Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to my dearest

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Or easier, just exit.

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Hehe. I kind of copy Bobby's last plan for my birthday celebration. I booked a room in Rizqun, Brunei's latest 5 star hotel situated in the most congested and hip area, Gadong.

Normal Price: B$320
Promotion Price: B$138nett! (breakfast included)

Not bad huh?

@ Lobby

No regrets! I really like the room, feels really cozy. And erm... a whole lot cheaper than Empire. I know I shouldn't be comparing but, I'm just a poor teacher. I got to look after my wallet (especially now because Valentine's and CNY is just round the corner).

Our bed. Makes me feel like running and jump onto it.
In fact, I did!

I don't know for you but, I'm a coward and am very scare of ghost. There's a "pantang" that when you first walked in the hotel room, you're suppose to knock the door, open it and wait for few seconds (for the 'guest' inside to come out) then baru you go in.

Working desk

It is my first stay in Rizqun so the staff from the check-in counter guided us to our room. And the thing is.... He straight away open the door and walked in.

My face straight away turn....(no words to describe), eyes staring at the door and couldn't shut my lips together.

I stood close to the door and continuous knock on it while he's still telling me the facilities and services available. What my mind can only think of is, "Dear "good brothers and sisters", please don't come and kacau me tonight. I did not mean to interupt like that."

Thank God for no encounters with "dirty things" last night.

BathroomYeah, that's my reflection.

Told you, I am a coward even tough I talk very loud and are hyper active sometimes.
Haven't you heard of "Looks can be deceiving"?

Bobby's and my favorite spot in the room

What he loves is actually the TV, the controller and the sofa.
And what I love is the mirror and the big table to put my stuffs.

Saw the umbrella? That's Uncle Bobby's work. He was holding an umbrella and a small plastic bag. I asked why did he brought the umbrella along, he said it's for "just in case it rains".

And inside the small plastic bag is his sleeping cloths, toothbrush and hair gel.

So simple huh?

And as for me.. I was carrying my small luggage bag, my makeup bag, 2 plastics of gifts for fatboy and the silver bag with my keys, wallet, camera and used tissues, candy wrappers inside.

So troublesome to be a lady isn't it?

The channels available

And that's Bobby and I relaxing. Pardon my elephant thighs.

We're a one chubby couple

Sorry no scenery pics taken from the view of my window because, the view is blocked by some roof top. That's the only drawback of the room actually.

Bobby with his gifts

We rested for awhile and later get ready for dinner.

My stuffs

See, the number of things I need to bring just for few hours of "enhanced look". And what Bobby did was watch TV while waiting for me.

Okay, done!

Us in lift

Actually, I have a little phobia about taking lifts. Hate it especially when the lift jerks a little when it reach the floor. You know, the up and down a bit jerk?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Since we're not staying in Empire, so we makan in Empire lor. The seafood buffet in Pantai again!

No pictures of food. If you want to see, click -here- .
It's almost the same.

The view from our table

Rainy Night

Us @ Pantai

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Finally! Back to the hotel.

Damn Gadong, 11+ still got so many cars and people.

Me: Wah lao, how come still so many cars and people one?
Bobby: It's Saturday bi.
Me: Aha? Saturday no need sleep one la is it?

No lah, it is those people who's playing the music in their car super LOUD, AS IF THEY'RE DOING SOME CHARITY WORK PLAYING FREE MUSIC FOR THE AREA.


Please lah, don't force people to listen to your playlist! Who cares if your car sound system is very good and we spend a lot on it?

Very annoying can. Disturbing ah.

*Roll eyes*


Okay, back to my post.

Rested for awhile and shower while waiting for 12.00a.m.

Both Bobby and I are not fans of cake. So I didn't buy any 1 pound or 2 pound of cake from Le Apple or Sheraton. I just bought those small small, cute little cakes to "yi-si, yi-si" (give meaning) just to light candles, sing birthday song, make a wish and to blow candles.

Chocolate Fantasy, English Fruit *something* and Strawberry Moose.

Nice right the candles? Heart shape one leh.

Bobby posing making his wish(es)

After struggling to finish one cup of moose (we just ate buffet remember?), it's gift unwrapping time!

Actually I wanted to buy a stalk of flower for Bobby because he once said that how come only girls get flowers and guys never. Maybe guys will appreciate it too.

I walked in the florist, the only flower that I saw and liked is the pink lily. I love lilies. But... B$8.00 for a stalk. Mahal eh.

(God, how can people still buy 99, 100, 999 stalks of flowers which wilt the next 2 to 3 days just to please girls? Are you sure that the girl will like it, or she prefer cash or diamonds better? After all, those are the things that can last forever what.

Sorry, I'm being a bit materialistic here. But I prefer to call it "realist")

I walked pass a stall selling chocolates, and those 'rocky road chocolates' look so yummy and nicely wrapped up like flowers.

So I bought those instead of flowers. Well, it feel less weird too giving a guy chocolate rather than flowers mah.

The second gift

It's a photo frame which looks like a crystal ball.

I went into that shop and saw it, not planning to buy it at first but.... my hand slipped and I dropped it! Damn, a bit pecah at the have to buy lor.

Don't worry, the pecah part is at the back, doesn't effect how it looks.

The third gift
Er, the box of red undies that I wrongly bought for myself thinking it's for FEMALE! (Laugh lah laugh lah, I'm the super big-head-prawn + blur queen + something wrong with my eyes)

The forth and fifth gift

And lastly, the most long awaited one.....


Nice nice nice?

I really spend a lot of time in making it. The longest in fact. It is Bobby's 23rd birthday so I made 23 cartoon figures sitting on the train.

And inside each figure, I wrote the dates and events we encountered.

Not easy you know! The hairs and outfits for them to wear.... Kepala sakit eh.

The biggest project ever. Come, let me hear some compliments and appraisals from you all. (My muka-tembokness strike again)

Or say Bobby is one lucky guy to have a girlfriend like me. Muahahahhhahahaha!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Had breakfast at the coffee house this morning.

Oh by the way, Norainn (my ex colleague) and Rohana (my current colleague) stayed in Rizqun for the night too.

Meet my co, poser Ro.

Think I only ate so little? Apparently you don't know me so well. Hhahhaaa

The Mall was so empty when we're eating. And after I went back to my room and later checked out, wah different.

When we're in our room, it felt that we're in some other country. But once we stepped down... ai.. Brunei. Feels really weird.

We're so reluctant to leave Gadong because, we really like our parking! It's so rare that we get to park so near at the entrance of the Mall so we can't bear to let it go.....

(Probably you feel like crow fly by, quack quack quack reading the reason why we want to stay in Gadong)

We just went to Q-lap Mall for some aimless jalan-jalan and had a little rest and drink in Tea Box.

And after that comes the saddest part of the day.... it's time for Nonnie to drive back alone to Seria.

At Tutong traffic light

to my favorite man in the whole wide world.

I'll just leave the mushy words for him to hear and read only.

Bye bye~


cc said...

That's so incredibly sweet! You two look so loving together.
That card looks so great! You are very talented. :)

Kenny Ng said...

fuahh!!!! So jeles la celebrate Bday n Valentines day together in a nice place. Eh... got do naughty naughty things ah? kekekeke... *cabut

De Pianist said...

hey that train looks cute! really have the patience to do it eh..for me halfway,keksim then put aside jor..3 minute heat.haha..your bobby should feel hangfok to have you as his caring gf.still give a lot of gifts leh..fuh~~

Horny Ang Moh said...


Nonnie King said...

CC : Thanks for the compliment. Makes me feel happy.

* * *

Kenny : Got also don't tell you lah.

* * *

Pauline : I don't have patience one. I can't work on it for more than 1hr so this card took me 2 weeks to finish.

Hehe. He's hangfok, I'm hangfok. And I hope everyone will feel hangfok too~

* * *


uglyfatchick said...

Wah.. next time when you buy your own house, can display all the cards...

teddY said...

Bobby is just so nice! Haha! All the photos make me want to live in that hotel suite forever! The atmosphere is so cozy and yet the price isn't that sky-high XD Well this also means that your birthday is somewhere near Valentine's Day? Anyway all the happiness to you both!

Nonnie King said...

Christina : Know what? That's what Bobby and I want to do for our wedding, if possible, display all the cards and crafts we ever made for each other!

* * *

Teddy : I wish I can live there forever too, with house keeper and big and comfy bed.

Oh, we're celebrating his birthday and valentine's day. My birthday is in November.

29 said...

rizqun is 5 star? really? hehe i didnt know dat.. *hmm*

Nonnie King said...

I don't know Rosie, that's what they wrote in their official website.

Atul said...

No wonder you said it took you awhile to do! That (the card) must have been very troublesome and tiresome to do. But anything for the love of your life right? Hehehe. Very nice!

LuUeE said...

SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO ROMANTIC. ooo.. next time i will bring my gf go there too and have a great Erotic time.. opps i mean Exotic.. Bi, if your listening, i wanna wish you Happy Birthday, i think you your father is really cool guy.

Nonnie King said...

Atul : And I think I won't be doing anything so 'huge' for quite some time.

(Else I'll suffer from hair loss later)

* * *

Luuee : *Ahhem* The name "Bi" is for me nya, unless you let me drive your "vivian".

Make sure your future gf is also the romantic type if not later feel long-pia.

anak siapa ah? said...

keep up the good work!

macam school report plang...

enjoyed your daily diary, full of zest and life!!

Iwan Sanchez said...


haha!!what a marvelous gf u are...
see i told u liao, bobby is lucky to have you!!


i also kaypo like kenny ng: got hanky panky anot ar? hahahaha!!
joking joking only.. hehe!!

WD also like u lei, before go in hotel room must knock knock.. i alos believe in this..

nevertheless, may u and bobby be blessed and be happy always!!

btw, bobby only 23??? he is younger than me? hahaha!!

War186 said...

Thank God I don’t use dial-up anymore lol. Again thumbs up to Bobby for wanting to pose for you. I guess he’s just too happy on his birthday, huh?

Don’t you just love it if you get half-price for hotel rooms? Hehe.

Your first picture with Bobby, the one you put in your Friendster profile so sexy lah. ;)

Same lah like us we’re not into cakes too. Maybe next time I copy your idea use those cute little cakes lah. Hehe. Love the heart candles. Where’d you get them?

So was the rocky road chocolate nice?

Haha I’ve seen the crystal ball frame at the Mall. I wanted to buy it for myself but I’d rather get it as a gift from Boon so I’ll have to hint again to him hehehe.

Hahaha I can’t believe you gave the undies to Bobby. I think they look too big for you anyway. Lesson learnt huh?

Oh my, the hand-made card is so nice. So creative lah you. So lucky lah Bobby to have you. I’m sure you put a lot of effort and time in it. It really looks complicated. Have to think of 23 cartoon figures and 23 events again. Two thumbs up Nonnie! :)

The Tea Box has a great ambience, doesn’t it? I can’t wait for the cineplex at the Qlap Mall to open. But will have to wait for the crowd to subside. You know how it is in Brunei when a new Mall or some other opens everyone wants to go there. Hehe. ‘Poklen’. Did I just admit to that? Hehe.

Lastly, I’d like to say happy belated birthday to Bobby. :) May you get to celebrate more to come with your lovely gf, Nonnie. Hehe. ;)

Nonnie King said...

Anak Siapa Ah? : Hey, your nick very cool leh! I like I like!

First time I hear someone say I blog macam school report, what to do, cikgu kali-ah~

Flattered yoh.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Me, marvelous girlfriend? Oh well, those who ever saw my evil and wicked side will not say it I guess? Heheheh.

Aiyer, got hanky panky also don't tell you (and write in the blog) lah. Like Luuee, he keep on asking me in MSN too!

I think all Chinese pantang that! Makes me feel so secure anyway.

Thanks for your blessing.

And yes, Bobby is 4 months younger than you, and 3 months younger than me. Can't tell right? He looks old like uncle bah.

Lack of facial care.

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Wow, very long your comment. But I like!

Hehe, I think I kind of influence Bobby in taking picture, he can pose and looks better now than the usual 'sour' not smiling face.

Sad the promotion is only till March, and after that only available during the weekends. But still, Rizqun is nice!

Sexy ka? Maybe because I'm wearing shorts kua? Aiyaa.. see that fat and short thigh where got still feel sexy?

You wouldn't believe it, I get the candles from Utama Grand! They have some more cute teddy bears cancle but I guess the heart one fits better.

Didn't get to eat the rocky road chocolate because we ate too much for that 2 days!

And the crystal ball frame.. I bought it because I dropped it and broke a little of it. SO paksa buy lah. Then Bobby say he wouldn't mind if I give it to him. So, now then you know, seems very unromantic liao hor?

The undies is M size, as per stated at the box, it is suppose to fit me. But I guess it's different for men's. Impossible Bobby's waistline can be the same as mine kan?

I can't wait to for the Qlap cineplex too! Ah, very 'poklen' of us. Hahhahhhaaaa

War186 said...

I'm impressed you know the meaning of 'poklen' lah Nonnie. Lol.

P.S. I think I have heavier thighs than you. My petiteness can be deceiving. That's why I jarang wear shorts lah. Confidence is sexy, that's what you have. Hehe. ;)

LuUeE said...

yea lo.. Erotic and Romantic galfriend shure makes my life so nice. And Bi, you are cool. Me your bro.