Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bitex 2007 = eL cheapo Pasar

*points title* I wasn't the only one who's saying or feeling it. He said something about it, and also them.

But apparently, IngSiang seems to enjoy himself a lot there.

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One day, mum came to me and said,

Mum: Nong ah, you know that little small thing that has earphones and can listen to music?
Me: Mm... Yeah.. It's call MP3 Player (slow response due to overshock by mum knowing such gadget)
Mum: Can you buy me one?
Me: I thought you have the discman already?
Mum: Yeah, but it's too big. I'm afraid that I'll spoil it one day.
Me: .... ?? Err..Okay. I'll get you one then.

Forgive me for having such replies. FYI, my mum is someone who don't even know how to operate a DVD player.

Mobile phone? She refuse to use it and says it's too troublesome to bring around. Claims that "Go toilet also have to bring. Sibeh boh eng". She prefers to play "payah to cari" thus no need to layan too much people.

(Example: One phone call asking "Where are you?", then expect you to give him/her a ride.)

Cool huh?

So.... there I was, driving 100km distance from Seria to BSB just to get her a nice MP3 player. (It's just too bloody expensive to get one in Belait). And also to find Hanisah and Joshua.

Weird combination - one 23 years old Chinese girl, one 23 years old (coming 24 next week) Malay girl and one 18 years old Chinese Boy.

But we do have something in common.. Observing people and give "comments".


Aiks! Out of topic again!
* * *

After eating 5 scoops of ice creams in Swenson, (I know I know, so fattening can die. But who cares...), we walked down to the lobby area and started our MP3 player hunt.

Photo stolen from LSM

After walking around several booths, I came with a conclusion.

BITEX = el Cheapo Pasar

Actually BITEX stands for, Brunei Information Technology EXhibition.

"Technology exhibition" my foot!

I know what I said is offensive. But hey, this is BITEX, a computer fair. Not some Made in China pirated stuffs expo.

I don't see anything new and amazing pun. Other than some decent laptops, CPUs and others like HDD, ram and so on.. the rest are all pirated MP3, MP4 players and some other fancy useless USB stuffs.

No kidding.

And some people actually thought that they'd got themselves a good bargain buying an "iPod Nano" for B$30.00. I wonder what were they thinking...

Awkwardly, it was even in Brunei's news...

Disgruntled consumers have gone to AV Electronics Sdn Bhd (AVE), @ AppleCentre Brunei, with hopes of getting their iPods fixed, only to find out that they had bought a knock-off of the original iPod, which cannot be fixed by AVE or any authorised Apple Service Provider.

Read more here.

* * *

If those iPod(s) are not enough for you, here.. we have more.

A MP4 player in mobile phone disguise.

And this,

(All name created for fun by yours truly)

I have to admit that I was pretty impressed by it. It's a MP3/ MP4 player which also has the camera function and you can even play games with it.

(I swear, I saw the salesman playing Super Mario with this)

How much? B$178 for 1GB. Not bad huh?

Thanks but no thanks, I still support original stuffs, rather than this piece of made-in-China ugly plastic copying people's design.

* * *

And if you noticed in previous photos, they actually just hung those players as if those are bunches of bananas! See also no appetite liao lar.

I went up to the counter and said, "MP3 shuffle one.", as if I'm ordering "Milo Peng Satu". Without testing and any checking, I took money out from my wallet and paid the cashier.

In the end, this is what I got for mum. Brand-less Shuffle. 1GB - B$37.00

(Look like the real one kan?)

Yes yes, I'm clearly aware that it is a pirated one. And I will not bring it back to AV Electronics for warranty. =p

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The other reason why I felt like I MUST go to the BITEX is because.... I was there for all the past 6 years and this is my very first time not being there for the straight 5 days standing from 10am - 11pm!

I bet most of you knew it already, I worked in local computer shop before I became a teacher.

(Perhaps I'm now hearing a loud "OHHHH!!! No wonder this girl looks so familiar!". Or in Bahasa Brunei, it'll be "Macam panah liat".)

Yes, I was there for BITEX 2001 - 2006.

2001 - Setia Kenangan Hall, Kiulap
2002 - Indoor Stadium
2003 - The building at Bandar opposite the bus terminal
(I'd forgotten the name. Can someone help me here?)
2004 ~ 2006 - The Mall Gadong.

Apparently, CFKing didn't joined BITEX this year. Well, they have their own reasons I guess? Let me kaypo ask when I see my ex-boss/ cousin ya.

BITEX 2006
I think it's quite easy to spot me there (above pic). And yes, that is one hell of freaking ugly uniform we're wearing, as if we're working in the Shell Petrol Station!

Singaporean and Malaysians, you guys PC fairs are way interesting than ours. At least you people has hot sexy how girls and more advance technology on display.

And if I could, I'll definitely go for Taiwan's COMPUTEX . Just look at the stack of product brochures and name cards my ex-boss brought back from one single trip. Of course, he also took a lot of photos with those cute and sexy show girls. Oh well, man. (click here)

grabbed from Buyers Magazine

(I wonder if I was closing my eyes or my eyes are really that small!)

If you wonder how come I always have so many things to say, perhaps this entry answers your question, I was a salesperson! I talked a lot, to total strangers.

And now that I'm a teacher, I talk to myself for hours. Beat that!

But even though, I still hate those escalator + entrance stalkers. You know, those who just stood by there and giving every passerby brochures while talking to their friends or chewing gums.

(Sorry if some feel offended with the term "stalker", but.. don't you think they can be a little annoying at times?)

Not all people are interested in buying it right? Some just take it, and later throw them into the nearest bin. Come one people, have some heart...
Love our Earth!
Help the trees and forest!
Decrease deforestation!

* * *

So Bruneians, what do you feel about BITEX for this year?

And non-Bruneians, what do you tink?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

拜祭品 /Other stuffs I bought in Sibu/ Answer revealed!

Short Word:
Bitex ends tomorrow and I have not step my foot there yet. Going there to get my mum a MP3 player. Yeah, my mum wants to upgrade her big bulky "Discman" to teeny-weeny "MP3 Player"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

清明節 (Tomb Sweeping Day) is coming and I accompanied my mum to buy those 拜祭品 (those paper-made hell notes/shirts/ incense and whatever those creative people can think of) in Miri last Sunday.

The photos turn out a bit blurry as there were too many people squeezing in that shop and I can barely stand still and used my phone to grab (nice) shots.

Want some puff?

Or maybe have some entertainment from your laptop, plasma TV, hi-fi. Perhaps do some cooking and laundries.

(Yo, Windows XP lagi!)

If got kaki, play Mahjong lagi best!

Told Bobby that if I die (touchwood), I want him to find me lami, mahjong and burn it for me or at least poker cards so I won't be so bored "down there".

Maybe I'm too angelic to be "down there" and instead, they send me "up"?

Oh. He doesn't like me saying those inauspicious words... I shall strike out all.

Thirsty? Have some Sprites Or Miranda Orange/ Grape.

Don't like cold and sugary drinks ah,
how bout Miloo? Or some Chinese Tea?

Speaking of Chinese Tea, what will be think next?
Dim Sum of course!

Sick of Chinese food, nevermind.. We change taste ah.

Japanese sushis?
(Got wasabi somemore.. Really steady)


After a good meal, let's have some dessert.

Ferrero Rocher?

Got money, then go makan angin...

Wouldn't left out the air tickets and credit cards

Got so many cards, must have a nice LX wallet leh

So when people ask you to "GO TO HELL", they might actually meant well hoping that you'll have a good after life.

(Really, don't you think our ancestors are having a better life "down there"? Got amah, got big house, big cars, new clothes, lots and lots of money and gold to spend. And they didn't work for it. They just haunt their kids or grandchildren in their dreams saying what they want.)


Muahahhhhahahaa! It's just pure craps from me, don't get provoked yah.

* * *

I saw my friends' (Chau and Pingko) mum bought a BMW lagi. I jokingly said,

"Auntie. Buy car ah? He/she know how to drive or not oh?"

The shop attendant answered me so quickly,

"Don't worry, got driver one"


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Some other stuffs I bought in Sibu.

(Damn... I felt like I've turn to some casual bloggers camwhoring and show off-ing what they shop. This. is. not. good! I want the old Nonnie back! I don't want this girl who put spot lights on self)

My Bunny Suit

Just what kind of "Bunny" you're thinking huh?

RM35~40 (Can't remember)

My Very Smart 3/4 Pant


(I know I should have suck in more air to have flatter tummy.
At least for this ppic)

Sexy Pumps

The colour looks different here. Probably because of the lighting.

(Don't ask me, I also don't know what gets to me buying RED shoes!)

I like it because of the design at the back actually.

Wear-to-act-like-15-years-old sneakers
RM30 ONLY!!!

If you're a close friend of mine, you should feel puzzled and confused now. This is not what boring-King will choose and buy! Too YOUNG and CUTIE liao!

I know.. I'm trying to find out what happen to me lately too? Overdose of teasing at young girls camwhoring blogs and now God punish me by turning me into one of them.

This is what I call.. "Ketulahan" (Retribution/ 報應) .

Die Die Die Die.

Or maybe, I realized I'm turning 24 this year.
Try to act young before I hit the Mid 20s (25 yrs old).

Maybe lah.... Don't know?

At least I still have not camwhore and flood my blog with that forced-to-open big eyes and tilt-head-to-get-sharp-chin photos.. *Applause for that*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Still cannot guess what is that meow-meow?

Got wings somemore! Angelic Meow?

Give up?

Bah bah bah, don't play liao lah.


So unexpected right?

At first, I thought it was a mobile pouch or whatever pouch. Then the salesgirl pull out the keys and I was "ter-amazed"!

....Must.... Have...... It!

And I'll try to make one myself too. If jadi I tell you all yah.


This is NOT a pay post, though I secretly wish that they'll give me some thing in return, preferably CASH.


I received these 2 emails from them, so I guess sharing a little information wouldn't do me any harm.

p/s: If you don't live in Brunei, basically you can skip this entry. Unless you don't have nothing better to read. ^.^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Valued customer....
After many requests, we have now built a Lovely Store to house all of our Baby Clothes.
We have LOADS OF NEW STOCK !!! for you to choose from...
So please drop by "This Sunday --- between 10am-6pm" before items go !!!
We have hired a Bouncer so PLEASE DO bring your kids along to have some fun while you browse through our range of Quality Products.
......... and just So that we can give something back to you - we will be starting our Customer Loyalty Programme.
These Points can then be turned into Cash Discounts off your next purchases.
Here's how it works :
For every $10.00 you spend = you earn 1 Point.
For example :
Spend $100 >>>>>> Earn 10 Points
Spend $200 >>>>>> Earn 20 Points
You can then build up your points and spend them without any additional purchases needed !!! Cool HUH !!!
For example, if you save up to 50 points - you can have $50.00 worth of stuff ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!
  • Bring your kids for a Bounce
  • Have some Complimentary Drinks
  • Browse through our range of Quality UK Babywear
  • Pick up some Great Bargains
  • and Earn some Points
and we hope to see you this Sunday...
Best Regards,
Baby Slim J
No.5, Taman Seri Laila III,
Simpang 542-133, Lucky Garden,
Sungai Hanching, Jalan Muara.
Telephone : 00673 8737577 (Justina)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sunday, 1st of April 2007
The Mall, Gadong

All are welcome. Bring your family and friends. Join us and be Wowed!

Lucky Draw, Colouring competition, Treasure Hunt, Quiz etc...

Prizes include Sony Viao Laptops, Free basic training classes for Windows Vista and Office 2007 by E-prime Networks and a lot more prizes to be won! ;D

Fadi Sulaiman
Head of Design & Production
E-prime Networks Sdn Bhd
Brunei Darussalam

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sibu Trip - Part II (What you'll see & find there)

Long post ahead, lots of pictures, again.
As usual.. Bet most of you had expected this already.

* * *

While exiting the Sibu airport, the only thing in my mind was...

"Eh? So small one. No air con somemore."

~I love my w850 having the Panorama shooting functions~

Looks like some kind of hall of some old buildings right? Or some old shopping center. But, who am I to complain when Brunei's International Airport doesn't look very impressing either.


My dearest girl cousin picked us up and just on the way to my auntie's place, she's already updating the latest "gossips" happening around the family.

Sigh.. it's quite depressing to hear it though. Especially when she mentioned that my old grandma is somehow some way ill-treated by my uncle's wife.. treating her like a ball kicking her away to the "daughters"...

I know, WTF(ish) right?

As if she doesn't have any children like that. What if her own kids treated her that way too when she's old. Bloody B.... Okay, I can't say the "B" word here. But you smart people out there sure get it lah.

* * *

Instead of heading straight to my uncle's place (where my grandma lives), we had dinner at my auntie's place first. I somewhat find it really cool being able to see this kind of 雜貨店 (kedai runcit) the kampong style.

You know, those wooden store where the owner stays upstairs and downstairs they transform it into the kedai. From rice, sugar, salt, to little stationaries.

When I was a kid, I really really love the fact that I'm sleeping above the shop where I can just walked down, and take whatever ice creams, candies and keropok I like!

* * *

After dinner, we head back to my uncle house. Showered and uncle asked my guy cousin out for supper and maybe do a little shopping.

While sitting in the brand new Camry that my uncle just bought last CNY, I asked my cousin how much that car cost.

Guess what, RM168k !!!!!!!

Fuah! Can buy my dream car in Brunei liao lor. Maybe a single storey house too! Gila man!

And the petrol, if full tank.. it will cost him RM100+. Siao one.. My one month expenses for my car fuel eh, or maybe less. Got extra buy Easi card somemore.

Now tell me, who says Malaysia always have cheaper things? (Okay, maybe KFC & McDonald (FOOD!) and some brandless shoes and shirts). If I live in Malaysia, I'm definitely going to be a Proton Kancil girl, or probably a Myvi girl... which is not so bad compare to Kancil.

(Kancil cannot speed okay. 600cc only. Can die. Wonder if it can go up a hill or not. Only can overtake cyclist and walking people. Damn, so sad just by imagining it)

Brunei, I love you!
I'll love you even more if you grant me a citizenship.

How not to love Brunei when almost everything is tax free (Heh heh. KFC pun nada 5% tax), medical care is free, education is free too. Petrol is cheap and buying a house (bungalow) is cheap too.

* * *

First, we went here.

The shoes they have is freaking awesome! I'm not quite a shoe fetish but..but.. I can't stop looking and trying them on. VERY VERY CHEAP!

Their heels are around RM35 - 50, those boots you saw... RM60-70 only!

The thing is, they only have one size.
Meaning, if the shoe fits you, you're lucky. If not, say bye bye.

(I really really really like the above shoe, but... it was too small for my big fat feet)

In the end, I only get myself a sexy red pumps which looks really cool. Sigh, regret not buying more lah.. Darn! Why? Because it's closing when we arrived and so I had really limited time to pick out one by one and try.


* * *

Then my cousin brought us to the infamous eating outlet in Sibu. He said the food is cheap (tell me where to find food in Sibu that's expensive. Apart from Hotels), and it is cleaner compared to other kopi-tiams.

But what attracted me most is the way they decorate their shop. Really cool. I mean, how often can you see people having Chinese Chess on their ceilings?

Cool right? And that "chess" are made up of

Now, this is what I call creativity. And also, they recycled. Love our planet Earth people. Love and take care of it so our next generations can breathe fresh air and still have clean water to use.

(Doh.. the teacher attitude come out of me again)

The above picture is taken at their cashier counter. I guess the boss is a Chinese chess maniac and a Spider-Man's fan.

Then my cousin told me that I must pay their toilet a visit. I was like, "Huh? What? Toilet?"

Really, we all know that Malaysia's public toilet is quite famous for its dirtiness, some more this is a kopitiam, not a 5 star hotel leh. What he want me to do in there? Smell and see other's excretions or he doesn't like me and want me to vomit out all the food I just ate.

He explained that it's one of the coolest and cleanest toilet ever, compare to other kopitiams of course. Out of curiosity.. I went in.

Wah lao eh! Got music one leh! And not bad, at least I don't see any "leftovers" from the previous man who used it.

on the wall

And they hang a lot of really cool and funny pictures and quotes.

click to enlarge

Yeah, I locked myself in the toilet and started to take pictures. Bet the person outside must be shocked seeing flash light coming out of the small cubicle. Hhahhahahahaa. Or think I'm crazy taking self-portrait inside.

* * *

Say so much haven't show you the kampong house I stayed in Sibu yet.

*ta da*

When I say kampong, it is really those wooden houses on stilts, where you can see chickens, ducks and goose running around in the back yard (if you call it a "Yard" lah). Surrounded by nothing but green trees and long grass and a small longkang river.

As you can see there are plenty, a lot, sibeh-banyak motorbikes there. I didn't count.. Plus those not in the pictures, I estimate that there are at least 200 there. My uncle is a motorbike dealer, does that answer you question?

Left: The view from the balcony

Middle: The small eateries opposite. When I can just walk cross the road to tapao. (How not to get fat?)

Right: The longkang which I always dream of jumping down when I was little.. till my mum told me that they might have worms in it, my dream shattered...

* * *

Speaking of Sibu, how could I ever missed out the chance of eating something I'd been craving for all times! I don't quite know the name.. but it sounds like "Piang Piang Hu" or "Tiang Piang Hu" something like that.

The famous old shop selling it

The whatever "Hu" thing is made up of rice, mixed with water and grinded. And pour it around the wok so it solidifies.

With meatballs, black fungus, fishballs and so on. Yummilicious!

The burger-like thing on the right is call "kong-piang", I hope I get it right.. Normally stuff with minced meat. I like to call it Chinese Burger though.

* * *

Random pics

Pasar Sentral, where you can find almost everything

even hair cream, toys and books

* * *

Go Sibu where can miss out the landmark leh?

Every year go back must definitely pay a visit in..

It's getting prettier and prettier each year. They always re-paint and maintain it well. Some more renovate it better to attract more visitors.

And this (below one), is the harbor where I always take the boat ride just to go to town.

Yes, I told you I stayed in kampong area. So kampong that we need to cross the Teh-C-Ping river just to go to town.

Previously when the bridge wasn't built, queuing up for the ferry takes minimum half and hour to 2, during CNY. And now with the bridge, the car ride is only 15mins.

We usually take the below boat to go to town (which I haven't take for few years already), very very old.. Some times even the water will splashed in. I like the ride, but I hate it when I boarded it or jumped down from it. It's so damn dangerous!

Once my cousin jumped and slipped and fell into the river. The flow was so quick and luckily she was saved by an uncle nearby who grab her hand fast. Phewww! Scary huh.

* * *

I lost a couple of pounds during the school holidays but 2 days in Sibu, I gained it all back...

The "Ding" Family. Uncles, aunties and cousins
(My mum always look goofy when I take pictures of her)

Siao one. I ate 4 meals per day. Mind you, not salad but really really, very very heavy meals!

Can you believe that we actually have Steam fish for SUPPER?!!

Hello, supper leh.. not dinner!

On the last night before I left... nyek nyek nyek

Saw the "man" on the right? He's my favorite man on a Lami table. Sarawakians call it Ma-ma-chi. Sounds like some filthy games right?

It's just so hard for me to say out "ma-ma-chi" instead of lami lah. I like Lami. I don't like Mahjong. Mahjong make me lost money.

* * *

Before I end up this post, can you guess what's the thing below?

It's one of my happiest buying in Sibu. So cute right?

hint: Not for mobiles.