Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wedding Eve - The Preparation

A mosquito flied by and I tried to kill it by clapping my hands beside my ear. And I'm hearing "wheeeeeeeee wheeeeeeee" sound for quite a while. My right ear is totally fine now no worries.

Silly and classic.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I went up to BSB last Friday to pick 48 up from the airport. And so I drove up alone and picked fat guy up and went to Cheez Box for their sinfullicious breakfast. Thanks to this evil post.

They open at 10am and those breakfast sets are only available until 11am and thus the kiasuism in me strike and I told Bobby I would be very grumpy if I miss it again.

One thing I love and hate about Cheez Box, the computers with connected with broadband...

Love it because I can check comments or messages in my tagboard and replies, eventhough I couldn't help but kept double-clicking those icons and got a bit frustrated because I couldn't CTRL + T.

Hate it because the football addict wouldn't have time to layan me while checking scores and news... He loves to point out some bald guy or man in tie and ask if I know who are they, and starts telling me stories and so on that I can't be bother.

But I like it when he talks, and the only time you can find him actively talking without too much pauses is when it comes to football. Hence everytime when he started telling me stories of this manager did this and that and that player went from here to there, I would just stare at him and smile.

Fat guy's tea

and our breakfast

Right after our breakfasts, we went into the Mall to check out the fair for awhile and saw my kacheng cousin there, as usual... doing the very last minute of setting (up the booths). Brought me around the booths and showed me the Alienware posters proudly and asked me to take pictures when the stocks arrive and blog it.  o_O!

And I asked him what would I get in return *hint Kaching hint*, he answered "My hug" and put his arm around my shoulder... As if his hug is very valuable like that. Chew. I said I don't want his hug and he opted for kiss. -_-" 

"If it is a picture of you kissing another girl I want lah, can use it to ugut you! HAhahahhahah!!!"

Anyway, if the stocks arrive on Monday.. and if I happen to go BSB bring 48 to the immigration to make passport, you guys will definitely have a look at the weird/cool looking computers.

After that we rushed to the airport to pick up 48.

And when the silly boyfriend saw a kid sitting near to us looking around, he quickly took my Whitie out and asked where is the volume control.

I asked why and he said, "Cos the little boy is looking and I wanna show off. I used to be the poor boy feeling all envious at people having game handhelds and consoles and now I wanna make someone feel it too..."

So evil!

I rolled my eyes and replied, "Sekali he has PSP in his bag, PS3 and Wii at home leh..."

After picking 48 we later went for groceries shopping, not for anyone of us. Its for the groom...

Reached Seria at around 5+pm and started to prepare the food for the wedding door games, Nyek nyek nyek, meet Nonnie the mastermind behind those plots.

What did I prepare?

Fresh Bitter Gourd juice and heart-shape wax stripes. So romantic kan? (Can't blog them yet because I need to collect the pictures from 48 and Kelly's camera first.. But I can tell, IT FEELS SO NICE SEEING A MAN MOANING FOR PAIN WHEN I REMOVED THE WAX STRIPES)

Went to Theen's place for our final girls-night-out and discussed the games.

One of the thing we made the groom and his brothers to do...

Never knew a size L adult diaper is that big... Has even more fabric than a short.

Modeling for 2008 latest baby trend

Labeling the diapers.

The carefree bride and her wonderful friends.
Sigh... why all my friends have big eyes!

Theen's sister and cousin busy doing the final decorations with 
pink heart shapes balloons and plush roses..

Our prediction almost 10 years ago came true. Theen IS the earliest to get married among us... This girl had a year to prepare for her wedding yet most of the preparations were done very last minute, example... booking the make up artist and buying the hair pieces that go with her bridal gown and cheongsam.

Still need some time to digest the fact that my friend now lives in KB and no longer 2km away from me. And her title is Mrs Yoong from today onwards. 

Congratulations my cute friend with funny expressions all the time, I hope I didn't hurt your hubby too much today. Hahahhaa

Note: Tomorrow (Sunday) is going to be the Dragon Boat Festival! Get your eggs ready! Don't miss it again. Go try and have fun balancing the eggs.


cc said...

Oh, there's some games you guys prepared. Made me think that MR K got it easy. hehe...

Nonnie King said...

C.C : Hahahhaa. Maybe because we're close to the groom and we know the "brothers" already thus we give no face while playing.