Saturday, May 17, 2008

4 years and 4 days

Last Thursday Bobby and I finally get to have the chance to celebrate our 4th anniversary together. Couldn't celebrate on the actual day due to his graduation and also Mother's Day celebration.

Every moment spent with him must be cherished as I only get to see him once a week, almost twice. Thus even if I was in a complete bad mood or he did something and made me angry, I had to swallow the anger down and not waste time. Kasian....

It was really funny last Sunday, our actual day of 4th anni.
He text-ed me "Happy Anniversary, *bla bla bla bla bla bla* (mushy words you don't want to know), where's my greeting from you?". And when I hit the reply button, I actually typed "Happy Birthday" !!!

What? I was busy talking with Theen and SL while enjoying my half-boiled egg in Universal bah.
Phewwwwwww... Lucky I noticed before sending it.

Okie, enough of unrelated blah-ness.

So yeah, Bobby decided to give Vintage Rose a try instead of Charcoal because of the good reviews given by his friends, and also.. we're lazy to travel far since most of our activity planned was in Kiulap area.

Vintage Rose feels very different from most restaurant you can get in Brunei. Make it simple, it feels very orang-putih-ish, if you get what I mean. Classic and elegant, perfect place to get a cup of coffee on rainy days.... even though I don't drink coffee but that doesn't matter, I can always opt for hot chocolate with marshmellows. *teehee*

Fat guy wore black that day because he complained he gained weight, again. You won't be able to notice because his face still looks sharp and thin, it is his belly that's carrying the weight. Lucky guy unlike me, if I gain weight terus visible on my pancake face.

The Menu

Their menu is pretty cool, printed on few pieces of papers and later inserted to a hard cover book. And the interior designs....

I want to go there again!
And this time imma order some hardcore fattening desserts!

Yes you guess right, we didn't get to order any desserts because we're already too full after eating the main courses. We're getting better and better in ordering these days, as in we order the portion we can finish and not what we feel like eating.

We used to flip the menus and went like "I want to have this, this, this, this and THIS!" ,over-estimated our tummy and in the end, a table full of unfinished food. Hence now we tend to order with our brains, and not our tummy. We order whatever we feel like eating and if there's still some spare room, we'll order again.

.. which is good because I feel less guilty.

Can you see his tummy?

Complimentary hot buns with butter

It was really hot, the buns I mean. When I cut open the bun and wanted to spread some butter on it, the steam gushed out! Melted butter on a steamy hot bun... I like.

(I don't usually eat buns especially those from fastfood restaurants which comes with the meals... However I was quite impressed with this. Love the size and the crunchiness.)

My drink
Strawberry + Orange + Lime + Mint + I forgot what else

Yeeee-aah, I was the one having the lamb rack and he's only eating the roast lamb with rice. While ordering I told him I wanted something with a big portion but got worried whether I could finished it or not, and of course.. my boyfriend automatically degraded and become my "waste basket" .

Was looking outside,
saw my car and thought how many more years to finish the loan...
You see any improvements in his photography skill?

* Card Trading Time! *

For him
Yes I know I know, I have really small handwritings and have not changed it ever since secondary. I'd lost count the number of times people complained about it especially from my mum. Claimed that I'm writing for the ants to see...

This time, I got my card idea from summons. LOL.

Types of Contravention
  • Loving at an excessive speed
  • Contravening no-entry sign
  • Overloading of love
  • Illegal possession of heart

And, drew him as a love thief
I hate coloring...

The following page

Love thief caught and serves life sentences lock up with Nonnie. Hahhahaa.
Lame or not?

The last page of the card is not shown here because its some lovey-dovey mushy words again...

For Me!

Fat guy got the idea from a wedding invitation card.

What you saw above was the envelope of my card, this is the content..

He drew me comic stripes...

,just to nark me.
How, sweet.

(Note: What you're going to read is over-exaggerated and totally not true!
Okay... maybe some are.)

I asked, "Eh, why you don't wear pants one har?", referring to the comic stripes.

Now you know who's the big bully in our relationship! Where got people like that one? Drawing comics mocking at his own girlfriend. Anniversary card leh, isn't it suppose to be sweet and romantic?

Stupid boyfriend
Can I refund?

Anyway, this silly and annoying boyfriend of mine did plan a cheesy surprise for me. He secretly bought a gift and wrapped it up with his smelly rotten sleeping tee and asked me to get it for him because he's too lazy to get up.

Of course, when I saw the paper bag with the printed letters I went like, "Is that for me? Really ah? You got me something? How? I didn't get you anything leh.....".

The pretty box

He bought me earrings.

I was shocked, turned my head and asked him...
"When was the last time you saw me wearing earrings? Somemore a pair of dangling earrings".

The only accessories I wear is my watch. Anything else, I find them heavy and kacau. I could wear them for a while lah, only for special occasions that need to doll-up. But on any normal days, I just couldn't be bother with accessories.

Anyway, I call them the Twinkies and I love them.
Because its a gift from the fat guy.
Must motivate him to get me more pressies mah.

* * * * *

And guess where we went for lunch the next day?

Muahahahhhaaha! Excapade Sushi!

Hey! I have a reason to get over-exicted okay. Let me check my notebook and see when was the last day I dined in.. March 13! Two months! TWO FREAKING MONTHS OF NO EXCAPADE!!! Now can I be excuse for making a big fuss out of it?


When I took my first bite and slowly crunched the sushi, having to taste the crispiness of the rice, the avocado that melts like butter and the taste of unagi slowly wriggle around in my mouth. Aaaaaaaahhhhh... I wasn't far from heaven.

I was closing my eyes while eating it and Bobby stared at me and complained...

"You didn't even give me that kind of "wow" factor when you see the earrings!
My earrings, my effort, can't even compete with a sushi?"

Food is a need.
Earrings are wants.
So food is more important isn't it?

My other favorite,
Spider Roll

As always, Excapade never fails to make me happy and leave the door without any complains.
*big grin on my face*

Oh oh! I met the ladyboss of Excapade and she told me that she's been looking forward to meet me in person. She reads my blog! =D

And when I told RedFaceKelly that she asked Bobby about me when he went there last Sunday, she asked, "Har? You sure ah? Even an adult like her reads kid's blog?"... Great, just the thing I wanted to hear.

Told you I have stupid friend, didn't I?

Nah see, now I got proof lagi!

She gave me a box of Mochi (Green Tea and Sesame flavor) to try it out before I left. Hehehehe. Seriously, I was flattered by her words and actions. That box of mochis made my day.

Again, we never know who is reading our blogs.
So be responsible to what we say.

I love 15th of May 2008, even though that silly guy who sucks in navigation got lost and made me wait alone in the car park of Giant, even though I didn't get to drink the hot and spicy soup that I'd been craving, even though I need to drive back to Seria alone with the sun setting in front of me..

I still have my Twinkies and the box of mochis to cheer me up.

*la la la la la*
Happy Nonnie signing off.


Princess Nashwa said...

Awww....Envy that you both are still in the honeymoon period although you guys are seeing each other for four years. So silly but so sweet... hehe

Nons, where is this Vintage Rose restaurant? I wanna ask hubby to take me there.. the lamb looks delectable. What's the price range? =P

Nonnie King said...

Boh di dui... later Uncle Jan saw this and paste you links again. LOL.

Nevermind, I'll tell you when you online.

teddY said...

Woah sorry for being late, but I want to wish a big happy fourth anniversary to you and Bobby! Anyway it's just so sweet that both of you can dine out at such a great restaurant (with great food, thanks for sharing the photos!), and most importantly, to enjoy each other's company and trade really cute presents in the end :) I find the love thief you've drawn very adorable! Haha. Bobby is just so sweet to spend time drawing you a comic strip - you're lucky to have him, so don't let him run away yea?

All the happiness to both of you! :)

Hungryduo said...

I'm your regular reader!
Happy Anniversary ;)

btw, what's the price range ahh? i'm gonna visit it =D

- Hunnie <3

WaterBased said...

WOoHoO~~ 4th and going strong!

Be happy and stay happy. Don't focus so much on the bills, you don't want to attract more bills. Focus on what makes you happy and attract more moments that will make you happy.

XOXOXOXxoxoxoxox and many more.

48 said...

*heart break* lah .. i always buy u dangling earrings u never tell me u dun like

Error Q said...

Happy Anniversary~~~hehhe..

both of you so sweet neh.. wrote each others a lovely card... so so envy~!!!!!!!!! too bad i dun have creative design....

Kelly said...

REd Face Kelly?? ppl would thought im blushing???
Anyway, y didn you ask the lady boss if you could have a discount card? LOL.....because as you know you wont be able to gather up $200 in a month receipt as you only got $200 to spend?! Teeheeheh~~

48 said...

btw the earrings are really nice though, bobby got good taste.. (see i indirectly compliment u leh)
agreee.. u probably do have stupid friends (not all not all, dun want offend other ppl i dun know)

Nonnie King said...

Teddy : Don't worry, if he dares to run away I'll kang-kang him! MUAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

Hunnie : I'm a regular to yours too. Come, we keep complimenting each other.

Their price range ah, for food $9 to $25, as for drinks... soft drinks is $2.50, others with names is $4.50 like that.

Max Max : Very deep oh you. Well, I'll try.. But I'm a super lui-bin so a bit hard.


Nonnie King said...

48 : Not don't like lar, just seldom wear it. Next time you buy me those $9.90 watch can liao darling. Hai, if he doesn't have good taste then how he manage to find me this trophy girlfriend leh?

Horse dunno face long.

And... the stupid friend is KELLY LIM lor!

Qin : No creativity got money can liao. Money is wan-neng!

Kelly : Ya, you reminded me!

A note to ladyboss of Excapade:

(I hope she reads the comments as well)

Can I have a discount card, or privilege card or just something that gives me more discount when I dine in next time?

*flutter eyelashes*

Drifting Cloud said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

It's so nice to still able to receive DIY cards from each other despite seeing each other for so long liao!!!


War186 said...

Sweet lah what Bobby made you! And funny too hehe. You should feel appreciated and grateful that he sanggup make and all the effort he puts in it. ;)

Nonnie King said...

Drifting Cloud : Am making it a "tradition" for both of us. No matter how busy also have to make, more important than presents and gifts.

Wardah : I know.. since he's so busy with his works. I wasn't expecting anything good from him but he really surprised me.