Monday, March 17, 2008

Eff-You-Ann ?

Went up to BSB last Friday with Lois Liz to run some errands, and man... I hate finding parking in the Bandar area! Plenty of parking idiots stopping their cars by the road side leaving a freaking small space for me to struggle through with my Corrie.

Not only that, dozens of eyes starring at us right after we left the elevator and walked to our destinations. I was thinking, "Don't they work? What are they doing "hanging out" the street sitting on the floor and watching every passerbys?"

And the stupid thing was, both of us behaved so sua-ku (sakai) when the elevator doors opened at the other end. Didn't know it was a two-way entrance/exit lift what. I mean, what are the chance of us going to that place?

Anyway, we encountered something really funny!
Erm... in a bad way though. Scarily funny.

Pressed the button "4", waited for a minute. The door opened, I walked out, followed by Liza. And right after I stepped out, I heard a scream from behind and looked back. Then I saw Liza laughing along with other makciks because she nearly had a free-face-and-body-sliming program, that is.... had herself nearly squeezed by the elevator door.

Just when the door fully closed and moving up, I saw this on the stick on it.


Damn hilarious lah orang Brunei.
Straight forward with tad sense of humour.

(Referring to the handwritten replies)


And yes, the door really closes fast!
Like... only 5 seconds?

On our way down, it was my turn.
Nearly kana "kiap" by the door too... The very same door.

Those who works in that building, I salute you!
I bet you guys can slot in the lift in just 1 second.

And out of boredom and curiosity, we went to Yayasan for the now-the-very-hot-and-in donuts.

Yeap, The Eff - You - Ann Donuts.

Either we're lucky because the queue wasn't that long.. we only waited for 10 minutes, or... we're unlucky because there wasn't much of a choice for us to choose.

Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty.


I don't get it lor.
I saw..1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.. I think 7 staffs there and they still couldn't cope up with the market's demand? Can someone explain to me why is it so?

There's two guys busy preparing the donuts at the stove/ oven area (I don't know) and the rest of the ladies were either....

- folding boxes (excuse me miss... donuts pun nadai, need boxes for what leh?)
- standing and looking at the crowd but couldn't do anything about it...
- looking "you-ask-me-i-ask-who" hinting customers, "Wei... Not my fault that the donuts are out of stock okay. Cannot blame me what.."

Liza bought 6 for her Superboys and Supergirl, whereas Bobby and I just got whatever they have over there. Malas to wait.

The trays were empty, and the girls over there didn't even wanna layan us much when it's our turn, thinking we still had to wait since the donuts were not ready yet. The fact was, we just want to get whatever available and not wait for the fresh-from-oven one, yet.. we waited another 5 minutes just to get their attentions.

The whole process of us buying only took us 2 minutes.
This one, this one, and this one. Only 3.


we had the green tea one - which taste like vanilla with nothing green-tea-ish in it
the white colour don't-know-what-name which had damn lot of creams inside and also.. very sweet.
Lastly, the Ohreo~ which is the best out of the three with crunch oreos on top.

Erm... I have no idea what's the big fuss out of it and if you asked me to queue one hour for those donuts? No can do. *roll eyes*

Bobby still prefer the donuts from Bakerlyn and I think any roti john and burgers from the stalls along the road taste better (shredded cucumbers + carrots + mayonnaise. Yummm~) and CHEAPER!

I think all the donuts are the same, just dipped into different gravies and sprinkle different toppings on top. Hmm.. You think I can make it or not har? When I free I try lah.

Lastly, we stopped by Bodyshop.... because the boyfriend wanted to get some eye cream for his puffy dark eye bags.

While having lunch, Liza was telling us that Clinique is really good and so on and Bobby said the darnedest thing...

"Ermm... You mean, go clinic and take the cream from there,
or.. the brand is from clinic?"

HAHAHHAHA! Tell any guys about cosmetics and facial care product is equal to men telling women whatever turbo/ sport rims/ car audio/ football players..

Demonstrating how to softly tap the cream around the eyes
And the boyfriend learning it carefully.

The girlfriend just enjoyed and took pictures.

p/s: Bobby is not a metrosexual man. He's still very man, for me... even though I'm still the one doing the manly job such as getting rid of spiders for him.


I'm Choonie. said...

My hubby also applies hazaline snow every morning on his face and his hands. hahahaha.. I told my friends and they think it is very funny but I am glad that hubby is taking care of his skin better than me.

Princess Nashwa said...

God, Bobby cracks me up! hehee..

He was so engrossed with our conversation that I actually thought he understood.. :P

Hope he manage to treat that panda-eye problem. huhuuuu

Btw, sorry for photo delay. Only manage to open your mail by 8 pm. Funny that I'm equally busy though I'm on leave..

Yeah, include that lovey-dovey photo of you both in these post :P

Anonymous said...

The donuts are over rated. The thing about Bruneian is that they get excited over new things! Hehehe I agree that bakerlyn has better donuts!

Nonnie King said...

Choonie : I told Bobby as long as he takes shorter time than me looking at the mirror then I feel okay liao.

Liza : I know! So funny lah, I was thinking if he understood what you're saying and he just kept nodding.

Will include the photo later.

Anonymous : Yeah, I think I'll use the word "Over-rated" for Fun donuts too.

Thanis said...

Well can't I know what clinique is and still swat all those spiders?

O :)

Nonnie King said...

Thanis : Google Clinique and also "How to be a real man and kill spiders?"