Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Gurkha Palace

The other day when I was in Seria, I passed by the Serikandi / Fratini / Mum’s Bakery / KFC building (Sorry, I don’t know what’s the name of that area bahhh) and saw some blue, pinkish light coming out from the first floor and thought, wow… since when became so fancy.

Then Sheepy told me it’s a newly opened Nepalese restaurant!

So today, Bobby and I decided to give it a try!

The Entrance

Going up the staircase…
Pardon my kanasai husband bombing the photo. He saw me taking out the camera and terus posed like that dafuq.

The interior

The Gurkha Palace, aka Seri Belalong Sdn Bhd.
I like the name Gurkha Palace more.

Our plain and sweet lassi with pink letterings to differentiate between the two.

The food and drinks menu.


The beautiful cutleries.
And the brass plates used to serve food added extra flavour and authenticity to the meal too.


We had no idea what to order so we asked for recommendations and these were what we had.

Aloo Dum (Potatoes cooked with spices) – B$3.00

Spicy Chicken Wings – B$7.00
(My personal favorite! The skin was still crispy and not soggy despite of the Nepalese sauce! Perfect to gobble down with rice!)

Mutton Sekuwa (Boneless cubes of meat marinated and grilled)
Bobby’s favorite. He was so impressed with this dish that he finished like 3/4 of it.
The sauce was really good too!

(I think if I ate this blindfolded, I’ll guess it’s )

The bowl of rice to be shared. I love long grain rice.

This dumpling has a really cute name, in Nepalese, it’s called Momo~
Mutton Momo - B$7.00
(It’s B$4 for vegetable momo and $5 for chicken. This info is specially for Sheepy who doesn’t eat mutton)


Overall, we enjoyed the food very much because it’s a whole new experience to our taste palate and definitely going back there again with more friends (so can order more and try other dishes)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flying solo

So you know I went to Japan last June…
And only to blog it now

I had to fly to Tokyo alone because both my travel mates Vai and SL were already in Osaka at that time and we would meet in Tokyo on the same day. All because of my poor estimation on school holiday. We bought the ticket in October 2011 based on the draft school holiday of 2012. Sekali, LARI ALIGNMENT itu holiday!!!! We had to change the travel dates (hence paying extra. My fault) and because of the flight schedule, I couldn’t fly to Osaka like our initial plan and had purchase another one way ticket to Tokyo. Lesson learned, in an expensive way.

(Hence lao niang is so not going to buy any tickets or make any travel plans next year until the 2013 holiday is official!!!!)

In Miri Airport while waiting for our flight.
Good that I had my colleague and her bf taking the same flight with me.

Pay RM1 for the shuttle bus from LCCT to TuneHotel. Am not going to walk alone in the middle of the night even though it’s within walking distance!

Checking in. Witnessed another episode of  “Please give me a room! I have no where to sleep” drama

The room, ngam ngam can walk only.

My flight got delayed……. FML

Super the FML because, I was suppose to reach Tokyo at around 10.30pm, and tried my best to catch the last train to Asakusa after custom clearance and claiming my baggage. Then, soi-soi, THE Thumbs down flight was delayed and I had to think of alternate solution to get to the town.

Solution 1 – Pay 100USD for the taxi ride from Haneda Airport to Asakusa.
Solution 2 – Car pool with other passengers who’s heading to Asakusa, hence cheaper.
Solution 3 – Sleep in the airport till the first train.

Guess which solution I took!

Kana compensate a RM10 McD voucher only….

I had like, 6 hours to kill in the airport after checking out and I had two meals, two drinks, and used my iPad sikit-sikit so I have enough for the 7.5 hours flight. The free wifi only lasted 3 hours and I used my own Maxis line for internet. Don’t play play, my indestructible Nokia E63 also can become hotspot one okay.

Finally on board!

The good thing about flying solo is… I GET THE WHOLE ROW OF SEATS TO MYSELF!

(As for the return flight, I sat between Vai and SL and we all felt so sick because of the stuffiness in the plane. So big difference!)

The Yakitori meal I had

Yay! Landed! First photo in Japan, at 12.30am!

The toilet soooooooo spacious that even with my luggage inside, I think I still can do guling-guling.
Nice to meet you Mr. Toileto Nihonsan! I’d heard so much about you and it’s great meeting you in person!

My first meal in Japan.
Was super excited when I saw the Korean strawberry milk because if you remember, I super love the banana milk and drank it everyday when I was in Seoul last year. Sadly, the banana milk and I tidak ada yuen-fen.

Really got shrimps inside one. But, sibeh salty the whole cup noodles.
(Actually, most of the food we tried in Japan are slightly saltier than what we imagined them to be)


Oh ya, you should have guessed it correctly already. I chose solution 3.
I slept in the airport.

I asked around different groups of passengers and it’s either they have transport from the hotel picking them up, or they had friends picking them up, or… they chose to sleep in the airport because the taxi fare is just ridiculous.

That’s how we all slept hence grabbing a bench is very important!

Slept for couple of hours (lucky I did set the alarm) and woke up at 5.10am, and the first train set at 5.30am. Trust the Japanese on their punctuality! No photos taken because I was still blur when I woke up and quickly rushed to the washroom to freshen up, queued up to get the train tickets and ran to the platform waiting for the train.

Saw this lady here with her philtrum pulled to the max. You know, the line underneath your nose, above your lips? There were just so many things to stare at. Her eyeliners, her LVs, the poodle inside the LV, and again, her PHILTRUM!

I was really sleepy, yet worried that I missed the station and you know what, I exited 2 stations earlier! I wanna go to Asakusa, but I exited to Asakusa-bashi, thinking that they are the same wtf. And a kind uncle doing his morning exercise showed me the direction. Then I asked, how long will it take if I walk there? He terus “No! No! No! Very far! No walking”…. pointing to my luggage. I got what he’s trying to say.

Okay, so not going to walk. Since I already traveled for almost 8 hours on a plane, slept on the couch in the airport for 3 hours, I think I deserve a little pamper. F it, I’m calling a taxi!

And after about 10 mins, not understanding what the taxi driver was talking, eyes glued to the meter, I finally reached the guest house!!!!! (It wasn’t very expensive, around BND10+ only.)


Guess what?
My dear travel mates were sleeping soundly and I couldn’t get it because the reception only operates from 8am to 9pm. I waited outside the guesthouse, eat wind for almost 15mins, knocked the door, sent sms to SL and saw the garbage truck come and go… baru SL opened the door for me.

Never see a garbage truck leh….. wtf


And this is the story of my adventure of flying to Tokyo alone.
A series of unfortunate yet happening events….