Thursday, August 31, 2006

King Can !

My previous post made me looked like an official bimbo..

I'm gonna prove that I can do a lot of other things in this one and win the situation back!


I can COOK !

That's the pizza I baked last month. Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza.
Only, ONLY Pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese, tomato paste , dough and nothing else.
We (Bobby & I) made it
EXTRA KAU! (Tebal / thick) covering the whole pizza with pepperoni & mushroom till no space in between at all.

I can make Sushi too!

(Picture taken back in May 2005)

Well, basically I think I'm ready to kahwin because I think I have learn enough dishes to cook for my hubby in the future. If I'm lazy, there's always "Nasi Katok" nearby within 5mins drive what. No worries...

And I drew Shin Chan in my class yesterday. Not bad isn't it?
Crayon Shinchan is my favourite cartoon character and I'd been collecting his comics since Form 2.

(See, does your teacher draw Shinchan infront of you?)

The truth is, one of my colleague (cikgu) whom I'm not sure who he/she was, just asked his/her class to go to my lab and have free lesson there! It's suppose to be their "Lukisan" (Drawing) lesson so I asked them to use Paint and draw something and let me see.

One of them actually tried to draw Sponge Bob. And so I wanna try draw some cartoon characters and show them too.

I drew my best, ShinChan it is.

I have my own plant too. Note, no 's' behind the word "plant", meaning.. I only got ONE plant.

My mum constantly remind me that I need to water them and/or cut their leaves/ grasses.
And you think I can't handle it?

Pffff... I can do better than that~

Here... I show you... My Onion Pig Head Plant.. *Applause*

It's an idiot-proof plant that I bet even a 3 years old can keep them in good shape. Haha.
All you need to do is to add water and cut the grass if it grow too long.

And one more thing, I can sew~

Last Monday I went shopping with Bobby in Nanyang and saw this.

Bobby said if I can made this he'll have to use it. And see my end result...

*Ta Da*
(Finish it in 2+ hour time)

Maybe you think this doesn't count because the menus and ingredients are all prepared.

Here, I show you one more, more li-hai (ganas) one..
You'll be shocked!

I made the middle and right one. The pink-eye Alien/Monster/Cacat-bear is now in Bobby's room and the "Heartie" is now hanging in my car. Yes, I still feel proud of it.

(Eventhough Bobby's friend laugh at my creation and called it a PONTIANAK!)

And sometimes.. I camwhore a bit..

Man, camwhoring is bloody tiring...

Personally.. I don't camwhore much because I know I don't have a killer body and a face to die for..

How you girls can spend minutes and minutes taking pictures and posing in front of the camera and act like no one is looking?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm such an Idiot..

Gah! I am so S.T.U.P.I.D ! Know why?

Hahaha. Because for all the entries I blogged lately, I received no comments at all!

None! Kosong! Zero! Telur!

And I was wondering, "CCB.. What happened ah? How come no comments one? No one "hiu" me what I say liao is it? Or my blog is getting boring? Or what I write is so stupid that no one bother to say something, or anything.. Cham lor..."

(In Nonnie's dictionary, Hiu = Peduli, Cham lor = Can Die)

Damn sad can... Thinking no one care for me.
(Yes, I admit I need attention at times.. I think all girls sama case one lah)

Till Ness left me a message in my taggie..

It strikes me like... hitting the Gong beside my ears!

I quick quick go and check my blogger account and *ta da*, I got pending comments!

That teach me a lesson,
don't pandai-pandai go kacau the settings!
(because Si-pandai Nonnie will forget all about it later)

I feel like digging a hole and bury my head.

Hahahaha! And right now, I'm laughing in front of the monitor for my stupidity and kan-chiong-ness.

Ok, I'm going to read the comments now.. and undo the comments moderation setting later.

(Yeah, I read also didn't read then terus all approve and load into this page and blog about my bodohness)

p/s: Leave me a comment or I'll think something wrong again later~


The blur queen (or I should say King) signing off now.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Goal Goal Goal !

Today, I went to Kompleks Sukan Mumong and attended the Interschool Futsal match for Primary classes (Belait).

Remember the last time I went to Kompleks Sukan Mumong is with Jerry, few months ago, onsite to get measurements for networking the whole area. My identity changed, from Project Coordinator to Teacher Nonnie King.

That place does bring back a lot of memories. Basketball matches (with lots of sweaty, handsome and muscular guys) , jogging with my bestie ChaiWen, and.. my first break up happened there too.

Stupid I know. I broke up with my first ex in a sport complex!

Argh.. That jerk, couldn't even bring his guts to end our relationship. He went missing for months, and changed his number so that I couldn't find and contact him. Till the day when I went to Mumong complex to see a basketball match with my friends and bumped into him. Then baru-tah he said the words.. Idiot, thinking that I don't get the hint and will act like a b*tch bugging him is it? Please lah..

(Sorry, I forgive but not forget! Call me "small-gas" or whatever, I bet all females are like that)

Because our school is the organiser this year, so all the teachers are involved. I design the invitation cards and make the program booklet.

Seriously, I totally have no idea what Futsal till today. If you asked me, I'll tell you it's just a mini indoor version of football.

Our school's first match is with St's John.
(Their jerseys, kan Brazil vs Italy)

Look at the kid I circled. He's so big, I bet he's about my height and he's only in his primary. Kids nowadays drink too much Sustagen or Enfagrow liao is it. So big size one?

We beat St's John! Yoohoo! And you know what, we all (the teachers, mostly ladies, or I should say Aunties) are all so "emosi" shouting and cheering very loud everytime they nearly scored.

This is my first time watching a "live" Futsal match too. I can't believed that I was shouting and cheering like watching the World Cup too. It does feel a lot more fun having a team to support tho. Maybe I don't know much about Brazil, Italy, France, Arsenal, Chelsea and so on, but at least I know Bobby's fav team is Man-U, so I (yi-si-yi-si) support also lor.

My fellow colleagues

Having nothing to do (when other schools are competing, not interested), I was t random pictures and saw this..

And happened to spot this.

I pointed it out to Vicky & Rohana and asked what sport is that. Vicky guess it's some sort of weight lifting in the gym and Rohana's answer is "Gasing maybe?"

And I say, the man is trying to balance the bowl of Soto.

Oh yah, our school team won the second match and successfully went into the finals!

Yeah Yeah! PSJ will either be no. 1 or at least no. 2 ~


In addition, last Saturday our school had this, erm.. Maths project something something..

Here, malas to say. Just post the pics.

Eh.. Till today, after 29 days of working in SRPSJ, I still can't remember most of my colleagues name, especially the Malays. They're all either Siti something, Nur something, Pengiran something, Awangku something, Abdul something, Haji or Hajah something...

And the kids (my student), worse! I'm teaching Primary 1 - 6, about 19 classes with average 33 students each class... Making a total of 627 names to remember.. Gila man.. I give myself credits if I can name 50 the most.

Don't say I no-heart, it took me 1 year to remember all my ITB intake 18 classmates' names you know. And I bet today if I happen to see some of them, whom I'm not closed with, I'll be like..

"Oh.. Hi. How are you? Where are you working now? Eh... Sorry ah, What's your name ah? I can't remember lah.. Ha-Ha (dry laugh)"

Monday, August 28, 2006

Who reads my blog?

I had a very boring Sunday yesterday. I woke up at 10.00am, and the first thing I did was on my PC and start doing some school work for my colleague. It was a 70+ slides presentation and I think I won't be getting any credit helping her anyway. Duh... I thought a teacher's job is just teach students knowledge and morals, how come I find myself doing stuffs like.. designing Invitation card for Futsal competition, the program booklet and decorating this and that.

And when I mentioned it to other colleagues, guess what they all told me, "Welcome to a teacher's World"

Okay, back to the topic, who reads my blog?

Facing the monitor and stressing out with the slides, I ga
ve myself some break time by surfing. I was bored checking for other blogmates update (because I visited their blog like.. what..every 15minutes cos I was too sien?), and so I logged into Technorati account and check what's inside.

And to my surprise... there are people who read my blog entries and later talked about it.

My entry about Hungry Ghost Festival is inGlobal Voices Online.

And also my entry about Jerudong Park Sales for Sale is in Pinolobu.

Maurina mentioned about my entry about Perayaan for Sultan's 60th Birthday in Global Voices Online too.
Such a sweetie. And her blog was being mentioned Brunei Times on 22nd August 2006. Check it out. We have a lot of local bloggers oh.

And lastly, Roy (I don't know if that's his name but I'm used to calling him Roy) wrote an entry about his blogrolls while I was away for my Thailand trip and only know about this yesterday, and I was being mentioned too.

Roy's blog entries are mostly serious talking about politic issues and morals, but I like his point-of-view on certain matters.He mentioned Danny's blog as well, which I also enjoy reading it getting to know the latest political news in a sarcastic way.

Knowing there ARE people whom I don't know reading this, maybe I should take extra notice on my suka-hati grammar and Bru-lish-lay (Brunei English + Malay) and campur a bit of local slang of Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka and Cantonese.

Thank you peeps. For letting me know all this and adding me into your blogrolls. Kan-Tung Neh~

By the way, I downloaded Windows Live Writer and blogging using it. Quite good, very user friendly and idiot-proof. Recommended to all you bloggers out there.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Before & After

Almost 6 years ago...

He borrowed my homework and copy my answers before every lesson.

He did nothing for our group assignment, leaving all the works to me. (He's sad. All because of a girl)

He did stupid prank on me ( Example: messaging me in MSN and paste me a link and ask me to check it, and yeah.. It's a stupid porn side and I feel so embarassed because the pop-ups keep on popping with super big "Buns" and "Bananas".)

We sometimes ate lunch together in the good ol' Ban Hiong before & after classes.

We sometimes talked on the phone till real late at night for hours telling each other problems we had with out partners.

I feel so disappointed because he forced himself to be someone he's not.

I feel du-lan at him because he just couldn't move on and lead a better life.

Then... I wonder if I'd already liked him..

And... I wonder if he felt the same.


And now...

We've been dating for 2 years, 3 months and 16 days.

(Go buy 4d tomorrow, 2316)

p/s: Pardon the pic I posted... I was just experimenting and tied the lacey ribbon on his head. I think he looks cute in it tho.

Staying in the same room for 9 days

Ya ya, I'm sorry that once in awhile I pop-out some of my one-month old KL/Bangkok trip, but I can't help it. I'm just taking my sweet time blogging about it, and whenever I wanna post the pics up, I got other things I feel the urge to blog out. Hence, the delay.

Staying together with your friends for straight 9 days in the same room is kinda fun, provided your mates are not people who conquer the bathroom for an hour, lack of enthusiasm in everything, and snore at the loudest point.

Anyway, we compete with each other in snoring every night. Haha. The next morning we'll tell each other how fast we fall asleep and staring snored to the count of 5 sec. Having a group of 3 girls + 1 guy, surprisingly we girls are the one waiting for that one guy to finish brushing his teeth and gel his hair up.

Once we get into our room, the first thing we did is...

After showering and tidy up, then we make use of all the available lamps and hangers to dry our clothes.

And when we get bored... we camwhore..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Everyone's married, getting married, or planning to get married !

Two... Not one but TWO!

TWO (2)
friends PM me is MSN and told me he & she's getting married this afternoon!
And I just read Chau's email about planning a bridal shower for our good buddy Yuen.
Justina & Imi are going to have their 3rd baby.

Orange, second baby.

Jasmine first baby.

Chai Fung just have her daughter's One yr old birthday party last week.

SukWei has two cute little boys, Chun-Chun and Kai-Kai

Everyone's married, getting married... or planning to get married!

And know what, today a student came to me and asked me..

"Teacher Nonnie, are you married?"
*in a cute tone*

After so-and-so announce their wedding dates, friends would t
urn their head to me and asked..

Hoi, when's your turn?

Huh? Not so fast lah..

Cheh.. You and Bobby also so long liao.. Can liao lar.. He's a good guy what

-_-" He's still studying lah.. Where got so fast. Planning a wedding needs a lot of $$$, we'll need time to save that first.

I'm 22, coming 23.. Is it time to tie the knot already?

I wanna get married, I wanna have babies. But, it's not that simple.

I disagree on people saying "Marriage is two person business, not two families".

For me,it is two families we talking about. Lack of communication or worse, miscommunication will end up in a lot of unwanted troubles later, like the fight between the in-laws.

And one more thing, Chinese wedding is NOT CHEAP!
Well, depends whether you can "earn" it back or not from your relatives' Ang-Pao.

Wedding Photo Shots, wedding banquet, Make-up artist and hair stylist, facial care before the big day, wedding bands and engagement ring, a new house or at least a new room, AngPao for the younger ones..

Everything needs money.
Maybe some people will choose to go for a honeymoon wedding, just book tickets online and getaway from the hassle, then come back just send some "Wedding biscuits" to relatives to "inform" can liao. But, being the only daughter, or I should say, only child in my family, I'm afraid that's not quite possible.

(OMG! I can't believe I'm blogging like an old hag)

I want a simple but elegant wedding with no Uncle & Auntie Karaoke session!
Karaoke - BANNED!
My husband and I should be the focus, no use of you bringing your own karaoke VCD cos I'm not letting it to happen.
(Except for my future in-laws.. have to give face)

Wedding is only for a day, but Marriage, is for eternity.

(At least I still believe in it)

Living together is another serious issue here. There were couples who divorced because of the different way of squeezing toothpaste, lifting the toilet caps and even farting in front of each other.

While dating, people attempt to show their best out, hiding their hideous habits and act like a 100% man or woman. Slowly, tru out the years, the perfect mask not worn on the face and when you see your boyfriend digging his nose, do you still think he's cute? Does his fart smells like roses? Du-uh !

So, are you prepare to see the ugly side of your other half?

Do you t
hink you'll really follow the wedding vows?
Are you ready to see your handsome prince turning to a frog?

Getting married. Are you ready for it?

p/s: What the hell am I blogging about? No idea..

Still, All the best to all you people. I can't feel any happier hearing the good news~!!!
When I kahwin, angpao big big yah ; )

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm sick... Orange flavour medicine, anyone?

Haven't been blogging lately, because I'm sick and am not in the mood for blogging... or I should say, no brain to blog.

I'm having...

- Headache

- Fever

- Flu

- Cough

- Sorethroat

- and the worst of all, toothache!

And no, I have not seen any doctors yet cos I think th
ey'll just give me Panadols anyway, and.. I HATE taking Panadols. But my mum did ask me to take some vitamins, "Po-Chi-Yun" and make some Chinese herbal medicine which taste 100times worse that Panadol... says it will give me back my sweet voice wor...

Can someone please invent orange-flavour medicine, or maybe peppermint or Ribena?

And because of teruk coughing and sorethroat, I now sound like a "Pondan",or Ah-Gua (The formal word will be Transexual I believe.)

I didn't take any MC, still go to school today.

But I wrote this on the board.

"Teacher is sick today. Please be good and behave in the lab.
Or else I'll send you out"

Hehe. Lucky they're quite nice, maybe kasian me this teacher who's stuggling to talk and sound like a little lamb.*Meh... Meh....*

Ok... Dear all readers.. I'm expecting you all to say "Get well soon" to me now yah.

Or at least show some "love" or "sayang" to me.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Shall I spring clean my "Friendster"?

Nonnie says:
Don't tell me you don't know what is "Friendster"... If you really don't know, then you can go back and live in your cave and ignite a fire with stones liao.

(Blogging like writing a composition from a Primary kid)

Everyone has a Friendster account.

I myself have one too.

I have 259 friends and 60 testimonials.

There are people, or "friends" in my list that I don't even know who the heck are them.

There are stupid testimonials too. (Like asking me to "Stay Cute Forever")

Some people have 652145 Friends and Friendster Account I, II, III, IV, V !

I don't know how they did it.

Maybe their hobby is "Collecting Friends".
(What happened to our old favourite hobbies like collecting stamps?)

Maybe they want to be famous?

Maybe they are so kiasu that they want to compete with their others kiasu friends?

I don't want to "pollute" my Friendster by having a lot of "Ah Cats & Ah Dogs" and nonsense testimonials...

Shall I do some spring cleaning without people thinking I'm such a b*tch?

So, you see my question.. To clean or not to clean?

My Profile.. Pathetic but proud of it.

Proud because most of the people, or "Friends" inside are really someone I know. I think I only have an average of 2 ah-mao (people I don't know) per page.

As for testimonials.. Erm.. I think 3/4 of it are all really testimonials and not "GoodLuck" and "Friends Forever" type.

What kind of testimonial is this?
A Glittering "WOW" !

And this....
We even have Chain Testimonials nowadays

I realised most of my friends.. (My age group) only has an average of 230 friends, which I think is normal and acceptable. No fancy stuff, no embedded background music, not having 5 video clips in one page, not much of fancy testimonials...

Or maybe we're just getting OLD!

Those who have most of the above are mostly 18 and below :p
I know not every 18-ners are like that lah... But you gotta admit, MOST of them are~

But, if I really go and "clean up" my Friendster, as in deleting unknown people and stupid testimonials, won't people think that I'm rude, or sombong, or what so ever bad things that people can think of?

To delete, or just ignore it?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Brunei Newspaper

Remember the accidents I saw last weekend? I was quite concerned about it and decided to go buy newspaper the next day to see if the people involved are all fine.

Borneo Bulletin...News not covered.
Borneo Bulletin

Brunei Times, don't have also.
Brunei Times, just launched last month.

I have to admit... Bobby and I both hesitated about buying Brunei Times because it 's so damn THIN! Yes, you read THIN! And it cost the same to Borneo Bulletin.

(Bobby's paying for Brunei Times.. just for comic strips inside)

Ok lah... I understand that Brunei Times is still new .. But... having 12 pages of papers selling for B$1.00.... I can't help but felt it's so NOT worth it.

Comparing with my dad's monthly subscription of Chinese newspaper...
See Hua Daily (B$26.00 per month)

Thick!Super "kau" compare to BB & BT
Just like comparing Teh-C-Kau with Kopi-O-Kosong

Over flooded with news & informations..
(ok.. I admit I only read the "entertainment" pages sometimes)
International news, local news (Malaysia), Brunei Headlines,
Entertainment, and one extra issue on Health every Sunday.

Now I remember why I was being so karit and don't feel like buying any of these papers.
Except when I need to find myself a new job and look at the "Classified" section.
I can just go online and visit Brudirect and BB online what~

And yah, if I wanna read Borneo Bulletin, I can read it in my school library, for free :p

Kambadeh Local Newspaper !
If you're thick (or fat) enough one day, I'll buy you!