Saturday, September 8, 2007

My latest interest - GUITAR!

Short Note:
I realized something...
I can only start blogging when the photos are completely uploaded!


Don't marah baaaaaaa. I know it'd only been one day and I failed my mission already - blog daily. I got my reasons.

And the reason is: I'd been out the whole day. My mum signed me up for a 蔡明霞老师 's Life Potential class (sounds corny I know... but it's real fun and benefiting) without asking me. She just went:

Mum: Hey, this Saturday and Sunday you free?

Me: Why?

Mum: Oh, Tsai Lao-Shi (Teacher Tsai) is coming, you want to go for the class.

Me: No, don't want... Malas. (I just want to rot at home and do nothing for the whole day)

Mum: But I paid already and said you're going...

Me: Okay lor, you li-hai (steady)! Say finish already, I got choice meh?

Normally my mum is not like that, I mean she gives me lots of freedom and set no curfew because she knows I won't do anything stupid and get myself in to troubles.

(See people, don't complain if you think your parents control or give you no freedom at all, I think most probably its because you didn't earn enough "Trust-Points" when you're young by keeping promise and let them worried too much.)

And I went up BSB to find Nazri because he's leaving this coming Monday. Big face lar him. (Will post those stupid photos taken with him in the next post)

Anyway, back to the topic.

I'm going to learn how to play guitar. Wooohooooo!!!!

And don't you go and tell me, "Har? Guitar ah? Why not piano?" because I find that very annoying. I know, girls who can play piano seems so much more attractive and gentle. But it's too expensive for me lar. (I can learn guitar by myself and it's cheaper) Anyway, since Bobby can play piano, so I thought I'll just choose some thing I like. Hey, guitar is cool okay! Just strings and planks of wood then can create beautiful music liao.

Actually I'd been longing to own one myself since college time. Got influenced by Keith and Isra because they just couldn't stop playing, singing and syok-sendiri (self-entertain) whenever we had our group study together. I bugged them to teach me a few chords and never improved. =p

So, 2.5 years after my graduation, I 'tik' up my heart (made up my mind), went to the musical instruments store and get one. Because I had been telling my friends beside me that I wanted to learn how to play guitar. And I don't want to waste my time by talking and not doing anything. After all, I'm not young anymore. If I don't do it now, after I got married and have babies where got chance liao?

(That is what all my married friends told me - Now you single, want to buy what, want to do what, better do right away. Else you only dream about it after kahwin!)

I dragged SL and Theen along in helping me to choose my first guitar.

Of course, I'm just a beginner. Tak kan I buy myself an electric guitar. But they're so handsome and stylish lar. *slurps*

I was totally blur with what I want and thanks for the kind shop attendant for introducing one by one patiently about their difference and performance.

The choices I had were a blue one, a creamy brown one and black. In the end, I get the black one - B$65.00, and a pretty baju (case) for it $17.90.

(Sorry I must cut out my face because I looked bloody swollen in it. Theen sucks in taking photos. Well, she blamed it on me for looking ugly and there is no problem with her photography skill. Bleh)

Handsome leh? He's tan with shapes, okay... maybe he's a little plump at the bottom but that's not the problem. At least he responds well, not like men - girls say what also don't know if they're listening or not.

By the way, yesterday was my first day learning guitar by myself. So far my progress is able to play G, C, D major and Em. Four chords only. My problem is not able to switch my fingers fast enough to play all the chords smoothly in one go without pausing.

Heh, at least now I can play 恰似你的温柔 cacat-ly。 I know its a very old song but it's nice what.

Gambate Nonnie p^_^q

(Don't give up half way and waste that $82.90)

p/s: Any cheap guitar teachers available in Belait district? Just in case I got lazy and need someone to monitor.i


ShamNE.O said...

you don't know me but i hope you don't mind my commenting..

personally, i think girls with guitars are hotter than girls on piano. those 4 chords are the best ones to learn in the beginning. with just that, you'll have the ability to play A LOT of songs! it's the F's and B's you'll get in trouble with! ':)

that's how i started (abt 2 months ago), now i'm a regular pro! well.. a bit cacat too.. hehe.
oh, where's that guitar shop? i need to buy me one too.

good luck with the lessons! don't give up! note: teachers are not required. i did it by myself.

affy said...

I gave up trying to play the guitar.
I know, it's sad. HAHA

Tina said...

I've always wanted to learn, but it's not the lack of teachers, it's the lack of guitar! Haha.

Good luck, you can serenade us for the next gathering, if ada. ;)

Sue21 said...

Rock on Nonnie \m/>_<\m/

A guitar?! So jealous. Lawa. And it's black.

Don't give up. I gave up and regretted it :( Don't have time anymore to belajar.

Most people learn to play guitar by themselves. You're a fast learner. Dapat empat cords sudah :)) Congrats.

I think any girls who can play any musical instruments are cooler and hotter. Heheh, even instruments yang guling tangan atu.

Of all, guitar is the best \m/

War186 said...

Good luck Nonnie! We're all behind you hehe ;) I used to want to try too but then I lost interest 'cos sports take too much of my time hehe.

I'm Choonie. said...

I can never play guitar nicely because I have short fingers! I think I like piano but nevertheless... guitar is a better musical instrument because you can play it anywhere. Easy to bring it along with you.
Gambate!!! May be you can use it as your teaching aid next time.

De Pianist said...

wahaha..guitar leh..and it's black..god it's so darn the future i'll be listening to nonnie's music in here..haha..

i prefer drums those in the bands..cuz i love the beats..waha..but then i can't learn already..haiz..anyway,i'm waiting to see you become a pro guitarist..woot~hahaha

Kelly said...

wahahah! funny la the pic you edit and put a smiley face on it!! Btw, where's that shop? BSB?

I support u la as i knew u always wanted to learn & personally, if u r able to find a guitar class, really it will benefits u more eventhough it require $$$$...but i myself would prefer piano, BUT NOT with your stupid reasons of being attractive k?!!! is that i love piano sounds~~~ sigh...but how m i going to buy a piano & put at home to practise after the class???? that's the problem!!!

Effy said...

Haha. I'm learning how to play guitar too. From those 4 chords you can start playing green day boulevard of broken dreams after learning the basic strumming la. Anyways, there is this one music school i forgotten the name but its around Hyundai Motors there and one near the techinical college in KB. You can hire a tutor that will teach you at home instead of you coming over. You'll learn much faster having someone to teach you. Well good luck!!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

What an interesting hobby!! hahaha!
Well, i tink its rare to see a lady playing guitar? I mean u are one of those talented gals? hehehe!

i dun even know how top lay a guitar lah.



Rock on!

maybe u can upload a videop of u playing the guitar or sometink like that?

Jase Lee said...

I want to learn how to play an electric guitars like Slash or Van Halen. Imagine playing "Sweet Child of Mine"!

Back to you... go for it! Think you'll attract the boys!

Nonnie King said...

ShamNE.o : Of course I wouldn't mind you commenting.

Just 2 months and you're already a regular pro? Envy la. I doubt I can't improve that much in just two months time.

Affy : Pick it back up then!

Tina : Cannot! It'll be too embarassing. And you, go buy guitar and learn. At least you got teachers available.

Nonnie King said...

Sue : Woooo! ROCK ON! \m\

Even I got that four chords still my fingers are pretty clumsy. I can't switch fast enough.

Yeah, I saw girls playing guling tangan and they definitely look very attractive.

War : At least you're good at sports. There's nothing I'm good at!

Except sleeping..

Choonie : My fingers aren't any longer too. But I'll try, as long as the passion remains.

Teaching aid? But I'm a computer teacher wor.

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : Heh, you wait ah..wait long also don't have.

Drum is really cool. But I heard it is one of the hardest intrument to plearn too because all your hands and legs have to be operate separately.

Kelly : The one next to DST KB lah, you never see meh?

I buy you a baby piano, only 8 keys one.

Effy : I'm still hoping that the place I bought the guitar from will got the license for teaching soon.

Hiring tutor come over to my place will be too mafan for me.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Me? Talented? Are you sure? I only know I'm good in making cards, as for guitar.. I'll try.

Video ah? I think you guys have to wait for a long long time.

Jase Lee : Wah seh! If only I can ever play an electronic guitar.. Hai, don't even dare to dream.

Any boys here who got attracted?

youngbruneian* said...

Hei!!!! Guitar 65 dohler can purchase keyboard 15 dohler cannot har! huhuhu I dont wanna mention names because he will be very kambang but my fren rebel is very handal! you should ask him to ajar you.

youngbruneian* said...

btw where is that guitar shop ah? theres one shop in seria plaza i used to go to before afternoon class, 2nd floor if im not mistaken. Went there again recently, the guitars there are already 20 years old but the price still the same! even walkman still $100

youngbruneian* said...


Kelly : The one next to DST KB lah, you never see meh?

You already answer the question. next time i should read all the comments first.

Nonnie King said...

YoungBruneian : Different story leh. My keyboard is still working fine albiet dirty but I don't have a guitar wor.

And I asked Rebel already, waiting for approval now. LOL!

The Seria Plaza one cannot laaaa..Suck bloody one. I don't even feel like stepping in. Plus the one beside DST is newer and at least the Filipinos inside are way nicer and friendlier.

Saidah said...

i cant help but comment since i play the guitar too.

With those four chords, 'mimpi yang sempurna by peterpan' is yours. thats my very 1st song when i started playing.(=

Em - C - G - D - D
repeat saja balik-balik.

strumming, hantam saja for now. huhu.

oh try to listen to the song, so you'll get the beat.


Nonnie King said...

Saidah: I know that song and I like that song!!!


Darn, my fingers are as clumsy as me!