Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kelly's 24th Birthday

Guess some of you had fed up refreshing my blog and give up visiting it since there's no update for the past few days.

I'd been busy. Meetings, workshop, netball, the stupid assignment and so on... Well, it does make me feel that I'm back to 15. Go to school in the morning for teaching instead of learning, and play netball in the afternoon instead of basketball and volleyball.

The only difference is that I no longer walk back home from my secondary school. I drive now, which... sometimes be so tiring.

Anyway, here's some photos long overdue taken during Kelly's (Yes, that pretty girl with the nick Kelly who sometimes comment in my blog) birthday.

I so wanted to post up some old photos taken with her last 6-7 years but I know I'll get killed for doing it. So yeah, having a pretty friend can be very ma-fan (troublesome).

I have no idea why we can be such good friends since we're quite different, both in terms of appearance and character. Probably because we share the common interest, GOSSIPING.

Hahahahhahahaha!!! =D

(I know, I'm spoiling her image. But who says pretty girl cannot be very 38?)

But undeniably, she did have some affect on me... forcing me to get my lazy ass out of the chair and exercise (for a bit), sit on the stiff saloon chair for hours just to get nicely blown bouncy hair (THAT LAST ONLY UNTIL I FREAKING WASHED IT!) , not to mention facial treatments and manicures.... giving me delusions that I'll look like ANTM if I do all those time-consuming and expensive stuffs.

*roll eyes*

And me on the other hand, will try to convince her not to overspend on things that won't last such as beauty and fashions. Always save for the rainy days and try not to give excuses such as "Life's Short. Enjoy and play while we still can" to buy useless stuffs and probably overdraft later. (But I know she won't because she's super kia-si and always over-kancheong)

Come to think of it, she's like Becky and I'm Jess.
Except that she has more control on spending habits compare to that hopeless Shopaholic.

She blows her wet hair in front of the mirror strand by strand using a comb whereas I couldn't bother mine and let it dried up itself all frizzy.

I was asked to wash my feet before entering her house/room so that there will be no sand on the floor and she loves to complain non-stop whenever she enters my room about how untidy and dusty it is. I bet if she's given permission to do so, she'll probably throw out half of the things I have in my room because it's useless regardless of the sentimental values.

What a bummer...

So you get the picture now? She's the fussy type who tries to have everything nice and in perfect order and I'm the "ching-chai", "eh-tang-tio-eh-sai" kind of character. Hmmm.... Right! She's Bree and I'm Susan.

Still, she's a good friend. Lending me a shoulder to cry on whenever I felt like a loser (which honestly speaking.. seldom happens), give me her attention whenever I felt like complaining and the best is her facial expressions when I'm telling her the juiciest gossips around or the lamest joke I could ever think of.

(She has better exaggerating genes in her body compare to that sometime emotionless and always neutral Theen. That's why I prefer to tell her the first hand news and bitch discussed about it as if it's any of our business.)

And I'm like her part-time entertainer whenever she needs something to cheer her up or pass time. I bet she'll loves me more if I can juggle three balls at a time while balancing on the single-wheel bicycle like a clown.

* * * * * * * * * *

And so last Saturday, I drove K.L. and her up BSB, while James and Theen in a separate car and met up with Bobby later. *Woots* Triple date yoh!

(Photos arranged by the length of time they dated
and not by the skin tone of the boyfriends)

Our aim of shopping at Manggis Mall trying to get her the birthday present she wanted was in vain. There was none that she liked. And we ended up eating Cakoi-kahwin at the food corner.

Oh by the way, our usual way of choosing birthday gifts is normally by telling the other party what we want. Very straight forward.

Pro - No disappointment
Con - No surprise.

Remember I got an electric oven and the sebum gel for my last birthday? Those were the things I'd wanted.

Oh ya, she wanted a luggage bag for her 24th birthday. Very unromantic I know, but very practical okay. Romantic gifts save for K.L. to give.

And after the unfruitful shopping, we then went to Capers for dinner.

There were 6 of us and we ate around 10 plates of pasta and 1 pizza.
Crazy people excluding me, I only ate a plate of linguine and a slice of pizza with a glass of warm water and I felt so full already.

The funny thing was, the thinnest two among us ate the most! That Kelly Lim herself ate 2 and a half plate at least I think.

Sigh.. Life is so unfair.
Some people can just eat a lot and still weight below 50kg.
Whereas some people get bloated like a buffalo just by drinking a glass of plain water.

That's me trying to look like a deer with that 2 Sehat glasses.
I have nice and white teeth I know.

Kelly claimed that she doesn't want to sit in my car anymore (not about my driving skills la!) because her jaws hurt too much from laughing. My fault meh? That girl laughed like a mad woman just by trying out the "Face Wrap" thingie in my phone, from Seria till Tutong mind you (half an hour). Sakai...

Thick lips, Wide mouth and Super Chin

* * *

And lastly, my birthday card to her.

Ceng, Ceng, Ceng, Ceng~

Nice? I got it from Shabby Chic and so if any of you have problems in making cards (like for example run out of time or no creativity?), just go there and pick those ready-made cards. After all, you can still personalize it with your own design later.

For Kelly,

Theen and I would gladly give you our fats around our tummy and thighs as a replacement for your... erm... chest as a birthday gift.

Blame it on the technology for not having a Fats-transfer machine.

So for now, just wait patiently for your luggage bag =p

Friday, July 27, 2007

Making new friends

Short Note:
Phew~ Two down, one more to go. Who would have thought that even teachers have assignment themselves.
And yippeee, some quality best friends + boyfriend time tomorrow~

P.S.L, too bad you'll be stuck on the plane or wherever you'll be that time and not makan with us. Remember to bring back some souvenirs for us. No gifts, no friend! =p


Received an email from a stranger couple of days ago...

And the thing that caught my eyes was the SUBJECT of the email...

nonnie manja?
What the heck?! I don't know you okay and don't you come and "nonnie manja" me as if we're some sort of couple. Idiot!

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Be-mail? Hah, when I can understand and write Bahasa Brunei perhaps. And, it's not "buleh", it's suppose to be "boleh" lah...

I almost circle it in red and email back to him.


And so I thought to myself- Never mind. I'll just ignore it.
This is not worth my time replying.

* * *

And the next day, he emailed me again....


(majal = persistent)

Well, at least this time he seemed more polite. Instead of calling me as "manja" for the very first time, the subject looked more proper.

Still, what's with "buleh" and "bemail"? Can't he spell properly?
And, what is "bemail"?

I know he meant emailing. But even people like me with poor Malay knows that the proper imbuhan for it is "ber" and not "be".

Action taken: Ignore.

* * *

Few hours later... again!

He's not giving up is he?

And so, not to waste both his time and mine, I replied.
Short and simple.

And I thought this will put everything to an end.
I'm wrong.


I thought he asked if I wanted to "bemail" with him, so I assumed that means I had rights to accept or reject. Why is him being so unrelenting then?

I bet if I replied and say no again, he's going to call me a b*tch and say I "jual mahal". Back to tactic one - Ignore.


Honestly speaking, I'm bad in making new friends. And lazy too.

Different story when that new person happened to be my colleague of a friend's friend because I'll feel more secure knowing he/she does exist in the real world.

MIRC was never my cup of tea as I find it silly to chat with strangers who you don't even know whether it's a he/she behind the screen. I only chat with people who I know does exist in real life, and I find it hard to start a conversation with a total stranger in the internet.

Tell you guys something a lot might not know.

Once upon a time Long long time ago... there was this random guy who chatted with me in MIRC. I tried not to get out of the chatroom as it was the "in" thing at that time and so it'll be "uncool" if I have zero cyber-friend.

But I didn't feel safe having too much of my personal information exposed to this total stranger. Apart from my gender and age, I refused to answer the rest of his questions like which school I go to, what is my (real) name and stuffs like that. All that I said (or typed) were "Adaler...", "Dunno" and "Hahahaha" followed by asking him the same question.

It was a one-time thingie and we never chatted again. I know I was too boring and no fun at all compared to other sweet and young ladies with the nick "Angel ___" or "___ Gal" or "Kawaii___" greeting anyone who entered the chatroom "Kor-Kor" and "Jie-Jie", normally ending with a long string of ZzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

(ZzZZzzzzz what ZzzzZZzzz? I don't get it pun)

Years later.... I talked about the old MIRC days with a guy and told him the nick I used. Guess what, he told me that he recalled that he ever chatted with me and said that I was one girl really hard to talk with.

Ha.Ha.Ha. That is so not true.. He loves me to bits now and tells me that I'm a funny girl who always make him laugh. Yes you guess right, that guy is none other than my gigi-besi. Hehehhehehee.

Old-fashion also must say one time..... Fate lah.

* * *

.... I'd drifted so far away from my topic.

Come back, come back.

[Take deep breathe and try hard to recall what I wanted to blog justnow]

If someone tells me that he/she wants to be my friend, first question that pops into my mind is..

"I don't know you. You don't know me. Why want to be my friend? You don't have your own friend meh?"

Followed by,

"I'm not pretty. I'm not rich. I'm not smart. I'm not popular. I'm not interesting. Why you want to be my friend?"

I know it sounds pretty bad but, making new friends is something I suck at. It's not that I'm cold or what, what I'm afraid of is Awkward Moments! You know those- I see you, you see me, but nothing to say kind of moment?

Have to ask a lot of (silly) questions like which schools he/she attended, work place and hobby hoping that there's something in common to feel familiar with and lengthen the chat time and also reduce tongue-tied moment if there's no where to escape.

Probably that is also the reason why I stock up a lot of jokes, gossips and interesting news I watched from TV so that it'll come in handy if the air is getting colder and quiet.

So please get the wrong idea of me being "sombong" or what when I say I don't like making new friends, it's just the discomfited moment I fear more during the get-to-know-more stage.

p/s: Still, I don't feel like "bemail" with that fellow mister who don't understand the word "NO".

And by the way, he used his company email to email me. Probably thinking that I'll be impressed when seeing the domain name, i.e. the company he's working for. Well, not interested in someone who used his working hour and pick out a random girl hoping to "cerita2" or "bual2" with her thru emailing.

Hello mister, if you're reading this,
corporate email account is for company use, not for you to mengurat!

(Mengurat = flirt/ court)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Warning: This is going to be a super random post. No topic, no special event, just.... whatever that comes into my mind.


First thing first, Pauline's tag... Before she really travels all the way here to Brunei just to kick me. (As if she really will =p)

"Blogger Idham has pledged to donate RM127.00 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage in Bangi for ever tag completed before August 2007. It's so simple, all you need to do is to complete any 17 sentences from the 27 listed below (that's the tag) and drop Idham a comment over at the tag's original page here."

So... only 17 out of 27 from these will be answered. Here goes:

1. A person is only as good as ...

2. Friendship is always ... overrated.

3. To love is to ... give.

4. Money makes me ... happy when I have them, sad when I'm forced to spend them.

5. I miss ... being a kid without worrying calories intake and the balance of the bank book.

6. My way of saying I care is by ... listening and respond.

7. I try to spread love and happiness by ...

8. Pick the flowers when ...

9. To love someone is to ...

10. Beauty is ...

11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was ... the crazy teacher's day celebration, which was the first time I tasted beer and got myself black-listed just for that one small sip. Bummer.

12. When I was twenty one, I remember ... I made a very important decision which made me cried day and night for few months.

13. I am most happy when ... I don't have anything to worry about. And, when I make someone happy.

14. Nothing makes me happier than ...

15. If I can change one thing, I will change the history of everything I felt like changing =p

16. If smiles were ... then I ...

17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could...

18. If you want to ...be happy, then you have to ... learn how to let go of certain things.

19. Money is not everything but without it, we're nothing.

20. The most touching moments I have experienced is ... having surprise visit from the boyfriend when I really miss him and he was supposed to be far away from me.

21. I smile when ... I see someone, or when I felt content.

22. When I am happy, I ... laugh hysterically.

23. If only I don't have to ... eat then ...I'll be very thin. Hahahhaahha!

24. The best thing I did yesterday was ... having no Monday blues.

25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title, ""

26. One thing I must do before I die is ... get married and be a mother. (What? The tag doesn't say it must be very ambitious.)

27. Doing this meme, I feel like ...

Person I want to tag... whoever who's reading this... If you feel like doing it lah.


I'm having a super week as I have 3 unfinished work on hand, two due next week (school work) and another important task due this weekend, Kelly's birthday card.

So yeah, I'll be super uninspired having nothing exciting to blog about, I think?

By the way, everyone is blogging about reading the last book of Harry Potter. I'm not a huge fan because I never read it. But thanks to the spoilers of some bloggers and wikipedia, I knew what's the ending already.

I asked if Bobby ever thought of reading it and guess what he told me,

"Why waste so much time and money buying the book and read it for days when you can walk into the cinema or buy DVD, spend minimal amount of time watching it with all actions and it's cheaper."


This is what happens when your boyfriend is a lazy bum and prefer to play his Football Manager or Hattrick or whatever it is that has to do with that with white-and-black colour ball. (Yet he told me he hates Polka dots.... I think Dalmatians make an exception.)

Once I found my favorite book, The Little Prince in a bookstore and asked if he'll like to read it.. I even bought the bilingual one so that I can read the Chinese one, and he'll reads the English version. And.. the book was untouched so quite some time till I give up and bring it back home.

Anyway, I'm reading "Shopaholic & Sister" which I borrowed from the Seria library. Not bad huh? Novel like this also have. Actually I went there for "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". I, don't feel like buying the book because after the make-over of my room, I realized I have lots of books but no where to place them!

My mum kept them in boxes now.. Sigh, I love my books being easily accessible but it's impossible now.

So yeah, better borrow it than buying it. After all, it's FREE!

It's now 11.42.. I get to hit the sack now. Feeling very tired after driving 3 times from Seria - KB, the first one is to work, second is to attend a workshop, third - for the badminton game.

I need a driver!

And.... I want to finish Kelly's card soon!
Hope she'll like it. (Don't like also cannot complain. If complain, I will not make anymore card for you liao. I know you're reading it now.)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

His Majesty's Birthday Celebration @ Taman Jubilee (2007)

As mentioned earlier, I was given a task of guiding the kids in giving His Majesty a warm welcome by waving flags. Of course not only our schools, all schools (both secondary and primary) of Kuala Belait participated in it, forming a long stretch of pupils in various colors of uniform.

Arrived school at 6.50a.m, saw a lot of students hanging around at the waiting area already having some light breakfast, orange and packet soy bean. Seriously, what a disgusting combination!

It was a beautiful morning... for most people but not for me. I was hoping for a cloudy sky, but sadly.. it was scorching hot that day!

We arrived the padang at around 7.30am.. waited and waited and there comes another breakfast set (rice + sambal + a piece of meat + half an egg in a container and canned drink). Uhmm... we'd eaten that for the past whole week whenever there's a rehearsal actually. But still, having thousands of people performing, you can imagine how much were being spent on this event.

Had a couple of false alarm when we heard choppers flying above us and saw others flocked to the roadside and lined up properly. I felt quite lucky as I came very well-prepared, I had my 2-fold umbrella, sun block and a plastic fan (lacy fans are no used at all! No enough "power" and very fragile. My free plastic fan from Computex comes way handy) in my bag and ready to use anytime. Some more, I could always hide under any shelter available, and passed my umbrella to the girls and also my sun block.

The funny thing was... I only apply the sun block on my face and neglected my neck areas. When I went back home wanting to shower and saw myself naked on the mirror, I realized my upper chest was all red and sun-burned having the V-shape printed clearly.

Poor kids. Stayed under the hot sun and got all dehydrated and blacked out. Hope they're fine by now.

And by around 10a.m, Sultan arrived, along with his entourages.

(I got a video of his arrival, but it's not edited yet... I, was talking quite loud (as usual) and I find it embarrassing to post it up. You all want to see? Or hear?)

After the national anthem, everyone walked towards the park just to have another glimpse of His Royal Highness. Terror, I felt like the whole population of Kuala Belait were there. It was so crowded and I gradually got lost and wandered off from my students.

And so, I took the opportunity walked around and took some pictures.

Squeezed in and hide myself in a group of media people, but it was so obvious that I'm not a reporter or any sort of those because everyone has their huge DSLR with really long lens that make themselves looked professional. Some even brought along their tripod.

And me, I just had my tiny-weeny FX8 hanging around my neck.

Oh Oh! I forgot that I did saw Princess Nashwa. Recognized her immediately when she was walking towards my direction with her professional looking camera. And when she saw me, we smiled and talked a little. Very little in fact as s he was busy finding a nice spot to get some good shots. Was thinking if I could take a picture with her, but never mind la.. Maybe next time.

I gave up (taking pictures of His Majesty and the stage) pretty soon. Hai-yoh, my 5.0MP with 4x digital zoom is no fight compare to those scary one-eyed-monster.

Skills - don't have.
Good camera - don't have.

Stayed there also waste space nya. Might as well back off and let others have a better view for taking good shots and later steal their photos from their blogs.

And so I walked out from the media crowd and squeezed in to another one looking for my colleagues and students.

No pictures of them performing because it was too crowded. Could hardly stand properly with the people pushing behind me.

Random Photos

As I walked back to St's James School (for refreshments ready at 12 and get my feet rested), I saw His Majesty's Rolls-Royce parked at the road side. Of course, the kaypo and curious me must posed with it. Not something you see everyday okay.

(Spoil eh that 2 men on the left)

It might look as if I was leaning against the car, but actually my hand was in the mid air. I was just pretending. The driver was standing beside looking at me and warned everyone who wanted to get near to the car that we wouldn't want to scratch or dented it.

Rolls-Royce bor... I guess I can only afford the bolts of the tyres.

- And I'm a pair of shoes poorer. I overworked my shiny red heels and the left one decided to OPEN it's mouth and go on strike!


* * * * * * * *


I sure hope that Belait is going to win, for the EIGHTH time!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Love and Money

Short Note:

Guess who's coming to town tomorrow? THE MAN HIMSELF!
And I hope I'll bump into Princess Nashwa and Stella at the Jubilee Park tomorrow.

Went to the padang justnow, sad lah... Didn't bumped into any friends.. but saw a flock of emo kids teens wearing black shirts and also heard someone calling "Hi Cher." to me from time to time.

Mana saya punya kawan?


My colleague (currently "ex" already, happened last few years) came to work happily with her shiny red car and a happy smile on her face.

Of course, out of curiosity everyone gathered around it and checked it out, and asked stupid questions like.. "Wah, new car! Rich eh you", "How much?"or maybe he actually meant "How much you have to pay per month?", "You buy one kah?".

She get out from her car slowly and guess what she said,

"My husband buy for me one, as my birthday present~", with that typical smile (happy + kambang). And all ladies shouted in astonishment. "Really? So sweet! Your husband so generous lah."

Sekali she answered, "Yeah, he paid $500 deposit and the rest I loan, 7 years.", still having the happy look on her face.

In my heart I was like, "WTF? You don't pay 2% of the total amount and give it to people as a present and ask that person to pay the remaining 98%! That's not a gift, that's a BURDEN for God's sake."

Well... Good thing that she still believes that it's a GIFT rather than TROUBLE.

* * *

And I had a friend... (wait, more like someone I know I think?), I bet his hobbies is buying gifts for the girlfriend, the more expensive the merrier.

Once we had a conversation and he told me what he bought for his girl for Xmas. Hmm.. Let me see, Gucci something, LV something and Prada something if not mistaken. (Those "somethings" include watch, shoes and dress if I'm not wrong).

I asked him, "Why are you spending so much on your girlfriend? So your way of telling her that you love her is by buying her stuffs?"

"Yes, the more I love her, the more money I want to spend on her."

Gah..... I bet a lot of you would want to go out with this guy, but sorry to say... apart from his money, there's nothing attractive about him.

But I really dislike what he said, I mean... love is about patience, caring, and that sort of things, instead of leaving the focus on MONEY.

* * *

And last few months, Bobby and I companied a girl friend to Miri for buying her fiance his birthday gifts. She got him a 4-digit figure watch. Even though it's in RM, still it's consider very mahal for me. But I guess it's fine for her since she got a Visa supp card from him.

I turned to Bobby and asked, "When are you going to buy me expensive and branded stuffs?"

"When I start working?", he answered. "Okay, fair enough.", I said.

"Hmm.. You're already working, so why didn't you buy any expensive stuffs for me?".

"Kay-Not. Have to wait till you buy me first mah. If not later I rugi how?" =p

Hehehheheeee. Pardon my frugality.

* * *

Don't you think it's hard to measure between the value of material and love?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nonnie, a murderer?

Okay, those who read my Twitter should know that I... ran over a monkey yesterday.

Damn guilty can die.... *sob*


Not to say that I'm kind or what, but I do believe in karma and try my best not to kill... even the most irritating mosquitoes.

So you can imagine how bad I felt after that incident...

* * * * *

It happened yesterday at around 6+pm, when I was on way back home. As usual, I'll choose the highway than the main road because it has less cars and less "simpangs" for people to turn in. I swear, I wasn't driving very fast... at least for me. I thought it was average to drive at 100km/hr. No?

And so while driving, the monkey dashed out from no where running as fast as it could and crossed the road. Maybe it's rushing back home for it's wife/ husband or babies.. or maybe it's suicidal I don't know..

It just happened so sudden and I tried my best to brake and quickly shifted my wheel to the right to avoid it but there was a car coming from the opposite lane so I couldn't twist too much else I'll have a head on collision. And the next thing I know is.. I heard a sound and I felt that my tyre ran over something...

I looked at my rear view mirror to check on the monkey. I saw a little movement from the monkey albeit it was still lying on the road... I panicked, cried a little, keep praying to Buddha hoping that the monkey will stay alive and asked for forgiveness, pulled over and SMS-ed Bobby telling him what just happened and how I felt.

I thought, "What if the monkey is rushing home for his babies and wife? I'd separated them forever. I'm a sinner!"

Of course, he told me that it wasn't intentional so it's not my fault, and tried to cheer me up by saying, "Who knows the monkey is a bad bad monkey? A thief or a maybe pervert?" .But still... I felt that I'm a killer.

I arrived home and checked my car. No blood splash, no rotten brain, no nothing... just a small crack at the bottom of my bumper and a minor dent that can be missed. And also a small black plastic thing came off.

Well.. I took that as my punishment. It was my fault.

* * *

And today while on my way to work... (I used the same road everyday), I wanted to check if the monkey's body is still lying on the middle of the road and kana cars flattened until intestines also come out liao. But it wasn't there!

I felt relieved!

I guess the monkey did survived after all.. =)

If you don't live in Brunei and you're thinking that probably the public cleaners or something like that had clean up the road, sorry ah.... But my experience tells me that we're not that efficient yet.

It was no surprise to see dead bodies along the road. 1 day, 2 days, 3 days... it's still there. Sometimes even sampai it got all decomposed and get all stuck on don't know who's car tyres.

Happy Happy!

My chantings and prayers to God do work!

p/s: Iwan, we don't get penalized for running over animals here. Singapore ada kah?

* * *

I went to a workshop and get the black plastic thingie fixed back in. The mechanic, who happens to be sort of my friend.. (or my mum's because they more "kawan") teased me and asked why didn't I 英雄救美 (Hero save beauty) and save the monkey? Said that I was ruthless and so on.


And so I answered him, "Apalah... You expect me 美女救嗎騮 (ma-lau = monkey) and crashed myself to the car from the opposite? Or braked as hard as I could and later my car's butt kana kissed by the car from behind?" - Hehhee, I dare to joke back because I know I didn't kill it.

(美女救嗎騮 - beauty save monkey)

I told him that I think I didn't kill the monkey since it wasn't there anymore. Sekali he said probably someone might had picked it up and had the scrumptious fresh monkey brain on the table ready to serve.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Rehearsal of Sultan's 61st Birthday Celebration (Belait)

Happy 61st Birthday Our King!

Our dearest and most respected His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam.

* * *

This year I was given a task by my school to look after students who participated in the choir and dancing. Well... to be honest, I did whined a bit in my heart and in Mau's blog. Standing under the hot sun and keeping an eye on those little naughty and mischievous ones is not as relaxing as one may pictures. Who wouldn't prefer to stay inside the air-conditioned room and have a cup of teh-tarik?

And it was Mau's reply to my comment that had reminded me of how generous is our king to us. Compared to what our country had given us, what we'd done for him on his birthday is just peanuts.

* * *

My 6A girls and I, with the umbrella

Perfect Weather

Little Participants

Under Construction?

My hardworking colleagues

YES! They did brought the students' papers to the padang for marking, making full use of all the time available. And me, I was just sitting beside them and looking around pointlessly. Of course, keeping an eye on the kids as well.

* * *

While waiting for our turn to rehearse, the restless kids couldn't sit/ stand still for more than 5 seconds. They were playing with the sands for god's sake, while kids from other school sat obediently as per instructed by their teachers. Made us felt a bit malu lah.

The kids and their so-called VOLCANO
They just kept filling the 'crater' with water and of course, it disappeared as soon as it sunk down the soil. Well, it's fun watching them experimenting. They tried all sort of things, like placing one bottle on top, and the other at the side forming a connection to conserve the water.

They got all dirty and my colleagues stopped them from playing it anymore coming up with reasons like "The sand is dirty, who knows someone just spat there/ animals urinated/ worms and bla bla bla", you know.. the usual excuse/ reason/ lie a mother would tell their children in order to stop them from playing what they considered as dirty or dangerous.

And so I suggested them (my students) another game to play, HOPSCOTCH.

To my surprise, they had never played that in their whole life! SHOCKING!

I bet their toys are non others than computer games, TV games and portable game consoles... No wonder it's normal to see most kids wear thick thick spectacles.

Unlike us back in our time, just with simple things like pebbles and rubber bands, we made ourselves toys that can last us for the whole afternoon. They don't know what fun they're missing out.

* * *


600 students!

My students will be working with students from 8 other schools, forming a group of 600 students performing one single dance. And my camera only captured 1/4 of the total I bet.

Hmm? Tissue box?

I wonder what this little girl is going to hold on the actual day? Maybe flowers I think.

View from the tent

* * *

I did took videos of several dance performance from different schools and levels, but I thought it's better for me to upload it after the actual day. Tell you, it was great and overwhelming. Hundreds of people focusing in one single matter trying their best in performing, if you think that is nothing... I.. I.... please go away and I don't want to talk to you liao.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Simpur Goodies / 6 weird things about Nonnie

"Nya... You got second place only...."

"... Really? Who get the Nano then?"

"Wait... I'm listening. Someone who blogged about Forestry Musuem."

"Oh, that would be KBHappening. Sigh, I didn't win the Nano =( "

"At least you got yourself a Pen drive and other goodies what~ Cheer up."

* * *

Hanisah called me up telling me the results of the blogging competition when I was at the Jubilee Park with my students for the celebration rehearsal.

Ai yo~ Disappointed lah. I wanted that Nano... not because I needed it, I just feel like winning I guess?

Nevermind, at least I did win something =p

Contentment baby! Cannot be so greedy.

And so on last Wednesday I went up to DST headquarter at BSB and collected my goodies bag (while on my way to Rimba for my training course).

As I received quite a number comments for my previous post telling me that I AM pretty (Thank you. Thank you. Collect your money at the counter later ya) , and so... as a reward, I'm going to post pictures of me camwhoring with those goodies. Hahahhahaa!

Don't like that lar.. Give face and continue to read can?

Beauty and the bag

(Cannot tahan ah! Calling myself a beauty. Hahhahhahhahhhahahhaa. )

This is the first time I actually earned something through blogging. Stupid Adverlets and Nuffnang see Brunei bloggers no up. =p

Nevermind, we got DST! Humph!

There was a man who was talking to the manager of Simpur while he presented me my prize, and asked what competition did I join and win. "Blogging. She got the second prize.", he answered. I don't know why but I felt a little malu that time.. and quietly shied away.

Pure Simpur-ness

Simpur Pen Drive, Simpur Egg-Radio, $2 Simpur Prepaid Card, Simpur T-Shirt, Simpur Pens, Simpur Towel, Simpur Mug, Simpur Luggage Tag & Simpur Key Chain!

This is what I called, SIMPURITIES!

* * *

Okay, here comes the daunting part of Nonnie being jobless and camwhore with every single piece of goodies.

Finish. The End.

* * *

Oh, by the way.. do you know that all three winners for the blogging competition come from Belait?



6 weird things about Nonnie

Tagged by CC and I just realized that I'd done the same tag during CNY.

Nevermind, I'll just paste it here again, but I'm not going to tag anyone since I already did so.

* * *

1. I sleep without a pillow. I find it irritating to have something underneath my head.

2. I have a mole in my right EYEBALL! And a weird round print on my left ear.

3. I can't raise my right eyebrow! And I can't roll my tongue. It's true.

4. I dislike talking/ chit-chatting on the phone, because it is awkward to end the call. I just can't continue for more than 5mins. I want to end it asap! So, just text me. DON'T CALL!

5. My right eye is short sighted and my left eye is completely normal.

6. I am not afraid of the usual insects that girls would go crazy and shout non-stop.. I dare to catch cockroach, spider, beetle, cicadas and so on with my bare hands! ... I'm a HEROINE!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am pretty

I am pretty.
I am pretty.
I am pretty.

I tried to convince tell myself almost everyday from the moment I wake up to the time I close my eyes and sleep that "I am pretty".

But once I walked pass any mirrors or reflective surface and saw myself, "Eww! Where does this obasan (aunt or old woman in Japanese) wearing that loose and out-of-style baju-kurung with messy/ frizzy hair, round chubby face, big and flat nose, and not to mention.. the so-call typical Asian women's eyes...comes from? Mental hospital?"

Yes yes.. I know, you want to say I don't look that bad mah... but you can't deny that I don't look any better either.

* * *

Okay... Let's talk about my hair.

I tried re bonding and perming. Results were great...for a moment. This things don't last forever. Split ends, dry and fizzy are all what I'm getting now.

And I felt guilty if I spent too much time and money taking care of it. Hair treatment cost me BND50.00 and the last time I had it was last November.

For God's sake, pampering myself in saloon once every two months is one of my resolutions for year 2007. And I'm telling you, I'm definitely failing this.

* * *

Now, my face.

Two eyes - checked.
One nose - checked.
One mouth - checked.
Two ears - checked.

Hmm.. not bad for a beginning.

Now let's see..

Two big and round eyes with long lashes - Not there.

One small nose with straight nose bridge and well defined nasal tip - Absent

A pair sexy looking lips either thick like Shiloh's mummy or thin like Mrs Urban. - I can't classify mine!

Beautiful ears? Who cares about ears? Have you ever heard of people saying, "Wow, what great ears you have."

And Chinese says, "一白遮三丑" (A shade of fairness covers three shades of hideous), so being fair = pretty. Dark = ugly. I am definitely ugly if I live in the Ming dynasty. But at least.. I'll be considered as a beauty if I live in the Tang dynasty... Those men love fat chubby women.

Meaning... my tan skin complexion has already exposed all my unsightly appearance since the only part that is fair/white in me is my TEETH!

Ya, ya, ya.. I know Beyonce is hot and so in Halle Berry is gorgeous. Hey, they have other beauty elements in them okay. Aku nada. Kosong. Zero. Ling-tan. Boh!

So.... pretty face check, failed.

* * *

Next, bootylicious body.

Two lumps of fats hanging on upper chest namely breasts, yes.. I have that and I'm telling you it's not small. (Eeeee-seh, proud eh.. and probably the only thing I can be proud of. But it's definitely not for public display). But the thing is.. it comes with a ring of fats at my abdomen as a package. You know, buy one get one free kind of thing.

Arms - When I wave goodbye to you, please don't be surprise that you see not only my hand but also another unidentified piece of fat meat a.k.a flabby arms who always want to join in action no matter the number of times I asked her to stay in position and don't move!

Butt, I have too. Well-spread to the sides leaving nothing to fill up the jeans. Must buy pants/ jeans 1" extra so that the zipper won't get stuck while on it's way to my waist.
Wow... extra cloths for the same price. Good bargain leh. I'm so happy to have big butt. Ha! Ha! Ha! *roll eyes*

If that is not enough, I have my thunder thighs to complete the full package, so thick that sometimes I wonder if I'm related to the elephant in the zoo.

(For the matter of fact, I am related to "elephant", a cousin whom I dislike for some reasons and that nick was given years ago by a close friend which I think she prefer to stay anonymous here)

* * *

I guess if I'm a pig I can be sold at really good price, by kilos.

I know I know. You may tell me if I'm not happy with my body, I can always go for diet plan and work out..which I did. Just that it's not consistent.

My fault - for eating instead of staying hungry and later convinced myself that guys prefer fleshy girls than the skinny one. Who want to hug a stick anyway? Go cuddle with a broom better, at least it won't ask you won't have to worry that you'll break her bones later. And.. my ah-pui prefers me to be huggable. *shy*

My fault - for telling myself that I might regret not eating my mum's cooking for every lunch and dinner. Life is unpredicatble and I definitely don't want to die with a hungry stomach! Very kasian eh! Even if I die, I want to be a ghost who can burp. I thought they always say "Live life to the fullest"? I'm just following ma. No?

My fault - for not working out. But hey.. at least once a week, just to sweat and feel healthy and not for losing weight. Okay okay! I lied. I exercised when I felt guilty of eating too much. Happy now?

* * *

And there is nothing I can with for my face, apart from washing it with cleanser, later apply toner and follow by moisturizer. Not forgetting the sun block too.

If I want to zh'ng my face, I think the plastic surgeons will recommend me Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty (which I needed most! Don't you go telling me single eye-lid is special and it brings out the beauty of Asian women. I'll show you finger which happens to be the middle one), Liposuction and Tummy tuck. One, two, three, four... Four surgeries only. Okay mah... not a lot. At least I don't need breast and face lift..for the moment.

But.... No money and no guts = stay ugly forever.

* * *

Or you may say.... "Be more confident of yourself lah. Women who are confident of themselves are sexy and pretty."

You telling me that the legendary 許純美 Xu-Chun-Mei is sexy and pretty? Because she's definitely one woman I know who feels very confident in herself. And not to mention... Furong Jie-Jie too.

(God, these two women is polluting my blog. And.... my eyes! My eyes!
But, their pictures makes me feel better about myself =p)

I don't want to look like an idiot and make a fool out of myself thinking that I'm pretty and sexy pouting my lips and twist my neck to the left or right every 30 seconds with my eyebrows raising every 15 seconds in public and flip my hair every 10 seconds which might probably lead to neck sprain.

Anyone have "Look pretty and sexy for DUMMIES"?
I need that, seriously.

* * *

Can put on some make-up to cover up the flaws and enhance the look what. Heh, foundation, blusher, mascara and lipstick - no problem.

Eye shadow and eye liner - BIG BIG PROBLEM!

Teach me, how am I suppose to apply eye shadow on my eye lids when I have single eye lids with 2cm (or more) gap between my eyes and eyebrows.

. . . . . I felt like a frog now.

And.. I don't know how to apply eye-liner! I seriously admired those preteens who can draw their eyes like Avril Lavigne. My hand shakes. I think my eyes are ugly. And ugly eyes and shaky lines don't go well together.

* * *

I am pretty.
I am pretty.
I am pretty.

No matter what, these words are not registered in my brain.

Every time I tried to input this information to my system, an error message pops up saying "Incompatible format. Please try again" and rejected it as if it was some malicious virus that would mess up the whole system.

I am pretty.
I am pretty.
I am pretty.

And why doesn't anyone apart from my mum and boyfriend tell me that?

I am pretty.
I am pretty.
I am pretty.

Okay, if you say inner beauty is more important that physical appearance, why do pretty girls always get more benefits and chances compare to the uglier ones?

People will still love the pretty one even if she's a super bimbo who doesn't have a clue about anything but cosmetics and party, and not the kind and caring one who looks very sorry.

You only need 1 second to discover a girl with outer beauty but 3 years or more for an average girl with inner beauty. And even though guys know that she'll make a good wife material, they still can't stop themselves for being a slave for the cheap slutty one.

Guys can never discover the inner beauty of a person. Only two types of men does - homosexual, and the monk who lives in the temple.

I am pretty.
I am pretty.
I am pretty.

I should stop buying books and spent money on feeding my tummy, instead - spend the money on cosmetics (which I barely touch), cloths, shoes and bags.

I should stop feeling guilty for buying more than 3 shirts/ dresses/ pants a month and change my theory of "Only buy shoes when it's broken", to "buy whenever you think you need".

I should go to the saloon more and not feel like I'm wasting money on my hair that basically has no function but keeping my head warm.

I should stay in front of the mirror more often and practice my smile, my pose and make up skills instead of sitting in front of the monitor, browsing through pretty chicks photo and make myself feel like a pork-chop.

I should tell myself more that,

I am pretty.
I am pretty.
I am pretty.


And, force Bobby to sing me.."YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL.

I am pretty.
I am pretty.
I am pretty.

Now tell me,

I am pretty.
I am pretty.
I am pretty.

Not pretty meh?

Erm.. negative comments are not welcome as I already have zero self-esteem. Unless you want to see my photo in the front page or BB or BT.


I am pretty.
I am pretty.
I am pretty.

Inhale. Exhale.

I am pretty.
I am pretty.
I am pretty.


I am pretty.
I am pretty.
I am pretty.

* * *

I guess now I know why I'm not vain nor a narcissist. I am not qualify to be one!
At least that's what I think.

我要愛美﹐ 不要自戀。

我要美麗﹐ 也要智慧。

我要漂亮﹐ 更要人緣。

* * *

I think what I need most is to be hardworking enough to make myself look pretty, generous enough to spend money on packaging, and a reminder for me not to forget that I want to be pretty.

But I guess after I wake up the next morning, I'll totally forget about what I said now and look like my usual self again.

Hehehehee. I thought being happy and content is what that matter most?

I'm healthy and all my parts are working... even though they are not as pretty compare to others. But hey, who knows my heart or lungs or kidney or liver are prettier than yours?

I am happy.
I am happy.
I am happy.