Monday, September 15, 2008

Girly Bloggers Sungkai and Singing 09.09.08

Lots of photos ahead.

Actually.. lots of things to blog but no time because

1) wanted to blog this afternoon but I think the whole Seria power failure
2) when I want to blog in my suite (room in hostel), WAVE is always acting up on me
3) when the internet is working fine, I no mood to blog but just want to finish my TVB drama.

So yeah... this is a belated post.


Remember the above picture that I posted in the previous entry?
LOL. I was bored and thus "stickered" their faces with what I felt represents them?

Cat for Maurina because,
1) Mau sounds a bit liao meow?
2) in Chinese, cat is pronounced as "Mau".

Tin for TINa~

Rose for Rosie

King of Hearts for me

Army tank for WARdah

And Atul's the hardest.
I just googled for "tools" and put it on her face because "Tul" sounds like "tool"?


Free stylered

Atul and I doing the Dong-Gam-Chiu-Yan signature pose.
I bet she doesn't who is Dong-Gam-Chiu-Yan.

He's Crayon Shinchan's favorite super hero who always "B B B B B B B B B B B" to release power. Nevermind la, I think no one knows what I'm talking about now.


Oh, if you haven't realized.. all of us were wearing red, except for Mau obviously who didn't the message I think. She was wearing her "tux". Then she took out a red colour pen to have a little redness in her. Sekali her bow looked like.... dragonfly. LOL. And Atul's flower brooch macam mahu mati already then she changed into a small pin.

Okay, remember this super glam picture of Mau above ah. Got story one.


P1190543 (Medium) P1190544 (Medium)

Apart from the usual pastas and pizzas that we can antam order from the menu, we have extra complimentary fruits, papadams, bbq chix wings and popiahs...

But then hor... the popiah hor... er.... like popiah kosong lor.
Can only see sikit mixed veggies inside nia. I don't know how they roll till so puffy from the outside, only when bite then baru realized inside near to kosong one.

Wardah and the mess she created.

She's so cute lah! She poured the whole glass of ice on the table and screamed so loud as if a giant cockroach just fly by. Then hor, someone (forgot who liao sorry) gave us tips on how to see if a girl's papayas big. Then War became so conscious and kept her arms covering her chest and don't let us see.

P1190548 (Medium) 

Rosie hiao-hiao trying to take picture of my ..... No lah, she was actually trying to take picture of the mess War created then so ngam the angle like that. 

Self timer shots.
n609102553_1244818_770       n609102553_1244885_9274
      1st try: Fail cos I blocked Rosie out                   2nd try: Yay, can see everyone liao

Rosie sat beside me so we took a lot of pictures together.almost-fire n609102553_1244798_6309
                 Paiseh, I pan-cute                                   Rosie thinks I'm yummy.

rose-nonnie1 n609102553_1244892_3009
                  Home Alone... 5?                                       Err... I pan-cute again 

mau-tina mau-mabuk
                    Mau and Tina                           Mau mabuk after drinking ice lemon tea

Okay, remember the super-glam photo of Mau above?
We're so fascinated by the chio twilight effect so we kept bugging Mau to teach us how she did that and tried ourselves.

Here's some result.

n609102553_1244903_8604 n609102553_1244904_8035
                           Atul                                                          Wardah

n609102553_1244908_539 n609102553_1244910_1767
                    Rosie made a "O"                           Errr... Seriously, most of the time I
                                                                  don't know what were we laughing about

n685760999_1876781_9567   n685760999_1876776_8070
                  Rosie and Nonnie                                     Rosie and Nonnie again

n609102553_1244907_9108 n609102553_1244917_7804
         Rosie and Nonnie again and again        Finally! No more Rosie and Nonnie. It's Tina

n609102553_1244890_9970 n609102553_1244891_1050
                  Cantik dan Comel                 Trying to pose with Atul's camera like holding a mic

P1190572 (Medium) P1190585 (Medium)
            Practising how to look good             No matter how hard I tried, my camera still
                 while making wish                       cannnot do the twilight effect. Can only
                                                                         makebackground blur niaaa


As we're all busy playing with cameras (What?! Its a table of female bloggers.. what do you expect? We're so loud and non-stop of camera flashing lah), Mau tried with all our cameras but Tina couldn't care less and continued eating her apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

Mau asking for the next camera to try and Tina concentrating on eating.


Okay, I know you're bored with the red red blur blur photos with yellow lines here and there photos, but I must show you the next 2 photos!


Then it's my turn.... n609102553_1244911_5806
See! I got two faces! Macam one of my soul (Chinese believes we got 3 souls and 7... pak?) got sucked away right! SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIEEEEEE.....

Us at the counter waiting for the change
 n609102553_1244924_8692   n609102553_1244925_611
Mau, our sassy camerawoman                                     The reds and pink

Since Mau wasn't wearing red, so we boycotted her and asked her to take picture for us. Then hor, while taking picture for us.. instead of her taking a step backward to fit us all in the picture, she asked us, "Eh... ke belakang semua mu".

Then we all like kindergarten kids obediently took a step backward without having a second thought. Only after taking the picture, then it came to my senses that... why we all "gostan" instead of her? There's 5 of us who had to move, and there she was.. standing comfortably beside the counter. Kanasai one. Hahhahahahaaaa. We're so easy to manipulate.

After dinner, we all went to War's house to play SingStar!

Man.. they can really sing! Feel paiseh to sing infront of them because I can't sing well and I jarang listen to English songs that's why I'm not very familiar with most of the songs.

P1190595 (Medium) n685760999_1876806_7893
           Competition in progress                            War's super lazy Cat, Michii 

Everybody, I introduce you Garfield's disciple... Michii!

P1190600 (Medium)

This cat is so damn lazy! It was so noisy in the living room and at first we thought it was sleeping with his belly up, which is actually quite cute from far. I never know cats can actually sleep like that. 

Then Atul and I stepped forward to check the cat out sekali it's eyes were opened lah! He's not even sleeping, he's just.... chillax (Super lame word that don't know who invent one... Chillax = Chilling + Relax) ? Then hor, I move my foot and swing on its face to kacau it hoping he would move or at least give some reaction, then hor.. no matter what we did, including stomping the floor next to him (lightly lah...), he still didn't move any of his muscles... even his whiskers!

Damn lazy lah this cat!

And Wardah was complaining to her cat, "MICHIIIIII..... You're embarrassing me!".

Group photoP1190602 (Medium)
Mau cut off and Tina looked.... defeated?

And while Tina and Mau were busy competing, Atul and me busy racing in Mario kart and strumming on Guitar Heroes, War quietly went to her "multi-purpose" dining room and uploaded the pictures up her facebook.

P1190606 (Medium)

When we all saw her iMac, we all gasped "PINK MAC!!!!!"

Steady hor, matching with her baju again.


Atul said...

AHH!! Tools tah tu. I was actually wondering why my face ada TULS.. LOL.

Just a few things from me lagi. Hehehe.

The big flower I wore was Mau's. We exchanged flowers for a bit. Heehee.

I did message her that we were wearing red..

Oh I was looking for that picture!! I thought I took it from my camera. Hahaha. This one. Cause I thought you looked like a devil here...LAUGHING. LOL.

I think that's all. Oh one more thing. I HAD AN AMAZING TIME! Thanks all! =D

Nonnie King said...

Kanasai... Say I look like devil laughing lagi.

Maybe I should just plastered a big Hammer on your face next time because its "Tool" and not "Tools".

Anonymous said...

hi nonnie!!

how u do the twilight thing with the camera? some guide pls hehehe. thanks

Nonnie King said...

Err... if I'm not wrong, change your camera setting to "Twilight" and the shutter speed will be damn slow.

When you press the shutter, move the camera slowly and that's how you get those lines... (As per Mau)

Of course, you gotta have light source somewhere lah.

My camera can't do the trick so honestly, I'm not sure with what I'd reply you.

Anonymous said...

i had an AMAZING time as well!!!!!!!!!

Tina said...

HAHAHA! Me too! :D

War186 said...

Saya jugak! HAHA.

Eh wow Nonnie you put up so many pictures! Hehe.

Btw, why am I an army tank?? Lol.

Sigh second time I screamed in a public place with the girly bloggers lah ni heh. :P

War186 said...

Oh WAR! I'm so slow. You even bolded part of my name and I didn't see! Lol. :P

Rosie said...

hahahah i love the rose!! thanks babee.. and yes lots of rosie and nonnie hahaha.. sakai bah wif twillight effect.. tapi nda menjadi.. oh but i love my 'o' haha successs!!!