Monday, June 30, 2008

SG - Day 3 & 4 (Eat, drink, shop and fly)

Sorry for the delay of this post. School holiday was over and I'm still adjusting to waking up at 6.15am and sleeping at 12am. Anyone knows the best way to sleep early without rolling on the bed for an hour? Don't tell me Music therapy because I sayang the battery and I'll end up singing in the middle of the night too.


Our Breakfasts
48's Lo Bak Gou

SL's western breakfast
(sikit till kasian...)

My Ayam Pangang~

Yeah, I was famished after vomiting the night before so I had a super heavy breakfast. Those are not fried rice, its plain rice with curry sauce. Not bad leh.

There won't be much pictures for our day 3 because we're all busy shopping.. not for ourselves, for other people. Shopped for the fat guy, his mom, my mom, my dad, my friends.... So most of the photos you see will be food pictures.

Yakun's toast and eggs

My Crispy Chicken from Shihlin.

鱿鱼羹 (Cuttlefish soup)

Okay, the cuttlefish soup might not seem very appealing to you but it is damn delicious. The vicemilli inside had a very nice texture, not soggy and not too hard. And the crispy chicken, I keh-kiang said yes when the kokochai asked if I wanted chili powder. Its nice, but too spicy. Made me chew and drool, sweat and still wanted more.

I have always wanted to go Taiwan for long long time and eat from Shih-Lin-Ye-Shi from one end to another. Then go Wu-Fen-Pu, 101, Ximending... Hai. I wanna go to Taiwan ah!!! Eh? Can see concert in Taipei Dome also wor. Sigh.... When will my wish come true?

Our Dinner

Thank God for having SL in our trip because I really carried those shopping bags till I wana pa-lan-ting (fall down) liao. For our first stop, I bought myself 6 books of Kindaichi comics and had to carry it till end of our shopping trip. Later I went to Lucky Plaza and helped my colleagues to buy 5 bottles of perfumes! Not those 15 or 20ml one okay, those big big 80ml bottles one.

SL would help us to carry out shopping bags and let us shopped freely without worries whereas he just sat there and waited with all other mens with baby strollers or their wives punya bags.

Big bags, small bags

(SL and 48 passed me theirs to let me pose like hardcore shopaholic)

Because of the GSS, there's damn many tourists lah. Even all those branded stores macam pasar ikan! I went into one of them, hoping to get myself a wallet so I went to one of the counter. There's a China (as in real Chinese who speaks with strong China accent.. No offense, but I find that kinda accent annoying with the tongue rolling thing..Okay lah, Faye Wong is acceptable because she's cool) lady.. or auntie who stood beside looking at wallets too.

So I talked to the tall, cute and cleanly shaved sales assistant that I wished to have a look at a certain wallet. He took it out for me and I had a quick look at it, but I didn't like the compartment. So I put it down and wanted to look for an alternative. And... the China lady beside me quickly said in her annoying tone, "I wanna see her one!".

I find it a bit rude and continued. Soon I realized whatever I wanted to see, she will checked it after me demanding the sales to take it from me. So yeah, I hilang mood and left the place after that. I wonder what happen if I told the guy that I want to buy whatever pieces she's holding in her hand, will she fight with me? Of course I will kalah lah, I where got so much money to act-seh.

Enough of shopping drama.

Getting ready for Clark Quay

No! Are you crazy? What makes you think that I would go out with two braided tails? Its just my shortcut way to create curls in my hair lah but it didn't work.

Us posing in our hotel

with my towel and SL / my jeans

We all wore our new dress because we wanted to. Hahhahaa. I was a bit concerned with the length of my dress and 48 reassured me that no one would stare at us, even short till can see butt also no one cares. Hahhahaa. True true. I felt really comfy with what I was wearing because unlike in Brunei, those people in Sg don't give a -toot- with other people's dai-chi (matter).

Why ah? Is it because our population here in Brunei is too small that's why subconsciously everyone thinks that everyone is connected. So must stare like sakai and scan in brain who this laki or bini this is. Somemore is obvious stares from head to toe lagi!

Your hair is yellow in color? Asian don't wanna be Asian, try to be angmoh.
You're wearing sleeveless? Ah meh.... So sexy let guy see, rugi ah!
You're wearing short skirt or pants? If got molested you find yourself one.
You're wearing make up? Gatal eh.
So late liao still outside the street? Must be doing something bad. Must tell your parents!

At MRT station

Not much people liao so felt more comfy when smiling

We left the map in the hotel room and made a few wrong turns but its okay, in the end we still reached Clark Quay. Sibeh happening man.

(Sorry, crappy night mode because I don't have a tripod)

Saw those GMax and G5 Extreme Swing ? I so wanted to try it out but I was wearing pretty short with my newly bought $10 wedges. Again, 48 have acrophobia and I didn't ask if SL will wanna go try with me.

My newly bought wedges

Nice or not? $10 only leh~ And it does feel comfy

We sat by the riverside and had a look at how it works first. After seeing them being tossed and flipped up in the air, all of us had "jelly legs" (脚软!) and 48 said if I'm going to take that ride and she's looking from down there, she's so going to cry. Hahhahahaa.

So we just had icecream and hot balls by the riverside having wind blowing on our faces and watching people from the opposite shouting.

We saw the queue was long and decided to join in

Our green tea with red bean ice cream!

Very nice okay. Really worth the wait lah.

Our hot balls

Er.. just deep-fried flour balls with butter something?

It was on Friday when we went to Clark Quay, so you can imagine how happy was everyone. TGIF mah. In Brunei, I only have TGIT and TGIS (Thursday and Saturday), the eagerness is split into halves.

I remember fat guy telling me that at first he thought he'll feels happy for having two "weekend" and now all he feels is having two "MONDAYs"! What to do? After one day of rest on Friday, Saturday have to potong-steam, go working for the whole day again...

Note: Instead of Saturday and Sunday, Brunei's weekly offdays are Friday and Saturday. Alang-alang one. Unless you're working for BSP or Shell-contracted companies or banks lah.

We walked aimlessly around the area and I told them I wanna pass by, just pass by can liao, M.O.S. I'd read about it from blogs, heard from other people so I wanted to know how it looks like from the outside.

It was only 10.30pm when we're there. The aircon damn syok lah, even from outside can feel the cool breeze liao. Then we looked up and saw a banner writing complimentary entries for HSBC card holders!

I know I make right choice for having credit cards with HSBC. Hahhahahaa.
Go Singapore also got advantage. Since the entry is free (before 11pm), so we went in lor. See see also song. (Remember, I'm very sua-ku)

Er.. Us again?

Before the staffs put the "Reserved" sign on every single table

We're early. In fact too early. People only start pou midnight one. So didn't get to see much chio girls dancing, but did saw a lot of pretty Singaporean ladies lah. But not the boys though. Also got see a lot of young teenage boys (like just turn 18 one) dressing up like young-bengs. Working shirt with a black coat, and a fancy scull brooch.

Our drinks, SL belanja

Then... we changed venue for second round,
hunting for supper.

Nonnie's camwhore theory #1:
The one nearest to the camera always ended up looking like pighead.

Night mode

when the camera was placed still on the table

After having bad experience of me puking after drinking, this time they're more careful. I didn't vomit this time because I still had room in my stomach, meaning.. I didn't stuff myself during dinner time. True that my face will turn red after 2 sips but, I still can walk and talk properly one.

Our snack platter that cost $45

The chix wings and the yam thingie were really delicious lah!

People must be thinking that SL is one lucky dude

But, the truth was.. He was our kuli.

That almost ends my last night in Singapore. Followed by 30 mins of packing and 48 figuring how to stuff all her things into her luggage and backpack without exploding.

She asked me to buy one but.. but.... Hello, she's living in Tasmania... sibeh cold there of course need that lah. I'm staying in Seria, Brunei Darussalam. Summer all year round. Plus my house aircon only on after 8pm. Think my feet not smelly enough ah?

Her other happy bought

Its not because she likes the bag then she bought it, its for another reason...

The size looks okay to you right? Wait till you see this

Damn big okay!

We're joking next time she can just put pillow and blankie inside
to bring her baby out next time.

Our flight return home was at night so we still had a day left to walk around and shop more. First thing of course eat breakfast lah.

Our toys from ordering kid's meal

LOL! Three adults ordering 3 sets of kid's meal. Well, andang muka-tembok plus no one knows us one so scare what malu? As long as we're not rejected (like how Pizza hut rejected me! Humpph! Stupid Pizza Hut didn't let me order my kid's meal) can liao. Don't you think kid's meals are the best? Just right portion with all your favorite food together in a plate.

Spinach tofu

Prawn Roll

Fried Calamari

Us at the Fountain of Wealth

Angry lor. That time we wanted to ask an Indian guy to help us take photo one. Sekali I hadn't even complete my sentence then he didn't even look at me and walked pass me. I just turned my head and said very loudly, "Yes! That's very kind of you!". In the end some Chinese uncle helped us take.

Rushed back to hotel ready to go to the airport

SL testing his toys before dumping them to the bin

Iwan came and went to the airport together. Malu lah, he paid so much for us and we only gave him a Thank You card. Even our last meal together also that guy paid. Its like he has a sensor or something. No matter how also cannot snatch over the bill!

It was still early when we arrived the airport, around 5.30pm. The counter hadn't open for check in yet so we headed for dinner first.

Our food

Love the Samsui Ginger Chicken that Iwan insisted that we must try because that's their signature dish. It tasted like those Hainam Steam Chicken (chicken rice) and the grated ginger sauce, BEST man!

Us at the restaurant

At 6.30pm when we came down...

Freaking long queue....

And they HAD TO upgrade their system during that time.

Our luggages (All 3 of us)

Still okay lah. Because we saw some 3 Malay ladies with 4 trolleys full of baggages topped up like we had. And thanks to them for clogging the whole line.

Since the line was really long, 48 then decided to go to Terminal 3 to check in first and meet up again at the entrance. Again, thanks to our "status", she nearly missed the flight again because the officers didn't quite get our travel document. Yellow oh Yellow, we need you.

Finally at 7.50pm, we're done checking in and meet up with 48 again

One last group photo
Again, Iwan has the biggest smile.

I wanted to hug Iwan but that silly guy only wanted to shake hands... -_-"
Then SL and 48 said, "Aiyah.. let her hug lah, later she cannot sleep ah..." Hhahahahaha! Stupid friends. Gave him a tight hug, asked him MUST TAKE CARE! and nearly cried, waved him bye and cannot tahan seeing him behind the glass doors.

2 hours later, back in Brunei and lost my Simpur keychain because someone broke the zipper of my luggage. And SL's one felt really wet.

Sigh.. RBA, sorry to say but.. I feel Air Asia is better than you!
At least they never lost my luggage and broke my bag!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

SG - Day 2 (Camwhore/ Eat/ Puke all I can)

Sigh.. I have no idea why I what nonsense also want to take photo and blog, and you all like it..!
There's... I think... Urm... 50+ photos in this post. Go take Eye-mo and moisturize your eye balls now. And, if it takes long time to load the photos, I'm sorry... your internet sucks.


After 7 hours of snoring in our little room, thanks to SL's mobile phone with ring volume set to the max (also his kind n sweet colleague who text / called him WHEN HE'S ON VACATION!!!), we all woke up at 9+ am... despite of feeling all worn out after one long disastrous day.

So yeap, we took our sweet time getting ready (Eh, one toilet, 3 person.. of course have to wait la) for our next destination. SENTOSA!

*cough* People never been to Singapore bah, of course have to be sakai where also want to go mah - points self *cough*

My uncertified tour guides

I was lucky that I went to SG with my best buds, minus the Fussyness (because she's going to take long time drying her hair, picking an outfit and... I don't even dare to imagine the amount of time we need to wait for her when she's shopping!) because I was so carefree.

I just leave everything to them.
Where to eat? Don't know wor, I've never been to Sg what..
Where to go? Don't know wor.... I'm clueless.
How to go? Hah? What? How I know wor....

So they're always the one holding the map and figuring the route, where as me being the eng-eng-boh-tai-chi one just stood there (as if it was none of my business) and pose and took pictures.

I said I was lucky because I know if I went with Bobby, I will certainly be the Commander-in-charge with a congested mind . My fat guy is HOPELESS in navigation! 24 years of living in BSB (Bandar Seri Begawan), he still managed to take wrong turn, and/ or even missed a turn and text me "Bi... I'm lost. Give me another 15 minutes ya". *puke blood*

I thought this is cute

If the wordings are too small for you, here...
It says,

"School is like a lollipop.
You only enjoy it fully when it's gone
There's a garden in every ..... (I don't see a thing)"

Us in the MRT, on our way to Vivocity

48 and I have a lot of similarities in our character and taste.. but one thing that differentiate the both of us (other than our skin tones.. duh) is that, when she's hungry.. she keeps quiet. But when I'm hungry, I'll make sure everyone knows!!!! Ask Bobby and he'll tell you that I'm a complete different person when I'm sleep / hungry... I evolve to... MISS GRUMPY / CRANKY!

Our breakfasts

SL's "You-Mian" (Oily Noodles)

My Beef Noodle Soup

48's Porridge

Our expensive hot drinks... A dollar plus per SMALL cup!

Even Universal's smallest cup size is bigger than that. And its only 50cents for hot drinks like that in Brunei for most kopitiams.

What? Singapore's water mahal is it?
Or the tea bag or Milo / Horlick powder?

(I know if I put Wo-Tie, non-Chinese will pronounce it as Wo-Tai)

The skin thick till... can compare with Iwan.

Saw that in someone's blog

and I MUST TRY IT!!!

Gotta love this sign

Us at Sky Park

As usual, SL is not inside the picture because he's the one taking the picture.
He forgot to bring his mini-tripod so boh pien lor.

Both of them were wearing sport shoes and I was the only one wearing my beach sandals so they didn't join me kaki-ayam and walking around the warm water.

We took the Sentosa Express (S$3 per person) to get to Sentosa island and the trip only took like 4 minutes *cue* You gotta get in line, hop, tick-tock tick-tock *Okay, very lame*

Giant ball of flowers

Er.. View from the monorail?

not knowing SL and me still on the platform taking pictures

I love the color of this monorail...
So blue and happy~ Eh wait, that sentence conflicts.

Again, me camwhoring while SL looking at the map

with my Piggie ella-ella and eating my sausage

Ya, I didn't eat the sausage straight away after I purchased it because I was still feeling very full that time. So if I have to rate, I think I'll give it a 3 out of 5.

The crunchy part (french fries) was nice. What I didn't like about it is the bread wrapping the sausage. Don't know leh, it just made me feel that the bread absorbs a lot of oil and make it a bit.. 腻. Maybe because I wasn't expecting I'll be biting something soft and lam-chi-chi out of it kua?

We had problems taking group photos lor. *short hands*
The one taking the camera always ended up looking like a swollen pig head soaked in water for too long.
This is us, with me holding the camera

(So I was the only pig head there)

This is us, with SL holding the camera

So he's the pig head.

This is us, with 48 holding the camera

Can you see the reflection of her hands holding the camera on her shades?

This, is by far the only successful camwhoring photo we had of ourselves,
I think lah.

I took one mah~

Us posing at Siloso Beach

I'm at the first S because my name is S.Chin
L for S. L_ _ _ _
And 48 pushing the "S" again, err... for Shane? or Si-Pat?

Another one

Random shot

I took the above photo because I wanted to show you guys that that cheh-cheh (kakak) or auntie was wearing thin stilettos on a beach, together with her super 90s dress and even her pose also like those K-box punya 80s pirated MVs.

Erm... Sandy beaches, coconut trees, sarong flying in the sky and one piece swim suit?
Ring any bell?

48 at a convenient shop

waiting for SL to finish his shoppings.

Know what SL was buying? Shorts and cap.
When we're leaving our hotel room, we re-confirmed with him already about the jeans he was wearing. "You sure you're gonna wear jeans that to SENTOSA?". Hahhaa. Scare his leg hairs kana us see till rugi is it? Hahahhaaa.

Teens playing beach volleyball

We went to Sentosa on Thursday and on Saturday, they had a "Beach Volleyball Tournament" so we saw a lot of youngster walking in groups, looking all tan and healthy holding a volleyball..

Sigh, I miss my volleyball time.
Could have make it to the school team if I was born few months earlier.
Bai-bai yick those girls with limited skills getting to the team just because they fit the age range.

I had my first Ben & Jerry's here

Yes Iwan, we don't have Ben & Jerry's in Brunei. And also Baskin Robbins, Starbucks, LV, Gucci, Burberry, Old Chang Kee, J.Co, Krispy Kremes, A|X, YSL, Din Tai Fung.. Not even G2000.

But I can bring you go buy ratan bags, eat cheap kolo mee and nasi katok, and show you our Shell station here lah.


Does it look dead to you?
Because 4 out 5 people asked me, "Eh, dead already one ah?"

Us, camwhoring at Dolphin Lagoon

Sick of seeing our camwhore-moments? Yeah, I guess so..
Because even the pink dolphin see also 反肚 (belly-up) liao.

Sexy Pink Belly

I wonder if dolphin can have naval piercing or not..
Since they have to show their bellies so often, might as well pimp it a little.

Eh, I'm only joking okay. Don't so serious bah.

Ugly Tattoo

Random photo.
I just thought that the tattoo looks really ugly. Those two Chinese words are "Ai Ren", lover in Chinese. Erm.. It just looks like some mischievous kid from Primary 2 took a marker pen and write it there mah. I'm assuming its an artwork from an amateur tattooist who was too lazy to download Chinese language packages.

The auntie is smart though. Instead of tattoo-ing names, she chose a very general word which can applies to all her boyfriends, girlfriends and husbands.

Anyway, more dolphins for you.

Dolphin doing a dental check

No lah, she was demonstrating how to make dolphins open their mouths

Dolphin jumps through the hoop

Dolphin kisses the ball

The volunteers who got the chance to play with dolphins...

Are you all surprise why didn't I volunteer?
Because.... of my "monthly-auntie"lah! Grrrrrrrr!!!

Fat, next time you bring me there again and I MUST GET KISSED by the dolphin okay.
No, your kiss doesn't count.

Nonnie at the entrance of Underwater world.

Nothing too exciting inside. I thought the KLCC Aquaria seems more interesting, to me lah. Maybe because I already hilang the sakai-ness looking at the marine life inside the moving walkway underwater tunnel in KL kua? Sharks and sting rays all look the same don't they?

But this is something really interesting that Aquaria doesn't have. I think?


(Non-sensical Made up intro... Don't believe what I wrote in the above photo ya)

It does look like an angel okay. Having two wings, flapping in the water and horns on their heads. Very very very tiny angels though. Read more here.

Then our next destination,

Us in the funny 4D shades

Very cool lor. Really made 48 and I screamed and laughed like idiots. And, its super cold when the fan was blowing. That's SL second time watching the exact show so.. he's well-prepared. No fun liao.

The Sky Tower

which we didn't take because 48 has acrophobia. And.. we already had one in Jerudong Park which seems much higher and, this ride cost $12 leh. $12 just for panoramic views at 131 metres above sea level across Singapore...? I think I'll just wait for the Singapore Flyer with Bobby.

Bobby has acrophobia too...... Sigh.

Us, again.. at dunnowhere.


We completed our Sentosa trip at around 3+pm. Shopped a little at Vivo again, headed back to our hotel, took a quick shower and rest a little before meeting Iwan.


What? One full day out under the sun wor, of course have to put on a mask to nourish our faces mah. We bought the masks together in Miri Watson. SL bought the most.

Then we met Iwan up at Orchard shopping complex, which SL had a number of text-exchange with Iwan asking where in Orchard? Because initially we thought that Iwan was giving us a general location saying Orchard, we didn't know there IS a shopping complex name Orchard bah.

Again, Iwan belanaja-ed us Sakura Internation Buffet, which served better Shark Fin soup than Imperial... and also they're more generous in the salmon sashimis. Just that I really ate till cannot walk liao. I did took photos but most of them look over-exposed.

After dinner, we walked aimlessly around Orchard (actually was looking for Lucky Plaza one, my colleague asked me to buy her perfumes there. But closed liao that time) and my kaki cannot tahan anymore, thus we just choose a random place to have a drink lor.

Iwan with his signature chin-up-big-smile pose.

I so wanted to dip my feet into the jacuzzi you know.

By the way, the name of this bar is BALCONY. And I'm assuming its way better than the Balcony in Miri, since ... the Miri one.... a lot of... Bengs and Lians and policemen raiding. I've never been there, but from the pictures I saw from stalking people's punya facebook albums.. I thought it was over-rated?

Ugly photo of both of us

Both of mouth power up together can swallow an elephant

My first Singapore Sling

that 48 said I must try, since its my first time to SG

I wish we could sit on those comfy bed

But that's the smoking zone... and none of us smoke

48's killer heels

It nearly killed my feet

I had to take it off after an hour of walking around in Orchard because it was bloody painful. And I chose to walk around without shoes. Yeap, I kaki-ayam-ed around Orchard all the way back to the car park and it felt good, my feet felt good, because no one cares and no one stares!

But Iwan kept asking if its really okay, takut my feet kana something tajam.
Well, its time to prove Singapore is very clean kan? So I was doing a test with my feet lor.
LOL! The result? Not bad not bad. At least my feet didn't kana any shattered glass or durian shell.

Oh by the way..I think I ate too full or what. Once we reached our hotel, I puked it (the food I ate at Sakura's) all out! And SL was wondering how could I puke till so comfortable without struggling or making shudders. Yes, I didn't even make that disgusting "Wuuuuuu-Yeeeeeek" sound when puking, its just came out all by itself!

Experience Puker, I am.