Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why like that?

Short post ahead.

Like most Bruneians, the kiasu-ness in me wanted to have the chance to say,
"Oh Giant you mean. Ya, been there already."

so we (as in Bobby, SL and I) went there last weekend just to check out the place naively thought that since it's already a week since its grand opening....

Silly me... or us.

Ended up stuck in the traffic and we got lucky, found a parking space in just 15 minutes!

Intan was telling me that her friend left home at 1pm, found a parking and went in and shopped at 3pm, finally left the place at 9pm!!!

Crazy not!

Again, the kiasu-ness or like ma big brother said, it is the kalew blood in me, I was drawn to all those $0.99 hot promos.

Like this one,

But little did I notice what the real deal was about... Until I paid it at the cashier.

"Eh? How come like that one? I thought 99 cents? Why $1.39 pulang....?"

Till a friend pointed out, "No lah, have to pay above $50 baru got that price one".

My bad.
My own fault for not paying attention to the rest of the words printed on the flyer.

Anyone encountered the same thing as me?

Okay, here's another one... This time on Bobby.

Does the picture of the kolomee looks attractive to you? I bet it does.

Yummy egg noodles, pak choi and roast chicken "kolo" with their secret sauce. Yup, Bobby thought so too.


When it was being served to our table....

*kweng kweng kweng*

(I think I can do better than this...)

Does it looks the same to you as displayed in the menu?

I understand the fact that most of the time what served on the plate might differs from what we saw on the menu display sign boards.. But this one.... Too much... too kua-chang liao kua? (Meaning, kelebihan yo)

Note to self: Stay away from eating outlets or restaurant which just open not long to avoid disappointment.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Make your own chocolate crisp!

Another simple DIY project.

This time, its edible!


The ingredients you need to prepare are very simple, 2 things only...

1) Chocolate, and..
2) Wonton skin!

Yes you read right! WONTON SKIN!

I like wonton skin. Its already very delicious when fried by itself.. you know, that Wonton kosong without any chicken or shrimp paste inside.

Some more wonton skin is very cheap. Can get one packet with just less than $1.00.

So step 1: Fried those wonton skin....

Hehehe. Those are my mum's leftover skin from making dumplings. There's actually more but, I ate it like keropok until I realized my original plan was to make chocolate crisps.

Step 2: Smash 'em!

Easy as pie. Just chuck those crunchy skins into a plastic bag and crunched them! Not too hard because you don't want to end up eating "Chocolate Biscuits" with those powdery wonton skin.

Step 3: Melt the chocolate.

Of course, dairy milk chocolate. Or white chocolate, or dark chocolate.
Your choice.

I don't think I need to teach again how to melt chocolate kan? Just double boil it.

Step 4: Pour the wonton skin in

Okay, if you need instructions for that... then... you might as well go spend $3.00 and buy from the supermarket lah.

Step 5: Miximizerrrrrrrrr.

Whatever that means...

Use a spoon, or your hand... even your feet if you like to mix them up.

Step 6: CHILL~

I don't have any cute mould like those for frying heart shape eggs or round shape, you can use them to make a shape. Make it more presentable.

Put them to the fridge for maybe 15 minutes?

Then wa laaa... Chocolate crisps!

Who would have thought, chocolate and wonton skin!

p/s: Just one day after I got a new modem.. now, my router's turn! Kaput already...
Fly is my 100 bucks.... There's go my saving plan..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ulu Temburong Day Tour - 2

.... continue

(Read Part 1 here)

So after we'd conquered the 1226 steps and 600M vertically, our petite guide gave us another challenge, climbed up the tower, reached the top and if, IF we're lucky... we could see the tip of Mt. Kinabalu. 

(I wish I had wide lens to capture everything.... )

That is like... 40 ladders x 7 steps = another 280 steps!

Without hesitation, I was the first to climb up... followed by Liza. As mentioned in the previous post, Bobby has acrophobia and no way he could get his jelly legs up there. 

He even got freaked out looking upward when we're calling and waving at him...  -_-"

If you have fear of height, I suggest you to quickly scroll down and skip the 2 photos below..

Bird eye view

(And this is only half way through the pathway)

I had my camera reached out the "cage" and snapped the photos and Liza couldn't do the same because her camera is tad bulkier. For the first time in my life I felt happy and lucky to carry a girly compact camera. 

BOBBY! You look so thin when I'm up here!

And that's Ida sitting beside him. Only both of them didn't climb up. 

I was a bit worried while going up because the signboard clearly says that only 2 person allowed crossing the bridge but there was already... 5 of us, plus another 3 from an Indian family up the tower.


Even if I was feeling tired, I still forced myself to move forward because I didn't want to 'jam' the whole line and die together in the tower...


But surprisingly, the walk in the tower was way easier than the jungle track! So it only took us like 10 minutes to reach the top.

So near, yet so far

So hot that I could barely open my eyes to smile at the camera

All of the sudden Liza asked, "Eh Nonnie! You farted ah? So smelly one"


That question got me startled and leave me speechless for 3 seconds. Couldn't say a word but keep staring at her. I answered, "Errrr.. No. I thought we're not suppose to say anything?"

Pantang waaaa...

Everybody knows that we're not suppose to mention anything about bad odour at night or during any outdoor activities.. That kinda means that we had "companion".

tsk tsk

Remember, we're so high up in the air and what could possibly smell up there?

Lois hand signaling with Superman

After a short stay of 5 minutes, I decided to leave the tower and move along whereas Liza wanted to wait for her Superman and take some pictures together I assume.

Going up was not a problem at all. But getting down was really testing my hands-eyes-and-feet coordination. 

I had no idea whether I should face the ladder and slowly step down, or walked like a normal person... And up to now, I still couldn't remember how the hell I got down.. All I remembered was.. it took me longer time to get down than going up. And scarier too.

I managed to stop by to take some photos and camwhore a little.

Superman still going up

Super sweaty

Don't mind my cacat fingers, I just don't know where to put them while posing

Looking up!

Finally! Reunited with my baby boo!

Wait a minute, why did he look more tired than me and I still can smile sweetly?

While waiting for the rest to come down, I spotted something moving along the tree bark. Something small, and fast...

It was the..

It was so so so so so adorable! I couldn't really zoom in that far and that was the best I could get with my lauyah camera. Rose told us the name of the squirrel and I was like, "What? What? Pik.. mee?" 

Still a bit puzzled over it until I got back home, googled it and got the correct spelling.

I heart Google, and also Wikipedia.

Even a random chat with FussyKelly talking about menu of a restaurant I need to google.

FussyKelly: Eh, this Friday's menu is forgot-what-food-name-already.
KingTheGreat: Har? Apatu? Never heard of it.. Nevermind, I google.
KingTheGreat: *paste image link found in Google*
FussyKelly: Wah lao eh.. need or not, like that also Google. Go google your mother face lah ban..
KingTheGreat: Cannot. If I really go google my mum face mean that I'm unfilial lor, own mother face also dunno..
KingTheGreat: Nevermind, I go google your mum face.
KingTheGreat: *google "Kelly's mum"*
KingTheGreat: *Paste link* Eh! I didn't know your mum is an angmoh leh! Hahahhaah!

Yes, I can be extremely lame when I'm with my idiotic friends... =D

Enough fei-hua...

Down the tower then down the steps.

Shahri was asking, "Do you know there's an easier way to get down?"
All of us: "There is? What???"
Shahri: "Roll down."


After don't know how many minutes later (didn't even bother to check the time liao..)

Yeah! Another thrill!

Can see its not your average suspension bridge that looks like the one Horton crossed. Its way stable and safe, imo that is.

Group photo again...

If you notice, Bobby and I swapped our carry bags because I was complaining to Bobby that its not fair that he didn't go up the tower so he should carry my heavier backpack... I know, I'm the bossy one. =p

Don't see him like ok-ok in the photos, he was actually quite scared when crossing the bridge.. especially....

when I was jumping on it to scare him!!!

Not only I'm the bossy one, I'm also the jahat.. the very mean one. I actually took a video of him crossing the bridge losing his balance while I was jumping but stupid connection is not allowing me to post it up in Youtube...


Only 5 person allowed each time so again, we're split into two groups.

Nothing to do while waiting for the rest again...
Lookie! I have double eye lids when I open my eyes big big!

Yeah! We reached our destination!
The other end of the bridge where we climbed up.

Rose warned us not to sit on those orange chairs because they belong to another company and if we sat on it.. B$2.00.

I can buy 2 nasi katok already okay! $2 for a 10 minute seat? Ptuiii!!

Trying to be artistic

While waiting for others to get changed

I made Bobby try taking a nice photo with my camera

My shoes survived!!!

Forcing Bobby not to move a muscle until I got a clear shot of the bug.
Meanie me

Took another boat ride that only lasted for 3 minutes, and Rose told us that we're going to the waterfall... We're all, "Huh? Got waterfall there meh? I don't even see any entrance leh..."

I'm the smart one to bring extra slippers because the rest of them either got their sneakers all wet or, kaki-ayam stepping the rocks...

Free reflexology kali ah~

I'm not afraid of spiders, cockroaches, rats, lizards.... only snaked. 
Let me check, yeap.. I'm still a woman. Just tad abnormal I guess?

After another 15 minutes of walking in the water...


We're considered lucky that day because it was low tide. Thus we managed to see a "longer" waterfall and the water was quite shallow. No worries even if you don't know how to swim.

Waited for couple of minutes for everyone to take photos with the beautiful waterfall

Finally, our turn.

Group photo again.. and again

Actually there was another Indian family who we bumped earlier on during the canopy walk. His little boy's "swimming trunk" really caught my attention.

From the back I thought he was wearing a g-string.... sekali turn infront, aiks! Burung terbang!

Sorry folks, didn't manage to take an photos because our cameras and bags were too far to reach and we all just want to play with the super cold water.

Superman was the first to go underneath the waterfall and pose like he was practicing some sort of chinese kungfu... I think you can check out Liza's blog later for that. She's gonna put it up.

While everyone was soaking in the water... I was still feeling a little reluctant..


Still, I had to do it..

But silly Liza said this to us, "Eh Nonnie! I dare you and Bobby kiss under the waterfall and your love will last forever..."


Tipu kanak-kanak...

Yet, we fell for that. We did went under the waterfall again and kissed. 

Sounds romantic but.. all I can recalled was "VERY COLD AH! FAST FAST COME AND KISS ME NOW!"

Hilang ke-romantik-kan.

Next... RAFTING!!!!!!

Mind you, it was already 1 plus pm and all we had was some banana fritters and glutinous rice which long kana digested liao while walking up the 1226 steps.

We're famished by the time we reached our next destination but since we're going for rafting, we couldn't eat first incase we ended up vomiting and feeding the fishies again.

Rafting was fun. Again, no pictures because all our bags and cameras was in another boat that will be sent back to the rainforest lodge.

Split up into two teams again. Bobby, me, Alicia and a local who pandai steer the raft one team, and the rest of them plus Rose in another raft.

So, four in our raft and five in theirs.

"The last to arrive belanja!!!"

We departed first so we're infront whereas the furious5 kept "ONE! TWO! ONE! TWO!" shouting out loud and paddling neatly trying to catch up with us.

which... maybe was not a very wise choice.


their raft capsized soon after they overtake us.

Both Bobby and I were petrified. According to Liza, our facial expressions were priceless because we both looked had our mouth opened and eyes starring straight at them.

I nearly feel like jumping down to rescue them ah.... No, correction. Bobby is a better swimmer.

I nearly push Bobby down so that he could rescue them ah.

Lucky Liza was the only one remained in the raft as she was the only one who can't really swim. She's definitely gonna struggle a lot in the water because she'll panicked. 

Even Azman told us that he went blank and drank 5 gulps of water, thinking "This is it..."

We're all very obedient tourists and had our safety jackets worn properly. Else, you can imagine.

We (as in our raft) moved along because there was nothing we could do to help and the local who helped us steer looked at us and asked humorously,

"Kamu mau floating jua kah?"

So we continued our "journey" whereas they managed to get up a shore and went up the raft and paddled again.

Phew! Now, this is what we call ADVENTURE! Something totally unplanned and unpredictable.

Not like we go Sunway Lagoon and dashed down the slides or what.. This is all natural and super thrilling.

By the time everyone arrived the lodge, changed into dry clothes and makan.... it was already 2+ pm...

Damn hungry wei!!!

All food sapu in just 15 minutes!

The Ayam Kicap, or Kicap Ayam... whatever the order is.. damn nice man! Or maybe we're very hungry so we could barely tell if the food is nice or not. We had chicken, sweet and sour fish, stew pumpkin and rice... 

Simple home-cook dishes.

All prepared by a MAN! I looked at Liza and said... "Mati lah.. I can't even cook like this, kalah to a guy liao..." 

I didn't take a picture of the amount of rice and chicken I took... because, its a little embarrassing. All I can say is... like a A+ cup size boob.

Everyone relaxing

Makan, makan, makan, minum, minum, minum.... 15 minutes of standing up and wandering around, I couldn't stand it anymore..

I pulled another bench and made it longer and ......

Whereas my monkey boyfriend kept eating bananas and telling everyone, "Nice man the bananas! Had you try some?"

If can, I think he wanted to tapao back the bananas...

While on our way back in the van or the water taxi... I still managed to sleep soundly.

Really, I didn't even wake up once while the ride was bumpy and Liza said she caught me drooling....

So malu can die...

Please Liza, please don't post up the photo of me sleeping with my mouth half open and messy hair flying here and there..