Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Week of Bliss

I'm wondering if I'm going to get 100 comments on my birthday since there's lesser commentors nowadays. *hint hint*

People, 6 more days yeah. Go write it down on a Post-it Note and stick them on your monitor.
5th of November.

*poke own face* Wah... Very tebal oh.

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I love my Buddha.

Everytime when something bad happened and pulled me down giving me thoughts of giving up (for blogging), something better will occur and raise me up.

Not going to talk about what happened that made me felt so pek-cek (translation: irked) but I'm going to share with you what make my week.

Yes! WEEK!
Not day.


My humble blog is Simpur Blogging Nation's featured blog this week!

Ever since Simpur started this whole blogging nation thingie, I had wonder if any day under any circumstances that my blog will get featured or not. And after 3 seconds of dreaming,

"Neh... There's nothing special about my blog. What for they want to feature me?"

But my dream comes true. Spiritual Garden is featured.

Thanks BN! You guys totally rock!

Never in my life I dream of winning or achieving something.
The curse was finally broken.

* * * * *

And if that is not enough to make me happy for the whole week, here.... something else that had kept me happy whole day long.

I'd received gifts and cards from my students.

(Let me hear, "Awww..... so sweet")

Tell me what's there not to love about being a teacher?

Someone once told me that I could have get a better job other than teaching but I immediately disagreed with her. This is by far the best and coolest job I had in my life. Of course, there are other prices to pay but its all worth it when I saw students calling out my name from far, gave me that pleasant smile and greeted me.

Even worth it when they remembered what I taught and excel in their studies.

Nothing is more returning than seeing them improve and turning into a better person.

And if one day I see a student outside of school and he/she sees me from far and turn away to avoid me, that means I'm doing a bad job being a teacher.

(Actually that's what I did when I saw my teachers. I'll approach those I like and avoid I dislike)

* * * * *

Something to ponder...

Is it normal to have like 33 notifications in the Facebook?

Or it's just me being ignorant?

Facebook makes me dizzy and I have no idea how you guys get addicted to it! There's too many invitations and request to approve or ignore. Gah.... It just keep coming back!

I have.... 19 werewolves invitations, 13 vampires invitations, 9 fighter's clubs invations, (the lists go on and on) and I thought I'm already a werewolf-cum-vampire-cum-fighter-cum-zombie?


FYI, I logged in Facebook just to approve friends. I couldn't bother with the rest.

Oh Yeah! Let the notifications pile up till it reachers 100!

And no one is going to send request or invitation or draw on my wall anymore


Hungryduo said...

I get annoyed too for accepting those invitations to different types of applications!
There are just too many applications lar!
I ever get up to 50 plus notifications and i guess there are other people who got more in record.

- Hunnie <3

Chau Mc Dotty said...

Hey, see I told you... don't be bother by those 'freak'... All the besto!

Chau Mc Dotty.

@lex said...

LOL .. i got your record on FACEBOX's notification ! .. give up approving after the Nth times..

Jewelle said...

Eh, what do you mean you cannot win anything - you won the best personal blog what! So being featured in the Simpur is pretty much guarantee lah.

As for the Facebook - we are the same! I only approve friends and I kept getting poked and questions and don't know what else - those people have nothing to do lah! LOL

Iwan Sanchez said...

urs is only 37 notifications..
mine can go beyond 100!!

But like u said, this facebook have ton and tons of applications and i cant fathom ppl can religiously focussed on their facebook..


initially i was hooked on to it, but no longer now..

oops, am i onr of those ppl who flood ur facebook with the applications?


so guilty!!


Iwan Sanchez said...


Nonnie memang a good teacher, a good friend and i am sure bobby will say a good gf and wife to be..

last and not least,

leeshi said...

I've been reading this blog silently for quite some time now. Recently I decided to start commenting coz I think you deserve to know who your readers are. And I feel like I have to contribute some *motivation* so that you wont give up blogging. Hehe.
Really enjoy your blog even if we don't know each other in real life (but we have a lot of mutual friends heh)

De Pianist said...

my friend just beat you in the numbers of notifications in facebook this morning..94 notifications.lol..i can't tahan to see so many notifications d..i need to know since i'm very pat person..hehehehe..

before i was addicted to it,now not anymore..but then there's this mind game i've found recently,and i think i'm hooked up with it since i stop playing it for years..ha.=p

Nonnie King said...

Hunnie : Yeah lah! I really don't understand how people can get hooked approving and playing with those applications.


Chau : Cos I have great friends like you!

@lex : Eh, we're not friends already since you can't make it for the dinner. *humphhhhh*

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : And that's by far the one and only thing I won.

Wah, you so daring terus say those people nothing to do. If I say like that sure kana "shoot" liao.

Iwan : Wah seh! Ganas also! Cannot lose, must get more than 100 to win. Hahhahahaaaa

I never check who keep flooding me those application request though, I just click "Friend's request" and the rest I ignore saja.

<- I'll sure tell Bobby that. Nonnie good teacher + gf + wife. He untung to have me. =p

Nonnie King said...

Leeshi : If only I have more readers like you.

And.. who are those mutual friends you're refering to? I wanna know eh, can?

I hope you heard only good things about me and not the bad one =p

Pau Lene : Nice ah those applications? I felt so pek-cek everytime I tried forcing myself to clear those notifications away la.

Ahhem.. my birthday coming soon bor.

Ready liao ah my drawing?

*sibeh muka tembok*

Anonymous said...

hi Ms. King

I used to love reading you're blog. It used to be so hilarious! but honestly, i get bored reading them now coz all u do is nag on how u're unlucky and at times u beg alot and its kinda annoying.

please deh.. stop the begging. seriously, it aint cute. not that u care if ure cute o not right? (Hey. im not being mean. thats how u roll in the blogworld!)

lunaticgal said...

nonnnie the student..
WRITE WRONG WORDS! ICT initially wrote SCT..
they dint put attention..

everyone nowsaday join facebook d hor.... so outdated me

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : Thank you for your friendly reminder. =)

Lu Nee : At least he did correct it mah~ Kids only, cannot request too much.

I know facbook is the in thing now but I have no idea why I still prefer friendster. Maybe its easier for me.

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... you'll get 100 comments soon. I think my facebook notifications more than you as I long time never login there... haha

RiM3Y said...

Just in case if I did forget about ur bday... Happy Advance Bday! Famous sudah nie... anyway, the famous question: "Bila blanja?"

p/s I hate facebook so much bcoz I dont know how to use it... :P

leeshi said...

Hehe. I didnt hear anything good or bad about you coz I only start reading your blog after I left Brunei. I know bout the mutual friends only from the pictures in your blog.
Hm...Not exactly mutual friends la. Mostly my cousins. Hehe. My maternal relatives are mostly from Seria, so I used to go there every weekend.

Anneesa said...

#18th Comment

(Im going to keep doing this until you get 100 comments. okie?)

By the way, you are chewing gum, I am hair. Cause apparently you're annoying according to anonymous.

Hahahahahahah. SMILE!

Thanis said...

T_T I got 100+ notifications and I'm too lazy to actually check them one by one ... too many of those applications invites ... my goodness....

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : Hahaha. You give up liao ah?

Rimey : I belanja when I see you. Nasi Katok can?

Leeshi : I see. Brunei damn small. Who knows I'll bump into you one day.

Nonnie King said...

Ness : Eh, you're more annoying in real life bor. Kanasai.

Thanis: But you still got time to play with it I see.