Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's a Larryful Night

[Stolen pic]

(As usual... long post ahead with abrupt ending. 33 photos. Read before you scroll down to check out that lawa picture of you okay. )

Finally, after hours of discussions and hundreds of emails, our long-waited night finally happened!

It was planned (kinda) last minute and Lois Lane asked if I'll like to be part of the organizing committee. Without second thought, I said yes. So days later we came up with the invitation, road map, program rundown and name tags.

We went to Seri Kandi at around 1pm to get things ready. Table arrangements, sponsored gifts and prizes and final check on everything. And Lois brought along her Superman and a man that she claimed who's randomly picked up from the street. *cough* free-kuli *cough*

The name tags were last-minute work. No thanks to those who only confirmed the day before event. And lucky for me as I had my boyfriend gluing all the tags while waiting for my facial treatment and also Lois (not her real name of course) sticking the pins up.

I really had a good laugh while watching her sticking 'em up. It's true, she's the Undomestic Goddess. But still, I really appreciate her effort for helping out with the tags.

(Check out how she cross-taped my tag. See bottom left picture)

Being there early also got benefit one.
Played pretend and took as many pictures as we like!

Went home at 3plus pm, took a short nap, showered and get ready for the night.

Again, I was the earliest to arrive.
Watching everything getting in place and the chefs preparing the delicacies.

And Pablo, together with his family, were second to arrive.

Bunny's Birthday Cupcakes are to die for.

Smart backdrop.
Just need to change the 1st to 2nd and we can re-use it again for the next one.

The two beautiful receptionists who helped out a lot last night

I'm easily bought. They asked if I'm Chinese and I said yes. "See, all Chinese girls look hot and gorgeous." Aww... I'm flattered and I won't go question their level of honesty. Even if you force me too.

Busy-ing at the reception table

These two men really helped out a lot by making sure everybody got the goodies bags and no prizes were left unlabeled.


The Sporty and Funky one.

Love this pic to bits!
(L-R: Rano, Alin, KayBee, Pablo, Nonnie, Wandi and BinKhalid)
See how my hair flow. Damn glamorous kan?

Apparently our emcee didn't show up and so Mr. Shaikh Khalid was the one doing the opening and emcee-d part time for us. Where as Lois carried on with the rest of the night.
Kudos darling. We don't need one for the future anymore.

Lois Lane/ KayBee/ Princess Nashwa/ Hot Mama
How many nicks does this woman need?

Second speech by Pablo,
who was too busy to print out his speech thus read it from his MacBook instead.

Third, Marul from DST Simpur Blogging Nation.
sharing lot of interesting facts such as,
"There are 3 blogs 'born' daily in Brunei"

After the speech, DINNER TIME!!!

(Sorry, no pictures of food because I was too hungry and the queue was really long for the lamb and pasta "stalls")

Mr. Bin Khalid was really creative with the display of food. There's Rojak counter, Pasta counter, Lamb and Beed counter, Penang Laksa counter, and every day's favorite section (plain rice, cockles, prawns, and ketams!).

Not forgetting desserts and fruits!

Seriously, I was expecting the usuals such as plain rice, yellow rice, curry, rendang and mixed vegetables. Mr. Khalid sure was very generous with us. Remember during the meeting Lois asked, "Ada kambing?", and he answered "Sure. Why not?".

Lucky us.

Standing (L-R): Rano, Reeda, Azmi, Liza
Sitting(L-R): Pablo, Alin, Nonnie.

Diet plan aside. Here comes Bunny's cupcakes!

Some interesting facts for you:

  • When kor-kor Reeda saw me, he straight away said, "Eh, Hu-chew-neng." . I was left dumbfounded for few seconds until I could responded, "YOU CAN SPEAK FOOCHOW??!!!!"

    So malu can die. Apparently, he can speaks better and more proper Foochow than I do. Considering me myself as 100% pure Kalew. -___-"

  • Alin used to be my ex-classmate for 3 months back in the early ITB days.
    Small world huh?

Dang and Nya

My darling who came just for me. *terkarang* Big face.
Still, I felt bad for not sitting with her. Sorry dang.

Mini Girly Bloggers Gathering!
Miss Mau, Miss Ness, and Miss Nonnie.

plus Stels the petite.

And... what are the chances to bump into your own students on a bloggers night?
I think I can go buy 4D tomorrow.

Brother of Bling-Bling-Sisters and Sister of Qamaruz, Hakeem and Tyyra.
Also, my students.
(whose going to outgrown me in years)
I hope I didn't get it wrong

We had live band performing that night that nearly caused everyone of us suffering from sore throat (for shouting out loud) and the everyone in the family can dance!

Even the old nenek whom I think is 80+ years old!

I don't dance, so I grabbed the chance to go table-hopping instead.

We used to work together in the bad ol' days. Like, the darkest moment ever in my life. I told myself, if I can survive the tortures given by that bloody company, there's basically nothing to fear anymore when I work elsewhere. True or not Dee?

Mrs Gokil, pretty and bubbly as ever.
Bah, its 3 against 0 now, when are you guys gonna pop out one?

The young ones

When I first Affy at the reception table, I couldn't help but asked him if he had powdered up his face. Hahahahhaa! Seriously, from the previous photos that I ever saw from either Stels blog or flickr albums, Affy's face looks silky smooth in real life.

Well, he claimed that he didn't put on anything on his face.
So I guess its the change of hormones or rush of adrenaline that is doing the trick.

Men and their long things, I mean lenses.

After dining and some dances, we had a short social interactive game. Idea contributed by yours truly.

Bloggers were asked to jot down three things about their blog or them and brought it along to the party (and I appreciate those who did it). Later the emcee will read them out one by one and the rest will guess who the blogger is.

You know, sometimes you go to party and meet lot of people but end up forgetting them later. So I thought this game might get everyone closer and know each other better.

Rano's tip were: Social, Sporty, and Long scroll!

Maurina's : Bold, Informative-ism, and I can't remember the last one.

Muaz's : Honest. Very particular about English mistakes and loves art.
(#2 kind of scared me honestly.)

Liza's: Lois Lane (easy!), blog about happenings in KB (aiyaa.. who cannot answer really have to ta-pi-ku (hit buttocks)) and .. I forgot the third one again.

And mine...

1. Blog url was made up of the first two letters of my (Chinese) name.

(Everyone was quiet...)

2. I suck in camwhoring.

(Crowd shouted, "NONNIE!")

-_-" See, everyone knows I suck in that and its a no secret. Liza didn't need to mention the last one before they go guessing.

Actually my third tip was, "My blog was nominated as one of the top 5 Best Personal Blog".

No prize for correct answers. But there's prizes to be given away for the next game.

It was funny when Liza read out Qamaruz blog url. Eee-ann-gor---what? iamgeorgenuzuka. How do you exactly read that actually?


The suddenly-become-very-famous Larry Game.

15 bloggers were picked and lined up together.
The first person had to say, "Hi Larry", then the second person will continue and say "What Larry?", "But Larry" for the third and the last one is "Bye Larry".

So its,

Hi Larry
What Larry
But Larry
Bye Larry.

The three finalists for the game

Guess who won?

First place : Muaz
Second place: Maurina
Third place: Anak Brunei

All Bandar-ians!

Proud Sexy Mancy

Not only that, she even won the last lucky draw prize for the night! We're all teasing her that she should migrate to KB since lady luck was on her side when she's here.

Battles of the BEST!

And you decide who will win the

(Lose to them I also don't mind lah actually.
Big shots kali ah~ How to fight?)

And the night ended with people jogek-ing on the dance floor.

I tried, and failed badly. I have no rhythm...
Unlike this fellow, who used to be a dance instructor!

Oh ya, I forgot to mention.... I won a B$20 international calling card!
First time in 24 years of my life that I won something out of lucky draw!

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Senor Pablo said...

HAHAHAAA. I really enjoyed each and every posts of those that came that night..Yours is truly funny!!! I can't help laugh reading it all the way! Best part got promo for Best Blog.hahahahaha
Thanks Nonnie.. I'm glad that we got to work together in this project. It was a pleasure knowing u and hope we can work together in the near future...

Princess Nashwa said...

Yeah, Nonnie.. very comprehensive coverage, I think we should switch jobs.

Aiyoo, so paisei leh.. hehe Undomestic lor.. But-but, just so you know I champion when it comes to rolling springrolls among my family. Quite close to being domestic and I can wrap wanton also heheee....

I tell you appointing you as one of the committee members cum free kuli uhuk- sorry coughing ah, was the best thing.. hehe

Many thanks again for the help. I am very happy with the outcome of the event.

And thanks also for being the Vanna White of the day... heheee Fortunately Superman and our free labourer sorted out the goodie bags and the giveaways. They are so cute..

We shall do these again, and these time , I better make sure the emcee shows up..

Hey come to think of it, we don't need an emcee anymore.. heheheheee

Hakeem said...

the best KB Blogger night coverage post... funny and not too serious. haha!

All of us in the family ada blog (except for my parents & lil bro..hehe)
Patut buka a new blog:


Drifting Cloud said...

WOW... so siok lah... So much fun... HEHEHEHEE

Jewelle said...

Fab post as expected. I take back what I said to you that day - looking at your creativity, I don't ever want to try do something which you can do 100 times better!

Thanis said...

Great write up of the coverage ;)

affy said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!! A special paragraph just for me.

No potions or concealing talc (or any other cosmetic whatnots) were used that night, or any other day prior to that night.

I take what you said as a compliment. HAAHAH!

Archery girl, if you're reading this: you need a new camera! One that doesn't suck. AHAH

It was nice meeting you btw. Finally... Although the loud gambus kinda made it hard to communicate.

Nonnie King said...

Senor Pablo : It's not hard to blog since it was quite an interesting night. Hehhee. We'll definitely have chance to work again.

Lois : With bad grammar and limited vocabs, I don't think so darling.

I wouldn't mind if you add "gorgeous, pretty, sweet, whatever-nice" in front of free kuli, it'll make me more willing to do thing. Hahahhaa

Ya, the guys are cute. One is taken and the other one is free. For you ladies out there yah.

Emcee? We don't need one when we got Princess Nashwa!

Nonnie King said...

Hakeem : Thank you! That's a very nice compliment.

As for Bling-Bling-Siblings... karang people thought you all are related.

Drifting Cloud : Maybe you can join for the next one?

Jewelle : AIyah... make my nose big big liao. Paiseh paiseh.

Thanis : You'll be writing more in the future.

Affy : Of course, you important kali ah.

The gambus is to test how loud bloggers talk I guess. Could have talk more to you actually, well.. will always have chance again one.