Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Dreadful Trip

Short Note: 

Happy Birthday Everyone! Today is the Seventh Day of CNY and everyone is getting older.


The most frequent asked question when I got back, whether in MSN or face-to-face is, "So.. how's your trip?"

Seriously, I had no idea how to answer it because for what I thought was, the main reason for this trip was to pay my sick grandma a visit and celebrate CNY with her and the rest wouldn't matter so much. Thus I just replied with a smile, "Errr.... Ok kua?"

Not until Jewelle pinpoint the question, "How was your bus trip? Is it better or worse than what you expected?"

Itu dia. The question I can answered without constructing sentences in my brain first and can go on and on until somebody stop me.

WORSE of course!!!

(And I still feel like complaining MASWing for not having extra flights knowing its festive season and everyone want to balik kampung...)

Some stupid people even asked me, "Why don't get business class? Pay a little more nya mah.."


"Hello! It's a Fokker plane and you want me to sit with the pilot in the cockpit is it?! Check your info before asking me stupid question you idiot! "

And one more thing, Sibu "not equal" Kuching!

I can't believe some people actually thought that Sibu and Kuching are same. I think his Geography teacher will cry and climb out from his coffin to knock his head.

Know why, because my silly friend asked me "Aiyooo... Why you don't take AirAsia? Got cheap tickets what." 

Then I replied that AirAsia doesn't have flight connecting from Miri to Sibu, so does RBA fyi. Only MASWing.

And he shouted in astonishment, 
"OH! Kuching and Sibu not same hia? I thought same one"

*bang head against the wall. I mean... his head, not mine*

Here, a map for your people out there who still have no idea where Sibu is.

Saw that? To go Sibu from Brunei, I had to pass by Miri, Niah, Bintulu, then baru arrived. 
Total distance? Count yourself.

Takes only an hour to fly from Miri to Sibu but 8 hours with a bus!

Who says money cannot buy time?

If I get to pay B$175 (return flight) to MASWing, I'll save myself a spanking total of 14 hours of traveling!

Air fare - B$175.00 (RM 397.25 - Rate 2.27)
Bus fare -RM 40 x 2 trips = RM80.00

So now I know, the price to pay for 14 hours is RM 317.25.

Okay, okay, I should stop whining and get on with my blog.

* * * * *

Our bus start jalan at 8.30am and we arrived the terminal at 8.20am. No sight of bus seen but plenty of "bus-mates" waiting with their red-white-blue big plastic bag and Jacob's box.

Thank Buddha there's no chicken, ducks or goose this time.
And also the stinky liu-lian, durian.
(Sorry peeps, you're reading a non-durian-lover's blog)

I don't know whether its because the salesman is very charming or my mum got tutup-mata by "you-know-what", she always ended up buying tickets from the company which has the buruk-est bus. 

I wasn't with her when she went down Miri to get the tickets. So it was only till we arrived the terminal and searched for the bus then baru know, "MA!!! WHY SURIA AGAIN?!"

Well, seems like it doesn't matter much to her because she fell asleep just after 15mins of goyang-goyang in the bus. Leaving me alone with my Whitie battling against other Pokemons.

(Face pixelated because I look horrible with that poor skin condition + dark eye circles with o make up.)

One of the thing I hate about taking bus is that it pull over a lot of times whenever seeing the natives waiting along the road.

I don't know if they had already bought the tickets before it and made that special request for the bus to stop by their house, or it was the bus driver making some extra cash for giving them rides to the next kampung.

It's really annoying.

For those who drove to Sibu told me that it normally took them 6hours plus to arrive, minus another hour if they're driving like the tofu-guy in AE86 drifting along the bengkang-bengkok hills.

So why do bus takes 8 hours to arrive?
Because they keep stopping over lah!


Along the trip I saw a lot of wooden houses where the natives lived in and it really made me felt lucky that at least I have a concrete house with Astro and ADSL connection even though it's buruk and small like tofu cube.

Not forgetting a well-lighted washroom with proper toilet system to flush the stinkoes away.

(The above house you saw was considered quite pretty and nice already)

Stupid one. How to litter when there's no windows to throw out the rubbish?

FYI, the bus is air-conditioned thus no windows. 
Therefore if anyone farted or smells like ikan-masin... the whole bus suffered.

Another thing that really pissed me off during the ride was those selfish people who lowered down their seat leaving very small room to the person who sat behind.

Eh uncle, you think your seat is Business Class is it? 
Or the person sitting behind you was Mr. Fantastic, can just shorten his legs to 3".

First Official Stopover
where everyone get down the bus to buy food and pee.

Er no, I think I was one of the very few people who rather stayed in the bus than go visiting the stinky toilet.

I only drank half a glass of Milo and vomited it all out when I was on my way to the terminal. I have a really weak gastric. No food allowed before 9am else it will all end up in the nearest longkang or plastic bag.

No drinks = No Pee = No toilet visit = No vomit = Happy Me.

But it was already 10+ am when we reached the Niah food court and my mum bought me a packet of rice, with one chicken wing and a salted duck egg.

Almost similar to the Ayamku set meal, Ayamku Happy.
(Accept for the duck egg instead of chicken egg)

I think my mum still lived in the years when I was 9 years old and 100% carnivores eating no vegetables at all. Hi ma, I'm 24 and I do eat veggies now. 

I was already having bus-sick after endless rounds of Pokemon battles and forced to get down from the bus because of nature's call when it stopped at the terminal.

And all of my semi-digested Niahku Happy ended up in the basin and toilet bowl of Bintulu bus terminal female washroom. I can't believe I paid RM0.20 for it. Really puke till "mother also cannot recognized".

Seriously, I'll understand if it's an entrance-free washroom to be all stinky and dirty with used pads left widely exposed for everyone to see and also those stubborn floating poo-poo.

RM0.20 per entrance and the unflushable toilet bowls.... Man, money must be easy for you to earn.

Police check points

Of course you have heard of lot of scary stories about how people got robbed while traveling along the Mafia-Route and read forward emails regarding how mobsters find their targets by switching their head lights off waiting for cars from the opposite lane to highlight them.

So yeah, even though it's a bit time-wasting, but I guess its all worth it for the police to check. My mum was kidding that should threaten the little girl who sat behind her telling her that if she jump and sing very loud again, ask police tangkap her.

Out of that 8 hours, I think I only managed to nap for maybe 2 hours. The rest of the time was all wasted on my Whitie, Female magazine and the latest Crayon ShinChan comic. And also, sight-seeing of nothing but green bushes and trees.

I think my Myopia (short-sighted) just got cured by the greenness.

* * *

Fast forward 3 days later, my return trip.

This time I smart liao, followed my mum and choose the bus company myself. Unfortunately, the big comfy bus (according to my cousin, she's already an expert in it) was out of seats so we had to take the second best one.

As long as it's not the oldest and the buruk-est with a stench of pee can already.

The bus this time

Equipped with leather seats and much more room compare to the red-and-white one. 

At least I got the mood to camwhore a bit

Messy hair with no mousse or whatsoever hair styling gel and no powder on face. Small and sleepy eyes still present and also the dehydrated but oily skin. 

This is what I saw at one of the stopovers. 

They hang Red Decorative Pineapples on the lamp post!!!

Wonder whose idea is it because damn creative lah. 
So Dong-Dong-Ciang-ish.

But so high up wor, couldn't do so without a crane or Superman helping though.

Oh ya!
There's a must-blog subject.... substance.... thing... bah, human lah that I'd mentioned to Jewelle that really made my return trip a whole lot "fun-er".

Here goes.

When the bus stop over at the Bintulu bus terminal, some of the passengers will get down and some get up. There was this fine Muslim lady sitting behind me and she went down for some refreshment.

And when she got up the bus, there was this bastard man (Malay/ Iban in his thirties) who took her seat with legs wide opened as if he was some sort of Tua-Pek-Kong making it impossible for the lady to get through. 

(Tua-Pek-Kong - One of the local Chinese deity)

And so the lady stood innocently and smiled to the man and said sorry. Meaning that she wanted him to move his legs so she can walked in. But that stupid fellow acted like he didn't hear a thing and continued with his mind-idling stage.

Oh ya, I think the Muslim lady is only maybe 20 or less than that because she looks like an undergraduate to me. Young and naive. 

I got annoyed by the man's gesture and turned my back and pointed, "That is her seat." and ready to return to my comfy position.

That freaking bastard looked at me, looked at the girl..
and looked away again with that *insert female reproduction organ* face.

The girl stood awkwardly with a puzzled face and looked really helpless.

Then the righteous genes inside me gushed out and I talked to that idiot again with an really impatient tone.

"That, is her seat! You have to let her walk in!"

That idiot the said, "Airport kah ni?"

I have no idea why he said that, probably he's out of his mind not knowing how to reply me because he wasn't expecting me to be so busybody.

Anyway, I got really irked by that response and talked even louder with a really serious face to the girl but eyes still on that idiot.

"You go show him your ticket."
(To shut that loser's mouth)

I think the girl also got stunned by my words because she looked really blank after it. I secretly hoped that she worshipped me for my bravery in her heart at that time. Hahahhaahhaa. I was such an heroine kan?

But girl, get some nerves to stand up for your rights.
You can't expect people to help you everytime in this cruel world.

And so the idiot moved his legs and let the girl get in finally.

While talking to the guy, my mum kept pulling me and asked me to ignore and keep quiet because it was none of my business. Maybe scare the guy tampar me kua?

(Tampar - Slap)

I don't know from where I got that courage to fight against a big man who maybe is capable of doing black magic and make worms crawl out from my body. I just know that if I don't help the girl, she very kasian. If he dare to do anything to me, I got plenty of witnesses in the bus because I did nothing wrong.

The funny thing was, when I told Theen and SL this incident in the car, my mum sounded really supportive and proud for my action.


And after telling them the story, that two kanasai friends went silent for few seconds until I voiced out, "OI! Why no response? Should have praise me for my action what?!"

They two looked at each other and replied, "Don't know say you too BUSYBODY or RIGHTEOUS..."

Stupid friends. Show no support at all.
Next time you all kana bullied I won't help liao. 
Every time got something also pushed me out and asked me go talk to the person one.

Dear Buddha, 
please grant me some new friends who think I'm not clumsy, noisy and busybody.

Anyway, the photo of the freaking loser.

I was playing Pokemon on my DS happily while I heard loud snores from the back. It was him with his armpit showing to the whole world.

And so I took out my mobile phone and pretended that I was about to camwhore but in fact, I raised my phone high enough to snap a picture of him so I can show the whole world the face of this kanasai fellow.

So, that almost mark the end of my post.

Oh wait, do you know much diesel a bus consumed for such long travel?

200.59 litres.

It is RM 1.578 for a litre of diesel whereas it's only B$0.31 in Brunei.
Double the price in Malaysia.

I heart you Brunei. 
You sell cheap fuel and is very kind to us.


Jewelle said...

Wow you are such a heroine!

Whats wrong with being a busybody if it helps another person right? And that underarm shot is hilarious - serve him right.

Anonymous said...

a long and informative story .... yeay ... enjoyed it very much ... nonnie is back with vengeance ... make that SUPER NONNIE. I wish there's more action from you in dealing with that kurang hajar man! ... arm wrestle him to the ground kah? kick his ass to smithereen kah? even in his sleep ... he look uberSTOOPID. stinky-armpit-rude-man. Wow, only few month after u deal with that rude /stoopid road rage man at kiulap ... u turning to be a regular superhero girl. congratulation.

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : Yeap! Serve him right. I so wish I can paste his face all over the bus terminal to warn other people about this bully.

Anonymous : Another new nick? SUPER NONNIE this time! Not bad also, very ganas. Hahahhahaa.

Kurang ajar indeed. But I was just a weak lady with no black belt. Now I regret of not taking any karate or taekwondo class. The thing was, no one even step up for the poor girl except for me.

The rest was just enjoying the show. Sien...

Hungryduo said...

Nonnie! I shall call you Wonder Nonnie from now on hahahaha be my heroine~

Funny lar your friend, Kuching and Sibu so much difference ler!

Btw, already prepare valentine gift? hehe

- Hunnie <3

Anonymous said...

btw thank you for that geography lesson, once a teacher always a teach i guess.

Joan D'Arcy said...

Not everyone could have done what you did! Bravo! It took me till my 2nd pregnancy to do similar things that you did.. hehehe! I have been 'assertive'.. very very 'assertive' lately!

Btw, people in the peninsular still thinks that Sabah & Sarawak are borderless. If I told them I came from Sabah, then they will think of the south borneo.. So, be cool! They're just cuckoo!

jessie said...

Hello Nonnie~~

Happy V Day to u and ur lovely Bobby!! =)

* winks winks *

War186 said...

Like Boon lah hate durian haha. :P Wahh yes very heroic lah you. So nice. I'd never dare to do anything like that eh.

Btw, happy belated birthday to Bobby ah. :)

Thanis said...

What a heroine! Seriously that guy deserved a tampar - I can't believe he can be such an asshole.

Anyway - taking a bus to sibu must be damn hell of an experience! I went there by car before and I feel damn tired liao.

I will definitely take a plane next time!

Nonnie King said...

Hunnie: Hahhahaa! Another new nick. Getting better and better each time.

Bobby was very impressed by my gift. More like dulan actually because it was so much better than his card. That's what he said lah.

Anonymous : Maybe that's what they call "The Profession Sickness"?

Joan A mother of two?! But you look so young!

Well, some people needs to be educated and that's why we're there to clear their minds up.

Nonnie King said...

Jessie : Thanks a lot darling.

Wardah : I think my mum and Bobby will prefer me to be less "heroic" (from you guys point of view) because they think it will bring me trouble.


Thanis : You ever been to SIbu ah? Sigh.. I would take a plane too if I had a choice.

Anonymous said...

Very heroic. Your mum should be proud of u. =) However I don't think it is necessary to post up his picture.

Anonymous said...

Hapy CNY Nonnie! Enjoyed reading your eventful travelogue immensely, epecially how you managed to have some 'fun' out of it, except I supose for the encounters with the "wild men" from Borneo. Also Sibu may seem like hicksville to some, but to the folks of Kapit, it is a metropolis no less.
Distant Hermit

Kelly said...

Read till i wana swear = Fuxxking bxstard CB man! Y u guys didnt story me when we were "lami-ing" ah? Too concentrate oredi is it? hahahaha...

Thinking bout theen's / sl's response,...I would put it in a word of "so daring" rather than busybody, BCOZ - ah no, if that case was in Brunei, i will dare to do that, but in Malaysia, i would rather keep quiet, bcoz that country is getting too dangerous la, ppl can just send anyone to mess/? up with you anytime! you read it in newspaper right.....

anyway, can send the photo to everyone just like "Forward emails" & spoiled this man reputation hahaha!

De Pianist said...

Wahhh..King Nonnie to the rescue!this man shall bow to Nonnie for being such a rude and idiotic man..hehehe..

Didn't buy any asam before you go up to the bus? normally can help from bus sick geh..hehe..

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : Erm... *don't know what to answer*

Distant Hermit : Hahahaha! KAPIT! Remind me of the old school joke, "I go UK, Ulu Kapit."

Kelly : Must concentrate on lami table one okay. Because Theen and SL heard it liao mah, if repeat again like very sien.

Pau Lene : I'm not very much into somboi mah. But my mum brought lozenges so I had that instead.