Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Seven-Storey Pagoda, Sibu

Happy 24th National Day Tanah Air Ku, Negara Brunei Darussalam

I was digging some old pictures from my semi-ruined photo albums and look what I found.

(Photo taken 20 years ago... I think?)

Apparently I was too young when I got the chance to visit the Churchill Memorial. And when I was slightly older and asked my mum about it, it was already taken down, in 1991.

(Resources from here)

And that's me doing hide-and-seek with the pole.
Too much Bollywood movies, too little Tom and Jerry back in those days I guess.

I do feel like visiting Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque again. You know, with the Kampung Ayer boat rides but none of my friends wanted to do it. Like I said, I need new adventurous friends who won't pour me cold water whenever I voice out my thoughts.

Brunei, you still look pretty as ever.

* * * * *

I had lost count the number of times that I'd visited this magnificient Buddhist temple. And to be honest, I never get sick of it.

I wouldn't skip any chance of visiting it and I still find it fascinating.

Each year I'll get disappointed by the tear-downs of features or landscape, or get excited by the newly built constructions.

Like this Kuan-Yin statue, was already gone years ago and replaced by parking area, then now some sort of a garden.

(Sorry for the blurry picture, what do you expect from a 15 years old picture? I'm too lazy to scan so I just snap it with my FX8)

Even after so many years, this temple still looks as beautiful as ever. I bet there's a lot of maintenance work unnoticed behind the scenes and also the generous sponsors supporting all the projects.

And these,

are the infamous bamboo sticks that has number written on each of them. People would grab hold of the Cim-Tong (Bamboo Tube/ Cup) with their palms, asked a question in their heart and started shaking them.

In Mandarin, its "Qiu-Qian".
Cantonese, "Kau-Cim".

(Bet most of you had seen it countless times from the TV)

Mum asking about her "liu-nian"

*cough* Liu-Nian (流年 - Luck for the entire year) .. Not Liu-Lian (Durian) okay

So after several shakes, one of the sticks would fell out from the bamboo can and the next procedure will be "asking for confirmation".

Ask again if that is the correct "Qian" by throwing the wooden thingie.

I have no idea what do you call it. Not even the Chinese name to be honest. I know the Hokkians called it "Pua-Poi" lah and how it works.

(I used to think that it is made of Mango seed, and later painted. What? Looks like it what~)

Again, you hold it between your palms. Asked and throw them and see what the "answer" is.

If one is facing up and the other down, that means "OK".

Else, its a "NO".

... or something like that.
(I tried Googling and Wiki it but not much of a result)

After it's a confirmed "Yes", next is taking your "Qian" from the cabinet according to your number.

And the qians have grades themselves. 上签, 中签 ,下签

My mum's

If you don't understand the poem, nevermind... Get some help form the temple priest or usually, it's the "Miu-Juk" we look for.

The uncle who take cares of the temple. Yes, the one who ring the big bell every time someone donated.

And this uncle asked us to help ourselves by passing us the explanation book. Oh well, save our angpao... My mum was planning to give him a small angpao as a token for helping us explaining but since we read and agak-agak solve it on our own.. I guess I deserve the angpao more.

I was teasing my mum with the last sentence.

It says, "Withered tree will blossom once again".

*cough* So.. Is that a hint of me getting a baby sis or bro? *cough*

Just kidding lah. I know it's impossible already. Mum had her "fertilization factory" removed years ago.

This Na-Tuk-Kong lives on a tree house.
So cool right?

Vendors selling beads and bracelets

My mum pointed me sign board of a shop and asked me to have a look.


Saw the first Chinese letter from the left. That's my surname fyi.
And now you know how much I suffered back in my kindy years writing my Chinese names.

My surname has 22 strokes, and my name 3 and 15 strokes.
Making a spanking total of 40 strokes!

Don't play play.

The Infamous Teh-C-Ping Rejang River
Wanted to have boat trips but they're not operating..
It was the second day of CNY that's why.

Last but not least, whenever I show my friend this (last) picture.. everyone just laughed and find it difficult to answer my question...

What is ASTRO doing in a BUDDHIST TEMPLE?


De Pianist said...

the last photo was funny..i guess monks need some entertainment too huh?lol~

hakeem said...

the second photo reminds me of the photo of BRUNEI TOURISM..

the first pic.. haha.

-moon- said...

I remember seeing that Churchill Memorial when I was young.. But couldn't remember much about the surronding already.. Too bad it's not there anymore..

Jewelle said...

I saw pictures of the Churchill Memorial from my husband's collection too and what a pity it's no longer around when I became "aware" of Brunei ;-)

Lovely temple, when I do visit Sibu I'll definitely visit it.

I wonder if that fortune telling sticks will work for someone who is a non-Buddhist?

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : I thought monks are suppose to be 与世隔绝?

Hakeem : No comment on the young model ka? Cute ka? Sexy ka? LOL

Patricia : A lor. I'm not sure what had replaced that area though.. Is it the Royal Regalia?

Jewelle : Ya, its a landmark of Sibu. A must visit place if you go there.

As for your question... I have no idea also. Since I'm not really in to Fortune telling.

If good, I scare I become over confident. If bad.. will make my emotions turn real down also. So better go with the flow.

Jasmine said...

Very nice temple... I heard about this temple before. They said the 'chim' you got from there is accurate.
Wah... the river is really Teh C or rather Teh C tarik kao kao :D

-moon- said...

yup.. it's Royal Regalia there now.. hehe..