Thursday, January 24, 2008

Call me Phai Kar

Okay, first thing first (I know, some of you are wondering what the heck is Phai-Kar.. Sabar wah), to reward me myself for my super-ganas-fearless-bold-and-spunky act by posting the Kungfu Hustle Landlady look-a-like photo of me up, I wish you post up some really rare photos of me camwhoring.

Some more doing the inward peace sign..
which my friend told me it means "Up yours" in other country.

(Hey! I thought bloggers are all excused for being narcissist?)

Hair fresh from the oven... I mean saloon.

See, springy and bouncy. Ching-chai pose also will look nice. Some more no need to comb. I likey! Designated for malas person like me who's always clueless about hairdo early in the morning.

But after sweating, stinking (the chemical bah), shampooing and conditioning.. hilang the magic.
Like I told Senor Pablo and Senora Liza, my hair now looks disastrous.... I called them "Indomee-gone-bad".

(You don't have to comment that, yet)


Now back to the topic.

"What is Phai-Kar?", you asked.
No, its not some Tom Yam soup ingredient nor the name of Thai tranny.

Phai Kar is actually a Hokkien slang of saying someone who walks with a limp.

Ya, a limp!

I sprained my ankle.

Yesterday while playing netball with my students. Bravo.

I was playing GS and while jumping up to catch the ball, my fellow student, who was playing GK from the opposing team stood too close to me. And heroism suddenly hit me. I tried to avoid bumping into her and thus landed with my foot senget... as in bended inward.

This wasn't the first time I sprained my ankle. The last time happened while I jumped down from my bed when I was in secondary 3. Well, at least this time I felt more proud to say the reason how did I get hurt.

Damn painful can.
I had to drive my (manual!) car back some more.

Lucky it was the right foot and not the left. Else I really don't know how to press in the clutch till it reach the very end.

My Poor Foot

A waaa.. It's MY foot bah! I know it looks like some Indon or Bangla construction worker punya because of those dark toes and the non-exfoliated foot.

No Doctor Fish in Brunei (yet) bah.
Those fishes eat dead skin from humans feet. How noble.

I already have a pair of hippo thighs, now I have the complete package.
(Swollen) Hippo foot.

Of course, to treat sprained ankle like this, urut is the only way and my masseur is the queen, my mother. I was screaming, squealing and wriggling my body like a worm that my mum commented that she thought she was a butcher slaughtering a pig. -___-"

She was yapping non-stop, "Tahan pain, if not delay next time more painful ah", "Like that already scream like pig, you still haven't rasa when auntie (her sifu) urut", and the most kanasai one is, "Pain ah? I already (urut) very light liao. I didn't use my full strength leh"

Mother, you don't know youngsters nowadays are made out of tofu meh?


Anyway my foot feels so much better now.
It has to be better because I want to have fun on this coming Saturday. I wouldn't want see everyone happily taking pictures and mingling around while I sit and sulk alone.

Okie, back to work now.
Snip snip snip and glue glue glue.

(Third day after hair perm)With no mousse, gel or anything. Not even combed.
Hilang the glamorousness.


Yup, I'm making name tags again.

(Designed by me)

Stay tune!


I'm Choonie. said...

I play WD. Poor you. I like your hair. I thought of getting myself a maggi mee hair but it is not easy to take care le. I thought you need to put some oil and make it curly some more especially in the morning. That's why I decided to straighten. Going to color it next week.

Senor Pablo said...

Oh.. Sorry to hear about your ankle.. Aiayahh. How to gambus with you then?? hehehee..

Seriously, Dr Fish is here. His advise to you not to urut your ankle in the first 24 hours of injury cos the muscle is tender. Best to apply ice to numb the muscle instead of using HEAT oil. Using HEAT oil will only make the muscle to swell. Unless there is NO 'MAMBANG" or swolleness or it has subsided after a few days, then you can 'urut' to get the muscle back to it's originality..hehehee..

See you on Saturday.. Snip..snip..cut..cut..

Drifting Cloud said...

中医说伤筋动骨一百天会好的。。。do take care... but just remember a big NO NO to urut or apply hot compress during the first 24 hours... You should instead apply cold compress or use ankle support to bring down the swelling...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah! KB blogger night!!!! Do post up ur entry! Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

KB Bloggers Night!
Do take lotsa pics ok?

- Hunnie <3

De Pianist said...

ooh..that must be really painful..sorry to hear about that..can't suggest anything for you..but hope you recover soon..=)!

nice maggi mee btw,i mean your hair.hehe..gone bad?nvm,go boil it again...(ok,that sounds lame..) =p

Anonymous said...

get an ankle support for the time being,and u really shudn't massaged it first. Put an ice pack..

Thanis said...

KB blogger night .. hai ... I feel so left out ... T_T