Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 2008

To be honest, I hated 2008. Note the past tense. Since 2008 is going to end in just a few hours and I think I'll have a good time with Bobby tonight eating our big meals and no-idea-what-we-gonna-do-but moments-with-him-sure-happy-if-no-fight-la.

Alright, time to review my 2008.
Just the highlights anyway.


Ate our heart out on the 1st day of 2008 in i-Lotus. Visited the first Japanese restaurant in Seria, reviewed it and got really nasty comments. Poodified myself.

.... and scared the crap out of most people by posting the above photo. HAHHAHHAHAA.

Okay okay, to be fair... I must insert a nice photo of myself.
Balance a bit mah.

Sprained my ankle while playing netball with my students.

Organized and attended the very first KB Bloggers Night!


Went to Sibu for Chinese New Year by BUS! Gosh, what a dreadful trip!


I kid you not. Nintendo DS is the best travel companion ever!


Had a 2-in-1 celebration with Bobby.
His birthday and Valentine's Day is just 2 days apart.

Try to match-make my friend in my blog.


Started my mission king-possible!

As I'd mentioned earlier in my January review, received really really nasty comments from some anonymous chicken. Stupid idiot.


Saw a number of lion dance performance and finally knew where they hide those kam-pi!

Painted my bedside cabinet.

Show off my eraser collection again.



Tried Fun Donuts for the first time and found nothing fun in them...

Went to Ulu Temburong for the very first time with Liza and her Superman.
Part 1 & Part 2


Made chocolate crisp for the first time!

Went to Giant and ate in one of the outlet and felt cheated .
Well, I know I won't go there anymore.

$4.10 for the above plate of yucky noodles? No way!


Went to Empire to kaypo Theen's pre-wedding photo shooting and realized the photographer loves to lie down on the floor to shoot.

Ranted about the princess syndrome.


Went to the Pyjama Movie Night and everyone complained that I wasn't in my sleeping attire.

Got interviewed by Jenny M in Kristal and had lots of fun in the studio.

I don't think I need to introduce any of them in the above picture. The big shots in blogosphere and also the famous DJ.

Introduced you my beloved Whitie~


Concluded that women are indecisive yet manipulative!

Made a bank bag out from some fake LV bag where my mum dunno-get-from-where-one..

Edit this for fun.


BLOG OF THE YEAR!!!! And I got the second runner up.

There's a bazaar in Seria and I saw a really stupid car. Again, I got attacked for poking fun at it.

Bought Corrie some new shoes.


My baby boo finally graduated!!!

(Gosh! He's so thin and I kinda miss my long hair looking back at these photos lah)

Went to Grinch's house for potluck dinner.

Felt happy because the lady boss of Excapade reads my blog and gave me a box of mochi!


Celebrated our 4th Anniverysary in Vintage Rose.

Grinch was hospitalized!


Calculated how much a wedding would cost and freaked myself out.

Went to Pusat Bahagia Eric Goh and had fun with my colleagues, students and the special ones.


The service in Kaizen Seria had improved tremendously. Uncle Jan Shim gave me his printer. My "crowned" tooth.. fell off.

My best friend 48 came back to attend Theen's wedding.

Picked her up from the airport and went to Theen's place to prepare the nasty tricks that we planned for the groom and his brothers.

Attended Sheepy's wedding.


James and Theen's wedding that gave me mixed emotions.
(Part 1 and Part 2)


Went to Singapopre with SL and 48.
(Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3&4)



So there, my first half of the year which I truly enjoyed. Then came the second half, which I really hated.


Made Piddie.



Tried out Fun Wok.

Failed to take picture with His Majesty during the Get-Together celebration in Belait.


Had a mini girly bloggers tea-out.


Chopped off my hair.

But no one can tell the difference..

Become a student again and moved in to the hostel.


Attended Shirley's wedding.

Tried to fried an egg with my rice cooker but failed badly.

Went to the WIB forum and got a lot of goodies.


Had fun in the SHBIE lab drawing Wall.E.

Sungkai with the girls.

Helped collect money for the kids.

Went to RIPAS and donated blood with Atul.


Raya at Liz's crib.

Had a trip back to ITB.

More Raya!

Made a pizza in Fratini.


Played Lami with my besties and had lipstick mark all over my face.



Went to Kampong Ayer for a fireflies river cruise with Bobby, 48 and Shane.

Had 4 birthday cakes for the very first time.

Celebrated it with my gang.


And Bobby too.


Had tuition class from 9am - 9pm, or later every night!


Met a lot of really cool and nice people in the tuition class.


And had fun at the gathering shouting... something not very nice. Hahhahaa

I miss the companion lar.


Cut my hair real short and get lots of compliment for it.



Went to KK with Bobby, Alex, Vict and Yohei by car.

(I reckon. You reckon.)


Yet to post more about my trip actually.

Had a BBQ picnic with SSS - P31.


Made stuffed pita for the first time for Bobby.

And... on the last day of 2008, I spent it with my heart



Bye 2008. You suck.
2009, please be kind to me please.





My 2007 here.