Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Ramadhan Gerai + Four this and that about Nonnie

Having such huge disappointment with the Seria Ramadhan Gerai, we decided to go to the KB one yesterday. And *huff*, people-mountain-people-sea (meaning a lot of people) there, and lots of FOOD!

I'm not going to post all those food pictures like some other blogs that always make people feel hungry, I'm just gonna.. food a few of it. Hhahhahaaa. To make you people jealous.

*Evil Laugh*

(Don't read if you are puasa-ing now, or read if you're planning to charge to these stalls later)


The smell.... O.M.G.. How to resist? There's quite a number of stalls selling the Grill Sambal Fish, or widely known as "Ikan Bakar". But we didn't buy it because.. malas to eat. We prefer "finger-food" that can be popped in to our mouth that instant!

Mabel has been ranting from the very beginning that she wants to eat Fried-Sotong. Wrong, she MUST find them and eat them!

But the one we found is already cold and si-beh-SALTY.

Feeling thirsty, of course we gotta get ourselves some drinks lah...

Dang Dang Dang...

Without coconut juice, I'll feel lonely and empty...

One more thing that I want to highlight to you people. Has any of y0u tried

"Cheese Keropok Lekor with Mayonnaise" ?

Man, it taste good with those Cheese Powder lah~

Ok. The End of the pictures of food and drinks.


I asked the lousy friends to pose for a picture.. I said, "No Peace Sign OK! Very stupid", then.. they run out of ideas what to pose! Such lousy models!

Then I asked them to pose like "Ms. Hong Kong", they say malu.

Then I asked them to jump up , they say public.. malu again...

So.. see.. so b.o.r.i.n.g in the end the picture we took..

L-R: Mabel, Swee Leong, Theen, Kelly, King

Hehe. Everyone, please don't notice the girl on the left. She is NOT wearing a COVERALL! She doesn't feel embarassed wearing it out.

When I say "DON'T", I bet all of you take a second glance at the picture kan? Muahhaa. Yah, I did it purposely. Hehe. Sorry oh Mabel, you're very cute in it mah~


I was tagged..again.. by this guy.

Here it goes..

Four Things Not Many People Know About Nonnie

- I sleep without pillow. Pillows are only for decoration on my bed to make it look complete.
- I'm not afraid of rats, cockroaches, beetles, spiders and so on.. But I have
Ophidiophobia, am afraid of snakes. Yes, ULAR, even at the size of earthworm. (Curi-ular is a different thing la)
- I'm a Foochow. Now don't come saying, "Of course you're a Foochow, your eyes so small"
- I can't roll my tongue and that's so silly.

Four Places Nonnie lived

- Seria (My hometown)
- Batu-Bersurat (Till the building got burnt down then I moved to..)
- Mata-Mata (More like a staff house)
- And there are all in a tiny-mini country called Brunei Darussalam.

Four TV Shows Nonnie Love to Watch:

- TVB Dramas definitely! (But I hate Korean one lah.. Because it always have the same story or ending like, the guy kana lorry langgar, the girl has cancer)
- Ladies First
- Project Runway
- Desperate Housewives

(Actually I'm a TV-Addict.. listing four is like a torture to me lah..)

Four Places Nonnie Been On Vacation

- Kuching, Malaysia
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
- Bangkok & Pattaya, Thailand
(I'm bloody poor..I've never been to Singapore! )

Four of Nonnie's Favourite Food:

- Japanese food (Salmon sashimi, Unagi...)
- Pastas (Seafood Fettucine Carbonara)
- Mum's cooking
- Auntie Jenny's Lasagna, Shepherd Pie, Roast Turkey, Lamb legs...

(Sigh... Would I have another chance to taste Aunt Jenny's food?)

Four People Nonnie Wanted To Meet:

- God, especially Fortune God! (Why I never kana any lucky draw or 4D?)
- Bobby Lim Fat Guy, Ah Pui, Big Bone
- Chai Wen, my bestie who haven't come back Brunei for 2yrs.. *sad*
- Jay Chou/ David Tao/ Fish Leong/ Panda/ Power Station.. any singer I like lah.

(So I listed more than four, cannot meh?)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

You can make this yourself at home too~

Sorry peeps. Am suppose to blog about this long L.O.N.G time ago, but it's only till recently I got the pics from SoonLung. Finally, all our trips photos and videos completed.

What I'm gonna blog is something I encountered in Bangkok, MBK.

On our second last day of trip, we went to MBK and wanted to take a group neoprint or photo sticker. I bet you'll think the machine is like those Japanese Kawaii one which you can write stuffs and add a tiara or angel hoop on your head.

Like this

Wrong. The one we had.. is so bloody PRIMITIVE!

When I say primitive, it means.. you can even set it up in your own house!
(And start doing the business! Muahahaha)

This is how the photo booth looks like. No surprise isn't it?

I forgot how much it cost already, but I remembered it's dirt cheap lah.

No special effects, no special lightings.. Very plain and simple.

So, we got into the booth, first of all.. the lady asked us to choose background.


And you thought choose by browing thru the pictures in the monitor right?
"Teh-Tek" (Buzzer sound)


We choose it like this!

"Miss, you want what color? Pink, Orange, Blue or Green. We got somemore at the back there"

The clothes are attached on a piece of wooden stick, like those rod you hang your clothes out for drying. And we just picked the one we want, and she flipped it for us.


Then she asked us to look at the camera hole. Heh.

And you thought it's a black hole with camera hidden inside kan?

WRONG again!

It's just a set of PC with a Webcam attached!

So SHOCKING! But seriously, I admire their creativity tho.

The good thing about this primitive photo booth is that, there's no stupid timer to limit your time to prepare yourself looking good, and also no annoying Japanese-talking-lady pi-li-pa-la talking non-stop and rushing you.

We took our sweet time, brushing our hairs, do a super camwhoring pose and smile sinfully sweet.

And when we're ready, the lady just clicked the left-button on the mouse to capture the picture.

Steady leh?

If we're not satisfied with it, we asked her to delete it and retake again. Till we feel "song" (good).

After taking four shots, she helped us to adjust the colour tone, brightness and contrast.

Man, everything is so... MANUALLY done!

Then.. PRINT!


I hope you feel surprised tho. Because we were so "sakai" and shocked to know that all the samples outside are actually printed out by a freaking BUBBLE JET PRINTER! How could that be?!

Line by line... "tzk-tzk-tzk" Wait and Wait.

Ops, I forgot to mention. They even provide us those rabbit ears head bands, cowboy hats, devil's horn to spice up a bit. Free leh.

(The stupid neoprint shop in Sungai Wang charged one for the costume. And their service very bad also.)

Taking advantage of the free stuffs to play. I wore the hat and stand inside the booth and asked SoonLung to snap picture.

Err..Pardon the ugly girl in the pic if she scares you kind people. The weather in Bangkok is hot, the water is salty (even the mineral water is SALTY), thus the bad skin condition. And, she ate a lot during that trip. And that stupid angle put extra 10kg on her face. Bla bla bla..

Okay, okay..I know. I'm fat and ugly. And dark like a BOAR!

. . . . (PMS now bah)

(Deep breathe..)

Kay... Continue.

Maybe now you think, if it's only a normal A4 paper that they used, how do they make the paper all glossy and has the touch of "quality" leh?

Heh Heh. Answer: LAMINATE!

She laminated that piece of photo paper, and later cut into their respective size.

Dang Dang Dang Dang
. I here present you....


If you see closely, I looked like someone just owe me $1million in the upper-right photo. My lousy friends TRICKED me!

They said that they want to take a shot with cool cool face, serious one, no smile one.

To the count of three... 3..2..1..

Bloody HELL! They all act innocent and calm inside and I looked like I want to kill someone. Cilaka.. Then don't let me delete it somemore.. Why I have so many lousy friends one? God, TELL ME! Jian-Ren!

Gah, nevermind.

This is my favourite one. I looked so cute lah~

All four of us were wearing the rabbit ears head band. Mine is white colour that's why you can't really notice it. And the fellow there, he's wearing a GREEN. But he just stood tall and cheated it!


So anyone wanna try it at home now?

p/s: More travel log coming up... If I feel like sharing it lah. And if you people don't feel sien/bored.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I love the month of Ramadhan!

I'm not a Muslim but I seriously love the month of Ramadhan.

What I think of Bulan Puasa? Why I L.O.V.E it?

1. Shorter working hours, and
Don't jealous, my official working hour is now
7.30am - 11.40am.
Then I balik kampong~

2. Food! Food! FOOD !

Ramadhan Gerai(s), Sungkai Buffets, promotions in restaurants here and there. Fat Fat lah.

3. No Food in School = No rubbish!
It's so depressing seeing the kids throwing their unfinished food and drinks simply on the corridor, staircase, basically everywhere in the school compound lah. And today, my school looks a lot more cleaner! Which makes me feel GOOD~ And the kids feel less energetic to run around so no sweaty + smelly scenes in my lab! Yoohoo! I'm a happy teacher.

Speaking of Ramadhan Gerai (Stalls), being food lovers, today we went to Seria one.

The girls first gathered at my house first and we jalan together.

That pig Theen, upon seeing Kelly, straight away call her "Cecilia Cheung".
Muahahahhaaa! LMAO!
(Read my previous post if you don't know why)

And the Queen-of-Being-Late-Everytime, Mabel Tan, make us waited for more than 15mins. While waiting, we talked about giving our car a squeeky clean car wash.

We said we wanna wash our last since... last week. Day by day, we got bloody lots of alasan (excuses) like
- Aiyah..Raining lah
- Got things to do, busy ah
- Ops, terlupa (forgotten)

Conclusion, one word. LAZY!

See which of us get our car clean the earliest lah~

Finally reaching the place, which is only 5mins drive away from my place. Actually if want to walk also can one, but you think we got car don't drive want to walk?

But in the end, we get back home with empty hands. Why? Not because there's nothing left but this..

(I did buy some food wrap well in plastic container but it doesn't taste that delicious. SO I don't even bother to say what I bought)

Bloody lots of house fly lah!

See also don't want to eat liao.

Well, people, if you're thinking to lose some weight, here's a method for you. Go buy the food there and "lao-sai" (diarrhea, ciri-biri) ,get dehydrated so you won't be water-swollen.

It's . Only . A . Joke . Don't . Take . It . Seriously!

Oh yah, bought this childish but CUTE thing today. Don't laugh.

My nose looks ugly so I put the ^(oo)^ nose

When I saw it, I feel like buying it already. Love at first sight eh.


One more thing.. I got tagged, by Roy. Got rules somemore leh.

I have to list out 7 songs that I'm into now. Mostly Chinese songs tho.

1. 我想更懂你 - 潘玮柏/苏芮
2. 恶作剧 - 王兰茵
3. 夜的第七章 - 周杰伦
4. 小乌龟 - 张栋梁
5. 野百合也有春天 - 罗大佑
6. A love that will last -Renee Olstead
7. 7 Seconds Away - Nena Cherry

These are the first seven songs that pop into my mind.

Question, is this tagging thing the "in" thing which has no difference with "Chain Mails" ?

Actually, I wrote a post about what I think of Chain Mails, read it *here*.

Must I really tag someone else? Do I have a choice not to do it?

I'm the kind of person who don't send forward emails or SMS or what so ever one wor..

If I must, then I think who I want to kacau lah~

Monday, September 25, 2006

Kanebo Self Make Up Course

Remember this post? The make-up course was held yesterday. Three of us (My besties, Theen, Kelly and me myself) were late for the class because we decide to fill our tummy first before entering the class. Lucky didn't miss much of it.

First of all, we learned how to prepare our face for make-up. We go thru so many steps of facial cleansing and so on. That, is really the first time I clean my face so many times! Wah lao eh, in normal days where got so much time oh. And also, the portion of those facial wash, this toner and that cream to apply on our face, so banyak. I'm sure I won't and can't be so generous with my own set eh.

But really, after cleansing, our faces looks more radiant and clear. Duh... Really have to apply so much meh? I karit eh...

After that, we learn how to apply foundation, draw the brows, eye shadow, eye liner, blusher and highlights.

Actually, I don't need to do the eye-liner part lah, because my eyes are small and single eye lids, apply liao also tak nampak. And my eye shadows are super thick.

(Ok guys.. I know you feel bored hearing all this..)

So, skip it!

Show you the end results!

Any difference?

(Photo and real person look different lah. In real.. look very thick)

Bobby says I look better but my eyes a bit too heavy. But Kelly says I should makeup more cos I look better in it. Ah, If I can wake up earlier, I might consider to put on it everyday. But I know I won't. Just mascara and lip care can already lah.

Okie, a little eye candy for you guys out there.

My besties

Her name is Kelly. The "Kelly" who constantly leave message in my tagboard complaining my blog this and that doesn't work, and leave comment in my entries, mostly marah-marah or debating.

And Doris, one of the make-up artists who helped out there says she looked like Cecelia Cheung!
Muahahahaha!!! She was swearing when she heard it! %$@$!#
We all don't think so lah. Where got alike?

Bah, guys.. tell me how many percent you think they looked alike and give your answers by commenting.

Oh.. one more thing. She's not available liao.

(Oi Oi Oi, don't close the window ah I warn you. )

Doris (Second from Left) helped us out during the course. She's so pretty you know. (I know this picture doesn't make her looks that appealing). And she's bloody 39 years old! O.M.G!

The course is suppose to end at 2pm, as told by the lady at the counter. But, we finished at almost 3pm. And our boyfriends waited outside from 1pm...

The guys are bored and hungry, and have no where to go. I bet they don't dare to eat because they are not sure what time we finished. And so waited patiently.

Once we come out, we dashed to our boyfriends and asked, "Sorry ah, you waited so long. Pretty or not? What you think? Nice ah?"

But their answers are..
"Wah.. your eyes.. so dark"
"So thick the make up"
"Not nice"

So disappointing kan! But nevermind, the freebies we get are comforting enough already. Haha. And, it's a standby skill for us if there's any function or dinner to attend mah.

This is my blog so my picture has to be the BIGGEST ! ^(oo)^

[Edited - Luuee left me a comment asking me where's the part about seeing him]

We (as in Bobby and Me) went downstair to the lobby of the hotel and bumped into Luuee (and family) who was waiting for his sis and mum.

We shake hands, and no introductions needed.

This guy ah, after talking to Bobby about their assignments, first sentence talked to me is asking me donate money, RM25.00 to be exact to the old folks home. So kind-hearted ah?

He looks better in real life comparing to those pics he took. And I was comparing their heights, to see who is taller. They have the same height up to the shoulder, but I think Luuee's neck and face is longer, thus he win Bobby. Hahaha.

(Enough already or not Mr. Luuee? Satisfied?)

After that, we went to Pizza Hut to grab a bite.

Look at the seating arrangement. Like we're having a match-making session like that.

I was saying this to Bobby,
"Hi. My name is Nonnie King. I'm 23 and work as a teacher. My hobby is collecting "laber" (erasers) "


We orders a set meal for 6, and extra pastas.

Bloody.. The portion is so small! Wah lao eh. Nearly want them to check their eyes and compare the one in the menu liao.

The lasagna at the size of Peanut Toast
Meatball Spaghetti like Wet-Fried-Ketchup-Mee
Prawn Olio like "Kolomee with Dried Chillis"

Irrelevant picture next. Bobby and Me.

Very kasian (pitiful) you know. We only get to see each other once a week. Comparing with last time, we go kai-kai (jalan-jalan) everyday, and he tucked me to bed, telling me bedtime story everynight. So, I took pictures as much as I can when we get together. Hehe.

One more thing,
guess what I've won from bidding in Ebay?

*points below*
Star Wars Figurine Eraser!
- For USD 13.00 -

( But the shipping charges is more expensive than that.
Total amount I need to pay - USD 37.50 )

(Now contacting the seller regarding the payment and shipping methods. Can't wait lah)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

One-Oh-Oh Post (To my dear Bloggie)

Long long time ago, we used smoke signals to communicate, then we tied paper pigeon's leg, then had travelling messenger, then sent telegrams, then telephone, then paging, then SMS, then MMS and now even Video Call.

Not forgetting to mention, we can send emails, chat via MIRC, ICQ, MSN, keep in contact with friends using Friendster, and now.. we have Blogs.

I'd started to blog since... 2002 or 2003 in MSN Spaces I think, and no one reads it. I know, no one reads it. Haha. Then I just leave it there dormant with spider webs. Then, I don't know what got up to me, I start blogging about, this time, with Blogger account.

From 0 readers, to currently.. 10 readers I think?

(Really ah? Only 10 ah?)

Dear bloggie, you've done well,
100th post
already but baru got 10 readers.

With that figure, I'll be expecting 200th post, 20 readers..and so on.


-___-"' (So lame)

But I still love you my blog. Eventhough I always go kacau your settings, post a lot of pics and kill people's bandwidth and force my friends to read you and leave a comment, I love you still.

You always let me suka-hati write whatever I want, dump my rubbish on to you and never talked back. And you help me to make new friends lagi.

(... At this moment, you all must thinking Nonnie King gila (Crazy) already, talking to her own blog, kan?)

Blog ah blog, to celebrate the 100th post, today I cooked *Drum Roll*
Fettuccine (Vegetarian) Bolognese.

(My mum is a vegetarian)

With lotsa lotsa Parmesan Cheese!

Err.. I can't give the recipe, because all the ingredients and their amount I ching-chai, suka-hati put one. But, it always taste good.

Lousy friend no.1 - Theen
go BSB watch movie with boyfriend don't bother to eat it.

Lousy friend no.2 - Kelly
lovey dovey with the boyfriend, wait till 8.30pm baru come and take. Just for the sake to save her a meal for lunch for her next working day, and give face to me. Haha
(Sure that girl will leave a comment and "shuuut" me back)

Lousy friend no.3 - Mabel
Stayed in Kg Badas and feels lazy to drive to my place to pick it up. She'll take it tomorrow.

Lousy friend no.4 - S.L.
Opps, I'm the lousy friend. I forgot to ask if Swee Leong wanna try any of it! Sh*t!

Boyfriend - Bobby Lim Ah Pui
Far far away in Miri, already packed the food and put it in the fridge. Tomorrow must bring down. Next week, Sushi!
(Sigh.. The fat guy bugs me in cooking him food everyday)

Dear blog ah blog, you're the best. Diam diam stay in the www, kuai-kuai just wait for me to update you and let people visit you like you're an animal in the zoo and never throws tantrum.

You're free somemore, I didn't pay a single cent for you. If I'm lucky, you might even earn me a few dollars. You're willing to let me put video, background music, or ojipala (rubbish) blogskins on you and dress you like a clown and never complained.

Blog ah blog, you be good yah, and be proud of your owner, your sometimes a bit emo, crazy, kind and sweet, not so pretty, chubby and dark owner...

Don't everyone wear old rotten T-shirt that is 5years old and above at home? At least I do, I don't dress like a Princess and wait for servant to listen to my order at home. So.. Pardon my--

"Teddy-Bear-Playing-Basketball-got-holes-here-and-there" T-shirt yah. I love wearing rotten T-shirts! And short Pants!

Argh, this post is stupid! Isn't it?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Long Long Nine Nine

A little Rubbish:
This morning when I wake up, I plan to cook myself some nice healthy breakfast. But when I open the fridge, there wasn't much I can cook with. So I just grab my car keys and plan to go out tapao $1.50 Kolomee or any fastfood breakfast set.

While driving.. I think, I'm not working these coming few days, I might as well buy some food to cook for myself everyone. I drove to Supa Save and end up spending almost $40 on junk food like ice-cream, yoghurt, potato chips, ingredients to cook spaghetti (I'm cooking it tmr), and so on that I can't remember..

Moral: Shopping Is Evil!


Feel weird about my entry title?

This is my 99th post in Blogger. To make it a lil special, I decide to blog about Bobby and I.
(For Chinese, the number "9" has the meaning of "Longevity", because it sounds like "Long", as in lama and not panjang okay)

So, to Bobby and Nonnie's Relationship,

(Please pronounce the "long-long-nine-nine" in either Mandarin or Cantonese)

Eh...Actually, I have no idea what to blog about us, so what I did was chose some photos and just add in the captions.. Hopefully, gradually I'll know what I wanna talk..

Unlike others ordinary couples way of starting a fresh new relationship, ours was bitter and tiring. I remember I was even crying when we had our first kiss.. Let bygones be bygones, what I can say is, if I have to go thru all those bitter stages once again, I think I'll die better off.

(Don't ask, I hate to recall sad memories, I'd asked my brain to "delete" it off already)

Thank God, everything is over. We're happy now.

The above was the first card Bobby had made for me. I'm that kind of person who never buy greeting cards (unless it's for someone not so important in my life), but make cards myself. Ask any of my friends, they'll say my cards are very creative and nice!

Thus, my boyfriend has no choice but make card himself for me too.

Good what, save money and got "heart" mah.

Don't think that my boyfriend very kasian kana forced k, actually Bobby and I enjoyed it. I'd made 21 birthday cards for his 21st birthday, and grant him 22 wished for his 22nd birthday. And next year he's turning 23, I'm out of idea what can I give him for the number "23". Any ideas?

Those tulips were my Valentine's bouquet

His first card made for me was a disaster! Like a primary student's artwork. And now, his card made for me are much better those I made for him already! Gah.. kalah already. Beh-Song. >,<

When my friends saw the cards he made, they all said this,
"Eh, Bobby kana you influenced is it? The cards he look very nice eh."

Getting better

And better

Wah Seh!

The petals of the roses can be opened and
he scribbled our memories in it.

Love it! My best card ever!

Believe it? All by Mr. Bobby Lim. *Give him a round of applause*

Other than making cards, he did these too..

He put a pair of earrings that I like (but karit to buy) in it.

Inside, there's 2 original CDs from my fav artists.
(He know I karit won't seldom buy original..)

Once, he got me mad, and I punished him by writing...

Cute or not? Haha. I didn't know where I heck I got the idea from but it does make me feel a lot better after reading it lah.

We do fight and quarrels like all couples. But we don't shout at each other like kids. Normally both of us will keep quiet, looked stern and wait for the other person's apologize. But it never lasted more than 10mins then either of us will raise the white flag.

"Know what? I don't like this, not talking to each other. We should treasure the time we spend together, and not waste it by getting mad at each other. I'm sorry." - this, is the nicest apologise I ever have. And of course, I did mine too after that.

The day that Bobby went down to Miri for his studies, I know I couldn't see him everyday like I used to. Having lunch and dinner together and plan our nightouts everyday. I felt sad and insecure.

And the fat guy Bobby asked Jackie, my colleague to pass me a plastic bag of stuffs the next day. Inside, I found:
- Turkey sandwich made by him
- packet of Orange juice
- and 7 letters, labelled Monday to Sunday...

He asked me to read it on a daily basis so I could feel him around me every moment..


And he even did this sometimes ago..

The Doctrine of Marriage!

Too bad the wax melted when Kelly helped me to laminate it..Nevermind, still perfect in my eyes.

It was him who gave me a splendid 22nd
Birthday celebration.
(How about my 23rd? Have you figure what to do yet Mr.Lim?)

One day of September 2004, he passed by stationery dept. and get me this, a little notebook.

From that day onwards, we recorded every single thing or event in it, like our dating-diary. Both happy and sad one.. Mostly happy lah.

Gradually, habis writing the first one, and we got ourselves a bigger note book for our second one.

Nice isn't it?

Here, in this box, I kept all the movie tickets we watched and also the entrance tickets for every place we went.

We like to keep thing nicely stored so, and one day when we grow old, we'll sit on the rocking chair and laugh together reading our past.

Sometimes I think to myself, do I deserve him? Yeah, maybe I do, because I have
"Twenty Reasons Why Nonnie is a Good Girlfriend"
to convince myself.

And when we get married, I'll ask him to write
"Twenty Reasons why Nonnie is a Good Wife"

And when we got babies, then he has to write "Twenty Reasons why Nonnie is a Good Mother"
... Okay, maybe I'll ask my kid(s) to write me that. Hahahaha.

(I know, I always think and imagine too FAR!)

He's been busy lately and have no time to any of the above lately. And sometimes I think, if one day he's rich enough to buy me a DIOR bag, or Bvlgari Ring, will he still do the same thing he used to do?


Friends of Bobby, surely you find it hard to believe that this fat guy is so romantic leh? Drop eyes or not?

I was on the phone with Bobby earlier on asking him if he has any idea what I can blog about us,

Me: Got any idea what I can blog about us?
Bobby: ..No idea..
Me: Maybe I can blog about all the sweet things you ever did for me leh?
Bobby: Can.. But will people believe I did all these?
Me: Ya hor.. you this, look gong-gong, serious-serious, idiot-idiot one, later they think I make it up myself..
Bobby: You can leave out the "idiot" part la... Hahhaha

To guys and girls out there,
please do not COPY!
I feel like keeping it uniquely for us only.

(Ask your own bf/gf to think what to do to spice up your relationship)

This entry is purely for the sake of celebrating my 99th post.

Don't plagiarise yah.
Or else, I'll make a voodo doll, write your name, drip some blood, curse and use needles to prick it everyday!

p/s: I heart you ah pui.