Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So you want us to see, or not to see?

Now, this...

is what "KIASUISM" is all about.


5 yellow signs, F-I-V-E!!!
(plus lots and lots of stickers)

(click to enlarge)

From Left to Right...


(I guess - "If I flirt with you,just ignore me"? What the... It's like, "Kolomee satu, tidak mahu mee" o_O)

2. "Apa liat2 Tarik Krg Mentukamu"

(I guess - "See what see? Pull your *I dunno what* later"? Eh...What does 'MENTUKAMU" means har?)


(I guess- "You think you're so macho but you're driving like a turtle"?
Erm.. It's suppose to be Macho, and not MANCHO right? Eh wang/dang, salah spelling lar. And what's with the "ah... ah.. ah.."?)

4. "Apa di liat ah? MUN PAHAM BISAI !!"

(I guess - "See what see, understand bah"? Local favorites' slang. But..But.. WHAT IS THERE TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT?)


(I guess - "If you want to be faster, go fly lah. Don't get mad"?)

p/s: The above translation are all hantam-hantam interpreted by me. Please correct me if I got it wrong. Or any kind volunteers who can help me translate it?

* **


1. If he/she really doesn't want any attention from other people, tell me why would he/she spent money in making those customized car signs?

2. Not kacau kan? I mean having so many things blocking the view. And dangerous right?

3. Those legs of Pink Panther's... Erm... Do you (the owner) mind re-position them? It's an eye sore.. or it's just me thinking that Pink Panther is having an orgasm and my dirty-minded brain?

* * *

Sorry if this entry had offended you, I'm just an ignorant Chinese (like most of my colleagues said) who know so little about Bahasa Brunei.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chau's Farewell Steamboat

Our darling friend Miss Tang ah Chau (not real name of course, are you stupid?) a.k.a Chau McDotty will be leaving us on the 18th June to further her studies in Perth.

Feels so weird...

I know it's normal for people to study abroad and there's nothing big about it. But, this particular friend of mine is 25 this year. She started working after her O' level. While everyone of us were still busy struggling with our studies, this lady always angan-angan there relax only.

And now everyone has graduated and settled down with a (good) job, it's her turn, away from us for years and only comes back annually.

I do admire her courage though. After all, it's not easy for a 25 years old jie-jie (kakak) with years of working experience leaving home and start a brand new life by fitting herself in a lecture room full of 18 years old teenagers. And start job hunting all over again few years later where as maybe Yuen is already a mother of two!

So people, look up to my friend. She sibeh got guts okay.

* * *

We had a mini farewell party for her last Saturday. Steamboat + potluck. Mum was supposed to help me to cook the "Lu-Tan" (braised eggs) but she came home late and so no jadi. And so I contributed nothing but my empty stomach and witty jokes.

I rushed home, took a quick shower, packed my stuffs and hopped up Vai's car. That's why there's a delay in my bloggie's update (no internet access) and also I couldn't join the "Walk for Life" (no transport)... Reason told as previous entry, lousy friends preferred to sleep in on a Sunday morning rather than doing something meaningful.

That's my precious blankie, customized by my mum! (Got all those DIY genes from her actually) Sleeping in a full-blasted air conditioned car at the back seat in a hot Saturday afternoon with warm blanket to snuggle down is simply the best! Yeah, I slept like a dead log soon after this picture was taken.

Arriving BSB, we makan-ed in a vegetarian restaurant and did a little shopping in Gadong, till it was time to pick up the two sisters, Mei Yuen and Fang.

Of course, vegetarian steamboat looks less attractive compared to non-vegetarian one because everything is either green, yellow or brown. Very limited choices.

See for yourself
Non-vegetarian steamboat I had last month with Theen, Kelly and K.L
Vegetarian steamboat I had last year for Mei Yuen's informal bridal shower.

Our Dinner

Don't you think those mushrooms in the middle of the pot looks like wriggling worms?

As you can see, we had fried meehoon (prepared by Bernard! Ganas man.. the only noodle Bobby can cook is Maggie Mee!) and the rest of the ingredients for the steamboat were baby corn, lots and lots of different mushrooms, tofu, veggies, black fungus, Siaw-Mei-Rou-Yuan (vegetarian meatballs) and of course... vermicellis.

Other than that we also had deep fried seaweed (unevenly salted) and this!

Hey, it tasted very very very good okay. Don't be a bias and think that nothing taste good in vegetarian food.

I still remembered those days when Vai and Yuen would cooked for us everyday back in 6 years ago. I lost quite a lot of weight that time too, due to the healthy diet.

Sigh.. I'm missing Yuen's Tom Yam (vegetarian) fish and Vai's Lemon Chicken, where we all grabbed our plate and ate together in the living room watching TV2 & 3 drama series in the buruk TV (that had forgotten it's a color TV and not a B&W one).

Those were the days... 4 of us squeezing in a tiny room with occasional visits from Chau sometimes driving us out with her dad's old Cressida.

Some of us

FYI, Chau (the one who's leaving, wearing the blue shirt) and Pingko (the one standing at the back with that boyish lesbian hair cut) are sisters.

One so tall, one so short.
One so thin, one so fat.
But both also very kanasai and love to bully moi.

The only time I can bully them is by posting ugly photos of them and bad mouthed them.

Actually I took a really ugly picture of them on that night. Chau was sitting on the chair and Ping lied flat on her sister looking up. It's really gay!

But Ping begged me not to upload it because I have too many readers and it's too embarrassing. I said I wouldn't post it in my blog, but I will in my Friendster (which I'm still thinking whether I should upload it or not). So LauShu Ping, from today onwards you better talk to me more 'ker-qi" and buy me peach green tea from time to time.

Nyek nyek nyek!

Caption put for fun.
But who knows it might come true one day? =p

Lastly, group photo for remembrance.

Standing (L-R): King, Ping, Chau and Eng
Sitting (L-R): Vai and Yuen
Squatting: Fang

To Chau,

You had been a great friend to me, giving me a hand whenever I needed help and said words that made me feel better when I needed comfort. You won't get angry every time I joked about your height and weight, of course you and your beloved kanasai sister love to make fun of my skin tone and my tiny eyes. But still, we're cool.

I hope you'll get thinner over there and bring back an angmoh.. since you know, sometimes angmoh has really weird taste in Asian women. Who knows you got market there leh? =p

My blog is always here for you in case you got the urge to see my pretty face.

p/s: Bring back some pessimons when you come back for me and Shi-Zhen-Jie. Don't be like your stupid sister, brought back two-bunch of bananas (empty handed) nya, yet still dare to minta cherry tomatoes and kolomee from my mum.

Love (to pinch your fats) always,

Friday, May 25, 2007

Loyalty Funtasia Roadshow

Short Note:
Sorry for not updating much lately. I spoke too soon.

A day after I blogged and said I didn't have a deadline to meet, immediately the next day I was given a new task....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My gigi-besi finally finished all his assignments and tests (temporary) and came to see me yesterday. In fact, he's still in Brunei now because I manja-ed him to send and pick me up from work today...

As usual, when you don't know how to drive, you dream of driving you and your friends around and you don't need to ask for anyone's approval and help. All those freedom~ BUT! When you get your license and have your own car, you get so sicked of driving... One of my biggest wish is to hire a chauffeur 24/7 standby to bring me here and there, just wake me up when we arrived the destination.

Back to the topic, I went to DST Loyalty Funtasia Day . God, it was so hot and crowded. And I had to park so far because it's impossible to get a parking near the venue.

A lot of people, a lot of noises... but no cute hunkies to cuci-mata... =(

We felt so lost because we had no idea where to start exploring. We saw people everywhere doing their own things like filling up forms or talking to the staffs there.

And there's a flower decoration competition on going on the 'stage'... So hard to squeeze in just to take this (below) shot.

While still feeling lost and had no idea where to begin, I stumble across who else but our infamous Mr. Rano. Actually, I kind of had a feeling that I'm pretty sure I'll see him there. Still as nice and friendly as ever.

And so we just blindly followed whatever people is doing, take some lucky draw forms, answered them and we had to get all 6 stamps from all booth to be entitled for the lucky draw.

It's good to be a girl, because guys love being a hero and help them out. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, some nice uncle koko actually gave us all the answers so we saved time from asking booth by booth.

Just go there and minta the chop only.

And this is...

The staffs there are nice, they have really nice gifts (Bloom White Tote that cost $562!!!) to give away and... I saw my blog there!

Basically every Brunei bloggers' blogs lar..... Can you see me in action in the above pic?

Because of all the blogging nation, I get to know there's a lot of other Brunei bloggers out there. And I absolutely live the fact that they're hosting blogging competition for us to win an ipod nano. Wheeee~ (But they extended the deadline... >.<)

Other than that, they were also having the SurfKad Guess & Win competition! Me like. What that you need to do is to guess the number of cards inside and sent your answer via SMS, at zero cost! So meaning you can guess as many times as you want. I like competition like that, easy, straight forward and free to participate.

And Kristal Astro booth was having a dart throwing competition. The gift was a thermo mug. Not interested. Next.

Other than that, Fascom and Incomm booth were just having some phone displays and posters hanging... Have no idea what's there to see anyway. Just get the chop and jalan.

Something I felt like voicing out here.

Erm.... There were a couple of female staffs who weren't that friendly and helpful that really made Vicky and I quite pissed.

Maybe it's the hot weather or the crowd I don't know..But, please lar... we're not that desperate for the lucky draw. Don't act as if we're dying to win something like that and give us that impatient look when we asked something.

Vicky and I
(Felt like a big fat monster standing beside this petite lady)

A very nice and friendly (quite cute too) DST male staff helped us to take this picture. And he used took another shot using his own camera and said it was for the website.

And so I casually asked him why did they want to extend the deadline for the competition. He explained that it's because they're waiting for more participating entries. I smiled and told him that I'm one of the participants, he asked,
"Nonnie?". I nodded.

Vicky turned to me and said,
"Wah.. didn't know you're so famous."

Paiseh eh... But still, I don't think that I'm "famous" or what. Famous = minimum 10,000 hits per day, 100+ comments every entry and walk out also got people say,
"Hey you're that blogger right? I read your blog!". That... is what famous means.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just a question,

Do you think the below guy looks better smiling or not smiling in photo?

Me: Eh, I take a picture of you ah..

Him: Oh. *smile and look at my camera*

Me: Eeeeeee.. not nice lar. Try you don't smile and just look at your french toast can?

Him: *follow what the girlfriend asked him to do*

Me: Hhhahahahah! So emo!

I know... I'm a very bad girlfriend. =p


I felt so guilty and bad not being able to join the Walk for Life. Damn! Lousy friends decided to sleep in on a Sunday morning instead of doing something more meaningful.

Note to self - Next time don't be lazy and drive own car to go BSB so that I don't need to beg people to bring me there.

The more I read about it, the more dulan I felt.

And I'll also like to convey my deepest condolences to our dear friend Tina for the lost of her beloved father. I know it's a bit late, but just want to say that we're all here for you if you need any help.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Who's the idiot here?

My day went pretty well this morning. You know, birds chirping, sunny day, students greeting me with a big smile on their face and funny colleagues to talk crap with, and most important of all, I don't have any deadline to meet this week. Until..

After a class, I walked back to the staff room, poured myself a cup of hot teh-tarik and was about to enjoy my breakfast. Then my phone rang.

Me: Hello?

Man: Ahh... Ha..Halo. Sorry ah, tadi ku salah transfer credit. Boleh kita balikan credit tu?

Me: Huh? Oh.. Okay. (Still a bit blur) How much did you transfered?

Man: Empat ringgit. ($4.00)

Me: Okay, I'll transfer it back later.

Took a sip of my teh-tarik and looked at my phone. Wah... 3 missed calls and 2 unread messages. That fellow must had felt panicked. Lucky I was had a break else I bet there'll be 100+ missed calls!

And so I read those messages first...

Hmm... That man was quite polite.

Read second message.

But his wife is not!

Honestly I can't really understand those Malay SMS lingo, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't very friendly. Or I thought so.

I was so enraged at this sms! Just because I didn't get to answer the phone right away (because I was away teaching), and that made me a dishonest greedy pig who purposely wanted to cheat her BND4.00 credit?

$4.00 for God's sake!

Not $40 or $400 or $4000!

Want to report to DST some more?!

I could have just ignored it and whistle happily as if I won a lottery because it wasn't my fault if they transfered the credit wrongly.

It was their mistake, NOT MINE!

Maybe that $4.00 credit is very important to them, but still.. can't they just buy an Easi recharge card instead of transferring credit like that? I don't get it.

But I know my heart won't feel good if I just swallowed the credits. And so I transferred it back, angrily.

Bloody hell, cost me $0.50 for the service. And another $0.20 for picking up the call previously.

Yet my heart felt disturbed and I text the wife back,

Not something I normally do because I'm kind of those "Love & Peace" person.

If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. But if you're being rude and kurang-ajar to me, I'm pretty sure I'll return the same favor.

Somehow it kept me thinking, who's the bigger idiot here?

The man (for transferring the credit to the wrong person and expect the person to return it back)


Me (for being honest and wasted $0.70 while I could happily enjoy the 'bonus' $4 that God of Fortune had sent me =p) ?

Perhaps next time DST can improved their credit transferring service by...

Customer texting on the phone: *105*(phone no)*(amount)# - Send

DST reply: Are you sure you want to transfer (amount) to (phone no)?

For yes, type *105*yes# and send. For No, type *105*no# and send. If there is no reply within 30 mins, DST will take it as a YES and transfer your credit.

Customer: *105*yes#

DST reply: Are you sure? Very very sure? DST and the receiver will not be held responsible for any loss caused.

For yes, type *105*yesagain# and send. For No, type *105*no# and send. If there is no reply within 30 mins, DST will take it as a YES and transfer your credit.

Customer: *105*yesagain#

DST reply: One last time, are you sure? Very very very very sure? DST and the receiver will not be held responsible for any loss caused.

For yes, type *105*yesandtransfermycreditnow# and send. For No, type *105*no.igiveup# and send. If there is no reply within 30 mins, DST will take it as a YES and transfer your credit.

Customer throw phone against the wall because very pek-cek liao. =p

Above scenario is just my wild imagination, please do not take it seriously.. unless you're an idiot.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My squishy key pouch

It's Sunday today! ..... (I think I heard people saying a loud "Duh...")
I decided to give myself a break despite of the pile of works that kept me suffocated by doing something productive.

Well technically I had a fruitful week with all those bengkels and meeting filling up my time, but still.. I felt that time passed so fast that I couldn't recalled any productive thing.

And so... I decided to make something today!
Yeap, a key pouch for my car key!

I like to use bigger bags because I can hantam put ojipala stuffs in it. Smaller bags, neh.... all you can keep inside are:

1. Mobile phone
2. Keys
3. Wallet

IF you're lucky, you might be able to slip in your lip gloss or mascara too. But the chances are pretty low.

Thus, I always have problems searching for my car key in my bag. My house keys are kept separately using the meow-meow key pouch (remember?) because I thought it's more convenient to separate them.

I sat on my bed and start thinking how would I want it to be. Meaning, it's 100% Nonnie's idea, skills and creativity! Copyright eh.

I wanted it to be all fluffy and squishy so that it's easy to find in my bag (without looking in to the bag) and cute... and girly too, to satisfy my needs for making me feel young and kawaii *vomit*

The extra rectangular part on the right is for making a hole to stuff my key in and on the left, it's just a reminder for myself not to stitch everything up. Must remember to leave a small gap to stuff in the cotton.

Then you can draw it on the piece of cloth and estimate the size.

and stitch...stitch...and stitch. Lastly, stuff some cotton in to make it kembang. =p

What you think? Nice? At least for me it is, since I came up with the idea and made it all by myself.

If you asked why the letter "K", because K stands for King, and also Key. Simple.

I also added in an extra 'ear' for it so that I can hang it on the key holder.

But it's not perfect. Right after I'd finished it I realized a few places that I can improved. least Bobby will get a nicer one because for sure he'll bug me in making him one too. He's demanding.

It looks pretty matching with the thingie I hanged on my rear view mirror in my car though. Of course lah, from the same piece of cloth and also same colour theme, white + pink.

As you can see, it's quite big compare to other usual leather and rectangular key pouch which is so boring. Again, the main point of making this key 'bag' is for my convenience in searching my car key in my bag, and so I made it big and squishy.

Nice to see, nice to touch and it comes in pretty handy. Can use it as a little pillow too~

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just a little piece of my mind....

You know you're getting older when

- scientific calculator is no use to you because you no longer need those the sin, cos, tan buttons.

And you prefer those big-ass calculator with big buttons.

Sigh.. seeing the picture above just reminded me to get back to work on those bloody reports.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Baby Talk

Urgh! Finally no more Seria - BSB daily trip that took away my precious afternoon naps!
But says hi to the monthly report + website + walkathon preparations.

. . . When is Ramadan coming? I missed Puasa time when they paused all activities and the school was squeaky clean with no plastic wrappers of food and tin cans/ plastic bottles/ Yeo's packet drinks on the corridor and staircase...

Anyway, my days were boring because there's nothing happening in my life.
No events = No photos = Boring post.

* * *

Oh, my kanasai friend Keith is now officially a papa liao. Seems like it's only yesterday when I went to their wedding.

And do you know how this idiot inform me about it? By texting me...

Him: Wad xx, Bed xx

Me: Wth... Yun give birth already?

Him: Yeah. hehe..

Me: Aiya idiot. Might as well tell me also boy or girl la. So what name? Lim Teh or Lim Chui?

Him: Lim Boo! Come la tomorrow.

So I assume its a baby girl.

Can you see how stupid this sms conversation is?

1. Without telling me what's going on, no-head-no-tail tell me the wad and bed number. Think that I'm a psychic is it?

2. 5 cents per sms, he choose to reply me "Yeah. Hehe.." instead of telling me the gender and more information. Oh its 160 characters anyway, why waste it? Need me to ask again. Oh well, maybe he's overjoyed, kee-siao there already or busy learning how to change the diapers or carry the baby.

(Again... I wouldn't want to carry baby less than 3 months old because they felt like jelly. Well, my own production is exceptional in the future)

3. Hehehee. There was one night before Yun gave birth that I was chatting with Keith in MSN asking him if he had thought of any name for the baby.

I jokingly suggested "Lim Teh" (drink tea) or Lim Chui (drink water). And that stupid father-to-be joined in my siao-ness and added Lim Gu Ni (drink milk), Lim Lang Ni (drink breast milk). Also Lim Teh See (drink Teh-C) and all sort of drinkable liquids you can think off...

p/s: Lim sounds like 'drink' in Hokkien.

No Lim Peh (your father) and Lim Boo (your mother), because those are the reserve names for my babies if I jadi kahwin Bobby. Hhahahhhaaaa. Just kidding.

I often joke with Theen and Kelly about baby names they can give their children when they married James and Kok Ling.

Like.... Yoong-Tau-Fu (tofu with fish inside, you know?), Yang-Meh-Meh (little sheep) Yang-Wa-Wa (doll), Yang-Pai (lamb chop), Xiong-Bao-Bao (baby bear), Yang-Shi-Le (very itching) and bla-bla-bla.

I was googling if there's any website that can predict baby faces but sadly, couldn't found any.

And I was lazy + no skill to photoshop one myself.

So, here I found a baby photo that I think our (gigi-besi and me) baby will look like.

Has our features though, small and long eyes, flat nose, thin lips (Bobby has thin lips) and so chubbily cute! (Like me... =p) I want to have a baby like him! I want I want! Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!

I know I'll be the bad mommy restricting little bobby/nonnie to eat too much ice-cream or candies and Ex-fat-guy will be the one curi-curi feed the baby.

La la la la... I better go continue do my work or take my power nap.

Bye Bye...

(I miss blog-hopping....)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bitzie Buzzing Bi

Sorry this is going to be a no-photo post. Yeah, not very "Spiritual Garden" .

I know I love hantam put photos in my post and write a toilet paper roll entry. And once in awhile when I had a short post, everyone will came up to me saying that they're so not used to it, I mean finished reading my post in less than 5 mins time.

You all are spoiled by me liao.

Anyway, just want to tell you all that I'm going to be busy for the whole week. Actually... it's kind of like a crazy week for me.

I'm forced to commute everyday, Seria - KB - BSB. That makes a total of minimum 250km per day okay.

Having a 3-day course in BSB from 1.30pm - 4.30pm (have to rush after my class ends, lucky I'm excuse to leave school a little earlier to eat), and on Thursday I have to go BSB again with colleague to find sponsors for our walkathon. And heard that on Saturday a few colleagues and me myself have to bring the kids to BSB and overnight so that they can participate in the dancing competition. Why? Because we're unmarried, so we don't have a husband or baby to feed.


As you can see, leaving home at 6.40am and arriving home at 6.00pm is no fun at all. After taking some rest, shower and dinner I'll have to continue do some school work at home. Again, don't you people out there dare to say teachers are all very free, got nothing to do one. I'll really give you a big slap if you do that.

And so.... anyone want to donate some money to my school?

Seriously, I should feel very shameful of myself because my donation card was a virgin till I asked my mum tolong help me to get some money ... I mean donations from her friends. And on the first day itself, she filled up 9 lines in my card giving me a total of $18.00. Not bad huh?

Not that I don't want to do it myself, but you know sometimes it's hard to do so.

Everytime I mentioned about it I'll get "Boooooo" by my stupid friends. They'll go like, "Hello? The government pay you salary right? You donate yourself lah. Why ask money from us?"

Heartless people.
I never said NO to any donations and why can't people do the same? Not that I'm asking for $100, just $1 that you can easily spent (more) on make up or bags and shoes, or the 4D money you can waste from betting. And only 1/3 from your cigarette money some more.

(Hey! Government school needs money to run also okay! At least we're not asking students to go door-to-door and forced asked those poor parents to donate. Or sell those bloody "tickets" at $50 per head in those what what dinner having students to perform traditional Chinese dancing or lion dance like most of the "Chungs" will do)

Sigh.. I just don't get some people. The annual school fees is only B$5.00 yet they have so much to complain about the donation....

Like Hanisah said, we're ungrateful.

Gah, I'm so frustrated at myself now. I left my bloody card reader, which is also my lauyah pen drive in the CIC lab and now I can't continue working on my school website. That's why I'm here ranting like a mad woman....

Oh ya, sorry if I had not been commenting much in your blog, I'll try my best to read your blog when I got the free time.


which kept me wondering,

Blogging = "TRADING GAME"?

I left comment in your blog, and so you'll read mine and comment too.
I linked you, you linked me back.
I left you a message in tagboard, you say hi back to me in my taggie.
I said your blog is nice, you'll say likewise.
I said you're one "hot chick" or "cute hunk", you'll say I'm cute too.

And so,
If I stop commenting in your blog, you also won't bother to read mine.
If I de-linked you, you'll do the same. (Unless the blog is no longer updated)
If I never say anything in your taggie, my taggie leave no trace of you too.
If I said you or your blog is boring, you'll return the favour 10 times meaner.
If I said you're ugly, you'll think I'm just jealous and continue showing off your undesirable unpleasant face/ body in your blog..

What you think?

[Initially, this was suppose to be a short post.. somehow it just get a little longer =p]

Monday, May 14, 2007

3 years already?

Wow... Only 2 posts for last week?
Damn.... Since when I become so lazy in blogging ah?

Anyway, Bobby and I had just celebrated our third anniversary last weekend. It was great!

Just that Marriot, Parkcity and most of the nice hotels were fully booked because of the Jazz festival (that I wanted to go but Bobby said it might be boring.... -_-") that left us no choice but stayed in Eastwood again.

And know what? We stayed in the exact same room that he booked for my last birthday celebration! Tell me what are the probabilities of it? No, he did not purposely request for it.

By the way, I got a really bad news.. Not for you, but it is one very bad thing to me.


Me no likey! Me likey Bobby chubby with fats to squeeze and pinch and bully by calling him "Ah Pui".

* * *

He came down from Miri to Seria to pick me up and go Miri again... (Yeah... Everyone knows Miri is not very safe for Brunei cars.. It's ok if it's a one day trip. But not when I need to leave it there overnight. ) Knowing that he arrived my door step already, I ran out and wanted to give him a warm welcome. He opened his car door and stepped down.


That's my first line to him. Not very nice I know.

I looked at him as if he was some strangers. Instead of hugging him, the first thing I did was pinching and pulling his spare tyre.

Such a big disappointment!

I was very du-lan to see him losing so much weight. He thought I'll be very happy to see him thinner as he thought I'd always like a thinner boyfriend. Gah, so not true.

Even when my mum saw him, she got the urge to go supermarket and buy him chicken essence. And Theen asked me/ him to take some supplement pills or nutritious milk powder to balance his diet. I suggested Appeton Weight Gain.

Not that he's thin like bamboo stick or lamp post, but he looks really pale and suffering from malnutritions. Some more his dark eye circles and puffy eye bags made him looks really like drug addict, at least to me. Boo. I want my Ah Pui back.

No more Chalie Chubbies
Know how much weight he lost? 15 bloody kgs! If only it's me who lost it and so I'll fit in a 24" low waist jeans showing off my flat tummy.

Last few months when we weight ourselves I was still teasing him fat and squeezed his extra loaf of flesh (with teruk stretch marks like pregnant woman) around his tummy. And now that I am still my chubby self having the same weight but my boyfriend nearly reach the thin category.

Not good! Super bad news for me.

His secret?
Wear braces. To make sure it really works, wear braces during your utmost busy period burying yourself with assignments and tests so that you don't have time to eat, and even if you want to eat, your teeth hurts so much leaving you no choice but plain porridge only. Oh ya, skip dinner too.

* * *

Sorry, I was carried away complaining about the weight issue. Back to our anniversary celebration.

It was simple. Check-in hotel. Spent 1.h hrs looking for the bloody restaurant and gave up trying and ate at some not-so-romantic restaurants with dragon tattoos ah bengs and dry golden hair ah lians sitting next to us, talking so loud that made me can't help but eavesdrop their conversation.

I'm not complaining. Just that I had imagined and secretly wished that we'll dined in a nice restaurant with more privacy and space, dim candle light and horny sexy saxophone background music and a bottle of champagne.

Yeah. Thinking too much is bad.

The lesson I never learn - Try not to have high hopes else ended up with huge disappointment.

(Sorry, no photos for the night in the restaurant as I was too hungry and busy eating my chop.)

* * *

And we spent half of our Sunday morning watching cartoons showing in TV3 - from Sponge Bob to Totally Spies then Pucca and eating grapes.

Don't ask me, I know he's weird at time. He asked if I like grapes and said he bought some of it and we can eat it in the hotel. Excuse me, not eating like the kind of way you dirty-minded people are thinking now.

I was bored and he's busy watching Sponge Bob

We waited till it's almost 11am then checked out. Why? Because Fratini's 50% off promotion started from 11am till 6pm.

Yeah...we're that greedy and frugal.

Hello~ 50% off leh. Some more it's in RM. Don't eat rugi okay. The only period I can go Fratini eat in Brunei is only the Ramadan period. Why? Same reason lor...

Us in Fratini and hotel room

Our Foods

After brunch in Fratini and a little boring shopping in Parkson, we balik kampong to Seria.

(It's boring because I didn't get to buy much. Perhaps its my subconscious mind telling me to behave like a thrifty girl whenever I'm with him so I won't scare him away...which is why he always feel dulan because he loves convincing me in buying things.. Of course lah, not using his money sure can ching-chai ask him buy this buy that)

Dropped by Universal to have a little tea session with Theen and Kelly to show off how thin Bobby is now because Theen is going to Singapore for a 3 weeks course. Lucky girl. Air ticket free, hotel free and food free. At night can go shopping lagi. Then got Ah James company her kai-kai some more after he finishes his course in KL.

Gah.. Everyone has their courses in foreign countries... Why do I have mine only in KB/ Seria/ BSB? Not fair lah...

Oh yah, we watched Spidey 3 in OGDC after the tea session. Crazy Bobby was thinking to go all the way to BSB to watch it because Miri cinema sucks. It's dirty, smelly, with bad air-conditioning and annoying people who did not switch off or silence their phone who lets the phone ringing with that stupid "Laushu Ai Da Mi" or "Huang-Hueng" or "Right here waiting" or some stupid techno song or some other old old lui lui songs in the 80s or 90s.

The bad thing is.... I couldn't stare at them hinting that they're disturbing me, which is something I did in Brunei's cinema without worrying kana bashed up or slapped after the show.

(Yes, there was a time when some Malay boys/ guys who sat behind us and made so much noise laughing and giggling whenever there's kissing scenes and make noises like "Boh!" "Adeh...." or what so ever, I got really mad and stared at them angrily. Bobby was pulling me afraid that I might offend them...

But hey, we spent the equal amount of money to watch that movie. Why should I get annoyed by them while they act like uncivilized monkeys disturbing everyone's movie? At least I know I'm not the one at fault.)

It's better not to offend anyone in Miri. You'll never know what will happened later since you don't have any strong 'backup'.

it's good that OGDC was showing it. Save us time and fuel to go all the way to BSB.

It was drizzling after we came out from the movie. Bobby used his big and warm hand sheltering my head and I did the same with both hands because I didn't want him to get sick too.

I'll have my mum taking care of me if I'm not feeling well. But this fat guy.. correction, this pale looking guy has no one taking care or even cook him porridge if he gets sick. So he's more important.

We're laughing and giggling talking about the movie. If there's a camera or something, sure the picture will look very sweet and romantic.

Btw, I like Harry! So sad that he died in the end. Why? He's so cute can. I like him more than Spidey lar.... Why that stupid script writer wanted him dead? Because Tobey Mcguire paid him more is it?

(Die... sure a lot of spidey fans marah me now.)

And we're wondering how are they going to make Spidey 4 since not much main vicious villains left. Sorry ah.. I'm not really a Marvel fan... I don't know much about it. But you can asked me about Detective Q, Dr. Black Jack, Kindaichi and Crayon ShinChan. That, I very pandai.

[Edit: One of my students came up to me asking me, "Cher, did you watch Spiderman 3 yesterday?". I was like.. SHOOT! Did I do anything stupid when I walked out from the cinema? I answered yes and this kaypo busybody student of mine asked if he's my boyfriend and what's his name.... Kids nowadays...everything also want to know.]

* * *

The anniversary gift I made for him

Nice nice?

I got the idea when I was shopping at Shabbychic but that thingy was a bit expensive. I think it's the same as what Wardah had gave Boon during their anniversary.

And so I used table calendar as substitute. Free some more. Just use some nice colour papers and wrapped them, with a little bit of creativity to make it different and special.

Curious what's inside?

Some of it

The rest of it

Hehe. Now don't you wish you have a girlfriend like me? =p

And what did he gave me? Hmm..... a prototype of the card he had on his mind.

As a very understanding girlfriend, of course I wouldn't mind it since I know how busy he is now. He squeezed all the time line for his assignments so that he could have a day off paktoh with me. He even smsed me at 4am telling me how sad and disappointed he was seeing the card turned out all disastrous and he wouldn't be able to give me to me on time. So yeah, it's fine. I can wait. I'm a good girlfriend.

And this is the Mother days card I made for my mum.

I know it says "Thank You" on the front page and not "Happy Mother's Day". Well, what's the point of saying "Happy Mother's Day" and not telling her how grateful I am for all the things she's done for me.

I only wrote few lines of sentence. Couldn't bring myself writing "I love you" because I thought that's too cheesy and mushy. Bloody awkward if she read it right in front okay.

I just thanked her for all the things she'd done for me and she's a very good mother. Wishing her healthy and happy always.

I guess the best gift to all mothers out there are not cash, jewelries, massage chair, vacuum cleaner or iron board. But by not making them not to worry about us, and lagi worries at all. Everything will be taken care by us children.

Love you Ma. Without you I'm nothing.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Oil and Gas Discovery Center, Brunei

If you happened to drop by Belait district and passed by Seria town, there's a place that you should never skipped visiting...

Yes, I was aware that I'd blogged about this earlier April but I assured you that this is going to be different.

What you had read are those cute little miniatures found at the park of OGDC that were built for the Road Safety Campaign, and in this entry..I'm going to show you what's "IN" the building.

Going in to the exhibition area, first of all you'll be greeted by the friendly staffs of OGDC at the ticketing counter. After paying the tickets, we're free to explore the place out ourselves.

(A huge thanks to Hanisah for "guest modelling" in this entry)

The friendly female staff asked if we would like to have some fun by picking a "candy" from the basket. We're just curious about the prize that they would be giving away if we answered all correctly.

Lucky it's MCQ

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Entering the exhibition area, we're first greeted by him.. or her... or it?

Oh well, since 'his name' is "MR. ROBO", it's clear that it's a "he" then.

What made us confused about the gender was because, there was a group of Indonesians visiting the place before us and were talking to Robo. A man asked,

Man: Kamu ni perempuan kah laki-laki?
(Are you male or female?)

Robo (in a manly voice) : Kadang-kadang ku lelaki.
(Sometimes I'm a male)

Robo (in a cute girly voice) : Tapi mahu jadi perempuan pun boleh~
(But I can be a female too~)

As you can see from the captions on the above photo, I called it "smart ass". Why? Because he's funny and good in talking back!

Example. When the Indonesians want to take picture with him, the camera man was shouting "1...2....". Just when he was about to say "3", Mr. Robo said,

"Aku punya mulut tidak dapat bergerak lah..."

Hhahahahahah!!! How true!

Just when the Indonesians left, it's our turn to 'tegur' him.

Mr. Robo said we could asked him any questions. But he wouldn't tell us the answers to our papers. Bad robot.

Of course, we're not that naive to believe that this robot has A.I. I was pretty sure that there's someone hiding somewhere while talking to us. Hah! Impostors!

I was a curious baby. I touched the robot here and there trying to find where the speaker, mic or pin-hole camera was hiding.

And just when I blocked his "eyes" to test if the cameras were hidden there, he said again...

"Miss.. can't you see that my 'eyes' are made of torch lights?"


I felt like I was the biggest fool in the whole world for that 3 seconds.

And so I 'revenged' by making fun of him in the below photo. =p

Just kidding~

Hanisah and I left the robot without saying bye. Just when we took a few steps away from it, we heard him saying,

"Eh.. jalan sudah kan du rang tu?"
(Hey, have they left the place?)

Immediately I shouted back,

"So I know now! You can't see! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!!!"

Stupid robot~ But we had a great time talking nonsense with him. Hehe.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Next you're going to see lots and lots of pictures of the orientation area and also the interactive exhibits.

I'll leave the photos to do the talking.

Spelling mistake spotted
(We did talked to the staffs about it and hope that they'll amend it. )

There are so many brain teasing games there that you can spend minutes and hours to solve them.

Well, Hanisah did try one of them but failed. Never mind, we can go there again next time =)

We couldn't lift ourselves up because we're too heavy ='(

NOT! It's the pulley problem. We changed seat and we're able to pull ourselves up!

Having fun with the periscope

Mario woman at work

I took the volleyball away from the blower and posed with the strong air. Too bad, I'm not tall and thin enough to be a model. Moreover, I prefer being a teacher.

(Modeling will be my part-time hobby for my blog. *terkarang...*)

* * *

Seria is the heart of the oil industry in Brunei, that's why you can see exhibits regarding it in OGDC. Some more OGDC is sponsored by both BSP (Brunei Shell Petroluem) and SIEP (Shell International Exploration and Production)

The stories about life on a rig are best told by friends who worked offshore~

They get to see dolphins all the time. *jealous*

* * *

I love this wall! So bright and colourful

As a teacher, it felt really nice to see kids running around eager to try out and experienced themselves with those exhibits.

This is really cool!

Us having fun with the giant matchsticks!

For younger children

The Puppet House

The sweet corner for parents to read stories to their children and spend some quality time with them.

* **

They had closed down a small section for renovation purpose. Hope that they will surprise me again on my next trip. =)

There's a nail bed there. I hope I could show you a picture of me sleeping on it as if I'm Snow White waiting for my Prince.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you had been to OGDC, I'm pretty sure that you'll realized that there's still one thing there that I had not mentioned...

Correct, it's the..

Yes, I still felt nauseous looking back at this video..

The photo of me upside down

That man posing looked like a circus lion tamer and me, the lion of course..

* * *

That's almost all about my trip in OGDC....

Wait wait wait.. Don't go yet, there's more!

* * *

Remember the question papers? Yeah, without a problem we got all our answers correct

And our prizes?

One Shell Pencil

Oh well, maybe we had no luck in getting a bigger prize that day. Or...... all the mini balls in the box were all orange colours.

(Yeah, we're asked to shake the box till a mini ball came out and we got our prize based on the colour)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After leaving the exhibition area, Hanisah and I went to the park to check out the miniature buildings again.

In case you're wondering, her dad works there.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Apart from having a smart brain, keeping our body body is important too.

And so we can do a lot of exercises in OGDC too.

Jogging track

* * *

Now let me sum up the reasons why you should not miss the chance of visiting OGDC,

1. It's FUN!
It's already my fifth time visiting there and I'm still not sicked of it!

2. It's a great place to learn! Learn more about our country, learn more about Science and so on.

3. And also exercise to keep your body healthy! (Just don't go Ideal eat like no tomorrow after you worked out...)

4. It has the one and only nice little theater showing the (maybe not so) latest movie in Belait district.

5. A great place to relax and spend quality time with your family.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Additional information:

Fish food are sold at both ticketing counter of OGDC and also Ideal fast food restaurant for B$0.50 per packet.

I think it's pretty smart of them to do so. They charged people for feeding their Kois!

* * *

To know more about OGDC, please visit their official site here and their visiting information here.

The location of OGDC

Lastly, I hope this entry will win me an Ipod Nano!

Thank you Simpur- DST, for giving bloggers a chance to earn them something from blogging.