Monday, June 4, 2007

Funny Sunday

Because I had FFK (fly aeroplane) her twice and to make it up to her, I told her that I will certainly show up if she ask me out again.

And so, I drove all the way up to BSB on Sunday afternoon at 3pm just to meet her, him and of course my Gigi Besi for some coffee.

Crazy as it might sounds like, but like most of my married friends said, "Enjoy your freedom before you get married and have babies".

Boring part ahead -
Parked my car at Nisah's place. She drove to Portview. Meet up with our "dates". Get seated. Ordered drinks. Chat chat laugh laugh chat chat laugh laugh chat chat laugh laugh chat chat laugh....And took pictures. (I refused to admit that I'm vain!)

Something I noticed from the above photo:

1. I need a brow pencil!

2. We have the same nose,

3. almost the same eyes (just need some eye-liner + thicker lashes)

4. and our smile too..

Just that my face has less angle... Round bah ROUND!!! GET IT?

For the above photo, I'll let you all have some fun and play with it.

You can think of any stupid / funny dialog between Bobby & Yus and I'll pick my favorite one. Prize? I don't know. I can't think of anything that I can give away (Because I'm stingy and poor).. Any suggestions? Or maybe you all don't need any prize at all :D

And in case you don't know, the guy on the left is Bobby (often mentioned as Gigi Besi or Ah-Pui in my blog) and Yus on the right.

(I just hope there will be some response for this silly game so I won't feel so awkward if no one is interested *pray*)

For Fun
I like this photo that I took of them walking together and having Hanisah coincidentally turned her head and winked! (Don't ask me why is she winking. I don't know too. I just thought that this photo is really cool like those shots from paparazzi )

* * *

We went to Yayasan to get ourselves ice cream and chili dog.

BUT, no more chili dog... *Sad Nonnie didn't get to eat what she wanted*

And so Bobby and I went to Hua Ho to get those cheap sushis.

While paying, we saw this.

Erm.. "GIVE YOU SURPRISES AND PLEASURES"??? Oh-kay.. What kind of "pleasure" and "surprises" is it referring to huh? I think this candy is meant for adults while playing some really naughty games. If that's the case, HEY! YOU SHOULD LABEL IT 18SX LAH! =p

* * *

Later, we went back to the ground floor and went in a perfume shop.

I can tell you, this "BOB" smells like ROTTEN LEMON! And the it looks more like an insecticides more than perfume/ cologne or whatever you call it.

How does this smells like!
Funny name for a perfume isn't it?

(FYI, he found it, not me.. Meaning, he's cheekier than me. Kekekkekekeke.)

I tried to find that word in Bruban Dictionary but it wasn't there yet. Anyone want to add that word?

Group Photos

Bobby, Nonnie, Yayasan and the blue sky

My buttocks are bigger than his now... God help me! You either make me thiner or make everyone beside me fatter!


Anonymous said...

handsome that guy eh.. single?

i have captions for the bobby/yus picture but its a bit dirty.. :) it involves that perfume.. lol

Anneesa said...

Nya, paparazzi picture so small! Cannot see the eyes... *looks at Rebbe* cannot kan? =p

You know, you and I can pass off as sisters(meaning we're cute looorr). We DO look, nose, eyes, face shape, same kuaa..

BWOH. Separate at birth? Hmmm...

That was a fun spontaneous Sunday. Next time we ask the boys to come down to Seria ah?

youngbruneian* said...

i want to play the caption game!

Bobby: Oi Nonnie! put your top back on!

Rebbe: hehehehe got bulu!

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : Handsome guy? Bobby is not single though. And if you're talking about the other guy... handsome kan? =p

Aiyah, you shy is it? Put lah, for fun mah. Must be honest and brave enough to show your true colours!

Partner : I think we're twins in our past life. You married Malay and I kahwin Chinese. That's why you're binti and I'm "king" now.

Good idea, ask them come down! But..where to go? Not OGDC again kua??

YoungBruneian : I like your captions...even though it's very the KANASAI!

Eh.. no one wanna play the captions game kah? Boring also my readers...

Sha said...

Eh you and Nisah seperated at birth ka? Hahaha.

War186 said...

I'm so not creative. I can't make up original captions.

I like the paparazzi picture hehe. Sounds cheeky of Nisah but then can't really see her winking what, like she said so small the picture.

I also like the picture of you and Bobby. Can make like a poster or something.

Handsome lah Yus. Are you matchmaking him and Nisah? Oops did I say that out loud?? Hehehe. ;)

Maybe you can find it in the Bruban dictionary if you change two of the words to I and U haha :P Man, I would never notice something like that. Very observant lah that Yus. Hahaha.

And I agree you and Nisah can pass off as sisters hehe. :) That's a really pretty picture of you girls. :D

Ok, fine I'm going to try for your sake. :P

Bobby: I'm going to show you my funny combat move and you will all laugh. Haiya!!

Yus: You think you can try make a funneh~? So lame lah I'm just going to pretend it's so funny! LOL.

:D Huhuhu. :P

De Pianist said...

bobby : Nonnie!!you got a fly on your nose!!!

yus : omg!Don't let it bite you!or else you'll become Lalat Gal!!


wasai..last picuture Nonnie become so romantic ya...i thought Nonnie only knows how to siao siao nia?( and become Lalat Gal..>=p! )

Nonnie King said...

Sha : That, we need to ask our parents. =p

Wardah : No no no, I'm no match-maker, I'm just the nosy friend who has to be there to kaypo. Kekekkeke.

But still I can't find *that* word in Bruban. Someone seriously need to post that word up for easy reference, and it's not going to be me.

Pretty kah? But my face looks so big there. Ugly lar...

Nice captions, at least you did tried mah.

Pauline : Sai, lalat girl lagi.. -_-" Can't I be something prettier or more elegant but annoying flies? This Pauline ah.. really asking for mighty pinch!

Aiyah..the last picture was directed by Hanisah mah, if not sure siao-siao one.. Hehhehee

Thanis said...

Bobby: Omg! I can't believe you are proposing to me!

Yus: Oh no Bobby - you better not say salah thing ah

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

i still like YoungBruneian's idea. =p. couldn't think of anything better. too bad...

Iwan Sanchez said...

hahaha!! very interesting and funny entry.. lolz!!

my captions will be:

Bobby: wei, dun always take my pics while i am offguard lei.. if not i will hantam u and i will be more thinner than now so that ppl will laugh at you..

yus: oops!! Bobby!! so mean ar?? are u tryin to say nonnis is FAT????


EH.. the perfume looks so abnormal with that kind of bottle..
looks like aerosol...

Anonymous said...

Bobby: Oh shit! Cannot hold anymore mehh! *FART*

Yus: Phhhwooarrr!!! That stinks man!! How long have you not shit mannn??!

Kenny Ng said...

Wah... got Nonnie Times!!! Can post me up in your paper? :P

Anneesa said...


Rebbe: *snicker* Now you know she had a sex change? keh keh keh.


Fun ah. Dont marah one.

War, no match making for me thanks :P

Kelly said...

BOBBY - *ha???!!! Your really serious that your pregnant??!!!*

YUS - *hehehe...I told you already to use DUREX brand,safer*

P.S. sorry, 18x and above

Anonymous said...

all the captions are funny but "LALAT-GAL" is the funniest!!! LOL! sigh, sakit parut eh..

for fun ah :p

saya: "eh bobby, you smell nice ah."

bobby: "thanks ah, i'm using palermo."

saya: "ahh, no wonder nyaman."


Nonnie King said...

Aymore anymore? I'm seriously loving this!

Comments reply later.

Bobby said...

'The nonnie times' look very cool and tempting to read. There should be a column for nonnie times.
It's a pleasure to have met a fellow man utd football fans and talking about the latest transfer activity news. Knowing that Yusri actually saw David Beckham when he was a Man Utd player, i definitely must achieve my once in a lifetime journey to watch Man Utd live in real person.
Hehe, funny the captions. I like the one which says "Oi nonnie, put your top back" best.

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