Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A little update

Ya ya…. My honeymoon trip also not yet finish blogging and school reopens liao.

So what have I been doing for the past 3 months holiday?

Most of the time, enjoying every second of it doing nothing at all. Hahahhahaha. Please don’t hit/hate me. But not really lah, I was quite productive also actually. If I’m in BSB, I’ll clean the room, prepare breakfast for Bobby and me myself, pick him up for lunch and send him back to work, ironing, mopping, dusting.. you know, very si-lai auntie-ish chores.

Whereas, if I’m in KB, things will be a little different.. actually, a lot different!

(Amah in BSB and Princess in KB, go figure)

I sort of started a mini business selling takoyaki but it’s very erm… how to say, angin-angin one. Meaning, I only sell when I feel like making it.

My takoyaki pan is super small and usually it will take me the whole morning in the kitchen, sweating and rotating those takoyaki and the profit is kasian till….. I’m just doing it for fun la. If I need that business to make a living, I think being a beggar can earn faster lor.

And also, I recycled an old canvas and did a painting. It’s completed and now lying on the floor with my other painting assignments. Not sure what am I going to do with them but we’ll see.

Apart from that, went to HK with my mom and a friend and her son. And a week later, went to Singapore with my husband and best buddies and had 2 other best buds join in! Watched Power Station concert (SO SHORT WO BU SHUANG!!!!) and as usual, eating and shopping. It was the highlight of my entire 3 month holiday I must say.

I wish to post some photos here but…sorry ah, most of those photos related to this post is in my phone and I malas. Anyways, my instagram has all those photos and more updated. Hehhehee.

Bah, back to my assignments now.

(taking 5 modules this semester and they are all 100% on coursework. Bye bye free time. I will see in in December)