Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flowers that will never wilt

Today is already the last day of April. Time flies isn't it? And in less than two weeks time we're all going to celebrate Mama's day, which will falls on May 11th this year.

Some may say "Everyday is Mother's Day" - I know its a cliché - making it as an excuse if ter-lupa to get something for mom or couldn't bother about it. But, don't you feel like making it a little more special for your mom on that particular day just to make her feels extra.. important?

(You know lar, all mothers like that one.. keh-keh (pretend) say "No need lah, no need buy things for me lah. You kuai (obedient) a bit don't kek me (make me angry) I already very happy liao lor..." But if they received something from their kids, I'm sure they can't hide their gleeful smile and also can't wait to show off to her friends and sister, and even strangers who just happened to queue behind her when paying at the cashier counter!

And goes like...
"This one my daughter/son buy for me one...I ask them don't waste money but they don't listen. Hai~" )

So, what will buy for your mom this year?

Jewelries? Osim massage chair? (For those with much bigger budget or just kana 4D) Subscribe Astro On Demand maybe? I dare you go buy her a new vacuum cleaner or a mop because you heard her complaining about her back aching, see how many days she doesn't layan you! Hahhahahaa.

Or, you planning to get her carnations?
- Emblem of Mother's Day, I'll never forget you, woman's love.

Forget about buying from the florist. IMO, flowers are usually over-priced and over-commercialized during important days.. take Valentine's day for example. If guys don't buy and give to their lovers, like too karit and heartless. If ladies didn't received enough, no face.

(If that's the way it is.. My face has long hancur already. I had not received any flowers from the fat guy since.... since.... since.... Valentine's Day of 2005!)

(There, my last bouquet of Tulips.. which mati the next day and made my room sibeh smelly.

Bobby Lim - this is a friendly reminder from your girlfriend. If you gain some more weight, you're going to look like that again... which doesn't really matters to me actually. Just don't come to me and complain you're fat and don't want to eat this and that can already. And, I prefer a bouquet of cash-flowers. Thank you.

Why don't we try something new this year?

My friend Jamilla is making origami roses and carnations for sale this year! A wide varieties of colours to choose and also way cheaper than what you get from florist.

You can either buy a stalk, which cost only B$3.00, or a bouquet with 11 roses which only cost B$28.00 (which means, its only B$2.54 per stalk!).

You can also customize yourself by deciding the number and the colours of flowers in a bouquet. Not only it looks stunning, it can also stay "fresh" through out the year, or even longer if you take care of it properly and your roof doesn't leak.

Don't wait till its too late.

You can order now from Jamilla (or Jamy) @ 8781538 or check out her blog for more details and photos now!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Need a break


The campaign is finally over. Blogging daily is definitely one of a kind challenge for me. But the thing is.. now that I gain more readers, I'm receiving less comments!

I used to receive average 13 ~ 25 comments only with 100+ page views daily. Now that my stats rises, I'm only getting... 2 or 3 comments.

How pathetic.

Brb. Busy week this week.
Will update whenever I feel like blogging.
Don't push me ya.

Sigh... I was so obsessed with blogging daily that I'd totally forgotten about my 2nd blogniversary.. and I have no idea how to make up for it now.

p/s: Anyone going to the roadshow this Friday?

Monday, April 28, 2008

"Everytime" and "Always"

One last day to vote peeps! This is the final day to show support to your favorite blog. Like I said, top 3 is just what I want. Pwease pwease pwease?

Btw.. I received my invitation card for the launching ceremony of DSTGroup roadshow.. Problem now is, what to wear? Smart casual... I don't have anything smart & casual.. Its either super casual or wedding-dinner-ish.

Suggestions anyone?
Its going to be hot there though.


No no no.. this post is not Britney nor Bon Jovi-related.

Haven't you heard of,
"Don't judge a post from its title."

I'm pretty sure most of you (girls) came across this situation, well.. I got to admit it always happened to be when involved in a mini-fight with the fat guy.

(We don't yell or throw things, just give each other the "silence treatment" or me shoving his hands from my shoulder. So if you see us not talking to each other, meaning we're having a disagreement.)


Me: EEEEEE!!! Why you always like that one? Everytime also late one wor!

Him: Where got "always" and "everytime" oh?

Me: Got lah! Last time like that, last last time like that also can.

Him: Tell me the precise date and time lah, if you say everytime.

Me: @^&&$#^&*#$*^!@#^!!!!!

... Bugger.

(He's so going to protest after reading this and try to be innocent again. You see lah.

But before I proceed, Bobby has pretty much quit that stupid habit of being late liao.. Even though, most of the time it is still me arriving earlier! Bloody hell! He should be the one waiting for me and not the other way round laaaaaaa...)

I know us women tend to over-used the word "Everytime" and "Always", even if it only happened twice. It is just a way of us expressing okay dear men. Haven't you heard of the word "Drama Queen"?

And men, just because we used the word "everytime" that doesn't mean we're poor in Maths. We can count okay. You don't have to, in your terms, remind us. For us women, whatever your feedback was, is equivalent to "talking back".

Aiyooo... you just need to diam diam when women are talking. Have you not learn your lessons all this year man? Once woman realized they have no idea what they're talking about already.. they'll stop and go do their housework bah.

Never reason with a woman when they're mad. If you dare to fight back, mati tia.. They will repeat from the top of their complain list, dig out all your past sins and nag from A - Z again.


I have no idea why am I talking about this when Bobby and I are not in cold war or fighting.. So don't you guys out there make assumptions ya.

Its just funny to see how different men and women react to certain matters and "words"!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vote for...


Only two days left for voting! It was just about two weeks ago that we're all having fun in the Kristal Studio with Jenny.M and I announced to the whole of Brunei cheaply saying that "I need money! Vote for me!".

I kinda regretted that particular gesture of mine.

Nonetheless, today I'm going to do what the rest had been doing,


Oh come on, what makes you think that we're rivals? True that we have not known each other for a very long period of time, but the numbers of time we clicked each other's blog url definitely makes us felt that we have this, erm... unknown bonding?

We decided about this during our lunch session at DST canteen and we thought it's going to be fun. Like Rano wearing Kurapak's shirt, Alin posing Reeda's signature thumbs-up pose, and I just realized, I have no signature what-so-ever.

(Everyone seems to appear casual about winning, but I think hor.. we all die to win in our heart! Hahhahahaa. Must act nonchalant in front of people mah, if lose also don't feel that throw face kali. If not, can someone please explain to me about those animated banners, printed flyers and real printed banner?)

Okay Nonnie, will you stop yapping?


(Blogs mentioned in alphabetical order, no hidden meaning)

Now now, who in Brunei doesn't know this friendly giant?

Always carrying his big kiasu camera around, snapping pictures with a very DJ-ish manly voice. Appearing in almost every events happening around in town. Superb photos, humourous with wide vocabulary. Impressed me a lot because he can speaks Foochow better than me (calling myself a 100% pure Foochow) and I tend to learn new words from him everytime I saw him like.. Chimping.

(which I thought means "monkeying" in the first place)

Arab Families

A very generous man who sponsored the First KB Bloggers Gathering. Totally change my perception of middle-age business man. I mean, I can never imagine if my father knows how to blog or even simpler, using the computer mouse. Mr. BinKhalid is hip with a dose of solemnity. Conclusion, you'll never get to feel hungry when he's around.

Brunei Fishing

This is tough. I have never meet the guys and.. I seldom visit their blog (I doubt they read mine too) because, I'm not into fishing. Maybe too early to say because I have never tried fishing in my entire life. Wanna bring me out guys? I promise I''ll talk and ask less, if you're still not happy.. I'll provide masking tape for you to seal my mouth.

But then, I thought men who love fishing must be someone whose quiet and patient and maybe a little boring? I don't know peeps. I once dated a guy who loves to fish, all he talked is bait, rod and good spot to fish. Other than that... our conversations lead to nowhere. Good husband material. No?

The only blogger among the six of us who needs not take picture with his camera, but simply just google and re-edit it into some jokes related pictures. How easy. Also the only blog that which makes me scratch my head because of my poor Malay. A very popular blog loves by public when a stress-free moment is needed.

Alin was my ex-classmate back in the ITB days for only 3 months. He was already a very funny and chirpy person that made us laughed like orang gila. Kudos to his creativity in story telling to perk up those jokes that we might have heard it hundreds of time.

He brings sexy funny back.

Another big shot whom you can see almost in any events you heard of or not. Carrying his big ass camera wearing his Ranoadidas tee. Everyone loves to pose for him, and later check out his website if he had put it up or not. Else, keep pestering him by spamming his Cbox.

I love reading his Cbox, its way interesting that HYS because everyone is using it as a source for advertising, complaints and even expressed hatred. Damn dramatic. I remember it was on December 1st when I first saw him, in Shabby Chic when he was there for work. To my surprise, he was able to mention my name despite of how small potato I was back in my early blogging days.

He's definitely going to be in the top 3 since he's loved by many and all his votes will be donated to the charity. Kind, funky and friendly, what's not to love about him?


Aiyooo..... must campaign for myself also mah. What you think?
Okay. You guys are so going to puke reading this. You can exit though if you want.

When I saw my blog mentioned by others, the top 3 keywords are:

1. Funny
2. Creative
3. Detailed

Meaning, I'm super long-winded when blogging because I tend to include what so ever ojipala details and information in it. Spent a lot of time editing my photos to make them look prettier because of its low quality.

I knew nothing about photoshop 2 years ago, but in order to make them look nice like other blogs, I read up tutorials and try and error experiencing with all the buttons in it. I realized that a lot of newbies love to ask me questions through emails or via my tagboard such as... how did I do that? how to make this? how to make that? I knew exactly how it feels because I was someone like that, full of question marks in my head wondering how did those bloggers make those animated pictures. Thus I tried my best to answer all questions to help them.

Never in my life I thought I'll go this far with my blog. It was initially meant for me to rant out all my complaints, swear all I could and share all my emotions. But as you can see, you don't see much vulgarities nowadays because I intend to keep it safe for children... As I know some of my students will be reading it.

Now, why should you vote for me?

Erm.. if you're a female.. please be sexist and vote for me because I'm the only girl in this competition. Girl Power!

If you're a Chinese, then again.. I'm the only Chinese too.. Show them some colour see see!

And, if you neither of the above, vote for me because your mother is a woman.

I'm not greedy. I know the chances of me winning is rather slim compare to the guys. Being the 2nd runner up is already a big achievement for me as, I can finally own a camcorder and try out scalp massage and spa treatment... which I never experience.

Some more.. I'm on a shopping-diet. I have not buy any shirt, shoes, bags, not even earrings or pirated CDs for 2 months plus. Winning something will definitely mean a lot to me.

Xie Xie Ni.

See you guys on May 2nd!
For all our blog readers and supporters... come to the,

The Simpur Bloggies Awards Ceremony Announcements of & Prize Presentations

Erm, we support. Not Booos.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

We come to the rescue!

Whenever you feel bored having no other business to do online...

Whenever you feel lethargic after lunch and feel grumpy because you can't nap in your office..

Whenever you feel like having a laugh...

Whenever you feel like feeding on information, knowing what's going on in Brunei...

Whenever you feel like looking at pretty women or hunkie men...

Whenever, wherever....

As long as you have internet connection.

is here to keep you entertained!


I'm so glad that I happen to be the only female because, I get to be WONDER WOMAN with that killer body wearing corset and panty all the time. You know lar, Brunei very hot...

p/s: The reason why Reeda is Superman is because... his head has the biggest surface area thus it needs to be put in the middle, so that it won't block our faces.

And BruneiFishing, I'm sorry.. I don't have your picture thus... I replaced it with a fish. Hope you don't mind.

Dear readers...
If you feel that I'd made a mistake in giving the role of super heroes to the bloggers, feel free to tell us what you think we should be.

Or, other than Wonder Woman.. what other role can I be...?

I do have some funny dialogs but then... I'm afraid their fans will find it offensive and throw rotten eggs at me when they see me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eh, salah MOUSE!

Short note:
Thanks for all those motivating words from you all. I felt really touched.
It is your guys and gals out there whom care and show me support and motivate me that keeps me moving on.


I gave my students an exercise of drawing computer parts such as monitor, mouse, keyboard and so on.

And one of them gave me this answer...


I was stunt for a while because I had no idea to tick it or cross. As you can see, I crossed in the end. I was looking for a computer mouse with a long cable "tail" on roller balls or with red blaring eyes. Not the mouse that Maurina found in her staffroom.

Lucky she didn't draw me face of Mickey.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I will survive...

I couldn't help but break into tears when I asking Bobby why is it that every time I feel settle and happy thinking that I have everything in control.. something must come up and pull me down?

Why can't I live a life like most average girls? Having a happy healthy family with a super dad taking care of everything, then get a job with the help of daddy's social network. Have a boyfriend who pampers me with expensive meals and branded bags, and secretly put in cash into my wallet when he knows I'm broke... Then get married at the age of 21 just because and have the first baby at the age of 23.

If no money, just go back and ask from daddy again.

Sometimes I wish that I'm not that tough. Can I be that fragile and brainless bimbo who can avoid all responsibility and even reject to grow up? I wish that there's someone there who will jump out to the rescue every time I'm in trouble. Or maybe it is just God's way to test my ability by giving me never ending challenges.

I was just hoping that I can have more time to save enough so that I don't have to trouble anyone. Just a simple request like that also got rejected.

Of course, Bobby offered to help but I declined. Forgive me but, I'm pretty much used to being that independent lady and paying for my own meals and movie tickets. I'm still coping with the fact that my boyfriend had started working and I should not feel guilty if he's the one footing bills.

In another four months time, I will live the life again.
The one that I once dreaded.

Study by day and work my ass off by night. Feel sour when hearing classmates talking about allowance and salary whereas I have to think where to get the money to pay those freaking useless thick textbooks. Skipping lunch or tea invitations because I only have enough to buy fuel so that I can go to work. Being the odd one out again without laptop to use or all those "i" products... iPhone, iPod, iPoop, iPiss...

Well, look at the good side King. You can see Bobby more often now. Then if you're broke, you can go to Ye's office and eat lunch for free.. (If that's still available). Going for movie is way easier now and more options for lepak, if I have the extra money that is...

OWH! I was casual about the competition for the past week but now, I really wish I can win the first place. By winning, I can get those money I'm lacking now and own a laptop that I can used for blogging with cafe's wireless.

I got to be honest with you all. If I win, I will be keeping all the money to pay off the tuition fees. And even if I donate part of it, it's going to be between me and my Buddha. I need not announce to the whole world that what charity work I'm up to.

I'm sorry if this post bored you to death or offended you in any way.. but, I'm in a pretty foul mood and I need to get things off my chest.

Dear God,
please give me a sign.

I had a long chat with my mum and she's my savior, both financially and mentally.
Mum says the nicest and sweetest things. I heart you mum.. even if you have no idea what blog is after me explaining the 15th time to you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm convinced

Check out my current poll..

What diet plan? Chuck it aside and go grab chocolates and ice cream to increase the measurements of your "assets" now!

La la la la la la la~

Eh wait.
Just that, now my task is to find out those who voted are "Well-endowed" women trying to convince the whole world with fake market survey or skinny girls trying to make everyone else FAT!

Guys.... you prefer model-ish figures to show or chubby fats to grab?

Anyway, keep voting!
Both the poll and also for the blog of the year.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bank Bag

Short Note:
Oh my... My competitors are all really trying hard to campaign for votes. Are you all (my dear friends and readers) worried for me? =) I don't know how to ask for more votes but I know what I can do is blog more and keep you all entertained.

Just keep voting! I need motivations.


Today's lesson.

I'm pretty sure most of you have more than one bank account out there. One which you terima gaji. One to pay off your loans. One to save for the rainy days. And another joint account with your love ones.

Meaning, banyak bank book lah!

The thing is... the plastic bank bag that (some) banks give isn't very lasting. Just after few months, confirm koyak already. Or, I'm the only one who's not gentle enough to handle my bank bag with care?

Anyway, I made myself a bank bag using an used envelope wrapped with papers torn from fashion magazine. It looked pretty cool though.

Most people thought it was a picture of a naked lady at the first glance.

As you can see, those are the ad pages.
Fiorucci and Tommy Hilfiger.

The thing is... because it's made of paper... after few months it became buruk again.

So I decided to make a new one again.
Using a different material this time.

Er.. Fake LV?

The above LV bag with koyak handle was a gift given to my mum from her lady boss. I think its a fake one yet the old woman told my mum it's real. Whatever. Real one got so lauyah and fragile meh?

My mum wanted to chuck it away but I kept it and told her I could use it and make something out of it.

So I cut open it...

5 layers!

.. and recycle the fabric.

You must have thought that "I want to make one also, but I don't know how to sew...".

Don't worry darlings, you need not know how to sew! You don't even need needles and threads for this project! All you need is an used envelope (again!) and super glue. Easy right?

I have this habit of keeping used envelopes... actually, I keep all papers and plastic bags just in case. I like to recycle them, thus creating less rubbish to lighten the burden of our dear Earth.

Just cut,

and glue 'em up!

Make sure you have enough fabric to cover up the ugly patches. And also glue it nicely having no crease at all.

- My finish product -

Now I'm thinking if I should add hook or button so that the bank book can be closed properly. But overall, I'm happy with the end result.

LV kali ah... Hahhahahaaa.

I hope it'll last longer than a year.

Happy Trying!

Now you can have your very own customized design bank book. Hello Kitty, skulls with cute ribbon or Gucci prints, your choice! You can even add some blings onto it.. which, I'm too lazy to glue one by one.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Awkward Moments

You know, sometimes its really inevitable to have awkward moments during my interactions with my little bosses... My students that is.

Just like last few days.

My students was busy preparing their PowerPoint slide shows and wanted to search for picture of a man walking. Note.. sideway angle.

So she requested for my help and I asked her to search it online using Google Images. She typed the keyword "man", and came out a lot of irrelevant pictures that she's not interested in. And the mindless me said to her, "Try having the keyword "sideway"...

Wrong move.

Sekali most of the pictures that popped up were, yes you guess right, obscenity! Naked men lying on the side showing their sideway...

"OMG!", quickly pressed alt + F4 and gave her an awkward smile.

"Wrong word.. Sorry."


And the other one happened on the same day too.

I noticed one particular girl isn't quite popular in class and doesn't get along with the rest of the girls. So I asked her classmates,

Me: I noticed you all don't really interact much with her. What's wrong?

Student: Ntah ah Cher.... Ia macam lain waaa..

Me: As in?

Student: Abang ku panggil ia slut. Apakan "Slut" tu kan?

Me: Errrr..... Urmm.... It's just not a very nice word to be used on girls.

Student: Ia kah? Abangku panggil girlpren nya slut jua..

Me: o_O!!!

And now I'm wondering... how to answer my kids next time when they asked,
"Ma, where do babies come from?"

How would you answer that?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Indecisive... yet Manipulative

Woman: Hey, I'm going to tapao. What you want to eat?

Man: Urm.. Curry Rice.

Woman: WHY YOU ALWAYS EAT CURRY RICE?! Choose again! Bah, Fried MeeHoon lah!

Man: Laksa then.

Woman: LAKSA VERY HEATY!! Fried MeeHoon okay?

Man: Fried Kueh Tiaw then...

Woman: Har? Ok? Fried MeeHoon ah.

Man: Fried Kueh Tiaw, wet one.

Woman: Ba ba ba..... Wat-Tan-Hor then.

(Wat-Tan-Hor = Fried Wet Kueh Tiaw)

This particular conversation between my parents made me giggled so much in my room when I overheard them.

And when my mum walked in to my room, I teased her "Cheh.... You had already decided for him what should he eats, what for go ask him again? Just straight away tapao back and feed him lah. Fake democracy...".

Then she whined a little about old man's cholesterol level, high blood pressure yadda yadda yadda, took the keys and left the house.

While watching P.S. I love you, Holly had exposed the ultimate secret of women that is... we women have no freaking idea what we want!

. . . . . . . . . . *long pause*

And when Bobby watched that part, he immediately looked at me and from his eyes, I could see that he's demanding an answer from me hinting, "Is that true?".

I looked at him, and quickly looked away.

But I got to admit. It's true.
Most of the time, I have no idea what I want... I just need clues.

I remembered having Bobby picking me up from my work place and I felt famished.

"Where you wanna eat baby?", he asked.

"Ching-chai (anything) lah. You decide. I'm very hungry now... FAST FAST!"

"Bah, chicken rice?"

"Harrrrrr..... Don't want lah."


*Frowned and starred at him...*

"Err... Jollibee?"

"Eeee... I don't wanna eat fastfood lah!"


"I just had it last week bor...."

".... Then where you wanna eat?"

"Urmm... I don't know also wor. You keep suggesting lah. I just ban until you mention one that I feel like going."


Sometimes I even gave him a puzzle and asked him to guess where I feel like going. If he got the answer wrong, I'll be very mad and called him heartless for not paying attention to me...


Damn. I'm such a troublesome girlfriend eh.

But, that doesn't happened often lah.
Only once in a blue moon when I was in terrible mood.

I'm just wondering....
Does it happen to all woman out there?

Mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, daughters, cousins, nieces and aunties.. I bet you men had enough of us being indecisive, yet manipulative.

But, we're just not going to change our unique characteristic in a million years.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Whitie - Nintendo DS Lite

As per requested by a silent reader.. who left a message in my tagboard saying,

chicwing blogger's reader:
i'd like to know more abt ur whitie and details of ur mission king possible.

Wish granted my dear.

I'm going to talk about my Whitie in this post, with very limited knowledge about gaming. For those hardcore gamers out there, forgive me if I make mistakes because... this is coming from a lady who doesn't even own even game console, no PS1, 2 or 3, no X-box, and not even those 80s Nintendo or Sega!!!

I had my first handheld game console when I was in Secondary 1. It was no impulse buying. I had long planned for it and kept urging my mum to get it for me. Of course, the answers were always NO! Bu-ke-yi. Tidak Boleh. Meh-Lei!

So.... I had to use my own angpao money.

Crap. I couldn't believe I was that crazy over that Gameboy. I walked all the way to Seria Plaza just to buy it okay! It was black in colour, so handsome... but freaking bulky! Used to those AA batteries like minum air like that. Crayon Shinchan was my best game, I could complete the whole thing without losing any life. Then it was Super Mario, cleared all stages too. Oh, such nostalgia.

There, that's my first and ONLY game console I bought.

How about my Whitie?

Hehehhee. It's my birthday gift actually. I was too shy to say it in my blog because, it was from a nice guy whom I have never meet in my life. He's my blog-reader turn blogmate then good friend. I know it sounds really corny, I mean.. who would have expected a few hundred dollars gift from someone who lives in another country and only know you through your blog!

Thank you Iwan.
(For those who has follow this blog long enough, you should know who he is. And oi, you said months ago that you'll reopen your blog one leh. Tipu one ah you?)

Enough of irrelevancy.
(Actually I'm waiting for the pictures to get upload in my photobucket now.. Thus this much of crap)

Introduce you to...

Hey, I drew eyelashes for it so you should by now know that she's a girl. I have this bad habit of giving genders to my stuffs. I think my Lumix FX8 is a hunkie boy, my car is girl by day and a brave young warrior by night. Crap. I'm sick.

And my card reader is a transgender.

I bought this sticker thingie to cover up my Whitie so that it won't get scratched but my stupid friends claimed that its very ugly. And said that I have this "Super Power" to make things uglier and buruk.

What ugly? I saw cute rabbits and teddy bears on it. It's suppose to be KAWAII okay!

It is agak-agak 13cm wide.

Agak-agak 7cm long.

And agak-agak 2cm thick.

There's two screens on it, the lower one is the touch screen and the upper one is just a normal LCD screen. It has this very nice backward compabality that allows you to play your old games from Gameboy Advance, just that only one screen will be used.

Then you have microphone in the middle, which always make me looks like a total moron blowing air to my DS while playing Cooking Mama, or calling out "Koopi - Koopi" when checking my pet dog in Nintendogs.

Don't ask me why all Chinese likes to call dogs "Koh-pi".
Its just.... an old habit hard to be shaken off started from our ancestors I guess?

Erm.. this is a bit embarrassing to say but.... I don't buy original game.
(Who does anyway? We're living in a country where pirated stuffs are all so accessible!)

I got myself a R4 flash cart, and another 1GB Micro SD card to download games into it.

The R4 cart costs about B$70+ and the microSD... I have no idea how much is it nowadays. Meaning, if you want a complete functional DS-Lite that can brings you entertainment, you have to prepare at least B$400 for everything.

B$278.00 for the game console.
The rest is for the game carts and accessories.

Note: Other than R4 cart, there's also tons of different sort of cartridges such as Linker and so on. You just got to do all this research yourself.

But, if you don't have any of those game carts, you can still chat with people using the PictoChat via wireless connection.

I have never try it out before. So I can't tell you if its fun or not drawing in the DS-Lite and send it to friends and/or strangers.

(The above screen only shows when you have no game Pak or Cart inserted into your Ds-Lite)

A huge thanks for my dear friend Sing Yin who taught me all this.

You can download games over at this website. And before that, if you have no idea what games to download, just check out this website and check out their reviews.

Oh oh! The original skins you get from the Moonshell is pretty ugly. But fear no more, you can make your own skins! Or, just download here or here if you're too lazy. Find out yourself how to do it. I'm not going to spoon feed you.

My Skin!

Yeah... It was a pretty old photo PS by yours truly but I still can't get over it. It's too chio to be forgotten. I mean, we're so model-ish and cool.

The warning is for my stupid friends,
in case they got over excited and poke pecah my touch screen.

Then you can tab on either one of these buttons (as above) to play game, listen to MP3 or read your ebook.

The first button is for "Games", second is for "Multimedia" and the third Boot Slot.

Upon clicking "Games", this is what you get.

Games I play currently

Fifa08 was specially downloaded for the boyfriend. I know nothing about football. Who doesn't like Cooking Mama? Super Mario is everyone's favorite. Sort of finished "Pokemon Diamond" already and recently I'm crazy over "Professor Layton and the Curious Village".

I like boring games like Mahjong. It just keeps me occupied all the time. I gave up on "Harvest Moon" because its just too repetitive.

Moving on to the "Multimedia" tab

This is where you play your mp3(s), see your photos and read your ebooks... which I seldom touch.

Okay, I guess that's about it. If you need to know more about Nintendo DS-Lite, go google or wiki yourself!

I don't know if I'd left anything out, but if you have some other games to recommend or tips, just drop me a comment or message.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And I'll blog daily from now on...

...till whenever I feel totally brain-drain or lose my mind.

I put up a poll in my sidebar asking my readers if they prefer me to blog daily, once everyday two days or whenever I feel like blogging. And more than half clicked "Daily"!

So here, in order to get more votes and readers... (sniffs! My daily hit is only 20% of what Reeda gets...So kasian can die), from now on.. I will blog DAILY!

Unlike Rano and Reeda who always got invited to events, I'm definitely going to get bloggers-block and run out of things to write.

In order to help me fellows, please kindly drop me an email or leave message in my comment box or tagboard or wherever I'll happen to read and tell me what will you like me to blog about.

Should it be where I download games for my Whitie (Nintendo DS-Lite), when was my first kiss, how I get rid of my armpit or nose hairs, and... I can even have a Dear Thelma column!

Just let me know what you guys out there want to know, or wish to know, or had already known and just wanna double confirm.

Else.. I'll probably just leave a line saying,

"Today is Wednesday. It is raining now. I have to collect my clothes in now. Goodbye."


"I had fries and sausages for breakfast, chicken wings and rice for lunch and I'm now thinking what to eat for dinner..."

Okie, I guess that's it?
I'd blogged today and expect updates again tomorrow.
Keep the comments coming in and also your VOTES too!

Use your mobile phone, laptop, your sister's or brothers, or cousins, uncles and aunties, just whatever that can be used to vote for me lah.

I'm not trying to be greedy, I just want to be in the top 3. Can ah?
My camera is getting old, it'll be good if I can get a brand new camera (even though its not a DSLR) and I promise, I'll upload photo in every single entry!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Finalists with Kristal FM

Short Note:
Gosh! Everyone
(I mean all the other nominees) has already start campaigning for the Blog of the Year and I'm still munching and channel surfing. Better start do something now...


I'm terribly sorry Brunei Fishing. I just realized that I'd missed you out in the above poster (or whatever you like to call it). Forgive me?

Here are the finalists

* Nonnie King - Best Personal Blog
* Kurapak - Best Local Scene
* Anak Brunei - Best Photo Blog
* Brunei Fishing - Best Lifestyle Blog
* Arab-families - Best Specialty Blog
* Ranoadidas - Wildcard entry


Did you hear us on the radio yesterday?
If you didn't... I'm sorry, its definitely your lost. *kekekkekekkee*

All the top 6 nominees for Blog of The Year were invited to the Jenny M show but only 5 of us turned up. BruneiFishing was probably busy fishing in the sea. Any catch guys?

It was definitely one of a kind experience for me going on air live with the celebrity bloggers interviewed by Jenny M. Like what Hafiz said to me in MSN justnow, "I have never thought that you'll go so far with your blog."

Me neither.

When I first started blogging, I even had to bug my friends to read my blog. And my daily hit never exceeds more than 10, and half of them was contributed by yours truly. Pathetic huh?

So for you peeps who just started blogging, don't give up! Your blog will get noticed one day as long as you keep updating and not just leave a line saying that you're on HIATUS and let your blog rot. Of course, your blog contents matter too.

I sat between the two big shots, Rano and Reeds, and I definitely felt threatened. Hahhahaha.

Oh by the way, if you're new to my blog.. I repeat again.

Please remember that my blog URL,


derived from my name. KI-ng SI-aw CH-in. Ignored what Reeda said on air claiming that it means CHICKEN WING!

Can you imagine?
My tag line will be - Spiritual Garden. Ain't no thing but a Chicken Wing!

If you're a Foochow, you probably will thought so too. Because in Foochow, chicken wing sounds like keeaa-sik.

Don't ask me how to read my blog url.. I'll probably just layan you and say its "kee-seech".

The interview went on smoothly. I thought I'll get really nervous but most of the time, I was either paying attention to what they're saying, checking out the number of buttons on the control panel, and looking at the scenery outside. Seriously, I'll die for an office like that. High on the hill and by the sea. Good fengshui!

The show was filled with lots of laughters because these peoples are all natural born comedians! And my colleague who happened to tune in that time said all she heard was me laughing at the background. My signature laughter with manly voice.

And I can't even remember why was I laughing like that..
(Refer to below photo)

You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin.

The Mafias and the little girl in between, checking out the earphone.

I could even hear shutter clicking everytime Marul took pictures in the studio!

There was a monitor facing us so that we could check out the studio webcam and the live chatroom. Most of the time, people were asking who is the guy sitting beside Jenny. If you still have no idea until now, he's Azmi. He's the one who contacted us for the interview, also the one who called us up to pick our prizes.

Azmi & Jen

I can't help but think, do all DST staffs look so stunning? I mean, check out Jenny and Azmi!

And there was DJ Tina too, who was really nice and greeted me with a warm fuzzy smile when I stepped in the studio.

Of course, that includes you Marul too!
In my eyes, you're equally stunning.

Okay, my bad for snapping your picture when you're "concentrating" on your shots.

Group photo before we head for lunch

Walking over to the canteen

Told you that I use backpack to work instead of every teachers' favorite Guess bag. Do you believe me now? That's my usual working attire. Baju kurung, backpack and a pony tail. So casual that you'll definitely miss me out in a crowd. I was never the center of attraction.

It was really nice of Mr. Shaikh Khalid to bring us lunch all the way from KB.

Nasi Talam

The lunch would be perfect if the canteen can be 5 degree Celsius cooler. Again, all of us sat around the table and talked about blogs, hate comments and spams. Its really sad to see that there's a lot (jobless) people who tends to use our blogs as a platform to release their angers or complains, saying names and giving us hate comments/ mails just because.

Can you believe that even a harmless site like Kurapak's get hate comments too? What is wrong with those people? (And Rano said Alin called him late night and cried about it. Hahhahaha! Of course, he's just kidding)

After lunch, we headed back to the studio. Not for another interview session, but to sabotage the second group's interview. Hehehehe. We have no life.

The room we monkeyed around.

As you can see, that's the room we played with the instruments and posed like rock stars.

This, is Rano's idea

lining up according to our height.

Jenny interviewing Mr. Khalid and Alin

Mr. Khalid added in another B$500 cash and Jenny asked all of us what are we going to sponsor. Alin said B$100 and a t-shirt, Rano andang sponsoring B$300.00 cash and a t-shirt. Then when Reeda was asked, he said "VW Toureg would be fun".

Car model got lah.

And when Jenny asked me, I answered, "Well... I guess I can make a card?" and the instant reply I got was, "Not interested".

Sad lah. I know its worthless but I really have no spare cash to spend. I told the guys the real reason behind my Mission King-Possible during lunch and Rano shouted in despair, "Oh no! If Nonnie's gonna say it, then everybody will be voting for her!"

I wish I can Rano. I wish I can.

I remembered when Jenny asked me "Any last words before you go Nonnie?". Without a second thought, I answered...


There you go. Nonnie, straight forward and blunt as usual. You just ain't gonna hear nice sweet sentences from me with big vocabs because this is me.

Anyway to conclude this post, I'm going to campaign a little.

Reeda said if he win Blog of the Year, he'll give me his old laptop... provided I managed to grad it from his daughters. I had sold hundreds, maybe even thousands of laptops but I don't even own one myself. Sad or not?

Alin said if I give him some votes and he win Blog of the Year, he'll give me some cash.
*cough* Back door deal yo! *cough*

Rano, Mr. Khalid and BruneiFishing didn't offer me anything pun.

By the way, Alin also said that if he won the award, he's going to change his look to John Lennon-ish. If you can't imagine how he'll look like, here... I give you a hand.

Don't vote for Kurapak! Else he'll look like this!

Alin... Don't lah. Your current look with that "dan" very nice already. Don't change lah. You sure you want to wear those round glasses kah?

p/s: If you win the award, let me pluck one strand of your "dan" !

Final group picture

As for now, I'm going to make myself a banner asking for votes too. Those guys acted real fast and super kiasu lah.

I cannot lose too.