Monday, July 16, 2012

Progress of a bride-to-be… so far

I don’t usually blog about my wedding preparation, mainly because everything is you know, here and there. Nothing is 100% done, some even stay stagnant and seriously, there may be a chance that probably we will just say, “WHAT? WE NEED THAT? OH WELL, TOO LATE… SCREW IT” because we are just too carefree to even get bothered.

Oh well, let’s see… what should I talk about…

So, there was this slight argument going on about serving shark fin soup in our wedding reception. I said no but he insisted, giving reasons like… “Oh come on baby, just this once. We won’t be serving that anymore anyway. We won’t be having that for the vegetarian reception anyway. Right? Right? Right?”
- Haih. This one I super kalah.

Then the venue of the wedding reception. Once we knew the tentative date, I terus made phone calls to several restaurants to secure but not one, but  FOUR restaurants were already booked! (And got one couple are also bloggers and I jokingly complained, OH! YOU GUYS ARE THE ONE WHO TOOK THE VENUE!) Dafuq. Got so many people kahwin on the same day with us. Hence we have no choice, but at the same time happy to do so too, postpone the reception 6 days after the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, which is actually good according to most of my married friends because we will have a breather in between to sort out other stuffs. I am sure if we insist to have it on the very same day as everyone else, probably only 1/3 of our invited guests will turned up cos sure got battle of reception dafuq.

Room. ZERO percent done.
Our future room still has quite a lot of stuffs inside. But it’s okay, we are going to clear it this coming weekend, get the measurements and go for furniture shopping. Another headache awaiting.

Decoration. Quite happy with the draft given by the pretty decorator.

Emcee. I got one secured, but the other one belum.

Bridesmaids dresses. I was being over ambitious thinking I can make them all the infinity wrap dress but based on my current speed and schedule in getting things done, I think I am going to scrap the idea and just give them a color theme. Am only going to make one for my beloved emcee only. Hahahhahaa. Bias much. I love you my dear female emcee. I know you will be reading this.

R.O.M… Even date we also haven’t confirm yet. FOL.

Guest lists. Progressing.
Still long way to go.

Wedding invitation card.

Pre-wedding photography.

Programs for the wedding reception.

Wedding favours.
This one I super happy! We were so annoyed that we couldn’t get the box we want, just clear boxes with the right size pun payah-payah! Then if we’re going to customize, one color cost this much, two colors cost this much. Then the other place say this and that. Very the mah-ling-fan. But… the super lucky me found a much cheaper and prettier wrapper in JAPAN! God bless Kappabashi because we all found things we need to buy there. It’s like one big shopping street for kitchen stuffs.

Hhahahaa. This one mei-yau-loi(still long time)

Weight loss..
I don’t want to talk about this.


bah that’s it lah.

We have zero knowledge (gosh, I baru realized how often I use the word zero in this post. sad ah sad!) on the customs and traditions and I hope this part will not give us any confusion and headache as well. Must attend more tea ceremony to look,see,learn.

We have less than 5 months but we are still pretty cool with it. Give us another 2 months and I think you will see Godzilla and Bridezilla spitting fire everywhere.

p/s: I spoiled his G12 after taking this photo. Sent it for repair, it was okay for couple of days and rosak again. FML kao kao.