Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Assorted Posties

This is going to be very random.

Went to Kaizen (Seria) with Vai_d_Beauty because that girl said she wanted to eat something despite of her early dinner. And me on the other hand had wanted to go there and re-review them since my last visit was quite grotty.

So there, I kept my words. I said I will visit them again in few months time until I heard good reviews.

To be fair, I ordered the same food and timed how long they need to serve.

My order was taken at 7.45pm and the food came at 7.52pm!
I was impressed. 7 minutes! That's a hell lot of improvement ya know.

And the bento tasted so much better this time. At least it did make me closed my eyes and enjoyed how it swam around in my mouth. The unagi was grilled to the right texture and the flavor was heavenly good. The tempuras were served with sauce this time and the salmon.... Ma-ma-mia~

All went well except for one, which didn't really bother me much actually....
Because I hate capsicum!

(No wonder Crayon Shinchan is my favorite cartoon character. We have a lot in common.

Do you want to eat this?
Flour overdose, trapped between the flesh.

My Rating this time will be:

- for having no desserts and beverages on the menu. I mentioned this before
- for the very gali capsicum.
- for the price.

Christmas came early this year.
Yes, I am a Buddhist but I love Christmas can or not?

I was chatting with Uncle Jan the other night and he suddenly asked me if I have a printer. I said no and thought he wanted me to help him print something. Hahhahahaa.

Clearly, I got effected by the Chinese idiom 无事不登三宝殿, meaning... one never goes to the temple without an reason -- I wouldn't come to you if I hadn't something to ask of you. I am that kind of person lor. I won't boh-tai-boh-chi go find people, not without a reason. That is why I don't quite understand those people who yelled "得闲饮茶" (Duk haan yum cha) to people.

得闲饮茶 (Duk haan yum cha) - Have tea when free.

Told you I'm anti-social what.

My free gift

I do feel a bit paiseh to accept it even though its a secondhand one. Some more he delivered it to me lagi to the Seria Clinic, which I will tell you why I went there. But it will be very useful for me when I'm going to study in a few months time. I have one less worry about printing my assignments now.

Just that.... it created more problem for me as I had a hard time allocating the printer a space on my table.

I cropped away the messy part. Now my table looks like a war zone.

So detailed

Thank you Uncle.

In return, I will give you 10 links here.
I know you love it. HAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAA!!!

Okay, buy 10 get 1 free.

Two of my colleagues are taking part time degree course in UBD and guess what,


How cool! Imagine your assignment for the semester is to create a blog and pimp it up... Wah seh~ Can blog anytime at everywhere without people dissing...

Loser: You very free hor, can find time to blog..
Blogger: Eh, I'm doing my assignment okay.

And now my colleagues have the advantage of having the blog owner of Brunei Best Personal Blog and 2nd Runner up for Blog of the Year guiding them. *cough* Once in a while must show off a bit mah.... Just to remind everyone including myself.

But what they learned was quite basic though. Adding elements to the side bar such as calendar, Twitter and chatbox. And when I tell them that they can find blog templates from other websites they seem so happy with it.

Sigh... No one ever taught me this. I had to try-and-error everything myself.

When I told my guy colleague that if his blog get really famous one day, he can earn money out of it by putting ads up and his eyes terus shined with fire. Maybe I made it sound too easy.

We need hits okay. And blog-hopping around asking strangers "Hey, link me" is never a good move to get links and hits. Honestly, I get a little annoyed sometimes. I don't mind linking people who appears to be an avid reader of mine but I mind if that person just randomly entered my blog from other famous blogs, read few lines, found out who am I and sent me a request just like that.

Courtesy people.
Haven't you heard of that?

After telling my colleague all that I know, my last words to him about blogging was..

"Don't just simply start a blog and let it rot.
And try not to have high expectation."

Creating a blog is easy.
Maintaining it is a whole different story, agree my fellow blogmates?

My Fallen Tooth.

Long long time ago, in year 1997... There was a girl who was eating chicken wing happily, until she realized one of her tooth cracked in to pieces and lucky she didn't swallow it.

Having one incisor gone just like that was definitely an eye sore to her.

Thank God the broken tooth was not the very front one.
It was just next to it. Not so ugly, but still obvious with the black gap.

So the girl's mummy gave her $400 for crowning.

And she lived happily ever after with her crowned tooth.

You think I'm a hip-hop rapper or 90 years old ah-kong or ah-mah is it?

. . . . There, I said it.

It was me who lost a tooth by eating chicken wing when I was in secondary 3 and made my mum paid $400 for a replacement, because I thought it was hideous and scared later no one want to marry me.

And the stupid thing was, the next day after I had my new tooth.. no one realized that the ugly gap was filled! I was so happy and went around in my class asking my friend if they noticed anything different about me. Blah... Stupid friends.

Last week the tooth felt a little shaky, but still intact. On Sunday when I was feeling a little bored while watching my TVB series, I played with it by shaking it.. like a kid with a loose tooth.

And I plucked it out!!!

It was so damn smelly and I was so disgusted by the fillings.
There's a screw in it.

The funny thing was, I could put it back!


Just that when I talked too fast or laughed too hard, I will have the risk of spitting it out. And the tooth would come off when I drank water too.

I was so tempted to take a video of myself taking it out and putting it back in, say words like fish and sound like masuk angin but... FussyKelly asked me not to spoil my image like that.

And Vai_d_Beauty couldn't stop laughing when she saw me taking out the tooth, putting back in and I couldn't even swear with gaya because it sounds funny when I talked.

I'm sure if I did that my blog will be flooded with comments but I decided not to do so. But I did took a picture of the smelly tooth and me with a gap in my teeth for Bobby.

If you want to see it now, too late. I had it fixed yesterday.

Went to Seria dental clinic without appointment and asked the nurse if my tooth could be fixed. And repeated the same old step, took it out and put it back.

The male nurse asked me, "What did you do, until the whole tooth come out like that?"...


Heheh. It only cost me B$3.00 for the cement and my beautiful dentist bestfriend told me that it would cost AUD100+ for that! Wah lao...... So big the difference.

I heart Brunei.

Lastly, have some time to read this.
Sign the pledge.


I'm Choonie. said...

Wow.. you are going to start studying again? Full time or part time?
Your visit to the dentist is real cheap. I don't think you can get any service for RM3 here. Consultation fee is more than RM30. What to say about redoing the cement. That will be extra charges.s

siokngi said...

Hi Nonnie (I hope you don't mind me calling you that)! My friend, Hanie introduced me to your site and I have to say that I like it. :)

Omg, RM3 for the dental procedure? That is freaking cheap, man!

siokngi said...

Oh yeah, and it took me hours to read all your posts. Boy, I am so proud of myself. Haha!

Nonnie King said...

Choonie : That's Brunei for you. Education, Health care and fuel are subsidized by the government thus I said we're very lucky to live in Brunei.

Full time darling...

Siokngi : Of course I don't mind. That's my name what. Hehehhe. Thank you for your nice comment, appreciate it.

By the way, its not RM3, its BND3.. equivalent to around RM7 like that. Still very cheap kan?

Anonymous said...

maintaining a blog is sure hard work. maintaining readership. maintaining content. worrying whether the next email in your inbox would be a hatemail or not hahaha.

definitely true.

btw, which lecturer is teaching the blogging course? is he a blogger? from which department/faculty?

Siok Ngi said...

Oh yeah. HAHAHA! $3. Sorry. Typo! :P

Nonnie King said...

Maurina : Ntah ah... Let me ask them and tell you when we meet darling.

Hard work and yet we're still doing it and enjoying. LOL.

Siok Ngi : No worries :D

:) said...

hey nonnie! I am actually very keen to see how that crown looks like!
Did they chooose a shade that's very close to your other teeth? Is the margin of the crown underneath the gum?

De Pianist said...

darn you make me hungry (for the bento,not that capsicum.haha)

err...the tooth freaks me out..hehe.paiseh..i hate dentist and i fear dentist..it's never been a pleasent experience everytime i have to see one..o_O"!

Jan Shim said...

Looks more like the tooth fairy came instead of Santa Claus although the direction my tummy bulge is going looks more like the latter. Dang, that treadmill has found a new home just like the i950!

Kaizen has always been good for me. Good in more ways than one of course and being based right in Seria town is one. After patronizing at Kaizen & Excapade, the difference between the two is this: their Wasabi!

Kaizen's wasabi is smooth and gets progressively hotter while Excapade's hit you in one go then dies down. The green colour is a metaphor for money and just like their wasabi, eating at Kaizen you get hit with a costly bill at the end while at Excapade the bill is gentler.

As a Japanese cuisine regular, it gets very costly very quickly if you eat at Kaizen like we do. I'm sure they know why the restaurant is never full but that's the other thing I like about it—no booking required.

Nonnie King said...

:) : You want to see that disgusting tooth? You sure? Because everytime I try to show others no one want to layan me...

I choose the colour myself when the dentist asked me 10 yrs ago. Had the colour closer to my front tooth. And ya, the margin is underneath the gum.

Pau Lene : Hi 5! Non-Capsicum lover rules!

Why fear dentist? I Love dentist la. Because can escape glass and my best friend is a dentist.

Uncle Jan : Tooth fairy! Urgh! Ever since I watched the movie "Darkness Fall", I hate and fear of tooth fairy!

For me, it's their price which make a different. Mahal man...

De Pianist said...

yes!say no to capsicum!muahaha~ :P!

cuz everytime i see the dentist,he has to cut my gums to let my blood flow out,and that seriously hurts so much!yikes!shouldn't have that many candy back when i was small.shoot.

and now i have that darn wisdom tooth,heard that it has to be extracted..gawd i'm gonna cry again when this happens..=(

@lex said...

think i'll be staying off japanese cuisine for a while... to many this week... "too much of any good thing is always BAD ... bad i tell you .. " .. lolx