Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who Killed Piddie !!! (Ranting again..)

Post edited, on a Sunday morning! Time now in 8.15am!

Hate the fact that once I wake up, its hard to "re-sleep". Oh well, I'll nap later maybe before/after lunch. Please scroll down to read the added pieces.


Okie. DIY Time.
I think my last post with the label "DIY" is the sticker post and that was in MAY 08!

. . . and I don't know what else to say liao.
Bah, see for youself lah.
I need to wake up early tomorrow.

This is a gift from SheepishAcai from her honeymoon trip, claiming that she bought me my "Favorite Animal". So predictable, what else... Pig lah.

Born in the year of Boar, boh-pien.

I do like plushies but you got to admit that they're kinda useless. I mean, other than touching it, hugging it, squeezing it or throw/ punch/ kick/ twist their neck when the person who gave you make you angry... basically you're just gonna put there and let it grow dust.

"OMG! So cute!", yes I still said that but I'm not gonna fork out money from my wallet to buy it. Getting it as a gift? Okay lah.. sure will feel touched for quite a while but after that I'll be having headache where to put it liao.

So today I came up with an idea after seeing this and told SheepishAcai that imma transform the plushie keychain into an USB Pen Drive. And I did! Well, maybe not as good but at least I did it.

p/s: There's no instruction in the website and I just simply hantam test test one. Try at your own risk.

The weird bigfoot piggie plushie keychain is not longer useless.

First of all, cut off the thread connecting the head and body.

Get your thumb/ flash/ pen drive ready.

Open them up.

Because my pen drive is too long for my plushie, so I'm forced to cut the excess away.

And it looked really ugly after that.

Nevermind la, put into the plushie also no one can see what.

Then pop the pen drive in and sew up the opening so that the pen drive won't slip out from the "body".

Don't forget the cap too~

* Ta Da *

The End Product

And I named it Piddie.
Piggie + Pen Drive = Piddie.

Piddie at work

Okie, end of post.

Now, still having trouble getting couple pen drives?
No need lah, just get a pair of cute teddies and do it yourself.
So got heart and romantic. Unique lagi.

Do give it a try but be careful when taking the pen drive out if you don't need the case. I need the case because I want it to fit nicely to the head/ cap.



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By popular request at Spiritual Garden,

here... my Piddie's Head

Looks awful right?
(Nevermind lah, no one see also) - since I'm making it for myself.

Well, it was my first attempt and I had no tutorials and guild lines to follow hence the mess. Seriously, I have no idea how the heck I sew the cap in because I kinda lost patience since its the last piece of the "project".

All I did was popped the cap into the head, squeezed a moderate amount of UHU around it and sew them tight. Really, I don't have precise steps to teach you guys how to sew it because I simply ham-tam one, just attached the area which looks flabby and out of place intact.

I'm not good in sewing,
else you won't be seeing those "spilled" cottons out of the head.

Anyway, would you mind if I rant a bit here.
I'm going through a tiny period of angst now, don't worry.. its relevant to my post.

I was happily showing someone my Piddie expecting for some WOWs and WAHs follow by maybe a little compliment, but to my disappointment... not only that she seems lack of interest in it (which is totally fine with me because I do come across people who doesn't appreciate handmade stuffs thinking its a complete waste of time when they could use money to buy a perfect-looking factory-made. "Cheh, spend so much time make one. Go buy lah. Not like its very expensive..." is what they love to say), and commented...

"Nonnie, you very free hor..."

i. really. really. hate. it. when. people. say. i. very. free.

Yes, I get really defensive when I heard that comment. Come one, each and everyone of us is getting 24 hours a day and how you manage your time is entirely up you yourself!

How dare you label me as "Eat full, nothing to do" when I prefer to spend my time blogging or making some crafts, whereas you spend time visiting beauty saloon doing facial, textile shop buying kains when you already have like.... 200 over pieces of baju kurung/ kebaya/ fashion/ whatsoever in your wardrobe, going to your boyfriend house and spend time with him, play puzzle-solving computer games and watching downloaded series tembak from your friends?

Is this what you termed it as a "very busy" lifestyle?

I spent my 3 hours in making this, you spent yours watching telley and scratching your butt, now... whose the one being free?

Why am I being judged when we both have the same amount of free time? Just because I blog and love to make stuffs out of rubbish?

There's people who enjoys cooking like him, she plays basketball daily and those shutterbugs (too many to mention) who love photography, spending time and money, putting so much effort in producing good art ... its their hobbies, and what's wrong with that?

So what... people who:

- loves shopping
- loves cooking
- loves to play golf
- loves to hunt for delicious food
- loves to play online games
- loves to watch E!
- loves to spend time doing nothing with their boy/girlfriend(s)
- loves to lepak in the Mall
- loves to lepak in coffee shops looking at passersby to whistle
- loves to pluck their armpit hairs
- loves to stalk people via facebook or friendster
- loves to put sliced-cucumbers on their eyes

is very busy lah?

Wah.... Very productive hor you. Not like me, ranting in my blog now.

I have no life man.

Whatever..... *roll eyes*

And people like me who blogs and enjoy making little stuffs has too much free time?
You tell me lah, fair or not like that? D'oh.

You have your choice in deciding what you want to do and I have mine! I've not utter a single word about your selections so please, MYOB! You're not my MOTHER!

p/s: Dear beloved friends.... please, for the last time. Don't ever say I'm very free again. I really hate it and because I love you, I choose not to argue back indignantly.

Don't ever come to me and say "You good lah. So short your working hour...."
If you like it so much, why don't you fight for the life you're envious with? Instead of feeling all desirous and comment negatively about others.

Yes, its not easy I know.
But better than you doing nothing and goes into a sulk just like a child.

Your life, your choice... entirely your responsibility whether it turns out great or crappy.


Thanis said...

Oh my~~ how cool!

Lee Anna said...

Haha... So cute.

I am a sucker for cute things, I think I am going to try to make one. I have lots of plushie keychains laying around in my room, though I only have one USB pen drive.. Hehehe..

jessie said...


Trust Nonnie to come up with unique/weird/cute things...

me gonna try and give it out as gifts!! :p


Jewelle said...

Nonnie dear, I'm sure you're a great teacher but you are even better are an art teacher lah! You should start a class to do all these fancy arts and crafts project and my kids will definitely be your first clients.

Hungryduo said...

true Jewelle!
don't say Eu and Qi, i almost will join lar!!!
really kiang eh Nonnie! so creative!

- Hunnie <3

Hungryduo said...


Kelly said...

my goshhhhh!!!!!! so damn cuteee!! im so proud to have a smartass friend HAHAHA!! i can just hand her my things and then ask her to modify it! wahhh..........i still cant believe it..i give you "mylo" do you know how to modify him? HAHAHAHAH

-dee- said...

very very cute Miss King. Tehee..

I'm Choonie. said...

Wao... very interesting DIY. Definitely no. 1 DIY. Like it very much but I dare not try it out. hahaha... The Piggie is so cute and yet you cut the head off. Now, with the head as the cap, the piggie seems to be stucked his head in the toilet bowl waiting for help. hahaha... just kidding.

Anonymous said...

hello Nonnie, do you mind putting up the picture on how you sewed the opening? i'm a bummer in sewing but i'd love to give it a try.

Nonnie King said...

Hi Anonymous, care to leave your name behind next time?

I'll take picture of it and post it up soon.

The body part with the pen drive was easy. Keeping the cap still in the "head" and seal it in was tough!

Mine is kinda ugly I gotta say.

RL said...

GOOD stuff!
I'm a proud supporter of piggy stuff ^{o_o}^

nikki.szeli said...


kinda like the ones i saw from the forward mails about pendrivessss ~ gonna try it out =D

and please show me how to sew the opening!! =D

michelle said...

that last picture is really funny!!! i like it.. hahahha .. makes me laugh so hard when i saw it.

hdm said...

my my my ... u really r a talented and good with ur hands blogger. I really am impress, i asked my friends to click on to ur blog and see what creative and special things you can made out of ordinary and what we thought as useless thing to sumting marbeles. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ... show us more!

K said...

hehe sorry, i was too lazy to type in my name. so, i put it on as Anonymous. by the way, thanks!

kelly said... trying to guess hard here who left you that comment? is it someone i knew? i hope its not who i guess la...otherwise it will really pissed you off.....

Nonnie King said...

Not the one you're thinking, I think.
You know that person by name, but not as a friend.

JaMiLLa said...


Are you showing it to the person face to face? Or communicate thru msn?

Sometimes same words or sentence will create different of meanings thru their expression.

But if they are responsing you thats waste of time doing that and can get 1 instantly. I wanna make a BIG LAUGH do you ah king, laugh!

There are many angles to look at one thing. Yeah we can buy those thing damn easily, just take the money out of pocket and u have it.

But if you are willing to spend ur valuable to do it, you will treasure it more than you bought it from factory-made. That's because it's not just the piddie you are looking at...alot more than represents the whole process of two become one! That's so amazing. Great Job!

You are 100% have own precious life, no doubt at all!! We all know it!!

JaMiLLa said...

Correction: But if you are willing to spend ur valuable time to do it, you will treasure it more than you bought it from factory-made.....honestly!

Nonnie King said...

Unfortunately Xiang, I showed my Piddie to her right upfront and she commented that in my face.

(u) <- Emoticon for heart break

De Pianist said...

eh..quite good least you can know how to simply hantam,for me,i just create one disaster only.haha.

ignore the person who says this,it means they don't know how to appreciate one's creativity.well,you know we love it,so smile~ hehe.:D

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

Looks like a new item...hehehe

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Boo! Super long time never comment here.. Got miss me? :P

Your handicraft very good loh. Can do so many cute and creative stuffs. Let me do, cut staight line also can cut until "seng-eh". :(

A lot of ppl also say that I'm very "free". Sometimes I think I'm numbed.