Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The bad signs...


Anyone seen this ad in Bulletin today? Hehe. Yeap, Baby J Slim is going to have a great sale on this Sunday! They're the one who I bought those cute-si baby cloths from last few weeks.

And, Karina looks so chalie here.

(Contact number and Address are there already. Enlarge for better view)


I received 2 wedding invitation this month and I'm going to 3 wedding next month. Mind you, not my mum's friends punya son/daughters.. my own friend leh!

Just got this yesterday from my ITB ex-classmate
Her wedding is one day after Keith's...

For Chinese there's an old saying,
"Marry a wife and have a better new year"

Duh... For me not true lah... If I get married before Chinese New Year damn rugi you know. Have to give angpaos liao!

And I've became a-semi-experienced-wedding-"sister" (accompanying the bride kahwin to the groom house, for Chinese lah) average 3 times a year.

On Sharon & Bernard's Wedding Day

And everyone who saw me in the wedding, laughed and asked,
"So when is your turn?"

The same answer I give everytime, "When we're ready or, when I get pregnant. Hahaha. Just kidding for the second one"

* * * * *

The reason that my friends used to turn me down when I want to look for them, invited for a drink or gather-gather were:

1. Exams coming.
2. Got tuition.
3. No transport
4. My mum/ dad don't allow.

And now it's...

1. I want to company my boyfriend.
2. My husband not at home, no one babysit my anak.
3. I got OT tonight.
4. I'm tired from work and I don't want to go out anymore...

* * * * *

From age 3 - 16, I woke up at 6.10am, go to school.

12.35pm finish school, then 1.30pm go tuition or extra class.

4.00pm play volleyball or basketball.

6.00pm come home, shower, eat dinner, watch minimum 2 TVB drama tapes (3hrs altogether) so tomorrow can show off in school say "Eh, episode 11 come out liao, you see already or not? Wah, yesterday night I watch until 1am you know!"

Conclusion - Never really felt tired at all.. Like I just drink 10 bottles of Red-Bull like that.

And now...

(Previously when I worked in CFK)

I wake up at 8.00am, go to work at 8.30am. One hour lunch break, and go home after 5.30pm.

No energy to do any exercise. Go home straight away shower, ching-chai eat instant maggie mee or Indomee and sit infront of the monitor and start yawning at 9.30pm...

(When I work as a teacher)

Wake up at 6.30am, arrive school at 7.10am. Eat lunch. 2 - 4pm is my usual beauty-napping time. 5 - 7 pm surf or watch tv. Then shower and eat dinner. Then watch TV or surf again till it's time for bed..

And yawning starts at 10.00pm....

Why? Tell me why?

Everyone who starts working already surely can feel it! We all felt so tired and lazy.... Except for FRIDAY and SATURDAY!!!

And on Sunday, we become gloomy by night again....

Wake up and start cursing on every Monday morning...

Monday is a hard way to spend
one-seventh of your life

* * *

The common topics talked with friends were:

Eh, study liao ah you?
Which chapter you study oh?
Wah.. Paper I so damn hard, hope Paper II will be easier.
How's your GCE O'level result?
What you want to study after form 5? Sixth form or Foundation in Uni?
What field? Business? Computer Science? Engineering?
Which Uni?

My boyfriend
Your boyfriend
Her boyfriend / his girlfriend
That stupid b*tch from the other class/ school.

TVB that drama so nice.
Why are people crying for Titanic?
[Insert any boy bands of your choice] damn cute.
What's on MTV or Chanel V?
The Top 10 hit singles...

And now is...

This company and that company?
Private sector or government sector? Or maybe Shell?
Which bank got higher interest?
Car loans... Insurance...

The brand of make-up and facial care products.
The latest season of LV/ Gucci/ Prada/ Ferragamo and so on..
So and So's husband have affair outside.
Stupid boss and b*tchy workmates.

[This is for married woman and mother]
The brand of pampers and milk powder.
The soya sauce is cheaper in Hua Ho than Utama Grand by $0.10.
Which school to send my anak?
That tuition teacher not good, this tuition teacher baru good.
The scored of son/daughter's classmates.

Are we all getting boring or what?

* * *

When I see a 15yrs old boy holding a 13 yrs old girl's hand, hugging and kissing..

When I over-heard three 12yrs old girls saying, "You know my boyfriend, he's just so gorgeous... yadda yadda yadda"....

When I see teenage girls wearing super hiong make up (Super smoky eyes + purple lipsticks) and wearing super sexy or punk-punk, pink tee, pink skirt, pink socks, pink shoes, here pink there pink everywhere pink LIKE A BLOODY FLAMINGO!!!

When I see teenage boys smoking, dye their hair green/gold/purple/white, wearing the usual black tee shirt and the damn-loose-jeans-that-if-I-pull-terus-fall-down and have piercing all over the face...

When I see a primary kids having a FM Radio + MP3 player + 2.0MP camera 3G phone and look at my lauyah scratch-here-and-there phone...

I roll my eyes and say...

"SIGH...... Kids Nowadays!"

* * *
I asked why the songs released recently are all hip-hop and rap, and I can't understand a thing.. Take the stupid "Fast and Furious... Drift Drift Drift Drift" song for example..

(Initially.. I thought it was a DANGDUT!)

Can't people write a decent song like "I'll be your wish, I'll be your dream, I'll be your fantasy"?

And everytime when the radio plays the song I used to love...

when someone played any of Take That and Savage Garden songs...

(In your case, maybe Boyzone, Westlife, 5ive, N'Sync, Spice Girls, All Saints.....)

I'll shout, "Man... that brings back so much memories"

and start singing my heart out, very loudly!!!

* * *

Reading all that I've said....

Now answer me...


Monday, November 27, 2006

How much can you know a person thru his/her blog?

Lil something:
Been busy lately. School's graduation day, Yuen's wedding and just finish making the button for our night out this December. Sorry, no proper post yet.

Will blog about Yuen's wedding soon after I get all the photos. Like Pingko said, "Don't give me CD-R ah, I need DVD-R to get all the pics burn inside."

DVD-R people! Can you imagine how many photos we took in one single day? Well, we're more pro than photographers kua?

* * *


How much, or how well can you know a person thru his/her blog?

(You'll get to know what food the blogger ate lately, what party he/she goes, his/her friends, his/her mood and many many more)

What's there to make you read it? And visit it for the second, third time sampai kana bookmarked?

(Is it because he's hot, she's pretty and sexy? Or because you want to see how stupid can a person be? He/she writes good? Or he/she is a friend, have to support)

Do you believe all that's written there?

(As mentioned before, I have this super-fake relative to blog like an angel but in real life, she's worst than any devil!)

* * *

I ever asked why people come and read my blog, I provided multiple choices lagi. But, due to the lack of readers.. I only 5 replies! Sad or not?

See... who told you I got this many readers from the beginning one?

Click *link* here and answer if you wish.

* * *

Dear kind readers and friends, here I created a quiz. Click *here* to see how well you know me thru my blog.

Play lar.. for fun mah.

Hehe. Don't cheat!

I'll post up who gets the highest and lowest score one mind you!.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Device Not Detected"

Here are some conversation that I had, or I heard when my friends were talking and find it really funny and fascinating.

* * *

Me: What are you marking now?
Colleague (who sat beside me) : I gave my students a quiz, Science Quiz.
Me: How was it? Ok kah?
Colleague: Sigh... I don't know. I ask you lah, "What is a toy duck made from?"
Me: Rubber lah.
Colleague: Ia-tah... But my student answered "CHINA" !!!

(Note: It's a Science Quiz, not Geography yah. But.. I do find the answer very creative!)

* * *

Me: (smiling sweetly) I love you. Do you love me?

(I know! I'm damn lame! It's the question any girls would never quit asking their boyfriends/ husbands no matter how many times it's answered by the same person)

Bobby: I love you too~
Me: . . .

(Pause for five seconds, worrying that he might find it "fan" (annoying) whenever I asked that.

Me: Bi ah, you feel annoyed or irritated everytime I asked you that?
Bi: Nope. I just think that you're forgetful.


ALL women
are forgetful. Men, please kindly remind your dear/ darling/ honey/ chu-chu(pig-pig)/ baby and so on how much you love her whenever you can before it's too late.
- Dr. Nonnie King
* * *

This is via SMS.

Me: Bi, can you do me a favour? Type "nnnnn" and send it to "99999"? It's a charity donation for the hospital who cure kidney and stroked patients.

Bobby: Ok. Bi can you do me too? Type FeedChaliePuiPuiRM100 and send to 143. It's a chalie fund charity which I use to feed my chalie girl.

* * *
Nisah and I were chatting online, "woofing".

Nisah: Why do you always get to know so many stupid people? Doesn't it hurt?
Me: Mm.. Because God wants to let me know how SMART am I!

Damn muka-tembok kan! Hahaha. Well at least that makes me feel better everytime I got pissed off or annoyed by some idiotic morons.

* * *

Michelle: Hey, you got any new ring tone in your phone?
Pingko: Got, xxxxx by xxx and xxxxx by xxx.
Michelle: Send it to me using Bluetooth can.
Pingko: Okie, sending.
Michelle: Eh? Cannot leh, says "Device Not Detected".
Pingko: Hehe. My Bluetooth's name is "Device Not Detected"

Damn sat can! How many of you can actually think of a name like that?

* * *

The above conversations are 100% original with no added preservations and colorings... Wait, colorings got, because the fonts are green, blue, pink and grey colors.

Oi, copyright ah. Don't you people dare to modify it and forward it as a joke ah.

* * *

Lastly, I'll like to say~

Happy Birthday P. Swee Leong.

You have been a nice friend to me all the while.

You have been a great listener everytime I whined and complained about my work.

Not forgetting those funny comments you made when I told you what happened in my (previous) love life. <- Dramatic is what he'll use to describe people. Lastly, why the hell you're always away to work everytime we want to jalan with you! Anyway.. Kasian you lah, celebrating your birthday while working in offshore. Nevermind.. Probably you'll get to see dolphins jumping and if you get really lucky, perhaps mermaid(s) too!

(No kidding, real dolphins!)

p/s: Die.. I've been abusing my blog to convey private messages and greetings a lot lately. But, my blog mah.. I suka-hati do what also can kan?

Anyway.. isn't this the cheapest and most heart-warming way to greet?

(Better sleep soon, it's Mei Yuen's Big day tomorrow! Got to wake up at 5.30am!)

Click link above if you want to read what I blogged last August about "kahwin".

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Theen's 24th Birthday Celebration

Firstly, this entry is going to be so-damn-boring because:

1. You don't really care what happened that night.
2. You don't know anyone inside.
3. No photos of sexy ladies partying or handsome hunks smiling.

33 photos ahead. Not so sure where to start.. But I guess I'll just start my story-telling according to the pictures lah.


Theen celebrated her 24th Birthday in the same restaurant as me because the KBBC (KB Boat Club) was reserved by some rich ang-moh who's going to party whole night. Two nights in a row somemore.

Nevermind, Buccaneer not that bad too lar.

A bun (together with butter) was given to everyone of us. Maybe because they know they served very slow like snails and scared we du-lan and just leave the restaurant kua.

Ivan, Mabel's brother was joking, "Hey King, you got a new oven for your birthday kan? Take this butter back and bake something for us lah."


Excuse me people, as per Chloe, if I'll like to bake a cake out from this little tiny butter, I'll need at least hundreds of them. Open the wrappers also open till my hand "galeh".

Ah... skip it.

Talk about the main character now. Miss Yong Pig Theen.

That's her boyfriend, soon-to-be-fiancee and husband.

Stop starring at my stupid-ugly-teddy-bear shirt!

No introduction needed for this if you all had been reading my blog for awhile. You know they're my besties.

What we got for her

You know, the box is not cheap leh. But sibeh nice.
For Theen, it's worth it.

Opening the box, this is what she saw first.

Please lah..You think I, I mean "We" so karit only give candies meh? Of course there's more inside.

She wanted handbags..but, it is hard for us to get it because:
1. Difficult to look for one nice one
2. Don't know if she'll like it or not

(Everytime I show her something I like, she'll say "Not bad ar.. But not my taste lor". Mafan or not this lady)

So instead of getting something that she might not like, I thought of this.

A gift certificate (voucher)

Words inside:

Instruction: Please bring this certificate along with your damn-cute-and-sweet-friends upon redemption.

And also these...

Earlier on before her birthday, I told her that I'll make a card for her and guess what she said,
"Har... Card ah? Eh.. You know I'm not into this stuffs one lah. No need to make it lah"

Potong-Stim man!

What kind of friend is that? I got-heart want to make something for her she said no need.

So nevermind, I make another thing that she'll like it more. A doll.

Don't believe I made that? Remember my "Piggie King Siaw Chu"?
See.. I still can stitch what!

Lucky her chinese name is damn easy to write. 9 strokes only. I'll die if I need to make my own name...

After drafting it out, trace it onto the cloth and cut it out.

Then stitched it lah of course.

See? I bring it everyway I go just in case I can't finish it on time. The place in No.4 is actually NBT Service Center (KB), I sent my car for service and rather than wasting hours there doing nothing, I brought all the ojipala stuffs to finish the doll.

By the way, the Cellniques Sebum Gel is out of stock. So we used a temporary paper one first lah. "yi-shi" "yi-shi" mah..

Don't you think the doll looks like a robot? The face is suppose to be square but my DoraMabel made a round one. Nevermind, same same lah.

After eating, each of us were served a glass of red wine. And someone brought this out too..

From this picture onwards, you're going to see a lot of people drinking photos.

Sorry, still no hot babes partying.. We're in a RESTAURANT, not a pub lah!
Anyway, no pub in Brunei also lah.

The guys actually had a evil plot of making all the ladies there drunk. Of course, the one most-kana is the birthday girl lah.

After n-glasses of Chivas... She claimed she's not drunk!

And who dare to say she's DRUNK?

(Actually there's a lot of pictures but I malas edit and scare it will bored you all bah. So I only picked some lor)

And Bobby too.
My face turns red really fast everytime I drink. Even a sip. But this time nada, because my glass of drink was really diluted.

Ice + Coke + Chivas = Nothing.

Finally, singing birthday song and cutting cake session.

I kana warned by Theen not to post that pic (The bottom-right one). But I already edit it.. So, what I did was just replaced their head with smooching lips with cartoon one lor.

Chew.... Everytime already hug and kiss infront of us liao lar, scare what malu. Hahaha,

Seriously, don't you think it looks more like an "ENGAGEMENT PARTY"?

Saw the bouquet of roses? Actually James planned to propose infront of everyone that night but that evil plot of him kana discovered by Theen earlier. So no jadi lor.

If not we all more syok got "free show" to see leh.

Anyway, the guys tried to make Theen drunk so it'll speed things up.

Speed what up? Their kahwin-day lor.

Nyek nyek nyek. His friends were all saying, "Bah, make her drunk then next month you can kahwin liao. Then Chinese New Year we all can get angpao from you. Then 9 months later become father lagi."

Some kind of friends huh~

Random photos ahead

Lovey Dovey Robert & Lung
Awww.. Aren't they sweet?

Of course, not forgetting a pic of
Bobby & Nonnie
1/3 of my time during the dinner I spent was eating.
1/3 talking and gossiping.
1/3 taking pictures..

Man, die liao.. I think I got "Serious-blogging-addict".

I carry my camera everywhere I go, thinking I might saw something worth to take picture. I take pictures of food and stupid stuffs. (Eventhough I didn't blogged it out). And I have a rough idea what to say while taking those pictures.



Okie, time for group photos.

The Banana Boys

The Lemon Girls

A little eye test for you all now. I'm going to post 3 (almost same) group photos here. Can you spot one hyper active guy who changed his position everytime a photo is snapped?

Really like a monkey~
(And I hope he won't be reading this! Or maybe he doesn't even know I'm saying him)

* * * * *
Just a little something else. Last Sunday, 19 Nov 2006.

There's actually 8 cars outside my door. Really like Chinese New year you know.

We have a habit of gather everyone at my place due to geographical reason. Each of us owns a car and thus.. like that lor..

We went up to BSB to catch a movie and meet up with Feli. The kasian girl who didn't get to celebrate her birthday with her loves one this year.

He's not a P.I.!
(Parking Idiot)
Just that the parking space was too small.

The girls on my left and my right share the same birthday!

Same month, same day, same year. Same school also. Hahaha. But, different personality.

The common thing I can spot in them is.. they two also stupid-stupid cute-cute one sometimes. Oh yah.. super blur also!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fire Drill

Can I say something first?

It's my birthday today! Wait.. I know I just blogged about how I celebrated my 23rd Birthday weeks ago and time couldn't possibly pass so fast. But I'm a Chinese, remember? We have lunar calendar wei~ And according to the Chinese calendar.. I'm 24! (Chinese counts a new born baby as 1 yrs old wrapping up the time babies are in mummy's womb)

And I just got all the photos from James justnow. Time to work. You'll be seeing tons of photos in the next entry. Don't say I didn't warn you, you better get a better connection before entering my blog oh~

* * * * * * * * *
I assume everyone knows what's FIRE DRILL. Don't know? Bah, check *here*

Immediately after exams are over, my school is having fire drill practice..3 days in a row!

First Practice (16 Nov 2006)

Teachers had a meeting earlier on, informing where's the assembly point, who in charge of what building and the procedures to be taken if fire alarm rings.

We all know it's going to come, just don't know when.

Everyone is still blur and not so sure where is the assembly point. Students wondering around looking for crowds to follow and teachers still in the staff room busy with their reports, and later walked out slowly with their attendance book.

First practice.. a total disaster.

Second Practice (18 Nov 2006)

Assembly point changed. No more shades under the trees. =(

Students still rushed to the ex-assembly points and later got shoo-ed by the teachers to the new one. Stood under the hot sun for 15mins waiting for everyone to gather up.

One word... HOT!

Make it two.. and SIEN!

Third Practice (21 Nov 2006, today)

I just walked out from my lab... Bell rang at 9.35am... I was thinking,
"Eeee, so early reccess time today kah?"

Haha! Obviously I was hungry.. I can't wait to eat my breakfast.

But wait.. the bell rang too long.. Students running out from classes again.. Oh.. NOT AGAIN! Fire Drill!

I walked to the staffroom and grab my car key first.


So I can take out my umbrella and shelter myself lor. Clever or not?
(More like fussy and ma-fan I know)

Walking to the assembly point, boh.. I saw 3 fireman... And later a fire-van (Err.. I don't know what to call that) and a big big bomba... Oops, fire engine lar and more firemen and "firewomen".

Students panicked and asked what's happening. And class teachers just calmed them down assuring it's all fine.

Firemen unrolled the hose and run up the stairs. We all watched as if it's a circus show.

I was thinking, "Are they really going to sprinkle water down?"

Answer, yes they did.

My colleague was saying, "Free cash wash!" and I sang,
"The-teh-tehh-teh-teh-----------Car Wash!"

(The "Teh" part is the intro lar.. You guys gotta be more imaginative to read my blog)

Then I saw a fireman running and carrying a students in his arm (as if he's really injured like that) and later another student being carried out on a ..... what do you call that? Ah... Nevermind, I'll just draw it out...

Anyone can tell me what do you call the "piece-of-canvas-to-carry-injured-people" ?

After around 20mins, the firemen gathered us around and said something.

He told us that the max. time to arrived the assembly point is 3 mins, after that.. probably some mishaps may happened..

(I uttered out the word "Mati" right after he said that.. )

He pointed out that there were some classes still hanging the ceiling fans switched on, which actually needed to be off because it'll help the fire to get bigger.

Looking at the firemen, I can't help but wonder...

(Eyes being striked out to avoid lawsuits. Rebbe, you'll help me if I get sued kan?)

I have doubts in them.. Shouldn't firemen be very fit and strong? Ok, maybe they're strong.. but certainly not FIT! We got to change the "I" in the word "FIT" to the letter "A".

"How to put out fire using the fire extinguishers"

Damn exciting wei~
(Ok.. I'm "sua-ku" or "sakai" or whatever you like to call it :p)

They set up a small fire at the other side of our school for demonstration and told us which fire extinguisher we should use for different fires, depending whether it's oil-based or non-oil-based.

*Poof* Bigger fire

If a wrong one is being used, the fire will actually gets bigger.

(By the way, that's my umbrella. I borrowed Ro's mobile phone as I'd left my camera in my lab and lent her my umbrella. That girl get sunburn so easily)

After the demonstration, they asked for volunteers to give it a try.

Priorities given to the people who worked in the kitchen, because fires are mostly likely to start from there.

Then they asked again, "Siapa nak cuba lagi?"

Like an enthused hyper active kid, I raised my hand and said,
"Me! I want to try!"

Once again.. I totally screwed up my teacher image.. I could have stay cool and keep quiet like all other female teachers but I really don't want to miss the chance to PLAY with the fire extinguisher... Erm.. I mean learning the proper way of putting out fire.

Can you see me smiling? It's fun! Like a heroin with super powers saving the day.

I asked the man who stood beside me how much is one cylinder of fire extinguisher. He told me around $100+.

I was like.. "Fwah!"

"It's cheap. Considering the risk you might be losing your house that cost several hundred thousands."

Yah..I know, but I "Fwah" not because I think that fire extinguishers are expensive, but because we just spent estimately $400 dollars for this fire drill mah.

Don't bombard me with your comments saying it's a good practice and worth it. I know. I'm just saying nya lah.. Not like I won't buy a fire extinguisher for my house, just that.. if a fire really happens.. can I be that calm to pull out the ring, and press the hander? Or maybe the fire extinguisher already "masuk-angin" no more "power" liao.

Hehe. Just Kidding.

And who says being a teacher is boring?
I'd experienced so many new things here.

p/s: I hopes no one asked me why was I wearing baju kurung again, or. how come all my colleagues and female students wearing tudung. Because I teach in a government school.