Sunday, August 10, 2008

James & Shirley's Wedding 888

This was the first time in my life that I'd followed a Malay wedding from morning till night.

Vicky picked me up from my place and we headed to Shirl's place. Seeing her all dressed up in white did made us feel like having a impulse wedding, especially Vicky. Peer pressure I guess? We'd lost count the number of times kana asked "Bila kahwin?".

I'm not going to dwell into this topic again because..... I DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN TO YOU WHY I WANNA GET MARRIED LATER just to satisfy your curiosity and kayponess.

Pictures ahead.

It was my first time stepping into the Pandan Mosque and we're told that we had to use the selendang. It kept dropping and we had to keep usai it.

Lot of funny things happened in the mosque.

1) The imam had problem pronouncing Shirl's name. LOL! Why am I not surprise? Everyone has difficulty reading her name because there's 10 (SEPULUH. TEN!) syllables in her first name! Not sure if she's fine with me saying her name here but, there goes.

Her name is..... Shirleyrieviannamonayanie.
One word.

(I might delete off the part with her name if she's not OK with it)

2) James had problem reading something something (don't ask me. I don't know) and repeated 3 times thus the Imam also had to keep repeating Shirl's name.

3) Once they signed and exchanged the ring, one of James friends clapped! HAHHAHAHA. Then people stared at him and he said, "What? Cannot clap one kah?"

4) Someone was vacuuming upstair and bising yo!


The lunch was simple. And the newly weds couldn't wait to come down the moment they saw some of their friends arrived but the elders kept asking them to wait in their room until their grand appearance.

Night Party

They had a mini party and everyone ended up stuck in front of the tv watching the Olympics opening. My mum went to another wedding too and the same thing happened. Everyone just couldn't take the eyes off the tv.

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