Saturday, February 16, 2008

I-Heart-You Day

Warning: Lotsa self-taken lovey-dovey photos ahead. Risk of suffering from sickness such red-eyes, nausea, dizzy and self-destruct. Just kidding lah. Nothing 18SX like Chen and his angels.


After hours and days of brain-storming of how to top, I mean surprise Bobby with my card and gift, finally the long waited day was here.

It was not just for Valentine's day. It was for his belated birthday celebration as well.

Unfortunately his birthday fell on Monday this year and I got no time to prepare and also the energy driving up to BSB just to have a dinner with him then rush back. That's why we had it postponed.

Checked in the hotel at almost six.
Coincidentally, it was again the same room that we had checked in last year!

(The same thing happened for our anniversary celebration last year too. Same room again for Eastwood Valley)

Love the mirrors

You know, the whole dolling and dressing up just to make the night perfect. We rarely have the chance to do that because:

1. We're lazy and it's time wasting
2. Unpowdered face is more kissable
3. We only get to see each other maybe once every 2 weeks or less.

Just the night before Valentine's, we were still thinking where to eat.
Somewhere not over-commercialized and thus blood-sucking.

I asked Uncle Jan about Vintage Rose but the last table was taken just 5 minutes ago before he text the boss. Sam told me about Twelv but we went there for V-day two years ago (2006) and the service was really slow.

Instead of looking into each other's eyes and saying all those mushy-mushy stuffs, we ended up cranky and kept complaining to each other when is the food coming. Very hungry lah. Some more, we didn't get the "Special Gift" as promised because it's out of stock. There, my unromantic valentine's experience with Twelv.

Last last, we picked Manjaro.
The place we went for our very first Valentine's day.

They had both buffet and set dinners. Bobby thought that the buffet menu looks more attractive but I was concerned about Cheesie's post, What not to order on first date.

"Oi, if eat buffet later you just keep on eating and ignore me how? Like talk half way, "Wah... got lamb. I go take ah.", then off you go. Very sien one wor..."

But he reassured that that won't happen.
Because I look more delicious than lamb legs and roast chicken. Hahahaha!

Candle light, beverage menu and a stalk of carnation..

Yes, he didn't get me any flowers and it is totally fine with me. After several attempts of surprising me with roses wrapped in that tacky transparent wrapping which is very much diss by me, he had not get me any of those ever since.

He told me that he did wanted to get my 99 roses but his bank book said no. I told him I would prefer the bouquet that Nicole got for her mum, which is made out of $10 and $5 cash notes.
Never wilt and keeps me happy all year round.

What you saw in the above picture were all that I ate for the night. May looks pretty little to you but its already the best I can do.

I don't know why some people becomes super kiasu (takut kalah) when it comes to buffet. They must eat their heart out until they get so bloated and can't move at all baru they consider its "worth it".

"All you can eat" buffet means eat all you can, and not eat till you vomit and die.
I enjoyed the variations of food to be indulged rather than keeping record of the quantity.

Seriously, the food... THUMBS UP!!! Love the Shepherd's Pie to bits!

Way better than the gold-gold-big-big-sea-side hotel's buffet and of course, cheaper too.

With mere B$27.80, we had:

- Seafood Chowder with dinner rolls
- Chicken Liver Parfait
- Soft Shell Crab
- Assorted Mini Quiche
- Cold Pasta
- Mixed Salad
- Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls
- Shepherd's Pie
- Roasted Chicken with Herbs
- Pan Fried Salmon with buttered lemon sauce
- Gnocchi with Pumpkin and Mushroom Cream Sauce
- Almond Butter Rice
- Lemon Tart, and lastly
- Chocolate Mousse!

The place was well-decorated with a lot of red hearts and all ladies were given a stalk of carnation. I don't know why carnation instead of the old school rose. Maybe it means, "I love you so much that I want to celebrate Mother's Day for you with out children"?

Everything was perfect except for having an odd couple sitting next to us on the left with no communication at all but just eat, eat and eat. Told Bobby that I hope we won't end up like that few years later because I think having endless things to talk to your partner is like the ultimate enjoyment. From weather to current news to politics, voicing out our point of view and exchange ideas, isn't that like the best de-stress tool?

And our right, there was a big family celebrating an elder's birthday if I'm not wrong. It was all cheery and warm. Erm... a little noisy actually. Quite a bit of "mood-killer" because we picked the wrong table and Bobby basically need to shift his chair all the time for people to get passed.

Back to Gadong

Weekend night in Gadong basically means one thing,
"Find Parking till you want to bang head against steering wheel".

We went to The Mall Cineplex first to get the tickets for CJ7 for the next day because we didn't want to rush the night and squeeze with 100+ couples in the same place watching how they rubbed against each other.


Man, its like the whole population of BSB age 15 - 35 cramped in the third floor and making it so difficult to walk.

I thought I was in Harajuku or Taipei. Everyone was well-dressed either looking like Avril Lavigne (for age 17 and below), Ayumi Hamasai or Rainie Yang (age 18 to 22) and JolinTsai (age 23 and above).

It was so damn extreme!
I only managed to spot less than 10 girls/ ladies wearing "normal looking" attire with just simple shirt and jeans/ skirts and tidy hair.

Bumped to a couple of friends and one of them was Mr. CookieMonster. Not only the poor fellow was dateless, also he got ditched by his brother and ended up wandering alone in the jam-packed Mall looking couples lovey-dovey passing by.

Friend, got win ah?

* * *

There was this very young couple, I think maybe at around age 14 (secondary 2) wearing all couple-ish with the theme "PINK" holding hands and stood in front of me while going down the escalator.

Once stepped off the escalator, the girl shouted really loud.

Hahahhahaa! It was so cute and funny!
But I didn't manage to take their photo in time lah. Sayang.

And also, there were some people holding a basket of Ferrero Rocher flowers asking guys to buy a stalk of candy for their partners.

Bobby and I tried to "escape" from them because both of us are quite soft-hearted and easily convinced when it comes to this thing. Don't know how to reject that is.

But this time both of us improved!

Sweet looking girl : Hi mister. Buy a flower for your partner?

Bobby: *look at me*

I looked back at him hoping that he received the hint of "I don't want. Don't buy."

Bobby: *in very broken Mandarin and pointed at me* Er, she had it already.

Sweet looking girl: Not very expensive one. Buy lar.

Nonnie: Hehe. We don't want. Thank you ah. Bye bye.

(Walk away quick quick)

Phew~ That was close.

I know if we continue to layan her sure the soft-hearted boyfriend will fork out whatever the amount it is and bought it.

Those who bought it, care to tell me how much is it?

It's not about the money really. But, no point bah you get what I mean?
If Bobby gave it to me and I ate it, the stalk will be flowerless and left nothing but the plastic wrappings.

If I keep it, then it will grow dust and attracts ants to invade my room. And I still have to dump it having my mum looking angrily at me.

Lose-lose situation.

Remember dear, cash money bouquet.

Back to king size bed with plasma
He's gaining the weight back! Can you see?

Camwhore a little before we proceed with our cards exchanging


A year ago, 2007.

Same room, same couch, same boyfriend.

See how "big bone" he was just a year ago?

The perfect neck rest, his arm

Force to layan me

Silly faces

10 minutes later... his attention went to the TV

Curse you ESPN!

Out of boredom while waiting for the match to finish...

Finally, minutes later when I was about to knock out...

Card exchange time!

For Me.

For Him

Instead of hearing "Wow!" and "Wah!" from him, he pulled down his face and said, "Eee... why so nice one? You make my one look so bad lar."


Since when it became a competition har?

He disallowed me to spend any money for his birthday and Valentine's. And so I make lor. Not bad right? It's a "Candle Snow Globe".

Got water and glitters inside one really.
Tell me if you all want to know how I made it and I'll post up the DIY lesson up.

As for the card, it looks really ugly lah.

But the photos are "drag-able" one
Also the hearts.
100% my own original idea okay~

Next morning, on the way down to makan breakfast

Damn bagus!
Plus Nasi Lemak, fish porridge, roti canai, breads and cereals.

Eat full full go back see TV again

After checking out, we went to Jollibee for lunch (still very full after the breakfast) and bumped in to Max. Introduced Bobby to her and she claimed that there's no such need because "everyone knows Bobby from your blog lah".


Can someone tell me, why do my friends get more attention and recognition than me?

Just like SL. He went out lunch with his colleagues and someone saw him and said, "I know that guy. He's some blogger's friend." Told me that he can't do bad things anymore because its dangerous for him already.

But never once someone talk to me and say, "I know you Nonnie! I read your blog!".

Is it because I look different from my pictures and real life?

Anyway, Max was asking us the million dollar question, "When you guys going to get hitched ah? You guys dated so long already, can liao laaa."

"No money how to kahwin?"

"No money got no money punya methods mah. You can have dinner at the beach. So romantic kan?"

"Ya, bring chicken wings and ask my guests to help themselves BBQ-ing right?"

"And give them fishing rod ask them fish themselves. ", added Bobby.

I wish I can do it girl. But being the only child doesn't allow me to do so.

And somemore she asked Bobby to straight away "reserved" me by registering scare later taken by someone else. Said it till like I banyak market a lot of suitors like that.

"Register liao so mafan. What if we break up later leh? Have to pay for divorce again."

"You got think want to break up one meh? You don't want to be with him forever one meh?"


You can never predict the future right? Even though I look all cheerful and optimistic, I'll always remind myself to do the reality check from time to time. Too many sad divorces or scandals nowadays and too little happily-ever-after fairytale nowadays.

Of course, I will work hard for my relationship no worries.

One last thing, please do not magnify all the actions and words only on Valentine's Day. Why does it matters most just because it's V-day? For me, any moment spent with him is memory earned and bonus.

I know it sounds really naive.
But I thought I'll feel happier that way.
(Well, some of you married men/ women might be laughing at me now. But I don't really care)

No, its not belated.
Its just 364 days earlier.

Remember, you don't have to wait till your birthday, anniversary or Valentine's day to have excuse to celebrate.

Everyday or any day can be a special one as long as you have the heart.


Jan Shim said...

Coincidentally, it was again the same room that we had checked in last year!

Wow, what are the oddds of checking in the same room out of so many other rooms? It's not a coincidence, it's a SIGN! And that sign is DND—DO NOT DISTURB! :)

I see you and Bobby had candle-lit dinner while my wife and I and our little princess under tungsten light bulb (uncertained, walked to kitchen to check) but wait, it's actually a 14W Energy Saver tube!

No photos of what I cooked this year for dinner but we decided we had eaten way too much this festive week and also just the night before at our son Jamie's Birthday so on Valentine's night, we had Japanese Cha Soba and Udon. The highlight was more the gift I made than the food but you know that already!

JaMiLLa said...


I HEART you, my friend after reading this post ....

Such a loving and memorable post esp with a meaningful conclusion.

Yes we don't need to wait till Valentine Day and those important occasion to celebrate or show how much you love your loved one. Any day can be special and bring your heart to your partner.

One of my personal coursemates told me that he forget his wife birthday, their anniversary and other important days.

So he din buy any gift for her. I was like HUH? So what your wife feels about that?

He said, "OH well shes ok about that. No problem!"

I asked, "She dont angry meh?"

He answered, "Of course no. I don have specially bought a gift for her during those days just to show "I miss you". Whenever I travel around the world, for sure I will buy her gift to present that I miss her wherever I go. And shes happy to receive that. She dont want her husband onli missing her during those important days. You get it, my dear?"

That's so inspiring me to understand and learn that we shall not angry with our partner if they din buy us gift during those days.

I'm Choonie. said...

I din celebrate the v day too. Veli plastic day. I was happy that hubby remember this day but this time, no more flower... which is fine with me. No romantic dinner outside but dinner with MIL's cooking. Like you mention, everyday can be special like v day. Asal, he got heart for me. hahaha

Abby said...

SO SWEET WAN. ehhhhlahhh.. u know why i couldnt recognize you.. cos the 1st pic of you i saw was the one you were wearign a mask or something?! hahaha and that stayed in my head -_-
anyway so sweet wan you!!!!!!! and Bobby. :)

Nonnie King said...

Uncle Jan : If the odds are very little, I suppose we should go buy 4D that day.


Jamilla : But.. but.. I think I'll still get angry if he doesn't make me anything or give me greetings on those important dates wor.

Choonie : LOL! Plastic day!

Abby : Aiyooo!! Go delete that image of me in your brain. Go go go!

I demand you stare at my photo for at least 5 seconds every time you enter my blog.


<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

See how "big bone" he was just a year ago?

haha, sounds funny. =p inside joke for me. see if u can guess.

But never once someone talk to me and say, "I know you Nonnie! I read your blog!".

well, my way was, hey that's nonnie. (tells friends) i don't think she recognizes me. shy shy, hide! lol!

half half lah. celebrate on valentine's day. then celebrate on others again.

Nonnie King said...

Jason : I hope you're not thinking anything "yellow" about the big-bone.

I used to call him fat and he said he's not, he's just has "big bones".


Apaler you...

I spotted Ing Siang and can recognize him straight away. You hide hide there how I spot you leh?

If you shy shy, will make me shy shy too one you know.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah! So sweet! BTW why bobby got dark eye ring??? Pokeing all night long or watch ESPN???? Have a nice day!

Thanis said...

The roses were $5 each. Hee hee....and warau - u have to report me as dateless lagitu!!!


Malu la!

Sha said...

happy belated vday to you and bobby! glad you had a great one! :)

-moon- said...

Such a sweet V-day le.. and the hotel room u guys stay look cozy and big.. it's the rizqun or centerpoint hotel? No worry to rush on married de.. When the right time comes, still will marry.. hehe.. Best wishes to u and bobby.. =)