Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trip to Penang, May 2015


How much to travel to Penang (from Brunei)?

Air fares

Miri to Penang (Air Asia) ~ BND92.00

Hotel & Accomodation

The Boutique Residence  – 2 nights
G Hotel – 2 nights
Shared with a room mate so round-off figure for 4 nights per person was BND305.00 (with Local Government fee RM3.00 per room per night for the Penang State Government)

We chose to stay in 2 different hotels so that we can cover best of both worlds, the Georgetown Heritage discovering awesome street arts and also yummy local food, and also doing some last minute shopping because it is just right between Gurney Plaza. Gurney Paragon and the Gurney Hawker Drive. Talk about convenience.


Taxi fare from Penang Airport to Georgetown – RM40.00
Taxi fare from Gurney to Penang Airport – RM45.00
Taxi fare from Georgetown to Air Itam (For Penang Hill and Kek Lok Si) – RM30.00
Taxi fare from Air Itam to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion – RM30.00
Taxi fare from Georgetown to Gurney – RM18.00

The above fares were all to be shared among 3 person

Bus fare from Penang Hill to Kek Lok Si –RM1.40 (per person)

Total: ~ RM56.00

Admission Tickets

Penang Hill Ticket fare (return) – RM30.00
Kek Lok Si – RM2.00 (Pagoda), RM6.00 (Incline lift return)
Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (Blue mansion tour) – RM16.00
Khoo Khong Si - RM10.00

Total: RM64.00

p/s: Fort Cornwallis – RM20.00 but we didn’t enter it because we are cheapskates like that. You can see the lighthouse and cannon from the outside liao bah. Why spend RM20 and walk inside a big park?

TOTAL ~ BND 443.00

(excluding food and shopping)

Honestly, food in Penang is not exactly cheap (depends where you eat lah of course but still…) the average price of a plate of Char Kway Teow is RM 8 ~ 10, and…. the portion is just like Seria mien tang size, but will succulent prawns lah. Anyways, photo time!

IMG_1454 (640x480)

What I love most about Penang is how artistic and creative this place is! The above photo you see if not just a sculpture, it is actually a bench. Sure it might not be the most comfortable bench but having this on rest your feet for a while is damn siok already.

It was noon time when we reached Penang and after checking in the hotel, our itinerary for day 1 was to hunt as many street art as we can find, the clan jetties and finish it with yummy food along the legendary Lebuh Kimberley, all on foot because it is convenient like that.

There’s a lot of shops that you can rent bicycles from but with much consideration, we decided not to because:

1) The number one reason of all, one of us is “not very confident” with riding a bicycle, especially in public roads, and I’m so not going to be the one pedaling and steering on a tandem bike!

2) Our route was somewhat spontaneous, very malas if we need to rush back or travel all the way back just to return the bicycle

3) We saw a lot of other tourists struggled when cycling not because they were bad at it, because you can only cycle in a slow speed (which will be hard to maintain balance) and also, the car drivers in Penang… the drivers in Malaysia….. you know I know lar har….

4) Very mafan having to find place to park the bicycle, lock and unlock again. If it gets stolen how?

5) If rain how? If we just walk it is so much easier to find a shelter eh.

Of course, the reasons above were just what we imagined lar, probably it is not as bad for some others lah. But since it’s all just walking distance, we prefer just walking so that we can burn more calories to eat more later!


IMG_1457 (640x480)
A must with “Kids on Bicycle”

IMG_1460 (640x480)
Giant car mural.

IMG_1557 (480x640)
Randomly picked this place for lunch because we were so hungry

IMG_1461 (640x480)
We all thought it’s mee pok but… its horfun… Soft (near to soggy) hor fun.
(Actually throughout our whole trip, we realized the noodles in Penang are all quite soft and not chewy like what we have in Brunei)

IMG_1463 (640x480)
We had (from left to right), Lobak, Curry Chee Cheong Fun, Yong tofu, Mini chicken burgers and the horfun set.

IMG_1464 (640x480)
Mini chicken burgers are mini! It’s actually deep fried mantou with chicken patties inside.

IMG_1465 (640x480)
Hello Ming Xiang Tai pastry shop.

IMG_1467 (640x480)
Very expensive ice cream lollipop Sad smile

IMG_1468 (480x640)
I still want these yummy drinks!!!!

IMG_1472 (640x480)
The “I want bao” mural, just next to Ming Xiang Tai.
Enjoying my ice cream lollipop while giving an evil laugh because I’m stealing the bicycle away with all the baos inside.

IMG_1558 (480x640)
Just few steps away from the Ming Xiang Tai pastry shop, there’s this Ming Xiang Tai “Kedai Biskut dan The Ubat Ming Xiang Tai”, you can actually buy those pastries from the pastry shop and dine in here.

IMG_1559 (480x640) IMG_1560 (480x640)
We went in there to escape the heat after walking along the clan jetties.

Those drinks are super refreshing. the jelly and tofu fah not bad too.
Egg tart is a must!

IMG_1562 (640x480)
Drying ourselves from the sweat while enjoying the desserts.


IMG_1475 (640x480)
I had never seen a blacksmith before! Georgetown sure has a lot of classic stuffs!

Uncle, can I have a customized BBQ stand or a steamboat + grill pot thank you

IMG_1477 (640x480)
Entrance of the Lee clan jetty

IMG_1480 (480x640) IMG_1481 (480x640)
Shades all out on a bright sunny day~



IMG_1483 (640x480) IMG_1484 (640x480)
Because the fire hose reel also needs blessings from Fu, Lu and Shou, The Three Stars of Blessings, Prosperity and Longevity

IMG_1486 (640x480)
Very much like Kampong Ayer, but the bridges are much “friendlier” to walk on. And some of the houses also nicer.

IMG_1488 (640x480)
Posing next to the temple

IMG_1497 (640x480)IMG_1498 (640x480)
A bit of smell when it’s low tide

IMG_1499 (640x480) IMG_1500 (640x480)
Cute pups in one of the house in the clan jetties, but the environment is not really good and I can tell the owner are just keeping the dogs for breeding purpose. Angry!


IMG_1504 (640x480)
Love the name!

When walking around Georgetown, we noticed most of the shops are closed! Some of the shops only operate from morning till noon, some only at night and it’s really weird for us to see most of the shop houses have their gate and grill locked in broad daylight.

Rich till no need do business har?

IMG_1505 (480x640)
Merry old couple just at the entrance of Chew Jetty

IMG_1506 (640x480)IMG_1507 (640x480)IMG_1508 (640x480)

Damn creative this Juicylicious

IMG_1510 (480x640)
You see their seats! Vroom vroom!!

IMG_1511 (640x480)
Surprised to see Brunei flag because, you know la… Brunei flag is not exactly the easiest to draw mah.

IMG_1512 (640x480)
Very business-minded people who lives in Chew Jetty. Most of the residents in the jetty set up small stalls just outside their houses selling ice creams and magnets.

Can we have something like this in Kampong Ayer too?

IMG_1514 (640x480)
Came too early, else can get to see Dragon Boat competition.

IMG_1515 (480x640)IMG_1516 (640x480)
Taking a break at the temple at the end of Chew Jetty.
Damn relaxing and cool with the sea breeze blowing lah.

IMG_1520 (640x480)
Me: Can we please have a hammock here?
PSL: In front of the Gods inside the temple also lah you!
Me: … (Maybe the Gods wont mind leh?)

IMG_1521 (480x640)
Colorful signs.

We were trying to find the “Children in a boat” mural in Chew jetty but it’s gone already. Actually some of the murals are gone already and I will show you what I meant by that.

IMG_1524 (640x480)
Joining the children to play basketball.
这就是传说中的 “扯后腿”!

IMG_1527 (640x480)
To all the Yong, Jong, Yang, Yeo, Yeoh around the world.


Fire, fire.
Because the police doubled at fire fighters until 1909.

IMG_1529 (640x480)
SO pro, even got a specialized salted vegetable shop.

IMG_1530 (640x480)
Old Motorcycle

IMG_1536 (640x480)
And next to it, “Flying kite” is almost all gone….

IMG_1537 (480x640)
Have to take picture of this because I’m Mrs. Lim *blow air out of nose*


IMG_1538 (640x480)
Along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling

IMG_1540 (640x480)
Very cool name

IMG_1541 (480x640) IMG_1542 (480x640)
Boy on chair. Sadly Ruco Chan forgot to leave the bracelet there for me.
(Reference to the TVB drama “Outbound Love” which majority of the scenes were taken in Penang)

IMG_1546 (640x480)
Went in a random shop for a break and quenched our thirst.

Seriously…. PENANG VERY HOT AH!!!!!

IMG_1545 (640x480)
Everyone’s secondary school days memory, wooden desk with lots of blanco writings on it.

IMG_1547 (480x640) IMG_1549 (480x640)
Very cool lamp. I wonder if I can make it.

IMG_1548 (480x640)
Something special, lemonade with lime ice cream!

IMG_1550 (640x480)

I love this~!


I wanna be a shiny sparkling maniac in your boring dull life.

My new motto yo.

IMG_1551 (480x640)
Walking towards Lebuh Kimberley

Basically the whole afternoon we were just walking zigzag or in circle.

IMG_1552 (640x480)
You can’t really see the Old Man mural anymore…..

IMG_1553 (640x480)
A very interesting shop

IMG_1554 (640x480)

The tanglongs are made of dish cloths.. or those mesh onion bags I don’t know.

IMG_1556 (480x640)
Love me like your fortune cat


IMG_1563 (640x480)
Very steady lah, using cassettes to make a lamp shade.

Told you Penangites damn creative.

IMG_1564 (480x640)
Lion dance mural

IMG_1569 (480x640)
Busy Bodhi Café

IMG_1570 (640x480)
Every corner, everywhere in Georgetown, you can see bicycle rental shops.

IMG_1571 (640x480)
Flea market

IMG_1572 (480x640)
A free ride in a police car and a pompom too.

IMG_1573 (480x640)
So scare people don’t know need to put up 4 signs ah?

A lot oe Penangites suffer from hemorrhoids?

Finally we reached Lebuh Kimberley, first stop. Duck koay chap!

Seriously nice! No innards smell at all!

Ordered from this stall because see got Axian picture… worst choice ever!

RM13.00 CKT….. over priced imo.

We ordered popia from the stall I mentioned above… worst popia I ever have! It’s wet and soggy inside, the flavour is bad too.

Super best stall! We wanted the deep friend salted fish tofu but it was sold out, so we just had chicken chop.. or drumstick? I cant remember. We got seduced by the aroma to this stall and you can imagine how good it is!
Damn good business this uncle!



Ochien and chee cheong fun.

Most of the hawkers set up stalls in front of coffee shops and to eat inside those coffee shops, you have to order drinks from them or they charged RM0.50 per person. We rather paid 50 cents than filled up our tummies with water when we can save the space for more food!!!!

Dessert stall.

Eh…… almond milk and cakoi… very weird eh

We just tapaoed the chinese dessert drinks back to our hotel because too full already. And, it’s a bit too sweet for our liking.

I bet captain obvious named this place.