Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new shelf

Bobby and I had taken our SUNDIY (Sunday + DIY) to a whole new level. It started off with cooking, then crafting and now.. guess what, HOME IMPROVEMENT!

I saw the bookshelves that my cousin was selling and I really liked it. I turned to Bobby and gave him a challenging wink, asking..

“You think you can fix this?”

“Well… I can try?”

“And we’ll see how it turns out!”

And last Sunday, we went to Chemiland to get some wall plugs but because he started really late (4.30pm), he only managed to drill 2 lousy holes with lots of trial-and-error.

Urmm.. my boyfriend is not much of a “D.I.Y” person when it comes to hammer, screwdrivers and hand drills but hey, at least he tried. Debut okay. Must give chance one.


And, he left one metallic support (for the 2 holes he drilled) for one week until he retuned to his unfinished project today.

Buckets of sweats later……*tada* my new shelf!

With my Hotel Maya f.o.c moisturizer supporting it just in case. And yeah, we should probably install the L-shaped support.


There, Mr. Pui and my Hermes with his not-so-proud debut shelf.

I asked if I can get him to make me a stool next time. Or maybe a cabinet? Hhehehehe. I like my man 文武双全 like that can or not?

Thursday, October 28, 2010



Meanie: Hey, I think I’ve never seen you. Are you new here?

Innocent: No, I’ve been around for quite sometime!

Meanie: Oh really? I guess it’s because you look 10 years older that’s why I can’t recognize you.





I’ll leave it to you all to guess who’s that “Meanie”.

(And I have no idea who is that poor innocent person fyi. Real story told by “Meanie”)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Professor Layton


Lately I’m hooked on playing this game in my Whitie (my 3 years old NDS Lite if you still have no idea) and man.. after 2 stories of Professor Layton, I’m still not bored of it, this.. the third one!

That’s Luke (his apprentice) and Professor Layton.
(Hahahhaaa. Macam he’s my friend like that)

The Professor Layton (レイトン教授, Reiton-kyōju?) series is a puzzle video game series for the Nintendo DS and is developed by Nintendo and Level-5. The series currently consists of four games and one film. At least two more games for the Nintendo 3DS and at least one more film are due for 2010/2011. Level 5 has also discussed that a third trilogy is in the works. The first three games are about Professor Layton and Luke's adventures together and their eventual parting of ways. The next three games and the film are prequels and are about how Luke and Layton met and their "original" adventures. Although only the first trilogy is available outside of Japan, Level 5 has stated that eventually the other games and films will be localized.

Each title is based in a series of puzzles and mysteries given by the citizens of towns that the main characters visit. It is not necessary to solve all the puzzles to progress, but some are mandatory and at certain points in the game a minimum number of puzzles must be solved before the story will continue.

The series has gone on to be one of the most successful Nintendo DS exclusive series, with the lifetime cumulative sales of Professor Layton games standing at 10 million units sold as of October 2010.

From the wiki page.


*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*cant wait*

The first one I played was THE CURIOUS VILLAGE, followed by the DIABOLICAL BOX then now this, the UNWOUND VILLAGE.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Now if you can excuse me, imma go back to my game. Ta ta.

Being gracefully cheap is a time tested art





Choices and honesty are two different things but often one forgets to choose a better option and simply invades for the sake of "honesty". You've never walked in my shoes, and vice versa, I'm not ashamed of myself, and how I spend my money. My life is good, and the people around me are awesome.

Thank you for making time to actually think about how I live my life, that's very much appreciated, coming from a person I truly don't know.

p/s: I make a choice not to spell out every single items on my spend list, how much I give my parents, the utility bills I paid, the gifts I gave my friends or how much I donate to the charity. You only know me (and made assumptions) through my blog, calling me names and ended your line with a “No harm meant”. Seriously, you think so?

Once again, thank you for spending your precious time creating multiple names to agree and support yourself in my blog. Cheers.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 5 (11.09.2010) – Longshan Temple, CKS Memorial Hall, Jian-Guo Weekend Flower Market, DanShui, Wu Fen Pu and Rao He Night Market

Quite a handful of places to be visited in one day isn’t it?

But, we did it anyway.

Longshan temple was suppose to be visited on Day 3, when we just arrived Taipei. But I was too busy catching up with 48 and ya, I decided to skip that place and wait for the next day. Then came the next day, which I was suppose to visit the CKS Memorial Hall first thing first, again… we set off late and hehehehee..

But nevermind, we visited those 2 places on Day 5 (the day when 48 was not around). Ya, I got distracted with her around.

Hence, we woke up really early and did all the “sight-seeing” since Jian-Guo weekend market only starts at around 10am.


First stop : Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is a famous old temple in Taiwan. It is for worshiping Guanshiyin Buddha and other divine spirits. Longshan Temple is facing the South. Its architecture is a three-section design in shape. There are the front hall, the rear hall and the right/left dragons protecting the middle hall. The layout is square and serene. The temple was built in Qianlong 5th year in Qing Dynasty.

Love how those temples have LED display on the main entrance, even a website for it!


My mom was super game for photo-taking that day!

Guess she’s more into generic destinations.

Obligatory touristy shoot with my Mr. Pui.

Wonder what he’s praying for…

I think, those aunties in black robes are the volunteers for chanting in the temple.

Again, instead of candles.. they’re using gas burners already! How convenient.

Now, this is the automatic ticketing machine of Taipei’s MRT system. The KTM in Kao Hsiung is friendlier because all you need to do is press your destination. The one in Taipei, you need to check the price first and choose the amount.

Next stop: CKS Memorial Hall


09 10

My mom loved this place. Kept asking us to take photos from different angles and stuffs. I think it’s because this photo generally shouts “I’M IN TAIWAN” for her.


We’re pretty lucky because I seriously had no idea what time the door of the hall is going to open. And just when we’re walking towards it, I saw the door slowly opened and shouted for my mom to take a look. So lucky!

Oh, it opens at 9am.


People started to flock in for the .. I don’t know, Guards-starting-their-duty ceremony.

There, charming guards.

Gotta love the ceiling.

15 17

I love his boots!!!

Okay, on a more serious note.. my mom and I were utterly moved by the 2 sentences they have on the left and right side.

It says,




My mom super stiff when taking photos lah.
She’s normally a .. not very serious person if you have met her before.
Think of me, but an older version. That’s my mom.

My Boo.

Yes, that’s how far we had to walk, and the stairs to climb!

Seriously.. Taiwan super many many stairs okay! Ever since my visit to Alishan.. it’s like everyday (in Taiwan) I had to climb 100 stairs!


Now this is what I call Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Such brilliant idea don’t you think?

Next stop: Jian Guo Weekend Flower Market



Who would have thought that there’s a market under the bridge every weekend! Definitely a heaven for flower lovers like my mom.

26 27

Those flowers were damn gorgeous and for a moment I thought those were fakes until I touched it.

My mom wandered off while Bobby and I followed at the back. She kept walking and mumbling, complaining that she couldn’t bring it back and got more and more dulan. Hahaha. A bit regret bringing her there.

See, even their aquariums can be so fun and colorful!

Look! Black color chilies!

Bobby bought roses from me. A bouquet like that costs only NT150.

So easy to get those 99 stalks, 999 stalks to surprise your girl in Taiwan lah. Unlike Brunei, the flower price can kill people one.


After walking around for the whole morning, it’s time to treat our tummy for some yummies!

Next stop: Mr-J.


We went to the 北医店, the newer branch within the Taiwan Medical University. Seriously, I thought I went to the wrong place when I all saw was hospital, patients in wheelchairs and nurses.


It was ngam-ngam 11.30am and we didn’t make any reservations. But there were already quite a number of customers waiting outside already. And, it only opened at 11.45am and I was a bit dulan already. But then, there were only 2 waitresses serving and more only came in at about 12.30pm. I really salute them two.


Without reservations, we’re being placed on a 2 person table with an add-on chair. But not more than 5 mins after sitting down, the waitress came over and changed us to a bigger table because other guests had last minute cancellation. Talk about efficiency and professionalism huh!

I really love the service in Taiwan. So polite and efficient making every customer feels really really important.
The Menu.








We ordered set lunches and it’s really really good!

And it’s funny when we ordered our drinks, they actually asked if you want it before or after your meals. Hmm???


This table of aunties… let’s say everyone can hear them talking.

But then, I think that restaurant is going to be so great for date night with your love ones under those romantic lights.


The piano from the Secret. I’m sure those who watched the movie will know that.

It actually had a note on the piano saying, “Be careful not to play the piano to avoid travelling back to 20 years ago”. You know, ikut the movie~


I can’t play no sh8t. But then, in my heart.. I was secretly wondering.. if I wrecked it up, will Jay Chou appear in front of me and marah me, then I lower my head and cry, then he push my chin up and kiss my tears away, then he kiss me, then happily ever after. What? Bobby who? HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

46 47

48 49

Our salads and soups! Yumms!




Bobby’s Salmon pasta.

With lotsa lotsa chunky salmons!

Mine, Mentaiko~

Mom’s vegetarian pasta. It looked like some bland tomato sauce but it’s really really flavorful!

Honestly, this is one of the best meal we had in Taiwan. Of course, most people will want to go there because it’s Jay Chou’s. But if I’m going to Taiwan again, I’ll definitely make a visit there again just for the FOOD!

Even the cake and drinks were yummy.

My mom ordered a pot of fruit tea and it was so so so good! You can actually see chunks of apple on the bottom of the tea pot.


Total: NT1,054 = B$46. Not bad for such gourmet~

The waitress passed us a feedback form and I remembered writing the reason of visiting the shop was “JAY CHOU OWNS THIS”. A bit throw face I know, but that’s the fact isn’t it.


Wah, sakai me. Never see the Golden Horse trophy okay.



One thing I dislike about the restaurant is the toilet!

There’s two rooms.. of course you thought one is for the ladies and one for the gentlemen. Sekali when Bobby went in the men’s… there’s only a … urinal! And the ladies was occupied. So I waited and… came out a man. Of course I knew what he did inside!!!! I had to let the air ventilates for a while before using.


Went back to our minsu for a short rest and put my flowers into the plastic vase.


Next Destination: Dan Shui!


Took a quick bite at the above stall.

The one in the bowl is actually octopus’s tentacles. Those very huge one but cut into smaller pieces. Bobby really wanted to try it and I was having second thought. It totally blew me away! I thought it’s going to be hard and all chewy but it’s not. The texture, I’m out of words to describe.

Next to it is prawn fritter and sotong balls. Yums.

The famous Lover’s bridge with my mom.

66 67




Soon-to-be newly weds taking pre-wedding photo shoot there.


I really really like Danshui. Maybe because I visited on Saturday and everyone was in a very good mood. The atmosphere there just made you want to hop around and twirl across the bridge.








Crossed the bridge and there’s rows of cafes and stalls selling more goodies.


Waffle on a stick!


Peanut popsicle for my mom.



And waffle tree (peanut also) for us. There’s more surface area and hence adding more crispiness. The amount of peanut paste was just right. Everything was perfect for our DanShui trip.


And, we saw 水蜜桃姐姐. Every kids’ favorite host.

Hehehee. My mom and Bobby have always hated her squeaky voice but I thought she’s actually okay. For a 29 years old still dancing, singing and wearing tutus entertaining kids, you got to respect her don’t you think? No, there’s no sarcasm in it okay.





The bus route, for those travelling to Taiwan soon.

And we went back to the MRT station because the DanShui old street is just next to it. My mom was attracted by a street event/performance so she just sat on the steps while Bobby and I went to hunt for more snacks.





First thing I bought, ICE CREAM!!!!

To be honest, Mr. Softy tastes better than this one.

Then, I bought more snacks and within 2 minutes.. my hands were already full. No thanks to my greediness and Bobby just wouldn’t help, instead.. he stood there laughing at me and had fun watching how I finished them.


Me, feeling tad embarrassed hence the awkward smile. 


Ice cream, shrimp rolls and fried quail eggs.



Just 5 minutes later, we bought a tub of deep fried crayfish.

Found a place to sit and finished up what we bought.

The crayfish, which was actually quite good. Actually, all fried food (salt and pepper) in Taiwan tasted really good and I miss the chicken chop especially!




That proverb cracked me up!


Bought the popular sour cream potato so my mom could taste some of it and really, she finished it!


Went back to the MRT station to meet up with my mom, sat with her and watched a couple of performance while munching the potatoes.

Isa,  that guy looks like you!!!!

Went back to Taipei and had a short rest in our minsu again before going to Wufenpu and Raohe Night market.



It’s like Chatuchak market but they sell mostly garments. And because the season is changing so all the spring/summer clothing were all on sale! Yes! They had dresses, tops and jeans selling for just BND5. But unfortunate for me and my sorry size, I had limited choice and but lucky for me, I found a really nice shop in Raohe and bought like 2 dress, 2 tops and a pair of leggings.



This dessert is really cool.
3 scoops of ice cream with grated caramelized peanut wrapped in popia skin!

I didn’t know Bobby wanted more of it and finished it all by myself. Sorry baby.



Next stop ; Raohe Night Market.


The “Two Peck” chicken chop is really famous but we didn’t try any because we had enough fried food in Danshui. We went to have some “Butter crab” instead.


The uncle selling the crabs was really funny. He kept repeating “Best in town, if not nice, Boss treats you! No regrets trying, if you don’t try you sure regret”. But really, a lot came and tapao and he teaches you the right way to reheat the crabs.

And my mom remained skeptical.


The butter crab.

I bought a lot of stuffs that day, and one of my favorite one is this

(Photo taken from a FB-store)

Bought the grey one and it’s NT340.


Went back to Taipei Main station by train because Raohe night market is nearer to train station than MRT station.



Love the foot rest! The ride was so comfortable and it’s really spacious inside. And also, cheaper than MRT rides.



My mom’s favorite purchase of the day.


That’s all folks.

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