Friday, July 29, 2011

Excapade Sungkai Buffet

I remember just a few years ago… (2003 or 2004?) when the second Excapade branch (Gadong branch) just opened, I had my very first Japanese buffet. And that, was the only time Excapade launched buffet style dining, before they had the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and not the EIGHTH branch (!!!), and became the “brand name” for Japanese food in Brunei.

(Expand anymore and they’ll become the 7-11 of Brunei with the slogan, 总有一间在你左右!
meaning, confirm got one branch just next to you.

And just last weekend, I received a call from Siew Fong inviting to try out their buffet. The feeling, ecstatic!

When I walked to the buffet area, I was blown away by the settings!

What would you imagine if there’s a Japanese sungkai buffet? I don’t know for you but with my past experiences in other places, I will imagine as those… banyak yang cucumber, needle mushrooms, yang luxurious sikit, crabstick, eggs and if very lucky, got unagi small small piece WITH PLENTY OF RICE! Except for Shin Yeh in Taiwan, which costs NT750, which is around BND33.

But the one I had in Excapade… wow! Totally beyond expectation!
See for yourself.

(Have you seen generous settings like this????? I cannot count the number of slices and I don’t have to rush and fight with other people just to get one piece because sure ada banyak!)

Not thin thin translucent one oh~

Cha Soba

Fried fish salad, Potato Salad, Idako, Wakamae.
Can’t help but thought $2.50, $3.80, $3.50 those amount in my head…
Boh, later kana ucap karit again..


Nigiri and maki, all big big fat fat one.


Miso Soup

Snow crab legs

P1210042 P1210043
Niniku meshi, Haru maki and Gyoza with cheese

Stir fried vegetables

Seafood Tofu Ankake

Deep fried mussels and Ebi furai.

P1210049 P1210051
Yaki niku and Chicken Teriyaki

Salmon asparagus

Black pepper lamb

Cute jellies

Fresh fruits, green tea, bandung and ice lemon tea.

Black sesame ice cream and vanilla ice cream with your choices of red bean and/or cocktails

My first round

Vai, my vegetarian friend’s first round.

Bobby’s first round *fatboy*

Wuuuuu~ Ketammmmmmmm

My second round

Haiyah, regret a bit la. I snacked out a little at 4 something that’s why didn’t eat so much.

Black sesame ice cream with red bean paste.

Fatboy, busy man and vegetarian

Chalie Chubbies

The GBs + a friend, Liyana… if I got the spelling right.

Birthday celebration just next to our table and everyone sang along. This is what I like about Brunei, everyone will just cheer and sing whether they know or don’t know you giving sincere smile when a birthday cake pops in the scene with birthday song. #neveralone



Marul, Reeda gor gor, Thanis, Aziz and a friend.


Ending the post with this photo.

Thank you Excapade, for making everyone feels like home and great food!!!!

Buffet is only available in Gadong branch and priced at BND28.80 per head for adult and BND18.80 for children, available till 31st Aug. You can use the privilege card to get discount. Yeshhh! Buffet also can haz discount!!!

BND28.80 – 10% = BND25.92

Imagine those all-you-can-eat sashimis, ebi furai, lamb, beef and ice cream!
No need control control while ordering and just pick what you want.
Happiness money can buy

(If you add salmon sashimi + mixed tempura + Idako + Wakamae + haru maki + gyoza + any red/blue/green/yellow plates and a green tea, the amount sure exceeds BND28.80. No need I teach you maths one lar horrr)

For reservation, call 2443012.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

After a long day

The best time of the day, de-stressing after a hectic day with bunch of silly colleagues doing mindless things.

I heart my colleagues.

Picture taken today in Rock Garden.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Another day to remember

Next time, I’ll make sure I’m the one driving!

I suck in giving direction.. as in “go left”, “go right”. The only thing that came out from my mouth is, “Go there” – with my fore finger pointing at the back seat. Ya, as if Tina has eyes at the back right?

And the dinner was crazy!

Imagine this. We had late lunch/tea at Nulhajika at around 4pm. As usual, Mee Gulung, Roti John HK style with cheese, Maggie Mamak and drinks. Then we had early dinner at 6pm in Buccaneer!


And half a dozen of escargots, mushroom soup, pumpkin soup, two steaks and grilled platter!

Then, we went to the Perayaan again!

Yes, apart from eating, I guess there’s just nothing much to do in KB/Seria~

Sunday, July 17, 2011

For a sunny day

Absolutely necessary for a hot sunny day where you have stand under the sun for hours.


Umbrella, shades and fan.

And OMG! HM has got to be the most handsome 65 years old in the whole wide world!
When he passed by, I couldn’t help but sighed twice, “So handsome~~~~”

Long live His Majesty!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Vietnam

Last Sunday, after a fruitful day spent with a bunch of gorgeous ladies, FussyKelly and I went roaming around the “opposite Boulevard” area (I don’t what you call that place) and looked for a place to eat. And when we passed by Little Vietnam, everyone agreed to eat there and we never regret the choice we made!

It was really really good!

The menu

Sure it’s a little pricey but it’s damn worth it!
It tasted very very similar to those I tried in Ho Chi Minh especially the spring rolls!

The environment

AIYAHHH!!! I wanted to buy those instant noodles one but I forgot till I saw the above right picture!

The fried spring rolls! So yummy that after the first size, we immediately ordered another set!

Ice Coffee

I normally avoid coffee because it gives me headache but this is the only coffee that I’m brave enough to try!
I’m not a coffee lover but I like this.

Seafood Tang Hoon

I tried the broth, definitely not those with MSG creating a fake sweetness and make you thirsty after eating. It’s so original. Okay, I don’t know what that original means but it’s good lah! GO TRY!

My Pho Beef – PERFECT MEAT! Soft and tender with a pleasing texture to chew on.

Beef Stew. Seems a little oily but it’s not mine and a friend’s friend ordered it, so I didn’t dipped my spoon in it.

But overall, I LOVE IT A LOT!

p/s: I’m not sure if it’s halal or not…


been real busy lately with school work lately. didn't even have the time to reply comments...

promise that I'll blog tomorrow,if there's no meeting or what so ever tomorrow afternoon ya.

using iblogger to blog from my k-bob. cannot upload picture one ka?

btw.. k-bob is the name of my iPad. nice leh the name


been real busy lately with school work lately. didn't even have the time to reply comments...

promise that I'll blog tomorrow,if there's no meeting or what so ever tomorrow afternoon ya.

using iblogger to blog from my k-bob. cannot upload picture one ka?

btw.. k-bob is the name of my iPad. nice leh the name

Monday, July 4, 2011

Nippon Paint to Harimau


The other day I was wearing a maxi and somehow, our conversation leaded to nail colours. He hates black nail polish but I love it. And there are a couple of men who disses black nail colour too. An ex-classmate back in my secondary school years claimed that black colour nails look.. witch-ish and macam kana poisoned.

Thinking smile

Anyways, Bobby and I went in the Face Shop and chose some nail varnish. He was “inspired” by my dress and said I should get a bright colour.. (which I never have)

And.. he chose…



I picked the other two… which is more “me”.


Since he picked the colour, I layan-ed and asked if he would like to put for me..

And he acted like a n00b painter brushing wall!

My yellow colour nails looked ….. more than quirky!

Even my students teased and asked if I took the nippon paint at the back of the hall and painted it myself.


So, with the other two new colours I have.. I decided to punk it up just a little bit.. Making it less… “Nippon-paint-ish”.

Ahhhh~ much better!