Sunday, December 31, 2006

Girly Bloggers Night out (29.12.2006)

This gathering placed a really nice full-stop for my year 2006.

With the combination of thousands of emails, fund collection for buying a gift for everyone, sort of a potluck dinner, camera flashes everywhere and our dear mamalobengs singing, our night out totally rocks!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I had a hard time explaining to my mum where am I going and who am I meeting because she doesn't know what a "blog" means.

Me: Ma... I'm going to BSB tomorrow to meet up with some friends.
Mum: Who?
Me: Some friends that I never meet before but already know them online (from their blogs).
Mum: Ha? What?
Me: *walk away quietly because I don't know how to further explain it*

I bet most of us had that, it's difficult to make them understand what a blog means especially when they freaked out when it's a "online" thingie.

You know lah, everyday newspaper and TV having news of girls got cheated by "boyfriend" whom they meet online, later kana tipu money and virginity and later kill them lagi that sort of thing.

Bah, enough nonsense, back to the topic.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nisah and I meet up on Friday morning to ready up the breast cancer and PCOS awareness brochure and also searched for packaging for the pink & white M&M special edition.

We get the flyers done in my place, Nisah did the text editing and I'm on the design.

Sigh.. It sucks to shop in KB/ Seria. We went thru up and down, and finally thought of a way to nicely pack the chocolates. Put them into a container (that looks like those little cups that RIPAS has for putting medicine) and staple the pink ribbon on them.

There wasn't much time left after the chocolate productions at Nisah's place and she still hadn't cook the dip yet. So I went back home, took a rest and shower and rushed to Nisah's place again.

Ngam ngam her mum decorating the bread. So chalie. And I wonder how they stuffed the bowl into the bread so nicely.

Nisah scooping the dip into the bread.
She wouldn't let me taking picture of her face.

Us ready to go

We arrived Emma's place at 8pm. It was raining thus there goes our garden party.

Emma was really sweet, like how everyone put it, a perfect host! And her house is really nice. The tables were nicely set up, a huge thanks to the "Decoration Committee" who went there early and Zimmy blowing the balloons.

Can you see chopsticks beside the spoon?
We're having sushis!

Everyone there are natual born camwhores I think. I shouted, "Hey everyone look here.", within 0.1seconds, they all gave their gorgeous pose and their best smiles.

Except for Maurina, have no idea what is she looking at? Brad Pitt kah? Or the BlogSpeak article?

And also the gifts, "nicely" wrapped. Like Maurina says, "You can only look at it this far", mm.. about 1 meter away from your eyes. If not you'll see the celotapes running all over the wrappers.

It's ok babe, what important is the thing inside kan?

The gifts with ribbons

The incomplete group photo
With the stairs, everyone can hide their real heights.

It's a bloggers meet and almost everyone brought their camera along. So when we're taking this picture, all we can see is stars and dark patches because of the camera flash.

Like celebrities.

See, we should had worn the shades. And I thought someone say want to bring payung lagi.

Just 2/3 of the total no. of cameras

The girls busy blotting

After photo taking session, all of us get seated and waited for Nisah's speech on Breast Cancer and PCOS awareness.

The M&M, chocolates and flyer

Oh ya I forgot to mention, when Nisah and I were packaging the M&M, Nisah's mum suggested us to stick an expiry date there. So funny lah auntie.

The flyer we prepared

Nisah preparing herself before speaking up
I bet the words Nisah said touched everyone of us and let us know that we're so blessed with a healthy body. Not going to say much about this because Nisah warned us "Don't write it in your blogs please".

So, am not writing it here.

Not writing it.
Not writing it.
Not writing it.
Not writing it.
Not writing it.

See, still not writing it.

Oh ya, Mizi was the photographer that night and Rano decided to drop by and took some pics too. However, I get this very cute photo of them. Hehehee.

So ngam Rano is pointing to himself.
So ngam Mizi was holding the cat.
So ngam Zimmy is looking helpless.

So, cannot waste it. Must put some (stupid) captions.

This is what Mizi said when he first saw me, "So you're Nonnie. I love the captions in your photos. Very funny the Spider-King."

For the first 3 seconds, I don't know whether I should feel happy about it or malu. But, as a muka-tembok person, I asked Rosie and Nisah to be quiet and asked Mizi to repeat what he said again. Hahahhaa. I'm so lame.

Spider-King is more famous than Nonnie King. Pathetic eh. But it does feel nice knowing that there are people out there who's reading my blog. =p

And, I always thought Mizi is a girl... Mizi sounds like girl kan?

Me: Hi, What's your name?
Mizi : (Long string of name which I forgot)mizi(continue with the long string of name)
Me: Oh, you have the word "mizi" in your name. I thought "Mizi" is for fun.

I know, I'm stupid.

Finally, makan time!

I'll leave the photos of food for Yeeman and Serene, our food bloggers.

I was so damn hungry and thus gets really greedy in taking a big plate of food. Finished it but couldn't go for the second roung. So sayang, I didn't get to eat all the food there.

Serene had a flight to catch the next morning so she had to go early. Thus we fast forward the "bagi present" time.

Maurina and Nisah asked me to "dip" the gifts from the big bag because I have no idea what's inside so it's more fair.

Whereas the gift buying committee shouts in excitement or disappointment everytime I pulled out a present.

They're eyeing for something they want.

So girls, please don't get mad at me if you didn't get what you want yah. I'm sorry.

The gift-giving ceremony
Mau, Nisah and I

I was really surprised by the gifts the girls bought! It's really thoughful and every girls will for sure like it and get to use them.

Instead of stuffs like photo frames, key chain or what-so-ever lame stuffs, they bought lip balm, Dove hair treatment spray and moisturizer cream! How cool is it!

It's really smart of you girls! *Salute*

After that, Najwa, better called as Mamalobengs because I can't really pronounce that word sang beautifully to entertain us.

If only I could have her voice. Her voice really makes us go "Awwwww...."


Mmm.. Not sure if she'll marah or not, but here, a short clip of her singing!

(I don't know but the Youtube shows this video status as "Uploaded(Processing. Please Wait". I hope the video works soon.

We asked her to encore 3 times! Just can't get enough of it bah. And I thought she's still single lagi. (It's a compliment!)

Some random pictures taken

That's Tina and Nisah playing with the glow stick

I want to play too!

Hehe, I asked Nisah to pose like we're having a battle.

I'm good in posing stupidly.

And the next one you're going to see, Zeti and I with sexy pouted lips.

Tell me, how many married woman with kids will ever pose like this? That's why she rocks!

Gah, I should had stand behind so my face looks smaller.

I hope I can blogged like what Rosie did (in her post), stating the first impressions she had for everyone. I can't do it because I didn't get to talk and take picture with everyone there. Probably the next time we have a gathering again, we have something like speed dating, changing seats every 5 mins talking with different people.

Hahahha. I'm just kidding about this.

Here, some of the babes had blogged about the night liao. Please go and visit their blog and you'll know how much fun we had that night.

Maurina: A blast that was

Amie Heidi: Girly Bloggers Night Out ~ Without pictures

(weird title I know)

Tina: SHR Aidil Adha

Zee: Girly Bloggers Night # 1

Yeeman: Friday, 29th Dec 2006

Danurasara: Bloggers' Night Out and Breast Cancer Awareness

Mamalobengs: The Fabulous Lady Blogger (Unplugged)

Ziimy: Bloggers Night Out

Atul : The Night

Rosie: RD 97 - First Impression?

I hope I didn't missed anyone out. Will update the list when more blog about it.

Sorry ah, nada photoshopped pictures Rosie. All editing done in MS Word, print screen and paste in MS Paint and later cropped. Hehehe.

I'm lazy, and I love editing my pictures in MS Word because it saves more time.

But hey, at least mine got the most pic now! Hhahahaaa

p/s: Ok, ok. I've noticed that my stats is shooting up. I bet you girls can't wait to see what I wrtoe huh.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Oh by the way, just want to show you what Chau bought for me from Japan.

Cool or not? Got Ramen, bao, dumplings, fried rice and even chopsticks!

And this is what Nisah gets me. She said when she thought of me when she saw it.

Erm.. Do I have such big eyes?


Happy 2007!

2006 had been great for me.

I'm too lazy to review what I did in 2006.

And I hope more will be coming in 2007. Oh God, I'm turning 24..

And I wonder if NBT is going to have a "pig" figure during Chinese New Year since it's not "halal".

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

As usual, flooding you all with the photos. Slow slow load lah har.

Muahahhaaa. Certified 56k Killer.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There's no Christmas party for me this year. As I no longer worked in the "angmoh" company and most of my friends are not Christians thus no Christmas tree at home.

Nevermind, we plan our own.

And we decided to eat at Empire as most offer or xmas package other restaurant are more expensive. Serious! We really checked out almost every restaurant we can think of, in the end, we choose to eat (upgraded) Seafood Buffet @ Pantai, Empire.

(After that baru know Rizqun got served buffet @ B$30.00 per head, is it?)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Auntie Kelly, like an auntie as usual don't want to "rugi", want to eat there from the time the buffet starts, till habis. 6.30pm - 10.30pm...


We reached there at 7.30pm, damn lot of people... Most are families who went there just to see Snow Time I think? Don't ask me, I don't know because we missed it. Too busy eating.

Lucky Kelly booked the table in advance. If not really "Holland" lor.

See all those party stuffs? Hehehe. Cannot tahan must wear them and pose pose a bit.

Sien with Spider-King liao, try something else. Try...

p/s: Am holding an invincible sword

Kelly, Theen, King

Okie, enough posing and taking pictures (I took a lot of pictures actually, better don't post them up later you all don't dare to go to bed).

Bah, Makan time!

It's a seafood buffet of course got a lot of (raw) seafood, oysters, prawns, mussels, crabs and the usual stuff like steaks, salad, soups and desserts.

Oh ya, sushis and sashimi! And all those delicious cakes.

Aww... So xing-fu (happy) can die.

Kelly's boyfriend, Kok Ling is really funny. When we're all still sucking the nice lemonized raw oysters, he was eating longans. I didn't see him eating much food, but... a lot of FRUITS. No wonder his skin so good lah. Must learn must learn.

(But Kelly wasn't happy with it because she think it's very rugi that way, must eat expensive food. Like Kelly always say, "Next time don't bring you out")

And Bobby on the other hand, loves the Pumpkin soup with scallop. He ate quite a lot of oysters and it's the first time I saw him eating prawn willingly, because I was there to peel the skin. Sigh, I always thought it's the man job to peel the prawn nicely for their lady, how come me tabalik one?

Swee Leong from the very beginning already can't wait to try those desserts. I think he almost tried all of them.

After 4,5 rounds of eating (surprisingly, we girls eat more than the guys), we went out for a stroll and took some pictures.

Silent Night

All with my 5.0MP FX8.

Swee Leong (back)
Bobby, King, Theen, Kelly, Kok Ling

Decent photos are so boring, let's try to make some funny face.

I think Kok Ling looks really cute here. Like some sort of creature. Oh oh oh, I know, LEMUR!!!!

(Google it if you don't know what animal is it)

By the way, Swee leong's shirt is not wet. If you see carefully, it's actually a man's face.

He wore it during Chinese New Year and everyone tells him this,
"Eh, your shirt wet liao."
"You feel very hot ah, how come your shirt wet till like that?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When I was 14, I noticed that my male (ex) classmates love to spread their legs wide open when they sit. Out of curiousity, I asked,

Me: Why you all must open your legs so wide open when you sit?
Him: Try imagine having something in between your tighs. Of course it's more comfortable to sit with legs wide open than keep them close and sit like a girl lar.

The below photo is a proof of what he said.

Hahhaa. Actually there's nothing in between his legs that is 18sx, I pixelate it for fun nya. And the dialogue also, just for laugh.

Man and his ego.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Walking in to the main building, *Aaaaahh* Air con!

We thought there will be less people so we can take some nice photos liao, who knows... lagi banyak!

But we still managed to "chiam" (squeeze) in the crowd and take some group photos.

There was this really nice walkway with lots of mirrors there. Can't help but take some picture there too.

I must post this pic up because it is...

Mirror mirror on the wall,
who is the fattest of them all?

There are still plenty of people flocking around the "penguins". We had to keep an eye on empty space and quickly "siap" in.

See pretty girl also do "peace" sign.
And only her "peace" nya lagi! Throw face.

Sigh, we all 23, 24 liao lor... Cannot "peace" that much anymore later people think we're retarded. Hhahahhaa. Just kidding. No offense to those coming 30 and still "peacing" whenever they take photo.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And on Christmas day, Bobby came down to Seria to visit me because I'd bugged him to watch "The Holiday" with me ever since I saw the trailer. I must watch it.

The (stupid) crew of OGDC cinema told me the show starts at 2.00pm, sekali when I go there, they told me it's suppose to be 2.20pm, and sweetly told me that now I got extra time to go Ideal to eat.

Ha.Ha.Ha. Not funny.

Having extra 20mins, guess what we did?

We played Giant Chess under the hot sun in the playground beside the cinema! At 2.00pm! Very hot okay! We siao one.

We played for around 10mins and it gets so hot that I have no mood to continue... Okay, the real reason behind is because I'm losing and I don't want to admit that. So I manja and say I don't know to play anymore because it's sibeh hot.

Oh by the way, that's also the first time I saw Bobby wearing cap and singlet. Even my mum also can't recognized him from his back because he never wears like that, not in front of me and my mum.

Then we walked back to the cinema, at least got aircon there mah.

And I seriously think OGDC cinema is the smallest cinema in the whole wide world! Can anyone check the Guinness world record?

Eh eh eh, I'm not simply saying it one. Got proof okay.

5 rows of seats (20 seats or less each row) and see that screen size, so now do you agree with me that OGDC cinema may be the smallest cinema in the whole wide world?

The control room
(I simply named it one, correct me if I'm wrong)
And know what, there's only 4 people watching that movie. Bobby and I, and two teenage boys.

Note to OGDC crew: Next time if there's so little people, you all can conserve electricity. No need full blast the aircon. I thought I'll be frozen dead inside.

The movie is really nice. Couples should watch them together. Eventhough rottentomatoes only rated 5.5 out of 10.

But, LOVE ACTUALLY is still the best!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Finally, time to exchange card. We didn't buy any xmas present, we only make cards for each other which I think is better than any present sometimes.

The idea, the heart, the time in making one. It's really priceless.

And we like to compete with each other see whose card is nicer.

Dang Dang Dang Dang

*Cue Drum Roll*

I proudly present you,

Nonnie's Christmas Card for Bobby Year 2006!

Nice or not? My first ever 3D card that I made. From scratch, all original idea!

No no no, that's not all.

My card can be open up like a treasure box one leh.

I actually took out my protractor and do all measurements one. No play-play. I can't find an appropriate tip for my xmas (tree) card, so I make the tip myself.

Well, it looks a bit like Hershley kisses.

Can you imagine the time I spent in glueing the ribbon on to the paper cone to make it look prettier?

I sticked some post-it notes at the side of the "wings", and folded two hearts and put them on the base of the card.

And the stars (stickers) on the outside of the Xmas tree, it glows in the dark. According to Bobby, it looks very nice in the dark.

Amazed? Think I'm very ganas leh. Hehehe.

Okay, now Bobby's turn.

Bobby's Christmas Card for Nonnie Year 2006!

Don't be cheated by it's outlook and think there's nothing special oh.

See that small piece of paper tied with a rope? It actually can be pulled out. All 4 of them on each sides.

He made it looks like a TV box, or a magic box giving me a lot of surprised.

He claimed that the paper on the right side is actually snow flakes, but I think it looks more like spider webs.

He drew all those himself. Nice?

But I dulan him drawing me fatter than him. (The couple wearing red and santa's hat)

So tell me now, whose card is nicer?

A) The card Nonnie made for Bobby, or
B) The card Bobby made for Nonnie.

Please choose now. Be fair.

(Hehheee. Question post just for fun)

I know we're both creative and we can actually set up a business making D.I.Y. cards liao. Anyone want to invest?

Monday, December 25, 2006

Wedding Celebrations of CIS18

First of all,


Gila..My first time changing the colors of the font one by one. Not fun at all.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As mentioned in the previous post, I attended 2 weddings in a row. Damn tiring...

You know lah, girls have to pick their nicest dress out from the wardrobe, meaning don't know how many dress they tried or go shop for. Then make up again leh. Then shoe have to match with the dress. And hairdo lagi..

How mafan (troublesome) can it get?

Oh well, I got to admit that it is the kind of trouble a woman enjoys a lot though.

The entrance

(Stupid) Hong sms me and say it's better to arrive the venue at 6.45pm to get a precious parking. So I rushed, but still ended up late. Well, it was raining, I had to fill my car fuel first and picked up Bobby...

Errr.... Erm... Eh....

Okay, I lied. What I said is part of the reason, but the main reason is... the original dress I picked doesn't fit well (as my stupid tummy is bulging out) and so I picked another one and had to iron it. Bloody.

Their Wedding Photo

I wonder why the couples in wedding photo all looks very "action" and "emo".
(Refering to the guy above)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

All the tables are numbered. And classified nicely into:

- Groom's relatives
- Groom's colleagues & Friends
- Bride's relatives
- Bride's colleagues & Friends

But.... You know lah, those uncle, auntie got so good follow arrangement meh? They see whoever they know walking in, they will...

"Lai lai lai.. Here got seat. Sit here, sit here."

Luckily we managed to get a table and with only 2 "outsiders" only.

Table 34
L-R: Eshyn, Orange & hubby, Bobby, Me, Hong, Imah & friend.

The Stage

There's a lot of red and pink balloons, but they only stayed there for less than 1 hour because some kids ran up there and grab the whole bunch down. And gradually the other kids followed too.

Hehe. I sat between Bobby and Hong, which feels very nice. Because both of them will "kiap" food for me because they know I'm very clumsy and I might drop the piece of chicken in to my tea cup.

Oh, let me introduce you my brother Hong. Not real brother lah, but the kind of friend that makes you feel like a dotted little sister. He's my driver when I got no transport to go to school and work. He's my groupmate who give a lot of ideas and contribute the most in our final year project. He brought me 粽子 (Rice dumpling) when he knew I'm spending 端午节 (Dragon Boat Festival) alone in BSB without family.

The important point here is, he's

There's only 3 Chinese in CIS18, Keith, Hong and Me. Since the other brother Keith kahwin liao, I got Bobby also... left Hong only, must help him promo a bit bah.

I told Bobby that I think next time during our wedding (Eee-seh, tak malu pun), we'll have a table specially for people who are single, giving them a chance to meet new friends. Who knows next year we can get one "Match-maker" angpao? Muahhahha. Think too much.

L-R: Bobby, Sing Yin, Me, Hong & Imah

Nothing much to say about this pic. I just think I looked good here. Hahaha.

Live Band

Unlike most wedding dinner with karaokes and stuff, this wedding is more special. They have live band, the lead single (who play the.. 4 drums thingie, I don't know what is that call) from Venezuela and Imi's bro was there too, the one playing the electric piano.

Thank goodness. My ears are safe from 榕树下 and 爱拼才会赢.

(The Chinese words above are popular Chinese songs from the 80s, Uncle's favorite!)

The Menu

When I took picture of the menu, stupid Hong said, "You want to go downstair photocopy? Or steal it back and scan it with high resolution?"


Hong, Imah and I sat together, and had a good time catching up with each other. We shared a lot of information, a.k.a "Gossip" and laughed like orang gila all the way.

Here's one tip to all of you. Try not to be the first front person staying nearest to the camera. Hide at the back, look thinner like that.


Me being the nearest to the camera.
The super swollen pig face and round pig nose.
And see how sharp is Imah's face.
Me being furthest away from the camera.
I'm thinner and Imah looked pregnant.

After the first dish, the host (or MC kah?) called the bride and groom up the stage to cut the cake and open the champagne.

It looked damn hamsap (dirty) when Keith shake the bottle towards Yun.

Nah, talk so much also haven't see a clear picture of the newly weds.

Like some says, "Height, is not distance".
(Damn.. I sound like I'm suan-ing)

Well.. I do wish I can get a 185cm boyfriend/husband so I can bury my face in his chest and hear his heart beat all the time. But, I think kissing will be a problem tho, except when both are lying down lah.

Hehe. Just kidding, I love you still Bobby. =p

The newly weds and their in-laws

Can see that they're all holding the champagne glass on their hands, meaning it's "YAM SENG" time!

Unfortunately, I had one crazy fellow sitting on my left who's so high and shouted so loudly.. Lucky the fellow on my right is still behaving like a gentleman.

Some uncle, or ah-beng type man loves to continue shouting "YAaaAAAAaAAAaaaAAaaaaaAAaaaaAaaaaAAaam Seng"
even the host already stop.

Like proving they have longer breathe like that.

Next time I hold a "Yam Seng" competition in my wedding also. Give the uncle angpao for making me laugh.

Bobby and I sneaked out to take this picture.
That's the only picture we take with the couple,
in a cacat way though.

Bobby's friends.
Standing (L-R) : Me, Bobby & Kui Ren (Yun's bro)
Sitting (L-R) : Yun's younger bro, Lucas and Jenny

And I met Badli (My dearest ex-colleague)
and Ah Heng too.

Sigh.. Only sampai when we're leaving baru got chance to talk to Keith, for less than 1min lagi. Can't satisfied my kaypo genes inside.

I only sempat to say,
"Wah.. your wedding really feels like a celebrity one"

The beautiful bride, the tall groom and the pancake-face me.

From far Bobby was saying, "Wah..Keith's face looks smooth."
Hehe, and I answered, "Put a lot of putty I think. =p"

Okay... Then Bobby and I headed back to Seria and got home at 1am. Because my lovely boyfriend drives "safe", a.k.a slow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next morning, we woke up at 10.30am since the schedule on Liza's wedding invitation card says "11.15 - 12.45 : Arriving of Guests"

Hehe. Went to buy big-pau and ate in the car first.

And darn it, I don't have any fan to keep myself cool like a rich tai-tai.

Bobby dislikes attending Malay weddings because male and female sits separately. And in most case, he doesn't have any friends there. So I introduced him to my (ex) classmates there.

But as usual, the shy and soft-spoken boyfriend diam-diam and bored himself.

How I wish I can sit with the guys since I get along better with them. But there were 6 ~ 8 uncles and brothers "reminded" me that female sits at the other side.

My Guy (ex) Classmates

And me on the other side, roam around the tents and looked for familiar faces. Aha, found them.

Sweated like hell and finally, makan at 1.15pm.

No offense, but..I'm loving and prefer (boring) Chinese wedding (with uncle singing karaoke) in an air-conditioned restaurant held at night, than Malay wedding held in the noon time, in outdoor tent in the house punya compound.

Enough whinning. Here, our pretty bride and charming groom.

Congrats to Keith & Yun and Zamry & Liza.

Getting babies soon?

NTV7 is showing Serenpidity. Watching back.. I kinda think that it's almost impossible to have it happen in real life. Movie.... tipu people only one lah.

Anyway, Merry Christmas.. (which.. I think I said it already)

Next I'll post about my Xmas eve dinner and Xmas day. And show off the card I made for Bobby and the one he made for me.

By the, some preview of the next entry.

We saw "someone" in Empire.

No prize if you guess correctly, but can try kan?

Lucky guess?

p/s: Kelly Lim, Pig Theen, Swee Leong, Kok Ling and Bobby are not allowed to guess!