Friday, March 28, 2008

Make your own chocolate crisp!

Another simple DIY project.

This time, its edible!


The ingredients you need to prepare are very simple, 2 things only...

1) Chocolate, and..
2) Wonton skin!

Yes you read right! WONTON SKIN!

I like wonton skin. Its already very delicious when fried by itself.. you know, that Wonton kosong without any chicken or shrimp paste inside.

Some more wonton skin is very cheap. Can get one packet with just less than $1.00.

So step 1: Fried those wonton skin....

Hehehe. Those are my mum's leftover skin from making dumplings. There's actually more but, I ate it like keropok until I realized my original plan was to make chocolate crisps.

Step 2: Smash 'em!

Easy as pie. Just chuck those crunchy skins into a plastic bag and crunched them! Not too hard because you don't want to end up eating "Chocolate Biscuits" with those powdery wonton skin.

Step 3: Melt the chocolate.

Of course, dairy milk chocolate. Or white chocolate, or dark chocolate.
Your choice.

I don't think I need to teach again how to melt chocolate kan? Just double boil it.

Step 4: Pour the wonton skin in

Okay, if you need instructions for that... then... you might as well go spend $3.00 and buy from the supermarket lah.

Step 5: Miximizerrrrrrrrr.

Whatever that means...

Use a spoon, or your hand... even your feet if you like to mix them up.

Step 6: CHILL~

I don't have any cute mould like those for frying heart shape eggs or round shape, you can use them to make a shape. Make it more presentable.

Put them to the fridge for maybe 15 minutes?

Then wa laaa... Chocolate crisps!

Who would have thought, chocolate and wonton skin!

p/s: Just one day after I got a new modem.. now, my router's turn! Kaput already...
Fly is my 100 bucks.... There's go my saving plan..


Effy said...

those looks delicious.. m going to try it out. keke. thanks for sharing!! muacks!

War186 said...

Chocolate and wonton skins. Yeah who would've thought they'd complement and make for edible and tasty food? Haha. Btw, I like wonton kosong also hehe. Anyway sorry to hear about your router going kaput.

Sha said...

What an original recipe. Never would have thought to use wanton skins to make anything chocolaty. lol

Bobby said...

I wonder where is my share this time...(*rub nonnie's tummy). They goes my share :(

Nonnie King said...

Effy : Just don't over-goreng the wonton skin like me.

Wardah : Ya, spent another $100 for the router, Sad

Sha : I got the recipe from a tv show actually.


Thanis said...

tasty looking~ nyum~~