Saturday, December 7, 2013

In loving memory of our beloved Crown

Often when I sat in Bobby’s car, his heavy old crown, he would love to tell the story of how he hoped that the first girl who sit in the passenger seat is his girlfriend and he is so going to marry that girl. (I wonder if it is a guy’s thing that the first female passenger seems like a big deal)

But it turned out the first girl who popped his driver-cherry was me, and I was just his classmate, a girlfriend of someone else that time. And boy, was he really really really disappointed!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHA.

And fast forward 10 years later, he married the first girl he drove.

Despite of the car being old and not in it’s best condition, we still love the car nonetheless. Bobby had no plan in getting a new car at all because it was his first car that his father gave it to him. It was the car he traveled up and down Miri for his studies. It was the very same car that he drove to Seria to paktoh with me. Lots of fond memories.

But, everything came to an end on 1st September 2013.


Bobby was on his way back home from his office when another car steered into his lane and hit him……
And that, was how the car got totaled….

Everything just happened so suddenly.

Bobby had some minor injuries, cuts, bruises and tiny piece of broken glass went into his eyes (all is good now). I remembered clearly how after we settled everything and were left alone in our room, the emotions that we had been holding in just exploded and we hugged and cried.

And now, Bobby has been car-less for 3 months and it’s either me or my father-in-law chauffeuring him around.
He is kind of enjoying it though.. Shifty

But still…. every time when we see any Toyota Crown on the road, we’ll be like, “Sigh… I miss the Crown” “Me too…”



p/s: Bobby still hasn’t decide what car to get. We are now paying more attention to our honeymoon trip preparation and car-hunt will start next year. (Well it’s just another 3 weeks to 2014 anyway)