Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Najib & Rohana's Wedding

We arrived late thus I didn't have much time to go to Acai's room and took picture with her. It was only 15mins after my arrival then makan liao. 

The leftovers...
in case you fellows complain that I make you hungry by looking at those food pictures.
Make you lose appetite and feel thin. Hehehe, welcome lah, no need say Thank you.

After countless time of attending Malay weddings, my experience told me that fan is a must-bring item and also tissue. No point of applying thick make up because it will melt in 5 minutes time when you walked out from the car and look for people you know to sit with. Well, unless you're okay with powdering every 15 minutes without people giggling behind lah.

The beautiful arch

One good thing about their wedding is that, they had these really nice tents with FAN!!! But unfortunately, we sat at the one yang nada atu... Only when I walked forward trying to kaypo when Najib arrived baru realized one..

The Best men
Also our badminton kaki once in awhile. Its hilarious to see the guy on the right playing.
Guarantee laugh till you stomach ache!

The Groom
who looks damn cool and its rare to see him smile and laugh..
But I guess my darling Ro has that super power.

My Beeyoches @ work minus Rohana

with Vicky's semi formal outstanding look. 
Surprisingly, I was the last to go.

Here comes the bride and groom!

Happily wedded couple

And everyone says she looked really different after putting make up. Of course lah, if still look the same what for spend money and get make up artist wor.

The Paparazzi 

Group photo

They're all the bride's high school mates or uni mates, all except for me... I'm the colleague.

At the first glance, those chairs look like those comfy cushioned chair from hotels right? They're just plastic chairs with nice "baju" covering only. Such cool idea.

Ness's Mama's Datin Baju

The above baju doesn't belong to me. But it has been with me for months! Sorry darling. She lent it to me last raya because I told her I don't have any nice baju kurung. And everytime I wanna return to her also no jadi. Thus that baju has become my emergency pretty baju wear to attend weddings and so on...

My colleagues called it "The Datin Baju".

Another group photo

Her goldflowers?

And her expensive Bonia shoes....

Lucky *toot*! 
You need egg trays my dear?


cc said...

Nice! I love cultural weddings!

Effy said...

aii.. cute kerusi nya. the bride looks gorgeous and yah.. she looks different with makeup, love the eyes ;) Btw did you finished all those plates? Tsk3 hahahahahahaha.

Nonnie King said...

CC : Yeah! I have so many questions that no one can answer me during the wedding regarding their traditions lah..

Effy : Shhhh!!!Don't say so loud. Later she ask me to pay more ah.

Now even a plastic chair can look glamorous~

27 said...

nonnie.what questions did you have during the wedding? Maybe I can help?

cc said...

You should ask your friend about it after the wedding, then make it into a post so we all can learn. Hehe. :)

siokngi said...

The wedding looked so grand; the tent, the arch, and the chairs. Oh wow..is that bouquet pure gold? o_O

ingelise said...

Wow they're married udah! Say congrats to the happy couple for me! :)

Diding said...

gorGEOUS pics of Acai...

loving it..