Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wan Choo’s Eatery

Tried out a new eatery in town today, Wan Choo’s!

From their facebook page,

WAN CHOO'S EATERY..A new kind of Eating place in Town ;)
We offer a range of home-cooked style dishes for people on the go. Our pre-cooked food is hot and ready even before you step into our cozy eatery!
An eating experience at our eatery will give you pleasure and will make you feel right at home. We prepare our food with love and passion as if we are cooking them for our own family.
We hope you will enjoy our food as much as we enjoy preparing them especially for you!

Located just opposite of GHK in Pandan 4.

The shop is nicely renovated and the ambience is just great for hanging out. I only got to know this place through Sheepy because she ordered cupcakes from them once and it was pretty good.

Love that lamp over there!

The eatery has limited seats, fitting more or less around 30 seats.

For now, they serve this “practice lunch set” (pre-cooked but yummy nonetheless! Had a bit of taste on their mixed veggies and fried chicken today and nyaman!!!) so get over to their facebook page and check out their lunch menu.

Hopefully they will start serving other food such as nasi lemak and so on on the 28th November.
So yeap, definitely heading over there again next week for more goodies!

Red velvet baby cuppies~

Oreos! Salivating yet?

I had two minis ($1 each), one red velvet and one oreo because I ate a little at work already earlier on and if you know me, I’m not usually a sweet tooth and these cuppies are good! Definitely not those which I only took a bite and offer anyone beside me at that time (which I normally do because most desserts are too sweet for my liking).

And this peach cake pudding / bread and peach pudding (sorry, I’m just assuming that that’s the name) is DA BOMB! Took the first bite and kept nodding to Sheepy for approval. I love it! Why? Because it’s not (that) sweet! The pudding is so soft and jelly-ish like tofu-fah with fluffy cake in between and jelly at the bottom and top with peach slices. On nom nom nom nom!

A moment of bliss which can be bought with only $2.50.

Go try!!!!!

Lot 8982, unit #1, Block C, Bangunan M.J.J.R,Jalan Jaya Negara. KA 1931 Kuala Belait
(Opposite GHK, same row with Court Furniture in Pandan 4)

Contact no:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Kiki & Lala


Never in a million years I thought I’ll own pet cats. I …..okay, the word hate is too strong. I dislike cats. Not that I’ll stepped on them, throw stone or abuse them, just that I would prefer cats to stay away from me…

And things changed lately!

My mom loves feeding the stray cats around my residential area and hence we have an endless cycle of cats-feeding. The latest addition to the “stray-cats-feeding-project” are these two innocent ones.


They puppy-eyes me everytime I pass by and when I stop and squat down, they will come forward and circle around me, putting their heads to my hands like asking me to pat them. So very the manja!

Okay, they successfully transformed me into cat-lovers now…

Monday, November 7, 2011

18 de gu niang yi duo huaaaaaa yaaaa, yi duo huaaaa

Haroooo!!!! It’s my birthday!

It seems like the tradition my work place has is.. birthday boy/girl must belanja the whole school (teachers & staffs) makan so for my menu, I had…

Vegetarian Chee Chiong Fun!

(Yup, vegetarian because I didn’t want my Muslim colleagues to ragu-ragu about the food I brought)

The red sauce is the bomb! Everyone loves the sauce and dipped the air-fried food with it.

And I brought my air-fryer along and bought some frozen food. *promoting a healthier option for fried food*

Mexican flavored BBQ chicken – 2 packers, Nuggets – 2 packets, Spicy potato wedges – 1 packet!

And it’s not even enough! Had to get some extra food because everyone was so excited with the air fryer!




While happily putting food into the air-fryer, my colleague ran towards me and yelled,

I replied nonchalantly, “No lah, Bobby doesn’t even know the name of the school. Impossible”

“He went in to MIS”

“Nah.. for MIS’s people one. Don’t make me get excited over it okay, later it’s not for me then I’ll be super disappointed I tell you”


So I got curious and went peeping through the windows as well. My other colleague who just came out from her class met the delivery guy and took over the flowers.

“Nahhhh… for Suzie one lah!”

“He took back the flowers! He’s coming over here!!! (Opened the door and shouted) SUZIE!!!!!!!”

Vky was more excited than me! Hahahhhaaa. And yup, the flowers were for me.

(Bobby really didn’t know the name of my school … well, not much people can… because my school name is really long! You know what he did, he went through my photos and looked into those events photos hoping to get a hint of my school name. He was really lucky because one of the pic has a flag with the name printed on it)



My favorite… Lilies!


Then, surprise from my PSJ girls!

The super fudgy cake! There’s 24 candles on it!

And when people asked me how old am I, I answered either 18 (to my colleagues) and 12 (to my students).

My gift and card from them. Super cute wrapping paper.

(I know what’s inside already because silly Didie left my gift in her car and I saw it! I asked if it’s my gift and she couldn’t stop laughing at her …. stupidity)

Chocolate fudge! So so so so nice!
I’m not a fan of cakes but this one is really good!

Fast forward to night time…

Camwhore, before dolling up~


Greetings from the Chalie Chubbies!

it’s my birthday! I’m allowed to be vain okay!


I only knew Bobby was going to bring me to Twelv for dinner.. Little did I know, he had prepared some “surprises” for me!

The GBs!
Minus Ness…. Crying faceCrying faceCrying face
Stupid Bobby left Ness out…

So.. I edited this just for her!
*Badly photoshop I know*

And this was what they did most of the time… typing and brushing their phones with their fingers!

Photo taken by Mau, Bobby said she should take more photo for him because those photos make him look thinner! Hello, it’s my birthday… I should be the center of attention~!


The food that night..

Mushroom soup and fisherman’s platter.
The garlic bread was soooo nice!

My lamb chop with sautéed mushrooms.

Mau’s beef something…


Bobby’s mix grilled platter.

Atul’s Seafood something with mexican rice…

Tina’s super good signature beef steak… I think? Really really yummy!

JUST LOOK AT IT! HOW CAN YOU NOT DROOL OVER IT (unless you’re a vegetarian lah) ?!

My very confusing birthday cake. Hhahaha

It says Happy 16th birthday, but there’s 18 candles, 2 unlighted though.

I think Tina was disgusted by my action…

Cheese cake!

Went for movie after that.. The 3 Musketeers.

Nonnie King, open your eyes when taking photo!

Breakfast the next day~

Poor guy rushing the “final touch” for my card

while I erm… watched tv.

My card! Okay.. technically speaking, it’s a box…


My gifts! No. it’s not a hint…!

And calling it a day after having lunch with the Garden Circlings at Bello!

Okay, that’s it for now…
Waiting for my own gang to be complete then ask them to come my house steamboat!