Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The makan trip that went wrong

So, the initial plan was driving up to BSB just for Nasi Penyet in Pondok Sari Wangi. And we reached there at almost 3pm and ate our lunch. I know, super gung-ho right.

After eating, we went to the Mall jalan-jalan and met up with Reduan, our ex-colleague and went to Swensen for icecream. This trip was nothing but a weight-gaining trip really.

And when we’re happily eating ice cream, Arina told us her story of surprise disappointment. Twice she experienced waiters taking a birthday cake and singing birthday song when she’s out dining with her family, thinking that it was for her, she was acting really enthusiastic about it and…. the waiters just walked passed her and put the cake down on the neigbouring table. Not once, but twice she encountered disappointment like that. Kasian kan..

Hence we planned to surprise her, since her birthday was just around the corner. We split into 3 group, one go get the bag she likes in Charles & Keith, I went to get the cake and the last group kept her entertained and stay connected with us.

And the plan worked out just right!

Birthday girl was really really happy.


So, after everyone finished shopping, makan happily, it’s time to go home. It was already almost 6pm so we thought we can be back home before 7.30.. and guess what

human count might as well sky count!
(please use direct Chinese translation)

Tyre puncture!

Since I’m the only one who knows how to change tyre, I’m actually quite prepared to get my hands dirty but God really loves us, a kind-hearted couple who parked next to us helped us!

Mr. 411

While Deedz was calling Reduan to come back and rescue us (send her to Serusop to collect the burgers she ordered… –___-“) 

The girls learning… but right after this photo was taken, 2 of them went to “communist” and the rest of us just stood there and acted like bimbos… (except for me, hahahhaa)

By the time the tyre was done, it was already 7pm. And we still need to go to Pasar Malam Gadong so we split into two teams, I drove the girls to pasar gadong, whereas Deedz and Bibi.R went to Serusop with Reduan and meet up in Giant Rimba once we’re all done.

I got home at 9.30pm!!! Tired, smelly and feeling real ugly.

Anyways, I was happy that day because I bought a lot of stuffs.

(And I know FussyKelly is going to say I’ve changed! No more karit-king. Wait till you see what I bought ah)

Cute polka dot super comfy pant – $6.90
Leggings – $3.90
Cotton dress (plan to wear to sleep.. think wear out also can) – $5!
Earphones – $7.90 
Ring – $3.90

And my favorite of all…
Leopard print Clutch!

It’s so pretty!!!! And only $19.90!!!!!!
I saw it on Monday and thought.. if I see it again, I will definitely buy it because we’re all in a hurry that time. Then yesterday before our movie showed, I dragged Bobby to Utama Grand and bought it.

So in love with it now~

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just posting…

because I love this photo oh-so-MUCH!!!

Photo taken by Adam.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

You know you’re getting old when…

.. you get invited to a 2yo birthday party with helium balloons and lots of mickey mouse deco and not sweet 16, 18, 21st birthday bashes with lots of make up and body hugging dresses!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sila Open

Went to Giant yesterday and passed by the beverage section.

A kid read, “Sila… Open”

Feeling curious why there’s a Malay word and an English word in a label, I turned around and saw…


Laughing out loud


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Free Meal

After the 100 Days project.. I really don’t know what to update in my blog. Maybe just my daily ramblings.. if you all don’t mind.

Today after our usual Tuesday meeting/sharing session/bengkel/taklimat, we went to our usual spot to chillax. What the huckleberry! I am using the word CHILLAX!!!

Anyways, I only ordered a glass of kasturi teh ping and the rest of my colleagues each ordered something. When all the food arrived, the girls immediately said the portion was too big for them and asked me to share a bit. I took an empty plate, and started to go seat by seat scoping food from their plate… and ended up with this!

One big plate of food!

Clockwise from upper left: Roti John HK style, maggi goreng, mamak maggi goreng (my new found favorite, very refreshing, not as lemak as other place) and fries with cheese sauce.

They all laughed when saw my plate (pasal penuh!) and said must take picture and post in fb or my blog. So here is it, me blogging it.

Boh dui… karang kana ucap I karit again, leaching on people’s food…

Super full now.
Told mom no need to prepare dinner for me and she cut 2 oranges for me.
Healthy also. Hehehehhee.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

100 Day Project: Day 100 - The Final Picture of Yourself

So that’s it.. the final blog post for the 100 Days Project.

Lazy to go take picture so here (taken from my instagram), a photo I took just a couple of days ago trying this kinky teacher look.

And here’s a picture of all of us who had completed the 100 Days project!!!

Atul, Tina, Dee, Maurina and a makeup-less me (pasal got zits on my face and nose. fml. already inda lawa, ber-zits lagi meeting with a bunch of gorgeous girls with smiley eyes double my droopy sepet eyes.)

So what’s next girls?

100 Day Project: Day 99 - Something That Makes You Feel Accomplished


Who I am today…

Like Tina, although I’m just pretty average.. I do feel quite accomplished.

Started to work when I was 17 and have never stopped since. From a clerk/secretary in a workshop, to waitressing, to salesperson in exhibition standing from 10am to 11pm, contractor company, offshore company, mystery shopping for the world’s bank, doing RTB surveys knocking from door to door only to get rejected… I quite like my job experiences!

What annoys me the most is people who complained about their lives but yet not wanting to make any changes. Complain about the people around him/her, colleagues, friends, bosses, work, salary, government and so on.. if you hate it so much, why don’t you do something about it? Life is full of opportunities and challenges. Take them, or you can always sulk at home like a loser whining about how unfair this world has been to you. News flash my dear, life has never been fair to everyone, even those you envy I believe, so just beat it.

I often tell others that I have small goals in life, and not big dreams. It’s easier to achieve and I can always do it step by step, just like how a snail will slowly climb up the highest peak. Err.. you know, the Chinese kids song, 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chef Wan in Brunei

When Maurina asked me in twitter whether I would be going to Empire that coming Sunday, I was puzzled because… what’s there on Sunday? Later I was told that Chef Wan was coming to Brunei and… WAS I NOT INVITED??????!!!!!!!!!

So I kiasu-ly logged into my email account and checked, maybe I missed out the mail or something and phew… I GOT INVITED TOO! 


The venue was located in Empire’s Grand Hall.. my first time there.


Lucky for me, albeit 10 minutes late (got kind of lost and couldn’t get a parking spot hence illegal park.. but at a spot where it doesn’t effect people).. Maurina and Marul were there already and we had the whole table to ourselves.

Jenny was the host for the day.

Hi Chef Wan~

P1170818 P1170819
Sitting with me, Marul, Maurina, Mauzira and Debbie.
Go read Debbie’s blog post on this event! Her blog is my new found favorite =)

P1170821 P1170822

Marul’s camera in HAPPY mode! How cute!

Featured recipes for the day.

Rano, who was late.. ate a piece of boxing chicken (while everyone was super hungry) and left the bone on the plate. And later left for a KFC event.

The Moroccan spice that everyone forgot to tapao-ed.

Actually, the bowl was passed table to table to have a smell on the spice, but.. the bowl just never went to other table after it reached ours… Hehehehe.


The spice model

Chef Wan talks really fast, and a lot too! I tried to concentrate when he’s talking but I could only get like.. 20% of it.

We need bird’s eye view!

Empire’s finger food, which was super blah after tasting Chef Wan’s.

The cute assistant chef from Empire.


The 3 dishes.. Apple cake with butterscotch dressing, Spanish style seafood risotto and Moroccan Chicken Tajine with prunes and olives.

The apple cake that we all inda ampit…. but I tasted those butterscotch dressing, nyaman!
You know I’m not a sweet tooth but this is different!

The risotto, this picture didn’t do any justice to how it tasted at all!
It’s very different from other risottos I’d tasted, more catered to Asian’s liking in my opinion.

The best chicken I’ve ever tasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So tender, moist and full of flavour!

Prunes and olives… are just not the kind of ingredients I’ll put into my cooking but the chicken had this "sweetness” (not overpowering sugar sweet) in it. So so so good!

I’m still mad that I didn’t get to try this. I should try this recipe out myself! Hummpfffff!



The yummy bowl of risotto!

The chicken, took 2 pieces and shared among Marul, Mau and Mauzira.

Full of laughers when they’re around!


I need the arm shaper badly now!
Hi Chef!

Such beautiful view~

Okay, abrupt end because I wanna sleep. kthxbai