Wednesday, May 21, 2014


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Monday, May 12, 2014

10 years in-love-versary

Our paktohversary had upgraded to in-love-versary! Hehehhehe. Very lame I know but we just love having alasans (excuses) to celebrate and makan. We actually listed 10 (makan) places that gave us memories during our paktoh days and wanted to go back there to eat... but... quite kick lah. 10 places wor. We failed already when picking the first place, Ban Hiong. Instead of going there, we pusing to spg 618 for Sukanya restaurant. Hahhahahhaha.

Anyways, we had an advanced celebration at Modesto because

1) food is yummy there!
2) that's the place he proposed so we go back there every year in the month of May.

Oh so good lah the dinner!!!

Timer is selfie ' s best partner!

He surprised me by showering me with flower and little gifts. Not bad la, 10 years already still got heart. *sweet*

But I no kalah also la, I made him a card.

Kind of weaved our names using papers for the front of the card. A bit rusty in making cards so I used words and photos to make it look nicer.

Okie that's it. Just want to blog this because it was a special day. Hehehehe.

And it's easier cos I'm just using my phone to do so. Honeymoon one very hard cos photos everywhere in camera n phone hard to susun bah.