Saturday, June 23, 2012

How much to travel to Japan (Tokyo)

IMG_5394 IMG_5836 IMG_6022

Air fares

Miri to Kuala Lumpur (Return) ~ BND 280
Kuala Lumpur to Haneda (One Way) ~ RM 505
Haneda to Kuala Lumpur (One Way) ~ RM519

This is the part that I really just estimate/agak-agak because .. long story….
We altered our tickets a couple of times and actually spent more than that.
Not a good experience seriously… But oh well, everything is an experience added to life isn’t it.

Total: BND 705

Hotel & Accomodation

Khaosan Kabuki (Asakusa) – 7 nights ~ BND55 per person x 7 = BND 385.00


Keikyu Line from Haneda Airport to Asakusa – 600 Yen
Daily Subway transportation fee – 600 Yen (or less) per day x 6 days = 3600 Yen
Keikyu Line from Asakusa to Haneda Airport – 600 Yen

Total: BND80


I don’t normally include food in but food in Japan (Tokyo that is) is not exactly cheap. So we all estimated that we may spent around BND20 ~ 30 a meal and that would make around BND80 a day just on food (to be safe)

BND80 x 7 = BND 560

(Of course, you can choose to eat food from convenient store, or just takoyakis to call it a meal.. This part is very subjective one.)

Admission Tickets

Disneyland ~ 6000 Yen (BND100)
Tokyo Tower (Main Observatory) – 820 Yen (BND13.70)

TOTAL ~ BND 1,850.00

(Well.. it can be a lot lesser if you bring pop-mie yourself there….)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The decision maker in the relationship (as per my boo)

I was chatting with Bobby about some of the arrangement for our wedding and suddenly he sent me a file and this is what I received…..

decision making

The decision making flowchart according to him.

I laughed till tears also come out! WHY BOBBY LIM SO FUNNY ONE! So please ah, don’t say he’s serious, stern and use that kind of words to describe him.. He’s no where near those boring words.

Haih~ Gotta love him.

The Proposal

okay… the truth is… we had set the wedding date even before he proposed.

It was really annoying in a way because our friends were like,

Us: Hey, make sure you available on xx.xx ya.
Friend: Wuuuuuu! Getting married ah?
Us: Hehhehee.. a lor…
Us: Actually…. He hasn’t/ I haven’t proposed yet….
Friend: Har?? *looking confused* But you say you getting married wor… / *krik krik krik*

Damn throw face can!

Its like… I’m terus sold without him even paying/depositing (with a ring).
Sibeh rugi can….
Not sure if depositing or paying sounds right but you get the idea.

Hence I always asked him, eh.. when are you going to propose har? You buy ring liao ah?
I know.. so un-romantic. But I don’t care. I mean… die die must get proposed right? its once in a lifetime one wor. (I even warned him if he didn’t proposed before the ROM (which actually, we have not decided on the date yet).. I will not marry him! Hmmpphhffff!)

Then, I’m always mentally prepared for the proposal. Wuu…. he’s bringing me to this nice place for dinner, is he going to propose there? It’s our 8th paktohversary! He’s definitely going to propose that time. Oh, the mood feels so right, it would be great if he takes a ring out and asks me to marry him. Nah, all my friends come my house makan, maybe he’ll surprise me!

And…. none of these came true.

Hence I gave up imagining and expecting….
(And concentrated on the preparation and arrangement… Man, I was in such sulky mood. Mood swing lah selalu… Its like, this moment I’m feeling excited, and the next moment, I’m mad because he still hasn’t proposed yet! *Bridezilla mode on* Anyways…

Then came May 16th, the magical night.

(which was totally unexpected.. everyone says its better that way. I guess so)

Pingko wanted to treat us all Garden Circlings to a dinner to celebrate (not sure if that’s the right word to use) her new job. Since Vai was driving, I said ok. And my mom tagged along too because Pingko said she promised my mom too, belanja her makan and all those lies that I totally unaware of.

To be honest, I was feeling a little guilty because I didn’t get to see 48 that day. She’s only back for 5 days and I wanted to be with her everyday! I even asked if she wanna follow but she said no.

Little did I know, it was all part of Bobby’s plan. Since it’s a dinner with the Garden Circlings, I had no expectation that Bobby would appeared! He fb-inboxed all my close friends behind my back to plan this. Aiyer… very sweet lah.

My other bunch of besties were patiently waiting outside the restaurant, waiting for the right moment to come in the frame.


SL drove the girls (Theen, Kelly and 48), plus SukChin, Joseph and Bobby, all 6 of them waiting outside. Y MY FRIENDS SO SWEET ONE!

Then while waiting for my food to arrive, I realized I left my phone in Vai’s car and said I’m going to get it. Pingko terus stood up and said want to accompany me to the car. I was like, Eh? I’m only going to take my phone from the car, I’m not a kid leh… You got thing to tell me is it?

(She told me afterward that everyone panicked when seeing me going out and quickly sent her out, while she quickly text them to hide in the corner so I wont see them. Hahahhahaa)

Halfway eating.. and complaining how bad the food was… the waitress suddenly put a box in front of me and asked me to open.


It’s a scrapbook journal he made from scratch. I was a bit teary when reading through because he recorded all the moments inside and I know its not easy to complete it one whole book! (I know I won’t have the patience to finish it.)

I was laughing so hard when I read this page. His rivals mah.. steady lor. His rivals are my DS, TV, iPad and my best friend wtf.

Then my mom (the spoiler) nudged me and said, “Eh eh… Chaiwen, Kelly they all there hiding. Bobby also hiding”


Nah, I know what’s going on liao lor!

Then bunch of besties suddenly appeared behind me, I was like…. “48! YOU SAID YOU DON’T WANT TO GO BSB WITH ME! Y U HERE NOW! YOU ALL COME HERE! HAHAHAHHAH! *a bit gila dunno what I was talking already*”

And then the waitress passed me a camera, his camera and asked me to see what’s inside.

Bobby recorded a proposal video in it (No video here because all the photos and videos with him now. I forgot to save it into my lappie) …. Honestly, I got a little bored and wanted to press the forward button because the pace was super slow! My patience level is well known for its “low-ness” one.

Just after I finally finished watching the slow whiny video (imo), Bobby came out with a ring. He was hiding behind Joseph all the time. Hahhahahahaha.

Kneeled down on one knee, showing me the ring, and spoke in really broken Mandarin,


It was so broken that I didn’t quite get it for the first time and asked him to repeat. And after he repeated, I asked him to say it again and again, just for my amusement! Hahahahaha. Ghost ask him made me wait so long ah!

Sampai my friends beh tahan me and asked me quick say yes lah.

IMG_8782 IMG_8784IMG_8790 IMG_8792IMG_8798

Hello fiance~

I was so hyper during the whole thing. Right after he proposed, I hugged everyone (except SL because he loves his body so much that he didn’t want anyone to spoil his wonderland wtf) and yelled “I'M FINALLY ENGAGED!” showing my ring sampai the next table heard me saying that. Which happened to be Maurina’s friend hence she knew first hand about the proposal thru whatsapp.


The big group photo.

And then, we got back to our seats, continued makan and complained how bad the food was again.

Thank you everyone! Thank you all for being there making the day extra special to us. I love you all!


p/s: Bobby told me he actually had plan A and plan B and this is the plan C. His plan A and B are way cooler though. So I asked him if he can propose again. He ignored me. Annoyed

p/p/s: I just added a new category to his blog, “Wedding”. Though I think I won’t be blogging or saying much about the preparation. Hehehehehe. Wait lah, when the time comes then will slowly talk about it one.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Incredible India: Day 7–12 hours Train ride in 1AC

Can you all please read Maurina’s blog on her Day 7 to know the interesting bit of that day?
Terima Kasih.

I’m just going to curi paste some of her photos and captions before I proceed with mine.

We were so worried that how the heck are we going to lug our big-ass luggage into the train (imagine 20kg of sarees and whatnots!) before the train ride and God answered our (pathetic) prayers!

In Margaon CST (train station in Goa) a kuli, which is someone who helps you carry stuff, offered to help us with our luggage and we obliged. Actually I obliged, and agreed while Nonnie was busy paying the taxi haha. She was kind shocked when she saw a man carry away our stuff. LOL

He also helped us find out which Coupe we were placed in cause we’re helpless little bimbos from Korea (oh btw, everyone thought we’re Koreans all the way from Delhi to Goa and as we were to find out, Mumbai so people always greeted us ANYEONG HASAEYOOOOO!!!!).

The one on the left is our cabin, a first-class private sleeper cabin with aircon, cupboard, mirror and fan. The one on the right is second class, almost the same as the first class but with no doors and only curtains for privacy.


Nah, a video… if you wanna know how it looks like inside the train.

Introducing our 1AC (first class, air conditioned, sleeper) Cabin - Goa to Mumbai from Nonnie King on Vimeo.

Password is the 7 digits of my phone number. So meaning, only people I know can view the video.

Pre-Breakfast. We ate a lot on the train!

Clean towel, bed sheet, pillow case and soap!

The train conductor. Reminds me of the silly moment when we chased the train to Agra and thought we’re going to be kicked out from the train because we had no “boarding pass”

Refer to Day 2; the part that we nearly get conned.

Watched Mayday’s 3DNA Concert movie to pass time.

Abang Si Convenient. He sells chai tea, if I’m not wrong. But if we need anything, we just need to stop him (while he’s yelling chai-chai-chai-chai-chai in the corridor) and tell him what we want and minutes later, he will be back with what we want.

Awesome chai!

My ching-ching-chai-chai bed prepared suka hati saja.

Where as Maurina, who had been to various camp training level 9999, cannot have crease, mesti smooth, all nicely tucked in. Can you see the difference mine (upper deck) and hers (lower deck)?

Wah lao.. hotel style blanket somemore….

Little kid outside our coupe.

I don’t know what meal was this already….. breakfast kah, snack kah…. dunno lah. makan makan makan makan saja.

Reading lamp

Lunch kali…

Maurina was craving for gulab so we stopped Abang Si Convenient and told him we wanted that.


The toilet in the train…. It’s not as bad as it looks… At least there’s no smell.

The cali thing about this toilet bowl was….. the hole lead straight to the railway….
Meaning to say, if you poop or pee, you will leave a poop/pee trail on the rail road. HAHAHAHHAHAA.
Imagine that! Imagine if lausai!


12 hours on the train and we reached Mumbai! It was a lot warmer compare to Delhi and Goa, hence… got a bit of smell also.


Our home for the next 3 days.
New Bengal Hotel.

Incredible India: Day 6–Dolphin Trip, Eat, Sleep, Jalan and I lost the room key!

Forcing myself to complete the India posts before I fly off this Saturday for my annual MUST-VISIT-ONE-NEW-PLACE objective. Bobby was calling me lazy because there’s nothing new to read, friends asking why I don’t update my blog anymore… Err… errr… I admit lah, I malas + no motivation bah.

Anyways, back to Goa!
Saya suka sangat lah tempat ini!


The padlock of our humble little hut~

Basically.. they celebrate everything apart from death..
*choi! tai kak lai si!*

Some people prefer to rent kayak and row themselves into the sea to see dolphin. Since it was out first time, we chose the safe tourist way, get a boat.

Abang Agent bringing us to our boat.



The other boats and kayaks waiting for the dolphins.

I don’t have any nice clear shot of the dolphins so don’t expect any photos of dolphins here ya. Maurina got some better one. So, after the spotting the dolphins, the boat man brought us to see some other islands in Palolem. Butterfly Island, Honeymoon Island *If you know what I mean* He told us that they would drop the tourists (couples *cough*) and picked them up 2 to 3 hours later. *MAJOR COUGH*

Of course, also got family doing the island hopping lah. I swear, the above photo was not taken intentionally focusing on the “peach” ah.

Back to our the beach~

Yummy breakfast while having my toes wriggling in the sand.

And back to our hut relaxing…
Such was our lives in Palolem… Sleep, eat, jalan, sleep, eat, jalan…

Ni nah… Kak Maurina doing laundry.

Uncle si Babe cari makan

And we were that close to them! Of course, I was there to protect her lah.

So sweet lahhhhhhhhh
I hope when I’m at that age, my husband still want to hold my hand and bawa jalan…. with passion of course. Don’t want those macam dissing type.

Got myself a dolphin ring here and an elephant pendant for Maurina.

We passed by this, and when pusing balik, we couldn’t find it anymore!
We wanted to makan there bah!

Blow… Horn….

A guesthouse named “My Soulmate”

Other hotel/guesthouse/huts that we passed by. Lawa, but quite far (as in compare to Cuba lah) from the beach.

Everyday also happy hours~

Went to the restaurant of the hotel next to us…. Bleurghhhh… not nice one the food! Sibeh limpeh not nice! We made a good choice of dining in Cuba all the time eh.


After the not so satisfying meal, we rent a kayak (because they ran out with the single one) and seriously, we.. or rather, I… have terrible body coordination! We were always spinning in circles sampai Maurina gave up and we took turns to paddle. Cannot both together, pusing pusing tu. Hehehhehehehehee.

And… for our last night in Palolem, what better than huge BBQ seafood feast again in Cuba!

The freshness from the sea
(Tapi nada katam…..)

If you notice all our dinner in Cuba Goa ah… you will realized that our seafood got bigger and bigger everyday! Hahahhahhaa!
We had red snapper (Big!), squids and prawns again. Puas eh!
We finished all of it don’t play play!

And while chilling by the beach admiring the fireworks, I realized I don’t have the room key with me! I searched high and low for it and last last, quickly dashed back to our hut. The key was there, hanging in the key hole…



But the good thing was, none of our thing was lost or stolen~ Phew….

So I happily pranced back to the restaurant swinging the key ready to shout to Maurina that I found the key. And….. the stupidest thing happened! The straw tying the key went loose and the key flew away… I was walking on the beach that time, at night. With no spotlights or anything…

Mana itu kunci??????

FML kao kao!
Really stupid kan!

The chefs of the BBQ stand and also the staff helped me looking for the key with torch light but…. how can wor.. So in the end I went to the counter and they gave me another key, with no extra charge. Maybe they biasa guests hilang their keys already because they acted as if it’s very normal.

And that ends my posts in Goa.
Next, train ride to Mumbai!

I hope I can finish all the India posts within these 2 days lah.
Wish me luck.