet while I mess them up when searching for things to wear. Useless daughter eh? Hehe.

Sha said...

I like your hanging earrings on ribbons idea. Very pretty :)

I think I need to clear my wardrobe too :(

affy said...

wahhh so creative. i should hire you and do my closet but beware. haha.

but then, it will go messy again in a few days. haha.

lunaticgal said...

claps for nonnie :) not bad...
good idea, post more for me :P

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : Australia don't have plastic box and cups meh? Buy there lah sweetie.

Later the officers thought you want to have a party on the plane.

* * *

Wardah : So nice lah your mum, helping you to tidy up. My mum helps me too, but I don't like it because she'll misplaced them and later I'll feel sasak when I can't find it.

* * *

Sha : Thanks dear.

Ya, clear it and donate the unwanted baju for those who need them

Nonnie King said...

Affy : Beware of getting suffocated and killed when erosion happens from your wardrobe? Hahhaa

* * *

Lunee : Post more? If I got more lah~

Iwan Sanchez said...

WAH!!! Nonnie,

You are indeed an organised person...

And lots of creative and innovative ideas...

I loved the earring white foam tray!!

I tink its damn creative of you!!!

And the undergarment in paper cup? hahaha!!


And i know folding your clothes will give u more space, but i dun really like it and yet again ppl still do it..


Personal preference bah...

War186 said...

My mom always remember where she puts everything so it's all good hehe. On the contrary, I forget where I put my own stuff most of the time. Told you I'm useless haha.

De Pianist said...

nonnie,things there expensive mer..to save cost ma buy in m'sia first..haha...

oh yea!party in the plane!hmm..should bring some balloons too if want..haha

Anonymous said...

i use shoeboxes too! hehe, ya im the same with affy.. i like to clean up my room, but the next few days hancur balik..

IngSiang said...

I used to be a loyal audience of Good Ideas, with mom, =D But never bring their good ideas into my life, and well, you're good! XD I think it would be quite difficult for you to retrieve your Tees, and I like the idea of the cups. XD Nice.

I am going to clean my room within coming days, for CNY, and maybe paint my room? XD

I think everyone have the same problem of clean, mess, clean, mess. XD But it feels good after cleaning! XD

My sister had a similar idea like yours, for the earing, method 1. But she use board instead, and thumbnails. =) Quite nice. =)

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Ha Ha! If you had been into my room, I doubt you'll still use the word "ogranize" to describe me.

Undies in paper cups funny ka? But I like it wor, it's really damn easy and convenient for me to retrieve any of them now.

If you don't fold your cloths, what you do then? You hang them all??

* * *

Wardah : Hehe. Boon knows about it? Nevermind, can always get amah next time after kahwin.

* * *

Pauline : Oooh, I see. Then you have to bring a lot of big bag small bag lor?

Errr... Can blow balloon in the plane ka?

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : You use shoe box for.... BRA too?

Sometimes I really hate the cycle lor, you clean, then hancur. Clean again, hancur lagi. What's the point?

* * *

Ing Siang : You're really one of a kind who enjoys "auntie" or "sister" show huh. I love that show.. very innovative.

About the way I organized my tees... My mum did laughed when she saw that, because she knows I'm very impatient, and tends to simply pull out the shirt and those above it will topple down like erosion!

Paint your room ah, big project eh. I don't think I'm that rajin to paint.

Board + thumb nails, very nice also. Maybe can use that idea for something else next time.

War186 said...

Yeah, he does. He nags me about it every chance he can get. I'm a bit better now, I think. I'm not that dependent on my mother like I used to. I can cook for Boon now, at least. Hehe. Step by step, right? ;)

Kenny Ng said...

hahaha... I clean my room every week, no prob to me... Your collection quite killer hor?

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : I think no one will learn to de independent when you can count on someone, i.e. mother.

I only learn how to take care of myself when I study in BSB alone away from my family. But still.. there's a limited of food I can cook.
But house chores no problem lah.


* * *

Kenny : My collection? My bras is it? Where got killing? Very normal what~

Shirley said...

通過你的Blog讓我了解到了about Brunei的一些事情^^

cc said...

Very innovative! I like the shoe box idea. :)

First time commenting here, HELLO!

Merv Kwok said...

my goodness... i think i have more clothes than you! and i'm a guy haha

Nonnie King said...

Shirley : 你好。 我也很榮幸。以後常來吧。


* * *

CC : Hi. Nice to...err.. meet/read you.

Thanks for the comment :)

* * *

Merv : Bo Di Dui.... So who's the one being abnormal here kan?

Kelly Lim said...

you said one ah nonie king! i'm going to go over your wardrobe & sport check once a month to see if the cups and everything are still that organized or not?!!!!

But it's really cool~~as always miss creative! some brains you've got there..sigh..so *envy*...