Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bedside Cabinet Makeover

"Do your DIY thingie lah!", the other two from the usual-trios answered me when I asked, "Oi... very boring lah! Any plans or whatsoever to kill time kah?".

Fine then. Since I had no choice at all.

Movie outings, tea breaks, lepak around all need money. Gosh... I can't believe that I'd managed to stay away from Excapade for almost a month and had not buy anything useless on impulse. Yippee! 2 more weeks to the next pay day =D

You're doing great Nonnie! Keep it up!

Still... I can't buy anything to reward myself.
Damn sad.

Anyhooo.. back to my makeover.

Everyone, this is ....

I can't remember exactly how long ago this ugly piece of furniture started to exist in my room but I remembered initially mum placed it under my old reading table by slotting it into the space where I used to hook my legs freely on the wall while playing Barbie on it.

She used a piece of cloth along with some wire and created a "curtain" for it.

Then years later, after several times of furnitures moving... it now ended up becoming my bedside cabinet, where I stuffed in all my DVDs, books and other ojipalas along with banyak-banyak photo frames on top.

And everytime FussyKelly came over to my place and saw it, she'll "suggest",
"Why don't you get yourself a new piece from Ikea or what. It's not very expensive anyway. This one spoils the look of your room, like... cannot fit in bah."

My reply, "Can use, why waste?".

But I had always wanted to do something with it. Make it look less hideous at least. And yesterday was the day when I was truly bored and Astro was showing all re-runs.

First thing first, emptied the cabinet.
I left them all on my bed since I was going to change the sheets later.

As you can see, DVDs, CDs and all other miscellaneous ojipalas.

Then laid some old newspaper on the floor for painting purpose.

The problem was... I spent 10 minutes squatting like a frog reading all the columns in it. Not until my legs felt numb then I realized what my initial plan was. Back to work yo young lady!

Ya, I lose focus easily.

So I took out the leftover white paint from my previous kitchen cabinet makeover. Opened up the lid and thought to myself... "Did I took the wrong can?"

"Wait... *check label* It is the white paint what!"

Like nescafe laaaaaaa

Is it normal? I don't think paint has expiry date. No?
Er.... nevermind already. I had already used it.

I just tried my luck by stirring it, hoping that it'll look normal after that.

Finally! The colour changed from teh-tarik to full cream milk!
All ready to paint!

My usual attire at home

Forgive me as I still don't have the courage to turn my head and pose with this baju. On a lazy Sunday like this, sometimes I don't even care to comb my hair. Headband is a must, not those kawaii type. The cute and glittery one is not "kuat" enough to hold my fringe in place. Scrunchie~ I remember reading it some where saying that its a fashion-don't, so I only use them at home.

Spider fleeing

That's at the back of the cabinet. Patut tah dusty.
*look left and right feeling guilty*

Finish painting then it's time to get some tan~

Yes you don't have to tell me. The inner parts of the cabinet was badly painted. That was because after a few strokes, I baru remembered that I only need to paint the exterior part!

So, I ching-ching-chai-chai simply hamtam paint saja.
If only I got glossy paint, sure very chun the exterior.

My hands

Can you read palms?

Took a short break and cooked myself lunch.


30 minutes later.. back to work.

Got the measurements and cut it out from a piece styrofoam.
It's just a dollar something, available in all book store and even Hua Ho.

Wrapped them up in a piece of cloth,

And 'kangaroo' them!

Fit 'em in!

There, my ching-chai-random-bedside-cabinet-makeover!

All that I did was paint it all white, and made some covers for it so that I can hide all the messiness in it.

Am still thinking if I want to make a knob for it or not...
What you think?
Just don't tell me that I should have leave it alone because it looks like crap now.
Damn sad wei... Spent so many hours then in the end people tell me, "Huh? I thought it looked better before you do anything to it."

But I am going to draw something at the side lah.
I was just too freaking tired after it and syok watching t.m.o Ah Long Pte Ltd.

I want to watch that movie lah!

. . . I know.

I should have clean up my table instead of keh-kiang (act smart) do a makeover.


teddY said...

Woots! I can't wait to see the photos! Your bedside cabinet must have been through a complete makeover :)

Effy said...

add knobs la. easier to pull.

Nonnie King said...

Teddy : Err...Just ok nya. Not as drastic as my kitchen one.

Effy : True true. I will.. when I got the time and feel like doing it. which is don't know when...

nureen said...

Your table...just as messy as mine. I'll do my table this coming school holiday. Takut my monitor run away..hahaha

effy, i agree with u..add knob lah..hehe

De Pianist said...

yaya..add some knobs..cuz actually i was wondering how you gonna pull it out..hmm...hehe..draw something also bah,add some life into it..maybe "Open Sesame" ? (ignore it..silly one..haha..=p! )

Nonnie King said...

Nureen : Hahaha. What to do, we're talented people and artistic people like us all have messy tables. LOL.

Pau Lene : OPEN SESAME.... of all things.. OPEN SESAME. HAHHAHAHHAAAA!!! You really crack me up!

Why everyone prefer to add knobs? I open it by pushing one end, and the piece of styrofoam will senget and I can open lor. Smart huh?

Atul said...

OOh. Cool. Make kiddie drawings on the side lah. Something like your kitchen cabinet. But more colourful maybe. Hehe. And on the front, yeah, a knob would be practical. And have some more drawings, maybe with chalk? Can change change some more. and write down notes. LOL. Can kah on that material? Hehehe. Just a suggestion.

Bobby said...

Hahaha, funny your version of the spider rhyme. Completely out of expected the cabinet to look like that. I like the idea of the black cloth that you used. Really gives out that striking blend. But the name FussyKelly really very funny too.

Think next time we can let you do all those furniture repair work. *wink

affy said...

Still using 'that' keyboard I see. AHAH

Thanis said...

memang steady la u .... mistress of DIY.

*looks at room* maybe I should redo my furniture. ahha

Nonnie King said...

Atul : Ya! Am going to! As for the colorful part.. I don't la.. Sayang if I go buy paint just for sikit drawings kan? Maybe I'll try using poster colors instead.

I like all your suggestions la!

Bobby : What the fish... Why am I the "man" and you behave like the useless wife who do nothing but go buffing nails?

Affy : I thought I cropped it till cannot see already?! Tajam also your mata! Like that also found out! Damnnnnnnnnn.....

Thanis : Redo your furniture? As in... Take off one leg from your bed and put it on your wardrobe?


Atul said...

"I like all your suggestions la!"

Awh.. How sweet! I like you DIYs too! Hehehe. And yes, very sayang. Didn't think of that, but can meh? Poster paint on wood? Try first lah, if not, just paint over lagi with the white one. If not, use marker pen saja. HAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

LOLS ' Let you do all the furniture work '

OMG! Its obvious he is the lady! And Nonnie, UR the He-MAN! hahahahha. Very lazy lah that Bobby of urs!

I hvnt clean my study desk for a month already but i have feeling i'm gona find a big spidy webby, so gross. Ur post made me the urge to clean it this weekend.... to clean or not to clean! That is the question! hahahahaha!

Nonnie King said...

Atul : I'm not just saying to make you happy. Your tips are really helpful.. Just that I don't know when will I have the heart to do it.

Stels : Sadly.. yes.
And he's getting fatter now.

My table is still a mess and... arghh... malas ku ingau.

Atul said...

Oh just in case. I truly do like your DIYs. Hehehe. Very creative. Sincerely from the heart. =)