Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 5–Yoga n00b, cow drooling and more seafood

Day 5 already! Seriously… I don’t want these posts to end so soon. But I know if I don’t blog about it now, probably I am never going to do it anymore. Just like how I left out the final day in Seoul. Hehehheheee.

Waking up in the beach bungalow feeling a little chilly, listening to the waves hitting the shore….. God, it was just so nice. Our to-do list in Goa involved only Yoga class and Dolphin trip, the rest was all free and easy. Basically saying, all we did was slacked all day long and only moved our muscles when we got tired from resting dafuq. Yes, go and hate us now.


A mantis on the cloth hanging rope

So pretty right…


We were just walking around looking for yoga class ads with the time just ngam for us.

250 rupees per class~

Went back to our hut to jemur kain because we could!
Gonna love the crisps and smell of a sunshine dried towel.

Hahahhaah! Tiny tower! I’d stopped playing that right after my India trip. I have really short attention spam when it comes to games. As for the latest hit, Draw Something, I play it like once a week, when I feel like taking a short break.

Lots of oink-oinks around! Hahahhaahah!!!

These pigs were roaming around the area like pets, so cute eh! Of course, Maurina on the other hand tried to stay as far away as possible for obvious reason.

Beauty and the Moo

More oinks! All black black fat fat round round!

Finally found the entrance to the yoga school after several attempts.

My very first yoga lesson, in India! Don’t play play.

Open air~

We’re like.. super n00bs! Everyone, well most of them who attended the class could do like 99% of what was being taught. As for me and Maurina, we usually exchanged looks when the yoga teacher asked us to do something ridiculous for beginner… like HEADSTAND!

Me? Headstand? I can barely touch my  toes when I bend okay.
My body flexibility macam pembaris kayu okay.

Then we were so intimidated by this angmoh lady who looked so intense and breathing so loud lagi.
We wanted to laugh but…. zen kali ah the environment that time. Kami saja inda serious. Hahahahhaha.

The man in white behind me was the yoga teacher.

Walked back to our bungalow and passed by some others… I think ours is better.

Breakfast time!
Because we love Cuba Goa so much, we had breakfast, lunch and dinner there everyday and were never disappointed by the meals. Not forgetting to mention, the friendly and attentive staffs.

Angmohs 7 morning 8 morning already tanning there.


One simply doesn’t take a break without taking a picture wtf make no sense also but die die want to write something funny like in 9gag. fail.

I want to go back there badly!

I know… I know.. When I tell people I miss India, they all gave me this weird look. Oh come on, if you have been to Goa, you will feel exactly like me.

My breakfast. Omelet with porridge.
To be honest, me being a sua-ku, was expecting RICE porridge instead of OAT porridge.
Still I habiskan lah.. My very first time finishing a bowl of oats. Urghhh.

Mau’s… The butter was super great!

Yup, the Indians love blow… horn…

Hip hop musical instruments!

I know the letters…. but… putting them together… saya tak faham ler.

Interesting restaurants that we didn’t try… Maybe next time



I should have bought a hammock back!

Baskin Robbins thirty one~ Note
(Sorry can’t resist. Been listening to the jingle everyday in radio station)

We were very tempted to go for a tai-tai afternoon but like I said, we’re just too lazy.
Rather sat by the beach and stared and laughed at silly things.

India has the nicest keropok!

Those Lays were like $0.25 to a dollar (BND) and it tasted super good! If my luggage still got space, I would have brought back like one guni sack!

My scarf that comes in handy in both hot sunny day or cold weather!

Another batch of tourists back from Dolphin ride.

I swear I wasn’t checking them out baby….

My travel partner kan rasa how it feels to be a lifeguard

sssshh… afternoon nap is essential on the beach!


I know this photo looks really misleading… but, sorry to disappoint you…. no hanky panky going on there.

The huts towards the end of the beach

Having a zen moment I guess

That’s how far I zoomed in my camera. Hahhahahaha

Self-timer is our best friend

Thirst quencher~ Tasted just like 100 plus, just less citrusy.

Next time I want to bring my kids to the beach, find a shelter and let them play like this little girl all day long.
Cuteness overload!

A small chapel

Yes, cows are everywhere in India! Even on the beach! SLEEPING!


Ani dua berdating~

Guess what?

This is a mobile temple! Sibeh sat okay!

Making some new roofs

The beautiful huts

She enjoyed the breeze outside on the hammock, whereas I had the bed all to myself with the ceiling fan giving me some cool air.

My travel shoes… buruk liao.

Room service. Tuna sandwich before dinner.

Dinner time!

I ordered this Jamaican Passion before knowing that it’s actually an alcoholic beverage.
Hence earning the name “Alcoholic” from Mau because I drank everyday when I was in Goa.

While waiting for our food…

Go ahead and guess what we had that night!



We had lobster!!!!!

See that big plate of seafood with rice and potatoes? That’s only like BND30! For two person!
Delicious somemore! Ish! So unfair eh! Why can’t we have cheap seafood too? It’s not like we live on mainland with no sea around us….


Shuang dao……

Cheap seafood dinner by the sea, breezy and relaxing, then got fireworks again~

Chocolate milk before hitting the sack.
I love the milk there! The butter, the chai tea, this chocolate milk… all nyaman eh!

Bah, I will try to blog more.

sabar ah

busy bah with both work and personal stuffs.